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quarta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2007

Video Para Gisberta
Vídeo produzido por João Paulo, membro do

Gisberta Remember
Vídeo produzido por Steftransftmgay, das Panteras Rosa.

[Letters to the Editor] Gender identity is determined mentally
I enjoyed reading Ms Mallia's perspective on Maltese law and marriage where gay or transsexual partners may be involved. The strong Catholic foundations of Maltese culture have obviously influenced both her and the law. Many learned people have struggled with the concepts of gender and Ms Mallia's concepts, though insightful, may need enlightenment.
[Letters to the Editor] The truth about transgender issues
I quote from Ms Anna Mallia's opinion piece last Sunday: "It is true that a transsexual is a person who identifies himself or herself completely with the opposite sex, believing that the wrong sex was assigned at birth. It is also true that transsexuals think and feel emotionally in a way typically considered appropriate to members of the opposite sex, and may undergo surgery to modify external sexual characteristics. But it is also true that a transsexual did not go through menstruation, does not have reproductive organs, and as such cannot fall under the definition of 'woman'. "
And what exactly is the definition of "woman"?
Public registry appeals decision to allow transsexual marriage
The Director of the Public Registry, in his capacity as Registrar of Marriages, has filed an application requesting the reversal of a court decree permitting marriage banns to be issued in favour of a transsexual.

Italian Gov't Confirms Gay Unions Bill Dead
A spokesperson for beleaguered Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi confirmed Monday that legislation creating civil partnerships has been dropped - one of several concessions Prodi made to shore up his crumbling left-of-center coalition government.

[South Korea]
Man to Be Registered as Woman After Operation
A court ruled yesterday in favor of a male-born person who sought to be listed as a woman on her family register after a sex change operation.

Lectures look at differences in gender, sex
The "History of Transgender Political Activism" was one of many presentations at the Interdisciplinary Conference in Women's Studies at MTSU last Thursday through Saturday.

[NY, USA] [Editorial]
Justice Isn't That Blind
In a city that has seen its fair share of bizarre judicial shenanigans, Manhattan Family Court Judge Sheldon Rand may have set a new standard for black-robed dementia.
In a ruling to be released publicly Thursday, Rand has concluded that taxpayers must pay for a sex-change operation for a 21-year-old transsexual seeking to become a woman.

South Jersey Transgendered Teen Appears On Tyra
A 13-year-old from South Jersey recently chose to reveal to a national audience that he's transgendered.

Transsexual Woman Alleges Discrimination In CU Program Dismissal A transgendered woman has filed suit against the University of Colorado, its Board of Regents and a health plan, alleging she was unlawfully dismissed from a much-needed internship.

[FL,USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
A Boy Named Sue
14-year city manager Steve Stanton, 48, has decided he needs to be a woman. After what must have been play-acting through marriage and fathering a son, Stanton's manhood, he has concluded, just isn't right. He wants to be a boy named Sue instead.
Stanton job may hang in balance
Three undecided Largo city commissioners could determine the fate of City Manager Steve Stanton tonight.

terça-feira, fevereiro 27, 2007


Para descontrair um bocadinho das notícias internacionais sobre transgenderismo, que acredito que se tornem enfadonhas para quem não se interesse pelo tema, nada melhor que um bocadinho de música para relaxar.

Parece que as mulheres Transexuais estão a explodir no mundo da música e a girlsband Venus Flytrap é o último exemplo disso, ao assinar um contrato com a multinacional Sony-BMG. Começámos em 1998, com uma fabulosa Dana Internacional a vencer o Festival Eurovisão da Canção, depois de muitas tentativas por parte dos israelitas mais radicais de a boicotar, e desde aí as Trans nunca mais pararam.

Vou postar aqui três vídeos (eram para ser quatro, mas o de uma girlsband russa desapareceu do You Tube) musicais, dois de cantoras a solo e um de uma girlsband tailandesa.

Por isso, e para ficarem com uma pequena ideia, começamos com a "nossa" Nadia Almada que, depois de ter ganho o Big Brother do Reino Unido e de ter sido nomeada a personagem do ano, em 2004 lança-se também no mundo da música, apesar dos seus muito questionáveis dotes como cantora e artista. Com vocês o seu primeiro e único single "A little bit of action":

Da avançada Coreia do Sul surge-nos uma menina com ar de top-model, e que, apesar de ser Trans (eles querem lá bem saber disso para alguma coisa!!!) é uma super estrela no seu país, tendo honra de primeiras páginas e de produções fotográficas. Como já toda a gente sabe, a menina bonita dos sul-coreanos vai casar-se em Maio como já aqui noticiámos. Eis Harisu, belíssima, com um dos seus hits de Verão (porque será?) "Summer Summer":

Vamos finalizar esta pequena mostra de "Trans Girls Power" com a última bomba oriental e, provavelmente, mundial, a girlsband Venus Flytrap. São cinco lindíssimas mulheres Transexuais que foram escolhidas a dedo para formar uma coesão musical e visual. Duvido que mesmo o mais empedernido dos machões transfóbicos não caia perante tanta beleza. E à beleza juntam-se músicas que entram facilmente no ouvido, um visual (muito) cuidado e uma excelente produção a todos os níveis. De tal forma que as meninas tailandesas fazem já parte do restricto grupo de artistas da Sony-BMG, como já referi.
Fiquem então com a mais recente sensação (trans)mundial, Venus Flytrap com "Visa For Love":

Lara Crespo e Eduarda Santos

Sex-change man torched toys
A SEX-CHANGE attacker assaulted his partner when their relationship went wrong.

And the Bodil goes to …
'A Soap', the story of Charlotte, who falls in love with her transsexual neighbour, took the award for Best Picture, beating out the Oscar-nominated 'After the Wedding'. It also won in the Best Leading Actress category.

