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quinta-feira, outubro 29, 2009

Italy politician quits after sex scandal
A prominent opposition politician embroiled in a scandal over his alleged encounter with a transsexual prostitute has resigned his high-profile job as head of the region that includes Rome.
Policía italiana también chantajeó otros políticos y famosos con videos con personas trans

Cross Dresser Tells Court He Always Wanted to be a Woman
A man who dressed himself as a woman and made a rape report at Nyamandlovu Police station on Monday appeared in court and was remanded in custody to 9 November.

[South Africa]
IOC to hold meeting on gender cases
The International Olympic Committee will convene a special conference of medical experts to draw up guidelines for dealing with "ambiguous" gender cases in the wake of South African runner Caster Semenya's sex-test controversy.

IOC to draw up 'ambiguous gender’ guidelines after Caster Semenya controversy

Ignored by society, Afghan dancing boys suffer centuries-old tradition
A young boy dressed in women's clothing, his face caked in make-up, dances the night away for a crowd of men.
The bells on his feet chime away, mimicking the entertainment and sexual appeal of female dancers. But there is no mistaking his pubescent body and face as he concentrates, focusing on every step in order to please his master and his master's guests.

New sex change regulations set to take effect
The council moved recently to strictly control sexchange operations and require that transgender people consult a psychiatrist, live as a woman for a year and receive hormone therapy before being such an operation is allowed.
(Photo:A group of transexuals call for the right to get “Miss” as a title in their national identification cards. A card here refers to the woman in its inset photo as a Mr.)

Gender diversity isn't disorder
Government officials and gender and human rights advocates have urged the Defence Ministry to revise a ministerial regulation which regards transgendered people as people having a "gender identity disorder" that exempts them from military service.
Speaking at a seminar organised by the Office of the National Human Rights Commission, they said the regulation disregarded the human dignity of transgendered people and needed to be changed.

Sailor influx prompts Phuket ladyboy crackdown
In advance of the arrival of two more US Navy ships full of marines ready for R&R in Phuket this week, Kathu Police are cracking down on criminal gangs of ladyboys.
Kathu Police Commander Grissak Songmoonnark said last time a large contingent of US Navy sailors were in Phuket around 80 ladyboys were arrested for petty crime.

Press Release from TAS: Transwoman removed from female washroom
Transwoman removed from female washroom by security and subjected to transphobic slurs for using “wrong bathroom”

AFA: Hate-Crimes Bill Is Un-American
The American Family Association, a self-proclaimed pro-family advocacy organization, on Monday criticized the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act as “simply un-American” and encouraged its members to contact Congress members who supported the legislation.
Bill addresses sexuality-based hate crimes

Cross-dressers challenge bar ID policy
Cross-dressers showed up en masse at a suburban gay bar over the weekend to test the bar’s policy requiring photo identification matching the patron’s appearance.
Some of those turned away joined preparations to file a complaint with the Illinois Human Rights Commission.

(Photo: John Lund/MEDILL - Hyacinth Piel, 33, was turned away at the door of Hunters Nightclub in Elk Grove Village because his attire did not match his appearance on his ID.)
[Blog/Commentary] Guest Post: Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Transphobia Has Got To Go!!!

Transgender student finds support at SJSU
Ari Eldridge finds comfort in being a transgender student, but believes that too few students are knowledgeable about what transgender is.

[NY, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Law will include transgenders
I awoke one morning full of euphoria that Congress had finally in some form recognized lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, only to find myself invisible again.

