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quarta-feira, dezembro 03, 2014

Homossexual morre no Hospital da Restauração após ser alvejado a tiros em Vitória
Morreu no Hospital da Restauração, na capital pernambucana, o homossexual João Veloso de Oliveira, conhecido como Joana, de 36 anos. A vítima foi alvejada por dois disparos de arma de fogo, no Bairro do Iraque I, na noite do domingo (30). Dois homens em uma motocicleta não identificada são os suspeitos de efetuarem os tiros.

Modelo Transsexual Carol Marra lança linha de moda praia
Durante o lançamento do linha, ela disse: 'Sou mulher pra casar'.

Transgender Veterans Achieve Victory in Battle Against Discrimination
In response to ACLU-NJ letter, Army agrees to change names on key identity documents

Amid trans discontent, HRC endorses nominees for EEOC
Following confusion in the transgender community over its previous silence, the nation’s largest LGBT group has publicly announced its support for nominees pending before the U.S. Senate for a federal agency charged with enforcing civil rights law.

Transgender care excluded in faculty insurance
While transgender students at the UA can receive insurance through Campus Health Service, transgender faculty are not given the same services because their insurance is through the state.

Miami-Dade approves transgender rights measure
The Miami-Dade County Commission has approved an ordinance that would ban discrimination against transgender men and women.

Transgender student’s lawsuit ends with $75K award, order telling Orono schools to allow bathroom access
A final order has been issued in a transgender student’s lawsuit against the Orono School Department over the denial of her access to the girl’s bathroom in grade school and middle school.

Misleading Anti-Transgender Newspaper Ads Spark Outrage in Minnesota
A controversial ad that ran in three Minnesota newspapers this weekend opposing a statewide transgender rights school policy is being criticized for misleading readers with false, fear-based claims about student treatment.
LGBT Sports Coalition condemns Minnesota newspaper for anti-trans athlete ad
Second Transphobic Ad Hits Press as Minn. Debates Student Athlete Policy
Minnesotans spread word about coming transgender policy
Anti-LGBT group takes out anti-transgender ads in papers statewide
Child Protection League Action Uses Stock Photo of Lesbian Novel in Anti-LGBT Ad