Far-right party’s election results ”linked to hate-crime claims"
The number of hate crimes being reported in Sweden increased dramatically last year, and it is claimed one reason could be the Sweden Democrat party's success at the last elections.

Homophobia Down In Chile, Anti-homosexual Violence Up
The Chilean Sexual Minority Movement (Movilh) released its annual report of homosexual discrimination for 2006, which includes a ranking of the most homophobic institutions and persons in the country. This is the first year the Catholic Church has been absent from the list.

[MI,USA] [News/Commentary]
Sex change reinforces Michigan wife's loving faith
When her husband told her he was a cross-dresser, Joanne Nemecek recalls feeling shocked, horrified, even sick.

[FL,USA] [Letters to the editor] Accept her just as you accepted him
My thoughts and best wishes are with Largo City Manager Steve Stanton at this time when he needs all the understanding he can get.
Experts say Largo's City Manager has a tough road ahead
Rachel Blunk stands about six feet tall, and that's without her high heels on. She likes red lipstick and French manicures.
Commissioner: fire city manager who's changing gender
Largo city commissioner Mary Black filed a resolution Monday afternoon asking her colleagues to fire city manager Steve Stanton.
Photo: Steve Stanton announced Wednesday he would be undergoing a sex change operation and would be known as Susan.

Unusual alimony battle continues in Pinellas County
Seminole resident Lawrence Roach is fighting to stop his alimony payments of $1,200 to his ex-wife because she's now a man.

26th Annual Gender Studies Symposium
Lewis & Clark's Gender Studies Symposium features over thirty events including lectures, performances, roundtable discussions, readings, and an art exhibition. This year's symposium, titled "Our Voices, Ourselves," is scheduled Wednesday through Friday, March 7 to 9. All events are free and open to the public. All events take place in Templeton Student Center unless otherwise noted.

Co-op focuses on trans issues
The social and political hurdles faced by transgendered individuals will be the focus of the fourth annual Trans Issues Week this week.

CT activists support bill to end transgender discrimination
The anti-discrimination movement has been active since the 1960s — but for transgendered Americans, the ball has just recently begun to roll. And on Friday, it found its way to Hartford, hoping not to be kicked out like last year.

[USA] [PR/News/Television ]
Transgender Actors and Actresses Cast on All My Children
It was announced by Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group, that All My Children will cast transgender actors and actresses to play themselves as support group members for an upcoming episode of the popular drama.

Study finds hormone patch beats pill for blood clot risk
For women who have struggled with the symptoms of menopause but are fearful of taking risky hormone pills, there is at last a bit of hope.

Prostate cancer therapy may increase risk of death from heart disease in older men
Androgen deprivation therapy - one of the most common treatments for prostate cancer - may increase the risk of death from heart disease in patients over age 65, according to a new study by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital and other institutions.

segunda-feira, fevereiro 26, 2007


- Pelusa Liendro, a 28 novembro de 2006, em Salta;

- Susana Mendoza, 49 anos, en 2006, em Mendoza;

- Uma travesti anónima, em dezembro de 2006, em Villa Pineral, Provincia de Buenos Aires;

- M. Flores, em fevereiro de 2007, em Salvador Mazza;

- J.Z., 20 anos, em fevereiro de 2007, em Mar del Plata.

Esta é a lista, que esperamos encerrada, das travestis assassinadas recentemente na República Argentina.

Fazemos um apelo a todas as organizações Transgénero, Gays e Lésbicas, Feministas, Pró-Direitos Humanos, para chamar a atenção do Governo da República Argentina e da maioria da sua Sociedade a fim de que constatem, condenem e lutem para vencer esta situação que ameaça a vida das nossas irmãs, as travestis argentinas.

Quem desejar juntar-se a este apelo, só tem de assiná-lo na página "Travestis de la Argentina" (Travestis da Argentina), infelizmente destinada a consignar os feitos, em

Kim Pérez Fernández-Fígares. Presidente da Asociación de Identidad de Género de Andalucía (Associação de Identidade de Género da Andaluzia).

Traduzido do espanhol por Marlène Riwkeh Mèges e Karine Solène Espineira, membros do Conselho de Administração de Sans Contrefaçon
(Marselha, França -

Trans-genders to become front office managers
For thousands of transgender persons in India, working in an office has always been a dream -- but a city-based firm is all set to make this a reality.

[South Korea]
'Highway Star' Most Searched on Internet
Excerpt: Transgender entertainer Harisu's blog was sixth on the list. She announced in May her plan to marry her boyfriend Mickey Jung, a rapper. Harisu said she is happy, as she can live a "complete'' life as a woman, and the couple will adopt four kids.

Thai ladyboy sensation
They may look like Thailand's answer to Girls Aloud - but this girl band is really a boy band.

State ponders transgender protection bill
State lawmakers are again considering a bill that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity.

[MI,USA] Four years later, 'Nikki' murder still a mystery
Those who knew a Detroit transgender person found murdered in an abandoned Green Oak Township farmhouse in February 2003 still believe someone has information that could help find the killer.

Free To Be He-She
Talk about a tax cut. A judge has ordered taxpayers to foot the bill - up to $20,000 - for a sex-change operation that will make a 21-year-old man into a woman.
Court says NYC must pay for sex change
A New York judge is ordering city taxpayers to pay for a 21-year-old man's sex-change operation, the New York Post reports.

domingo, fevereiro 25, 2007

Transexual in court for teddy burning
A TRANSEXUAL set fire to his partner's cuddly toys after their relationship broke down, a court heard yesterday (Thursday 22).

Google places warning on homophobic site it hosts
Google has placed a warning on a homophobic blog that allegedly incites the murder of gay people as a result of an investigation by uk. The warning is apparently only seen when accessing the website from the UK.