Black Trans-Activist Lectures at Bryn Mawr
Monica Roberts, writer of the blog TransGriot, gave a lecture at Bryn Mawr Tuesday about transgender issues from an African-American perspective.
Roberts, 47, was the third African-American transperson to receive International Foundation for Gender Education Trinity Award in 2006, the "second highest honor” award in the transgender community.

terça-feira, outubro 27, 2009

Grupos transgéneros harán pedido a la OMS
Este colectivo solicita que la transexualidad deje de ser considerada enfermedad mental

[Brazil] [Blog/Books]
Review of Travesti: Sex, Gender, and Culture among Brazilian Transgendered Prostitutes
I had the opportunity to read this manuscript before it was published, while taking a class with Prof. Kulick. My criticisms of it then still stand now…though I have in many ways only deepened my respect for the finer points of this work. I thoroughly applaud the way that Kulick attempts to make clear the way in which the travesti gender identity is a complexity of biological definition, social categorization, and personal identification. Certainly, the way in which Kulick has encouraged his subjects to share their understanding of gender and sexuality SO openly may help all gender theorists and anthropologists better take to task gender issues like these. As criticism, the book simply does not contextualize the travesti experience.

Ararteko plantea 27 recomendaciones para garantizar derechos de transexuales
El Defensor del Pueblo Vasco -Ararteko- ha recordado hoy a la sociedad que la transexualidad "no es una enfermedad" y ha planteado 27 recomendaciones, dirigidas básicamente a los poderes públicos, para que se garanticen los derechos fundamentales de este colectivo, algo que actualmente "no ocurre".
«Ser transexual no es ninguna enfermedad»
El problema de los vestuarios deportivos
Defensor Pueblo Vasco plantea 27 recomendaciones para garantizar derechos transexuales

Cuatro personas detenidas en relación con el homicidio de una transexual
Los policías detectaron que faltaban algunos efectos del piso de la fallecida, que se encontró con signos de haber sido registrado

Niños atrapados en su cuerpo
La Unidad de Trastorno de Identidad de Género ha tratado a 77 menores - Los pacientes reciben asistencia psicológica y tratamiento hormonal a los 16 años

AES pide que se retiren las subvenciones a COGAM y exige la intervención del defensor del menor
Alternativa Española (AES) ha denunciado ante la Comunidad de Madrid que el ‘calendario laico’ del Colectivo de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales de Madrid (COGAM), cuyo contenido adelantó en exclusiva Madridiario hace una semana, ofende a los católicos, por lo que pidió la retirada de las subvenciones públicas que recibe por parte de esta Administración.

Le prêtre qui avait marié une trans et son ami a été suspendu
Moins de 24 heures après cette cérémonie en Italie, l'archevêque de Florence a relevé le prêtre de ses fonctions, en l'invitant «à une cure de réflexion».

Boda religiosa de transexual desató polémica en Italia
Destituyen a un párroco por casar a un hombre con una mujer transexual
Un travesti brésilien embarrasse la gauche italienne
Un prêtre italien célèbre un mariage jugé «contre nature» par l'Eglise
Priest suspended after transsexual marriage
Un prêtre démis de ses fonctions pour avoir célébré le mariage d'une femme transsexuelle

Abandona el cargo un gobernador en Italia por supuesto escándalo sexual
El gobernador de la región italiana del Lazio (centro), Piero Marrazzo, anunció este sábado su abandono inmediato del cargo alegando "debilidades personales", precisamente cuando existe una investigación abierta contra cuatro policías que chantajearon a Marrazzo con un video en el que supuestamente aparecía con un transexual.
Captan a político con un transexual
Scandales à l'italienne
Advierte Berlusconi a gobernador sobre video comprometedor
Berlusconi no publicará video de gobernador con transexual
Piero Marrazzo démissionne de son poste de président de régionaprès un scandale
Dimite gobernador de región del Lazio tras videoescándalo con transexual
Escándalo y renuncia en la izquierda italiana

East German sports doping victim speaks out after sex change
Heidi Krieger was one of East Germany's star athletes, but years of forced doping caused her to opt for a sex change and become an outspoken advocate for the other victims. (Photo)

Latest Anti-Gay Surge in Turkey Against Another LGBT Organization
Black Pink Triangle Association in Izmir is the fifth LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) organization that faces closure threat from the Turkish government. The first hearing will take place on February 19, 2010. The reason for closure threat is once again being “against the law and morality.”

