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sexta-feira, agosto 28, 2015

Professional trans networking group celebrates first birthday in City of London
‘As a trans woman, working in the corporate world, I know that feeling of being alone’

Gender-neutral title Mx added to Oxford Dictionary
Other words added include brain fart, fat-shame and wine o'clock

[New Zealand]
Corrections failure revealed in Follett case
Trans woman Jade Follett made a written request to be moved to a women's prison two months ago, but it was not processed when a Corrections staff member went on leave.
Trans inmate moved to women's jail
Transgender prisoner moved to women's jail

Transgender barred from US Open 39 years ago today
Thirty-nine years ago on August 27, 1976, transgender eye doctor and tennis player Renee Richards was barred from competing in the United States Open tennis tournament. While temporarily defeated, Richards knew she was not going to go down without fight.

The New York Times' Stumbling, Problematic Transgender Coverage
When you hear of a media outlet peddling debunked and misleading research in order to argue against providing transgender people with important medical care, you probably don't think of The New York Times.

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Highlights Violence Against Transgender Women Of Color
From the August 25 edition of MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts:

Should Parents Get to Decide a Child’s Gender?
Even as transgender rights progress, intersex children are still left in legal limbo.

LGBT Legal Organizations Call for Decriminalization of Sex Work as Federal Government Initiates Prosecution of’s Owner and Employees
On August 20, leading LGBT rights legal organizations in the United States issued a joint statement supporting Amnesty International’s August 11 Resolution that advocates for the human rights of sex workers, including repeal of laws against prostitution. Just days later, on August 25, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) raided the New York City offices of, the world’s largest on-line escorting website, carted away boxes of business records and computers, and arrested the company’s chief executive officer, Jeffrey Hurant, and six employees.

Trans Rally at Warner Bros to Protest ‘Whitewashing’ of ‘Stonewall’ Movie Thursday
LGBT history gets garbled when people don't pay attention when it's happening. And it's happening now.

Berkeley agency responds to bias claim
A Berkeley nonprofit that provides services to people with disabilities is defending itself after city leaders announced they would investigate a bias claimed filed against it by a transgender former employee.

Transgender network helps students transition
For many in the transgender community, college can be a key period for those questioning their gender identity. However, one group at the University of Florida is offering help with the transitioning process to those students who need it.

Black Trans Lives Matter rally takes over Underground Atlanta
LGBT activists and supporters gathered for a rally in downtown Atlanta on Tuesday to call attention to a rash of anti-trans violence, with a reported 17 transgender people being killed across the country so far this year.
Atlanta activists rally against anti-trans violence

Woman killed in Illinois is 19th transgender homicide reported this year
Keyshia Blige’s death in March , which police say is ‘definitely not a hate crime’, went unnoticed by LGBT groups for months

Transgender community talks safety concerns in Kansas City
Two recent murders in Kansas City have many around the country questioning whether or not the metro is safe for transgender people.

Man indicted on assault charge in attack of transgender woman, hate crime charge dropped
A hate crime charge has been dropped in the assault of a transgender woman on Monroe Avenue.

Gay transgender Rikers Island inmate was repeatedly raped by correction officer: suit
A gay transgender inmate transitioning into a woman was repeatedly raped by a Rikers Island correction officer and jail officials did nothing to stop it, a new suit charges.

'Gender identity' and 'gender expression' added to OU's equal opportunity statement
The language of OU’s Equal Opportunity Statement has changed to include the terms ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression,’ an action that has prompted praise from student group Queer Inclusion on Campus.

Landmark settlement sets new standard for treating transgender patients
A recent federal crackdown is being hailed as a landmark in establishing standards for nondiscriminatory care of transgender patients, and industry experts say every health-care provider should take it as a warning and ensure compliance.

State Lawmakers Reintroduce PA LGBT Nondiscrimination Bill
The proposed Pennsylvania Fairness Act would update a bill from 1955.

Transgender advocates weigh in on SDHSAA policy
The South Dakota High School Activities Association is bringing the topic of transgender athletes back to the table Thursday.

City Council approves Houston Equal Rights Ordinance ballot language
The Houston City Council approved final language for the city’s Equal Rights Ordinance on the November ballot Wednesday.

Houston's Largest Newspaper Just Shut Down The Anti-LGBT "Bathroom" Myth
The Houston Chronicle thoroughly debunked a popular myth being peddled by opponents of the Houston Equal rights Ordinance (HERO). Other Houston news outlets, which have been uncritically repeating the false talking point for months, should follow the Chronicle's lead.