Sex change woman faces cash crisis
A BAHRAINI woman who is undergoing a sex change and has gone to the courts in a bid to legally recognise her status as a man is facing yet more hurdles.

Inmate denied wife bid
QUEENSLAND'S Supreme Court has rejected a claim by a transgender prisoner who wants to be treated as another prisoner's de facto wife.

People suffer in silence
Excerpt: On February 16, a group of transgender workers were picked up by the military and taken to the camp where their hair was cut short. They were ordered to lift heavy equipment and to run certain distances, among other things. Some were taken to the Suva Point seawall and told to swim before soldiers made off without them, the report said.

Lawmakers Considering Bill Prohibiting Transgender Discrimination
State lawmakers are again considering a bill that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity.

In Transit
Housing Works opens talks with the Transit Authority about its transgender sensitivity policies

Journey from John to Julie complete
Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson approved a name-change petition by John Nemecek, a transgender Spring Arbor University professor whose story has spread across America.

Official Wants to Keep Job After Sex Change
Largo City Manager Steve Stanton made clear as he announced his plans to undergo a sex change that he wants to hang onto his job. But some in Largo say city manager's plan is unacceptable, and he might be fired.

[USA] [Blogs/Commmentary/ Video] Is Jimmy Kimmel Transphobic or Just A Feminine Hygiene Product?
Our friend Michael Jenson from AfterElton sent us a link to his harangue against late night talker, Jimmy Kimmel. Apparently Jensen didn't take too kindly to some of Kimmel's comments on transexuals while interviewing Ugly Betty's Rebecca Romijn.
Trans-phobic 'Humor' on Jimmy Kimmel Live! No Laughing Matter
Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has a history of delivering gay-inclusive humor and satire to the audience of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but his show on Wednesday, February 21, delivered transgender punch lines that were offensive and problematic.

Students Hit the Road to Combat Anti-LGBT Colleges
In just a few weeks (on March 8, to be exact), 50 young adults will board two buses for what promises to be the trip of a lifetime. The eight-week Soulforce Equality Ride will bring them to 32 Christian colleges with policies that silence or exclude lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students. Their mission: to open a dialogue about the painful consequences of discrimination and the religion-based prejudice that sustains it.

Judge orders 'gay' agenda taught to Christian children
Excerpt: Parker was arrested and jailed in Lexington in April 2005 over his request - and the school's refusal - to notify him when adults discuss homosexuality or transgenderism with his 6-year-old kindergartner. That despite a state law requiring such notification.

Cross Dresser Wanted for Fraud
Durham police need your help finding across-dressing man who's wanted on several fraud charges.

Detroit's 'drag queen' Natalie Cole a black role model
In this third, and final, installment of unsung African-American same-gender loving and transgender heroines and heroes in honor of Black Herstory/History month, I introduce you to Detroit's own, female impersonator Natalie Cole.

sábado, fevereiro 24, 2007

Um ano passou desde que o maltratado corpo de Gisberta Salce Júnior foi descoberto numa espécie de poço ao pé (dentro) do prédio em construção (ruínas) onde habitava.

Um ano. Desde esse malfadado dia seria legítimo esperar que alguém (governo) tivesse feito algo para evitar futuros casos como este.

Um ano em que se viu um julgamento (mais uma farsa digna de Aristófanes) que responsabilizou os autores deste assassinato por agressão, tendo sido condenados a penas fictícias.

Um ano em que se descobriu que quem assassinou Gisberta foi água que estava no buraco (poço), não quem a martirizou por tanto tempo, exaurindo-lhe as (poucas) forças que teria. Em que se descobriu que não são assassinos quem a atirou.

Um ano em que se ficou a saber que, se se afogar alguém obrigando a cabeça a ficar dentro de água, não se é culpado de assassínio. A culpa é da água que não tem nada que entrar nos pulmões da pessoa (como já tinha referido num post na altura do julgamento).

Um ano em que se viu (e apesar de promessas feitas) o principal partido do governo relegar para o fim da sua legislatura "casos fracturantes" como o do casamento entre pessoas do mesmo género. (Realmente, quem tem a ver com quem outras pessoas casem?)

Um ano em que se viu, finalmente, uma associação LGBT a fazer qualquer coisa pela população T (além da ªt). O primeiro debate da ILGA sobre a temática trans é de aplaudir.

Um ano em que se viu um movimento (Panteras Rosa) a batalhar constantemente pela temática T.

Seria legítimo esperar no dia em que se relembra a Gisberta, comunicados a homenagearem quem tanto sofreu, e por seu intermédio, homenagearem
tod@s aquel@s que tiveram o mesmo fim (sim, houve casos anteriores), mas que não tiveram o mesmo mediatismo.

É com mágoa e com um reforçar do sentimento de exclusão que se vê que, salvo a ªt com uma campanha online denominada "Não Temos Vergonha", e o movimento Panteras Rosa com acções que se estenderão até Março, além da emissão de um comunicado, mais nenhuma associação se dignou a honrar a memória de Gisberta.

Nem mesmo, como seria de esperar depois da organização de um debate, a ILGA-Portugal, que parecia estar finalmente a mexer-se. Nem a Opus Gay apesar de ter noticiado a criação de um "núcleo trans" que se absteve de fazer seja o que for até ao momento.

Nos meios LGBT o silêncio é impressionante, salvo um ou outro blog pessoal.

É triste, passado um ano, ver-se como as pessoas Transgénero (a Gisberta era Transexual) continuam a ser sistematicamente excluídas e ignoradas. Mesmo silenciadas.