Transsexuals Complain at Prime Ministry about Police Violence
About 80 people gathered in Ankara upon the call of the Pink Life Transgender Association. Despite police resistance they managed to hand their petition for redress to the Human Rights Presidency of the Prime Ministry. The petition is concerned with police violence against transvestites and transsexuals and rights violations occurring in the Act on Misdemeanour.

[Uganda] [News/Commentary]
Ugandan MP Proposes Gay Death-Penalty Bill - Are American Anti-Gay Groups Responsible?
A Ugandan MP has tabled a new bill that could mean the death penalty for gay and transgender citizens convicted of "aggravated homosexuality". The bill, which calls for citizens to tell the authorities about those they believe to be gay, has been called a prelude to "the final solution" by some Ugandan gay rights activists.

[South Africa]
Transgender life stories from South Africa
Most people have the luxury of taking gender for granted; but for more and more people whose gender either challenges them or challenges others, gender is a wellspring of thought-provoking experience. The reflections on the experience of gender contained in this book will enrich readers’ understanding and deepen their awareness of the kind of very human quest that transgender people and those who love them have been undertaking for centuries.

[Pakistan] [Film]
Kiss and tell
An official selection at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival and shown at the 33rd Festival des film du monde Montreal (Montreal World Film Festival), Chan di Chummi (Kiss the Moon) is a revealing documentary about the lives of transsexuals in Pakistan. In the opening scene, script writer and director Khalid Gill says that as a child he was mystified by the transsexuals and he has tried to demystify them in the film.
(Photo by White Star - Eunuch in Pakistan - Chan di Chummi (Kiss the Moon) is a revealing documentary about the lives of transsexuals in Pakistan.)

Training and placement for transgenders
In an attempt to help transgenders stand on their own feet, members of the Dojo Chakra, a private organisation, have found placements for 30 of them as security guards in apartment complexes, hotels and corporate offices in the city. A six-day training programme in self-defence, yoga and meditation, and confidence building was organised here to give them the basic physical skills and mental outlook that would help them fare well in a their position.

Alberta trans activists call for review of GRS funding
As the Alberta legislature reconvened for its fall session on Monday, trans activists called on the government to reinstate gender reassignment surgery (GRS) funding.
Sex reassignment surgery in Canada: what's covered and where

[USA] [Commentary]
New definition of hate
Last Thursday, the Senate passed a bill that will make assaulting someone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity a federal crime. When Obama signs the bill, he will finally begin making good on his promise to ensure equal rights for gays and lesbians and his promise to the American people as a whole for change.
Hate crimes now include sexual identity

Amanda Lear se dévoile
Lorsque l'on s'appelle Amanda Lear et que l'on arpente le monde people depuis des années, l'annonce d'une autobiographie fait toujours saliver. Egérie de Salvador Dali, abonnée de l'émission Les Grosses Têtes, comédienne et sex symbol, entre autres, la blonde a donc décidé de sortir sa biographie sous le titre évocateur "Je ne suis pas celle que vous croyez".

Transgendered woman reaches settlement with nightclub over discrimination
Sierra D. Broussard, 28, appeared in Outagamie County Court on Friday in her civil lawsuit against Concepts Unlimited Inc., which does business as Park Central, 318 W. College Ave.

William and Mary Students Elect First Transgender Homecoming Queen
Students at the College of William and Mary have elected a transgender homecoming queen for the first time in the school’s history, according to officials. (Photo)
College's homecoming queen is transgender
A “pretty normal” homecoming
Spotlight still on transgendered William and Mary homecoming queen
William & Mary students not bothered by transgender homecoming queen
W&M students elect transgender Queen

Emory Pride Dresses Students and Faculty in Drag
College senior Joe O’Geen is pulling junior Megan Bowes from between his legs. O’Geen stumbles, and they collapse in a fit of giggles.
(Photo: Jenni Myung/Photography Editor - Emory faculty Michael Shutt, Tim Downs and Ben Perlman enact Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.")

