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domingo, agosto 30, 2009

[UK] [Television]
'I've felt like a boy for a long time' - First Cut: The Boy Who Was Born A Girl, Friday 4 September, 8pm on Channel 4
He suffered years of depression and bullying. Now, as he begins the process of becoming a man, Jon wants to help other transgender teenagers

[South Africa] [Letters to the Editor]
Gender not black and white issue
Because of the importance of gender in sports, technology is now forcing us to face what transgender people have been trying to tell us for decades – that gender is not 100 per cent one or the other.
Mulher ou homem? - Quando um cromossoma define um campeão
Christian Group Applauds Sex Testing of South African Runner
[Blog/Commentary] “Gender Doubt”
[Commentary] Life in the shadow of gender

[South Africa]
The journey from Selwyn to Sally
The life of Sally Gross challenges many of our preconceptions about who we are, especially in a society that accepts only two genders, male and female. Born Jewish, Gross later became a Christian and a Dominican priest. This was possible because she was classified male at birth. But Sally Gross is not transexual, she is intersexed. This article by Stephen Coan tells her story and examines the issues raised by intersexuality in a gender-stereotyped society. (This article was first published in The Natal Witness in three parts from February 21-23, 2000.)

The first step in the Pride walk
Transgenders in Pakistan are not only ostracised but also feared. Will the recent Supreme Court ruling change the way people perceive them, wonders Zofeen T Ebrahim

First of its kind: A clinic just for transgenders
Transgenders, often distanced by society, will soon have a clinic functioning exclusively for them in this former French enclave. Even as a group of transgenders in Chennai launched a matrimonial website exclusively for them, in Puducherry the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute showcased a clinic, which, they claimed was the first such medical facility for transgenders in south India.

A matrimonial website for transsexual community launched
Members of transsexual community in Chennai launched the world’s first matrimonial website for their clan.

[USA] [People/Religion]
Guess Who's Coming To Lunch?
Little did i know what was in store for me when I accepted a lunch invitation from a VOL reader whom I had never met. Soon, I found myself seated at a nearby Chinese restaurant, opposite a lady who proceeded to tell me that she is a transgendered person.

Man's 'secret love' of transsexual women: Do new trends predict a second sexual revolution?
“Whether they want to admit it or not, the numbers on the web show us that there’s definite interest,” says Alex Ladd, co-owner and head of production for In an interview with adult-industry newssource, Ladd couched the trend in the language of his trade: “Straight men want trannies.”

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Transgender & Transsexual Issues 101: Are there more trans women than trans men? Part two
Trans women seem to be turning up everywhere in the media and are sometimes quite visible in everyday society, but trans men are frequently unseen, leading non-trans people to believe that there are far fewer trans men than trans women.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Tranny perv arrested in hate crime hoax
The other night in Denver, two people took a hammer and busted several windows at the state Democratic Party headquarters. Cops caught one of the suspects right away, 24 year old Maurice Schwenkler. Local Dems wasted no time in blaming the attack on “hate” being spread by right wing conservatives, because the windows held pictures of Obama and pro-Obamacare signs.

Teen Pushes for Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
For most students going to the restroom at school is a normal, simple part of the day. But 16-year-old Kyle Giard-Chase says it is not so simple when your gender identity doesn't match your biological sex.

Murder of Transgender woman in NW DC: Vigil Tonight
Daytime violence in any city stirs fear in the hearts of local residents, and when it appears members of a certain community were targeted, that community must remain aware. On the 200 block of Q street NW, two trans women were attacked near a Transgender support center, Transgender Health Empowerment, Inc On Wednesday at 2:30pm. There will be a vigil tonight at 6:30PM at 209 Q St. NW.
Uncertainty Remains Over Motive in Double Stabbing
News media sucks at reporting on violent attacks on transgender individualsin Washington, D.C.
[Blog/PR] DCTC Responds to Recent Violence in Our Community

A chance to be themselves
Pride in the Park offers fun and freedom for local transgender people - even if only for a day

Se realizó protesta por violencia contra personas trans en Lima
Portando pancartas, afiches y banderolas, más de treinta personas participaron de un plantón en el que manifestaron su repudio a la violencia contra las personas trans por parte de efectivos del Serenazgo y Policía Nacional, y exigieron a las autoridades acabar con las intervenciones que vulneran los derechos humanos de estas personas.