Um ano passou... Que venha o próximo.
Associações 'gay' querem memorial a Gisberta no Porto
Vestido de mulher, Fernando Mariano reproduz gestos da vaidade feminina. Finge que pinta os lábios, afaga o cabelo e calça uns sapatos de tacão alto que lhe acentuam a silhueta já coberta por um vestido em tons laranja. Encena uma saída para o exterior, onde é agredida por uns e ignorada por outros, incapazes de lhe prestar auxílio.
O cenário é a rua de Santa Catarina, no Porto, onde o movimento Panteras Rosa - Frente de Combate à LesBiGayTransfobia, organizou, ontem ao final do dia, a intervenção "Gisberta: Morrer Invisível".

No dia 18 de Fevereiro saiu uma reportagem no Notícias Magazine com o tema central "Ele Ela Ele". Contém reportagens com pessoas que conviveram com a Gisberta, nomeadamente transexuais. Depois de se ler, e depois de tudo o que se tem falado sobre transexualidade, nota-se DEMAIS como o repórter estava mal preparado. Fica-se com a impressão de que não fazia ideia do tema que tentava retratar, continuando a chamar "travestis" a quem é transexual e insistindo na temática transexualidade/prostituição. Desculpem pelo atraso mas foi devido a só agora ter tido acesso a esta revista. Mau trabalho apesar de ser tema de capa. Também não tenho link nem foto da dita.

‘Transphobic’discrimination claim lost at appeal
In the course of his employment with the respondent council the claimant, who was born a female, began to identify as a transsexual, effecting a change of name in December 2002, and subsequently underwent gender reassignment. In December 2002 the temporary post he held ceased to exist due to lack of funding and his appointment was extended to the end of January 2003 to allow him to apply for an alternative post.

È finalmente arrivato il giorno della sospirata assemblea d'istituto del Liceo "Leopardi" con Alessia Bellucci, che tante polemiche e discussioni ha suscitato nei mesi scorsi.

Sex-changes in Cuba will be no-cost, like all health care
Cuba’s National Assembly of Popular Power has agreed to discuss making sex-reassignment surgery free of cost to all “transexuales”on the island who request it.

[New Zealand]
I bit off more than I could chew - Beyer
Transsexual former MP Georgina Beyer pulled out of a Dunedin play after realising she "bit off more than she could chew".

E-Mail Hints At Reaction To Largo Official's Sex Change
If e-mail and faxes sent to city hall are any indication, reaction to City Manager Steve Stanton's announcement he is changing his sex has been overwhelmingly positive - except among city residents.

AMC casts transgender actors, including Jennifer Boylan
A cast of six real transgender people will appear as a support group for a new character's recent coming-out as transgender on ABC's daytime soap All My Children.

[CA, USA] (Science&Health)
Panel to explore gender in sciences
Excerpt: One of the speakers, Joan Roughgarden, an evolutionary biologist and professor at Stanford, will address the changing concepts of sex and gender in biology from the perspective of a transsexual.

Edgy drag revue comes to Hula's
It takes more than wigs, makeup and on-stage glam to flesh out a drag show, says Heklina. Try humor.
Heklina is the founder-emcee of the legendary San Francisco-based "Trannyshack" drag show for the past decade. So she knows.
"I'd say ours is a new school of drag — an alternative," said Heklina, who admits to being 39 ("for the last five years"). She's bringing her somewhat naughty show, in which boys will be girls, for a four-performance, two-night run at Hula's Bar & Lei Stand tonight and Saturday.

PHOTO: Heklina, of the drag show "Trannyshack. "

Transgender alum works for equality
Fear of insults or attacks convinced Ivana Black to hide her transgender identity when she enrolled at UF in 2004. Black had faced discrimination before and did not want to be targeted again, she said. She used her long hair and convincing curves to pass as a woman. But when she noticed that other transgender students were reluctant to embrace or reveal their own identities, she felt compelled to come out.

The city manager of a small Florida town received the support of the mayor and other city officials on Thursday to undergo a sex change to become a woman while remaining in his job.

sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2007

Transessuali discriminati, Comune mobilitato
Si chiama "Transiti-IT- G2-EMI-033 RIF. PA N. 2004-329-RER" . È un progetto (Equal) per il sostegno delle persone transessuali nella ricerca di un posto lavoro alla luce delle discriminazioni di cui sono spesso oggetto.

[South Korea]
Singer Harisu to Get Married in May
Transgender singer Harisu will tie the knot with her four-year younger boyfriend Mickey Jung in May.

Evangelical Maine GOP Senator wants approval of transgenderism
On March 28, 2005 he offered a sermon in defense of gay rights from the floor of the Senate . In 2007 he is championing another sexual disorientation measure. Republican Senator Dana Dow, representing Lincoln County, has introduced a bill that will recognize transgenderism, the latest "popular" cause of the gay left.

'Lost' star enjoys cross-dressing
'Lord Of The Rings' and 'Lost' star Dominic Monaghan says he enjoys wearing women's clothing and make-up, but adds that he can't be gay because he finds women attractive.

Transgender woman to speak at MSU
David Nielsen, a former media specialist at Southwest High School in Minneapolis, left work on a Friday in 1998 as a man and returned Monday as Debra Davis, a woman.

ABA expands bias policy, includes TGs
More than three years after a joint commission of the American Bar Association began a review of its Model Code of Judicial Conduct, revisions to the code were adopted this month to include language specific to the LGBT community, most notably including the term "transgender. "

TransNation: Nobody Passes All The Time
Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore is not trying to pass. In fact, the genderqueer female-identified activist is trying not to pass. Rather than hoping to gain acceptance as member of her preferred gender, Sycamore uses a name that denotes not only her femme identity and but her clearly "male" given name.

The Gendered Realm of the Foye Tree
Long-held assumptions about sexual identity and gendered behavior have been turned upside down by a groundbreaking new study of the lives, roles and spiritual practices of the Mapuche shamans of southern Chile.