[América Latina]
Comisión Interamericana tratará discriminación a transexuales y homosexuales en la region
La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) analizará en su próximo periodo de sesiones, que inicia el 2 de noviembre, casos sobre los derechos de los homosexuales, la discriminación a indígenas y la crisis política en Honduras.

Abre sus puertas centro de información para Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transgeneros
"Este centro ha sido creado para el publico heterosexual y el objetivo fundamental del mismo es educar a aquellas personas que no se han enterado de que las diferencias sirven para que tengamos una identidad y que la identidad no es para destruirnos si no para ser diversos" ,aseguraba Leannes Imbert Acosta, directora del proyecto LGBT.

Condenan asesinato de activista LGTB en Honduras
Organizaciones de derechos humanos de Centroamérica denunciaron la muerte de la activista Monserrat Maradiaga (Elder Noe Maradiaga), promotora de los derechos de las personas lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transexuales y transgénero (LGBT) de Honduras.
Honduras: reclaman justicia por los asesinatos de 9 transexuales
Transexuales demandan respeto a sus derechos (Foto: Los travestis demandan de la sociedad y las autoridades que les respeten sus derechos como personas.)
Comunidad “Gay” pide agilidad en investigación de homicidios

[Dominican Republic]

En noviembre habrá concurso de belleza de homosexuales en La Romana
La Romana, una ciudad con bellezas excepcionales en la explotación turística se prepara para la celebración de un concurso de belleza para homosexuales, el cual se desarrollará en noviembre, pero que desde ya está siendo repudiado por periodistas y otros sectores moralistas.

Por primera vez en Argentina transexual masculino cambia nombre y sexo sin cirugía genital
Llevado por la abogada transexual Mariana Casas, con fecha 22/10/2009, el Juzgado Nacional en lo Civil de la Capital Federal Nº 76 dictó sentencia en autos “W.F.M s/ información sumaria” un caso de transexualidad masculina, otorgándole su cambio de sexo y nombre, adaptándolo así a su realidad social y familiar. Que se tenga constancia es el primer caso en que la Justicia de Argentina concede un cambio de nombre y sexo a un transexual masculino sin necesidad de cirugía genital. Solo hay un antecedente en una mujer transexual. En Argentina no existen leyes especificas para el cambio nombre y sexo, teniendo que ser un juez quien autorice las operaciones de reasignación genital y los cambios registrales.

sexta-feira, outubro 23, 2009

Lobo-ibérico caça prémio mundial de fotografia
Um lobo-ibérico foi a grande estrela dos prémios fotográficos Veolia Environment Wildlife, entregues pela BBC e Museu Nacional de História Natural de Inglaterra. (Foto de topo)

Campaign launched to end classification of transsexualism as ‘illness’
A campaign that aims to end the classification of transsexuals as individuals who suffer an ‘illness’ as well as educating the general population that sexual diversity not limited to the male and female genre was launched in Lisbon this week.

Osakidetza asume el cambio de sexo desde el próximo año

El consejero de Sanidad del Gobierno vasco, Rafael Bengoa, anunció ayer que, a partir de 2010, Osakidetza asumirá las operaciones de cambio o reasignación de sexo, aunque no pondrá en marcha una unidad específica, sino que se dará el tratamiento hormonal, psicológico y la intervención quirúrgica «coordinando todos los servicios necesarios».

Polémica en España por un calendario con vírgenes transexuales
Es una creación de una organización gay de Madrid que busca que la OMS deje de calificar a la identidad transexual como una patología médica. Grupos cristianos lo consideran ofensivo con la Iglesia. "Es blasfemo y pornográfico", dicen.
Lío por anuario de vírgenes transexuales

Sex-swap 'strangler' in court
A 42-YEAR-OLD man has been charged with murdering sex-swap prostitute Andrea Waddell.