How will Largo handle official's sex change?
Largo City Manager Steve Stanton made clear as he announced his plans to undergo a sex change that he wants to hang onto his job.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2007


Um ano decorrido sobre o assasinato da Gisberta, inicialmente alvo dos actos inqualificáveis de adolescentes e posteriormente vítima do preconceito e da discriminação social e institucional que levaram ao lamentável desfecho do caso como se de um crime menor se tratasse, com o beneplácito de muit@s e a indiferença de muit@s outros, achamos que a memória da Gisberta merece que nos ergamos e que demonstremos que existimos, que somos cidadãs e cidadãos deste país e que não temos que ter vergonha por sermos quem somos ou como somos.
Em homenagem às Gisbertas e aos Gisbertos que alguma vez sentiram na pele a discriminação com base na sua Identidade do seu Género psicológico, está na hora de mostrarmos que não temos vergonha de sermos Transgéneros e/ou Transexuais e que recusaremos, SEMPRE, pertencer a qualquer grupo, conjunto ou comunidade "oculta" ou "invisivel".

Comunicado de imprensa PANTERAS ROSA

Um ano depois do assassinato da transsexual Gisberta
Tudo na mesma!

Faz amanhã um ano desde que foi encontrado o corpo de Gisberta, transsexual, toxicodependente, seropositiva, prostituta e imigrante brasileira, que sucumbiu a três dias de tortura e sevícias sexuais e posterior afogamento, ao ser lançada a um poço por um bando de rapazes no Porto. Um ano passado, fala-se de um crime que “chocou o País”. E não é verdade: um país chocado, é um País que reage e previne. E não foi assim.

O problema está em que o referido “choque” foi limitado à jovem idade dos autores deste crime (eles próprios vítimas de injustas políticas sociais e de desprotecção de menores), e não se estendeu à perda de uma vida, à exclusão social extrema em que esta vítima mortal estava encurralada, e sobre a qual, um ano depois, praticamente nenhuma intervenção teve lugar, e nada de concreto se alterou. O País pode, portanto, acertar os relógios e continuar a contar os dias até à próxima Gisberta, talvez menos mediática mas nem por isso menos certa. Aliás, o País queria esquecer e já esqueceu.

Um ano depois, temos uma sentença judicial ignóbil que responsabiliza os jovens em causa por agressão mas que os iliba do assassinato e da tortura, sustentando que a vítima morreu por culpa da água em que se afogou. Gisberta morreu assassinada mas ninguém a assassinou, tal como às restantes transsexuais que têm tido sorte semelhante e cujos casos não vêm a público. Por outras palavras, podem matar-se transsexuais, porque isso não tem em si consequência jurídica.

Um ano depois, a protecção legal de pessoas como Gisberta continua inexistente, e as condições de marginalização de grande parte da população transsexual continuam intocadas porque os decisores políticos e o Estado continuam a fugir às suas responsabilidades, tal como aliás no que toca também à população homossexual:

Num país campeão da violência sobre menores, o sistema de “guarda e protecção de menores” continua sem medidas de reforma para que seja mais do que um armazém de crianças e jovens, das quais metade entregues a instituições religiosas, sem contexto emocional ou educativo.

Continua ausente da discussão política o reconhecimento do direito à identidade de género e a protecção legal da população trans contra a discriminação e a violência, no sentido do que legislaram já a Espanha ou a Inglaterra.

Os/as transsexuais continuam sujeitos/as a um processo médico abusivo e mesmo, os transsexuais masculinos, à esterilização forçada, para poderem alterar os seus nomes no BI. Continuam impedidos/as de ver alterado o seu género noutros documentos de identificação, com prejuízo evidente das suas oportunidades de acesso ao emprego.

Nada se fez para limitar o impacto da exclusão social da maioria da população transsexual. A primeira violência de que esta é vítima, é institucional e legal.

Numa altura em que a política institucional volta a adiar o reconhecimento do direito ao casamento civil para os casais do mesmo sexo, lembremos que em Portugal ainda estamos na fase de debater medidas que poderiam significar a diferença entre a vida e a morte.

Quando alguma agenda política e mediática tende a resumir ao tema do “casamento” as reivindicações do movimento Lésbico, Gay, Bissexual e Transgénero (LGBT), o caso de Gisberta Salce Júnior aí está para nos lembrar e não deixar esquecer que em Portugal a homofobia e a transfobia continuam regra, que a verdadeira fractura social está na discriminação, e não no reconhecimento de direitos à população LGBT.

Sobretudo, que no combate a estas discriminações, temas como o do casamento civil são “parte” mas não “o todo”, porque está quase tudo por fazer naquilo que pode em concreto melhorar as vidas sujeitas a estas discriminações e violências.

Certo é que a transfobia, a homofobia, e a violência discriminatória começam e acabam por ser institucionais, e pouco se alterará nas mentalidades enquanto assim for, e enquanto os políticos continuarem a escudar-se na necessidade de “um grande debate nacional” para não fazerem o que está certo: prevenir (a violência e a discriminação), educar e legislar. O que não dizem os políticos que assim falam, é que eles próprios não estão abertos a esse debate:

A legislar contra a discriminação pela orientação sexual ou pela identidade de género, ainda mais desprotegida.

A assumir responsabilidade por políticas activas de Educação para a prevenção destas discriminações, à semelhança de outras.

A assumir a extinção de normas discriminatórias, como a que continua a excluir homossexuais na doação de sangue.

A alterar a legislação discriminatória e contrária ao princípio constitucional de não discriminação em função da orientação sexual, reconhecendo as novas expressões familiares e as famílias não-heterossexuais e os seus direitos: reconhecer os milhares de famílias de homossexuais com filhos e, em consquência, o acesso à adopção, alargar, sim, o acesso ao casamento civil, regulamentar o acesso à inseminação artificial para lá dos casos de fertilidade, regulamentar e fazer aplicar a Lei das Uniões de Facto.

O Estado continua a ser o primeiro violador da igualdade. Não só não a combate como promove a discriminação através da sua inacção e das suas leis.

“Tema fracturante”, realmente, só vemos um: a discriminação que nos expõe à desigualdade e à violência, sobre a qual ninguém em Portugal assume responsabilidades. Mas essa indiferença tem custos humanos e sociais, de que Gisberta é um lembrete incómodo. E prova trágica de que quem não assume as suas responsabilidades, é já responsável.

21 de Fevereiro de 2007


O movimento Panteras Rosa - Frente de Combate à LesBiGayTransfobia, promove hoje, pelas 18h30 na Rua de Santa Catarina, no Porto (encontro frente ao Via Catarina), uma intervenção de rua intitulada "GISBERTA: MORRER INVISÍVEL ", destinada a lembrar e sensibilizar a população para o crime que teve lugar há um ano e as discriminações e agressões a que está sujeita a população transsexual.

Trata-se da primeira de uma série de iniciativas alusivas a este crime, aos direitos da população trans e ao tema das discriminações e da violência/desprotecção de menores em Portugal, que as Panteras Rosa irão desenvolver entre amanhã e 2 de Março.

Os próximos eventos, entre os quais o lançamento de uma petição dirigida à Câmara Municipal do Porto para criação de um memorial a Gisberta Salce Júnior naquela cidade, serão divulgados oportunamente.

Estão desde já convidados/as a comparecer e participar.

Trans ucciso a colpi di pietra
A Trani è caccia al cliente che ha massacrato Tatiana Il rapporto omosessuale nella sua vecchia auto, una Fiat uno di colore grigio.

Drowsy German Tourist apparently drugged by transsexual on Pattaya Beach but nothing was stolen
On Wednesday Afternoon, we joined a Sawang Boriboon Rescue Unit on Pattaya Beach who was called to deal with a foreign man who was apparently sleeping on the beach.

Thank you, Renee Richards
Renee Richards wishes she hadn't spent so much of her life in the lime light.
My guess is that most people don't really know who Renee Richards is anyway, so her regrets now probably don't mean much to people.

City puts brakes on cross-dresser
A cross-dressing race car engine builder is claiming discrimination and vowing a lawsuit after officials last week blocked a club in back of a machine shop for men who enjoy dressing as women.
Photo: Janet Law has vowed to sue the city of Wyandotte for blocking plans to open a private club for cross-dressers.

Largo official preparing for sex change
The mayor at his side, longtime Largo City Manager Steve Stanton disclosed to the St. Petersburg Times on Wednesday he is undergoing hormone therapy and counseling in preparation for a sex-change operation.
Photo: Steve Stanton, married with a teenaged son, said he has thought of becoming a woman since childhood.

quarta-feira, fevereiro 21, 2007

Gender surgery in Hounslow saved from axe
Plans to remove funding for sex change operations by Hounslow primary care trust have been abandoned after protests from a charity representing British transsexuals.

Failing in love, eunuch attempts suicide in Bhopal
In a bizarre incident, a eunuch in love with a local boy made an abortive bid to commit suicide for being left by the latter.

[New Zealand]
Transsexual MP stands down
Georgina Beyer, the first transsexual MP to be elected in New Zealand, has retired from her post.
Photo: Beyer has served in the post of MP for Wairarapa since 1999, campaigning for the rights of LGBT people.

Ladyboy-band sign to Sony
Dana International proved that gender reassignment need not be a block to Eurovision success. The UK showed its fleeting love for transsexuals when Nadia Almada won Big Brother in 2004. Coming our way, and to possible success is Thailand's first ladyboys band called Venus Flytrap. The five members were picked from over 200 applicants and have already signed to Sony BMG the global music joint venture with a roster of artists such as George Michael, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.
Thai Spice girls preach transsexual power
A girl band of transsexuals who model themselves on the Spice Girls are hoping to change social attitudes and achieve pop chart success in Thailand.
Official Venus Flytrap Site
Venus Flytrap Blog

[USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
How Young is Too Young to Change Genders?
Excerpt: How many of us knew what we wanted when we were 12 years old? How many of us felt comfortable with who we were, how our bodies were changing, who we would become?

Academic Council approves gender identity clause
A proposal to add a footnote about gender identity to MSU's Anti-Discrimination Policy was passed by the Academic Council today, and is awaiting review from administration before it moves to the university's highest governing body.

[USA] [People/Television]
Gender Bender
Excerpt: "I've actually come to know a lot of people in the transgender community well because of this ... They have determination and they have such heart. It's become very, very important to me to tell their story accurately." (Jeffrey Carlson)

terça-feira, fevereiro 20, 2007

Victims of hate incidents are being urged to report them to a new project
Excerpt: Hate incidents could be physical, verbal or written abuse. They take many forms but are essentially about someone being targeted because they are believed to be different, because of age, disability, gender identity, race, religion / belief or sexual orientation.

[Commentary] Things always blow up in the faces of control freaks
Excerpt: Now it looks like the bigots in Parliament have been hoist by their own petard. The Law Courts have just ruled that a man who had surgery to become a woman can marry a man. Isn’t it wonderfully amusing? Malta is now the only place in the world where a man who has had surgery to become a woman can marry a woman who has had surgery to become a man, but they can’t get divorced because the morality police won’t allow it. I haven’t stopped laughing about this all day. We have scored a world first: transsexual marriage before divorce. It beats winning the Eurovision Song Contest, which is usually won by transsexuals anyway.
Government 'studying' right of transsexuals to marry
Government seems to have been caught unawares by this week's controversial "transsexual marriage" court judgment, insisting that it has yet to study the implications of the sentence before making any official pronouncements.
[Commentary] Gay marriage is legal
Believe it or not, there is no definition of marriage in our law, so anyone can get married: heterosexuals, homosexuals, transsexuals: you name it, we've got it.