Man in court over prostitute murder
Woman murder suspect is charged
Andrea Waddell 'had sweetest soul ever’

Transvestite stole £120,000 in M&S lingerie
A Coventry accountant who has a “sexual fetish for women’s clothing” has been jailed after shoplifting more than 6,000 items of lingerie from Marks and Spencer.

Dad-of-two driver changes gear in sex swap
Burly Nigel Weston has shocked trucker pals by telling them: "Call me Nikki-Jane."
The lorry driver left workmates stunned when he revealed his sex swap - but insists they are supportive.

[UK/South Africa]
British sex-change coach appointed as high performance manager by Triathlon South Africa
A Briton who has had a sex-change operation has been appointed by Triathlon South Africa (TSA) as the high performance manager to oversee preparations for the London 2012 Olympics, it was announced today.

Detenidos 4 carabineros por chantajear a dirigente del PD con vídeo erótico
Cuatro carabineros fueron detenidos hoy por haber chantajeado supuestamente al presidente de la región del Lazio (capital Roma), Piero Marrazzo, del opositor Partido Demócrata (PD), con un vídeo en el que aparecería, al parecer, en actitud íntima con un transexual, informaron los medios italianos
Nuevo escándalo en Italia: filman a un gobernador con un transexual

Police held for blackmail in Italian political sex row
Italian pol Piero Marrazzo resigns after police attempt to blackmail him with video of transsexual
Scandal hits Italy leftist party

Court rules insurance must pay for ex-soldier's breast surgery
A transsexual has won a lawsuit against her German health insurance, which will now have to pay for the former British soldier's re-constructive breast surgery, news magazine Der Spiegel reported late on Wednesday.
Sanidad pública pagará operación de pechos a ex soldado británico transexual

Sex-swap aquaddie gets free bazookas

Homosexuality Bill Rejected
Some rights activists have described the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a violation of human rights and want it to be withdrawn immediately.

[South Africa]
The Sex of Athletes: One Issue, Many Variables
Track and field’s world governing body has begun trying to devise new rules about who can compete as a woman. This comes nearly two months after being presented with the case of Caster Semenya, the South African runner whose sex was questioned when she won the 800-meter world championship.
Athletics: Caster Semenya the latest female athlete suspected of being biological male

[Russia] [News/Film]
Is Russia ready for a film about drag queens?
Resplendent in pink satin and ostrich feathers, a drag queen runs through a tumbledown Russian village, miming to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.
(Photo: STV/AFP Veselchaki is the first mainstream Russian film about drag queens, in a country where homophobia is still common.)

[South Korea]
Social Ostracism Stifles Sexual Minorities
On Fridays and Saturdays after the sun goes down, both Korean and foreign gay residents begin to trickle into Itaewon from all over Seoul and parts beyond. They are businessmen and university students, English teachers and soldiers, mostly but not exclusively young men.

Sex reassignment surgery funding debate heats up
Alberta’s finance minister doubts the province will reverse its decision to drop sex changes from its list of publicly-funded surgeries, despite advice from a gay rights group.

Transgendered teacher, Catholic school in a legal duel
A complaint has been filed by a transgendered substitute teacher against a Catholic school board in Canada.

Finish sex change or no job, Forces tells applicant
Chris already has manly muscles, facial hair, a baritone voice and was accepted years ago by family and friends as a man.
But he's been told he cannot work for the Canadian military until he also gets a penis.