Bari: transessuale ucciso, fatale colpo alla tempia (Corriere Della Sera)
E' stato un colpo inferto alla tempia destra a uccidere Aldomiro Gomes, 57 anni, trovato morto stamane nei pressi di Trani, a bordo di un'auto. L'oggetto contundente potrebbe essere stato una pietra. Gli inquirenti hanno accertato che la vittima era un transessuale di origini brasiliane, che era solito prostituirsi nella zona di Schinosa. Si cerca di far luce sul caso indagando nell'ambito delle sue conoscenze. (Agr)
Trani, cadavere di un brasiliano trovato in periferia
Questa mattina e' stato trovato nelle campagne in Contrada 'Schinosa' a Trani, il corpo senza vita di un uomo, riverso accanto alla sua auto.

Spettacolo: Amanda Lear non vuole trans intorno
Il Comitato Provinciale Arcigay di Milano ha denunciato il comportamento assai singolare della cantante Amanda Lear, che ha chiesto che fossero tenute lontano da lei le persone transgender.

Transvestite flees 'mates'
Three persons, including a girl believed to be a transvestite, have been referred to police for interrogation, reports Al-Anba daily.

[New Zealand]
Cross-dressing lawyer hangs up his dress
A male lawyer who appeared in court dressed in women's clothes as a protest against what he said was New Zealand's overly-masculine judiciary was suspended Wednesday after being found to be in contempt of court.

Parents protest gay-friendly classes
Thousands of British Columbians have signed petitions and sent letters to the Education Ministry insisting that parents be allowed to pull their children from public school lessons to avoid gay-friendly messages that conflict with religious or family values.

Transsexual pioneer Renee Richards regrets fame
As Renee Richards, the world's most famous transsexual athlete, looks back on her life, she has one regret -- the fame she attained.

Weird News - Not quite anatomically correct (
Transgendered patient Gina Tilley filed a lawsuit late last year against New York City plastic surgeon David Ostad (who has been cited by state medical authorities 11 times and sued 14 times), complaining that her 2004 saline breast implants had shifted to her armpits.

Pioneering Gay Activist Barbara Gittings Dies
Gay rights pioneer Barbara Gittings has died at the age of 75 from a lengthy and brave battle with breast cancer.

[USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
Can One Be A Transgender Christian?
Julie Marie Nemecek, formerly known as John Nemecek, has recently filed a suit against Spring Arbor University (SAU). The University is firing the transgender professor/Baptist minisiter effective June 1st, choosing not to tolerate Nemecek's transformation from John to Julie Marie.

segunda-feira, fevereiro 19, 2007

Transvestites fear the police in Nepal city
Silpa is a 22-year-old transvestite from western Nepal. She is small and soft-spoken, and wears heavy makeup and a tight acrylic shirt. She chose the name Silpa because it means delicate and fragile. In September, as Silpa was leaving her apartment in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, she says she was pulled into a police van, driven to a remote park and gang raped by 12 uniformed officers. Police violence against transvestites in Kathmandu is a growing problem, according to spokesmen for local advocacy organizations, who say it happens about once a week.

[VT, USA] [Letters]
Transgender individuals vulnerable to discrimination
It is time for Vermont to right a long-standing wrong. I address the issue of equality for individuals who identify as transgender — that is an individual whose gender varies from their assigned sex at birth. As an individual who openly identifies as a transgender woman, I have no protection under the existing anti-discrimination laws of the state. As a citizen of Vermont, I am greatly disturbed over my lack of equal status in society. We are supposed to be equal under the law, but I am not, nor are others like me.

domingo, fevereiro 18, 2007

Di origine thailandese, nell'ambiente noto con il nome di Baby, viveva in un appartamento con un'altra persona, anch'egli un transessuale.

Dana in gay club in Istanbul
!F (Istanbul Independent Film Festival) is taking place in between 15-25th February. The festival's gay and lesbian section, 'Rainbow', has a surprise guest for its party this year which really suits the name of the section. Famous Israeli transsexual singer Dana International is going to take the stage at Love (gay club) on 23rd February.

Transgender Teen Faces Discrimination
High school can be hard for any teenager struggling with self-identity and trying to fit in. One Greensboro senior is facing a very unique challenge. "My gender is female. People think that gender and sex are the same thing, but sex is like your physical whatever and gender is like your mind," says Devon McCauley.

Transgender business draws opposition
Janet Law never wanted to create a stir.
But as a transgendered person who has run an engine shop for more than 30 years, she's used to getting double takes.
"People come in here and expect to see a bald guy with a three-day beard and grease under his nails, not a blonde with a 41 1/2-inch chest and manicured nails," she said.

sábado, fevereiro 17, 2007

Sex-swap surgery saved
Funding for sex change operations will not be scrapped from next year, Hounslow Primary Care Trust (PCT) has announced.

Transsexual gets Court's blessing to marry
A 25 year-old transsexual was granted the right to marry by the Civil Court of Malta, enabling other transsexuals the right to civil marriage.
Transsexual can get married, court rules
A court has ordered the director of Public Registry to issue the marriage banns for a transsexual, who was born a man but was legally declared a woman following gender reassignment surgery.
Transsexual wins right to marry
A Maltese transsexual has won her battle in the Maltese law courts to be recognised as a woman and be allowed to marry.

Negare il beneficio di una pensione di vecchiaia a 60 anni ad una persona che sia passata dal sesso maschile al sesso femminile con la motivazione che essa non ha raggiunto l'età pensionabile di 65 anni prevista per gli uomini è contraria al diritto comunitario.

Priscilla the $6m musical upstages film version
PRISCILLA the musical has upstaged Priscilla the film. This week, box-office takings for Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical passed those of the film on which it is based.

Thai ladyboy band hopes to hit the high notes
Five beauties, questionable singing abilities, great dance moves and the skimpiest of outfits: Venus Flytrap fits the girl band cliche in every respect but one.

THAI TIME: Venus Flytrap fits the girl band cliche in every respect but one. These Thai girls used to be boys. From left: Amy, Taya, Bobo, Nok and Gina.

11th Annual National Day of Silence sure to be loud
Get ready for campuses all over the country to be a little quieter. On Wednesday, April 18, 2007 students nationwide will be commemorating the national Day of Silence. They will be quiet all day to protest the discrimination, harassment and abuse—in effect, the silencing—faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their allies in schools.

Transgender escort will stand trial for murder
A transgender escort accused of killing a Las Vegas woman will stand trial for her murder, even though police have not found her body or a murder weapon.

D.C. man pleads guilty in transgender murder case
A 43-year-old Washington man pleaded guilty on Feb. 8 tosecond-degree murder while armed in connection with the beating andsuffocation slaying of Diamond Person, a transgender woman whosebody was found in her Northwest D.C. apartment last month.

sexta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2007

Transgender summit a first for Ireland
An event being held in Belfast today aims to increase awareness of the existence of transgender and transsexual people in Ireland.

NHS slammed over trans abuse
The NHS has come under harsh criticism from health care experts and transgender rights advocates for failing to address for needs of LGBT patients.

[New Zealand]
World's first transsexual MP retires
The world's first transsexual MP, New Zealand's Georgina Beyer, stepped down on Wednesday giving thanks for being able to make amends for her "lurid" past as a prostitute.

Rape Relief wins
After almost 12 years of legal battles and a string of court decisions, Kimberly Nixon's case against Vancouver Rape Relief ground to a halt Feb 1 when the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear her appeal.
PHOTO: SILVER LINING: barbara findlay (left) is disappointed Canada's Supreme Court refused to hear Kimberly Nixon's case, but says the battle was worthwhile. (TJ Ngan photo)

Trannies can rest easy now
An agreement allowing transgenders free access to Loehmann's fitting rooms and rest rooms was announced yesterday by a human rights fund and the apparel chain.

Murder suspect pleads guilty
During an emotional hearing in Courtroom 111 of D.C.'s Superior Court on Thursday, Feb. 8, Preston Randolph Logan, 43, pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of Grafton Lee Person, a 42-year-old transgender woman who was known in the community as Diamond.
Diamond Lee Person (file photo)

Transgender warrior comes to Case
" Build genuine bonds of trust and solidarity [with other oppressed people], not quid pro quo," Leslie Feinberg told 120 people gathered in Case Western Reserve University's Ford Auditorium on February 9. "It's not `I'll do this, if you do that.' "

Free Name Changes for NY Transgenders
The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund has initiated a Name Change Project to help eligible transgendered New Yorkers get their names legally changed for free if they qualify.

Transgendered professor fights to keep her job
Julie Nemecek, 55, would like to keep her job as an associate professor of adult studies, teaching business and communications at Spring Arbor University.
PHOTO: Joel Skene (holding sign on right) protests the dismissal of transgender professor Julie Nenecek at Spring Arbor University.
Editorial: Transphobia should be fought on all fronts, even at home
For 15 years, Julie Nemecek has worked as an associate professor of adult studies, teaching business and communications at Spring Arbor University.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2007

NI has first transgender seminar
Transvestites and transsexuals in Northern Ireland are holding their first ever conference in Belfast.

[New Zealand]
Upbeat Beyer leaves Parliament smiling
Departing Wairarapa MP Georgina Beyer will retire from Parliament this week with a smile and a flourish and perhaps even a dazzling twirl.
Transexual MP calls it a day
The world's first transexual MP, Georgina Beyer, made her final speech at parliament in Wellington on Wednesday night, having quit after seven years in the job.

[New Zealand]
Cross-dressing lawyer guilty
Cross-dressing Wellington lawyer Dr Rob Moodie has been found guilty of contempt of court and suspended from practising law for three months.

A change from 'strong' to 'flower'
Some say it is insane. Some say it is understandable. But for He Qiang himself, undergoing a transsexual surgery to become a "real woman" is just something he has been dreaming about since he was a little kid.

[VA,USA] [News/Commentary]
A response to the transgender community
In the last issue we published Jennifer Thurman's article, "DNA speaks truth: gender cannot be redefined," which was also posted on the Champion's Web site. The author received an overwhelming response from the public-75 e-mails and counting. The author has contributed this article in order to address the questions and comments raised in the letters.

Some Responses to Media Coverage
A number of articles have followed a wrong thread in an early AP article which suggested that I was showing up as a woman on SAU's campus in 2005. Other than my long nails and modest make-up, I have not been on SAU's campus as me. At their insistence I have cross-dressed (bearing false witness) and appeared as John.
Rally backs transgender prof
Signs at a student rally Monday for Spring Arbor University's transgender professor asked: "What Would Jesus Do?"

[USA] [Books]
Transparent: Love, Family and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers
In the late 90s, lesbian writer Cris Beam moved to Los Angeles. She decided to volunteer at a high school for transgendered teens, and over the next few years, got deeply involved in the lives of a number of transgirls.

Knowledge of laws regarding transsexuals can be helpful
Transsexualism is one of the more emotionally charged, convoluted areas of the law of sex discrimination. You might think it's not your problem, but you'd be wrong.