VICTORY: Hate Crimes Bill Passes - First Federal Bill to Protect Transgender People
In an historic move, the United States Senate joined the House of Representatives in passing The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which will be the first federal law to include gender identity and transgender people. Once signed by the President, this law will add sexual orientation, gender identity, gender and disability to the categories included in existing federal hate crimes law and will allow local governments who are unable or unwilling to address hate crimes to receive assistance from the federal government. President Obama has indicated that he will sign the bill into law.
Congress extends hate crime protections to gays
Senate sends gay hate crimes bill to Obama
Hate Crimes bill passes Senate
U.S. Senate approves hate crimes measure
Senate passes measure that would protect gays
[News/Commentary] Trans-inclusive hate crimes legislation on way to president's desk
"Love conquers hate": inclusive hate crimes statute passes
Gay hate-crimes bill could punish Christians, foes say
[Blog/Commentary] Guest Post: The Message Of A Fully Inclusive Hate Crimes Bill

Federal job bias bill gets its second House hearing
The full House Education and Labor Committee heard testimony on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act on September 23.
The bill prohibits businesses with 15 or more employees from using sexual orientation and gender identity as the basis for discrimination in employment.

Housing regs to add protections for gays
Federal housing officials said Wednesday they're developing regulations to ensure that gays and lesbians aren't denied access to federally subsidized housing based on their sexual orientation.

Gay Organizations Tackle Homo and Transphobia in Sports
I'm a glass-half-empty girl. Give me solid proof that things are looking up and I might start to refill that drink. That being said, my hat's off and my glass is raised for the efforts of the people I mention here in this story. They give me hope that things are going in the right direction for the LGBT sports community.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Horror! Transvestites may be 'profiled' in terror investigations
We simply must prevent the harrassment of transgender males, and transvestites who will be in for closer scrutiny as a result of male terrorists dressing as women to avoid detection.

Chaz Bono Taking The Final Steps Of His Sex Change Operation
Chaz Bono, an American musician and LGBT rights advocate has been in the limelight for his much publicized sex change operation. Chez was born Chastity Sun Bono and is the only daughter of legendary American singing couple Cher and Sonny.
Chastity/Chaz Bono before and after pics; Cher lugubrious, Sonny tolerant

[NY, USA] [News/Law]
NYC transgender man wins right to name change
A court in New York City has reversed a lower court's decision rejecting a transgender man's application to change his name because he didn't provide medical documentation.

Ruling Eases Transgender Name-Change Process (Photo: Olin Yuri Winn-Ritzenberg, 26, was asked to provide documentation when he sought to change his name.)
Transgender name-change victory in New York
Victory! Appellate Court Strikes Down “Doctor’s Note” Requirement for Transgender Name Changes
Judges barred from demanding doctor's notes in transgender name change cases
NY Court: Trans People Don’t Need Dr.’s Note for Name Change

N.Y. Court Slams Doctor’s Note Requirement for Name Change

Trans Dad Wins Right to Contest Custody Due to "Extraordinary Circumstances"
A Brooklyn, New York, trial judge has ruled that due to "extraordinary circumstances" a mother may not object to the standing of her transgender spouse in a custody dispute pending in Kings County Supreme Court. K.B. v. J.R., 2009 Westlaw 3337592 (Oct. 14, 2009). As a result of this ruling on a motion by the mother, J.R., to disqualify the father, K.B., from seeking custody, Justice Esther M. Morgenstern will proceed to determine whether the father’s petition for custody should be granted in the best interests of their son, K.B. Jr.

Video Voyeur Fought Trans Restroom Rights
A Florida man who took a role in an attempt last year to deny transgendered people restroom access confessed to spying on women using the lavatory in the store where he worked, according to an Oct. 20 article published in the Gainesville Sun and posted at

Transgender homecoming queen a first for College
Jessee Vasold ’11 made history at the College of William and Mary Wednesday when ze was announced as the school’s first transgender homecoming queen, representing the Class of 2011.

[CA, USA] [News/People]
The Weekly Profiles Theresa Sparks, SF's First (Potential) Transgender Supervisor
Our guest Day-Around-the-Bay aggregator Chris Daly pointed you to this cover piece about Theresa Sparks in the new issue of SF Weekly last night, but having just read it ourselves during a long F-Market trip last night, we thought we'd encourage you again. It's a compelling profile by Lauren Smiley of the woman who could be our next District 6 Supervisor (should she officially decide to run), and the main photo by Frank Gaglione (at right) makes Sparks look downright Lorraine Bracco-ish, no?
(Photo: Frank Gaglione/SF Weekly)

Transgendered woman reaches settlement with Park Central over discrimination
Sierra D. Broussard, 28, appeared in Outagamie County Court on Friday in her civil lawsuit against Concepts Unlimited Inc., which does business as Park Central, 318 W. College Ave.
Broussard said she was twice denied entrance to the nightclub complex and said an employee told her if she "used either bathroom it would cause confusion for the other patrons," and that she should go to a club that caters to "her kind."

Drag queen stirs excitement in May Pen
A male cross-dresser (photographed here) who police said was caught in a compromising position in a car with another man early Friday morning, created a lot of chatter in May Pen yesterday as news of the incident spread throughout that town.
The police took both persons to the May Pen Police Station where it was discovered that the 'woman' was actually a man dressed in drag.
Police say they suspect that the cross-dresser is a prostitute and had sought to sell his wares to the unsuspecting male customer, who was riding a bicycle on Manchester Avenue when he was approached by the prostitute.

Condenan asesinato de activista LGBT
Organizaciones de derechos humanos de Centroamérica denunciaron la muerte de la activista Monserrat Maradiaga (Elder Noe Maradiaga), promotora de los derechos de las personas lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transexuales y transgénero (LGBT) de Honduras.

Transexuales de Honduras exige respeto a la vida tras nueve asesinatos en cuatro meses
Miembros de organizaciones transexuales se plantaron frente al Ministerio Público (MP) para exigir que cesen las agresiones de que son objeto. Los manifestantes denuncian que en los últimos cuatro meses fueron asesinadas nueve transexuales, además de que son objeto de hostigamientos. (Foto)
Transexuales exigen respeto a la vida

Los trans combaten el discrimen a través del arte
Con el eslogan “PARE, la transexualidad no es enfermedad” se inició en Quito el Octubre Trans Ecuador 2009. Una campaña que se realiza a nivel mundial para detener la fobia contra este colectivo conformado por los transexuales, transgénero, travestis, intersexuales, bisexuales, o en resumen: “trans en el cuerpo, trans en el género y, sobre todo, trans en la cabeza”; como aseguró Ana Almeida, miembro del proyecto Transgénero.
(Foto: Carlos Pozo/ El Telégrafo - En la zona de la Michelena, un transeúnte aceptó maquillarse y peinarse como mujer durante la jornada, para experimentar cómo se siente un trans ante las miradas ajenas.)

Travesti murió por inyecciones de silicona que se aplicó para aumentar el tamaño de sus glúteos
Fáber Laguna, 'Andrea' o 'Lolita', de 24 años, ahorró dinero, producto de su trabajo como estilista de una peluquería de Neiva (Huila), y viajó a Bogotá, para someterse al tratamiento estético.

Homosexual muere tras inyectarse solución dudosa en los glúteos
Un homosexual de 22 años murió luego que un amigo gay le inyectara una sustancia desconocida en los dos glúteos, en San Martín de Porres.
Arístides Alvarado Pizango, era natural de Tarapoto y vivía en un cuarto alquilado de la prolongación Zarumilla, junto con sus tres hermanas.

Autorizan a transexual a operarse para convertirse en mujer
Un transexual fue autorizado por la Justicia a realizarse todas las operaciones necesarias en la zona genital para convertirse en mujer y a que se le cambie su nombre en el documento de identidad, partida de nacimiento y títulos que posee.

quinta-feira, outubro 22, 2009

U.N. Terrorism Report Cites Transgender Prejudice
A report to the U.N. expressing concern that transgendered persons might be caught up in security measures designed to catch terrorists have been lambasted by conservatives.
[Commentary] Roadblock in the War on Terrorism: Transgender Politics

Cerca de 70 mil participam de Parada de Uberlândia
A Parada do Orgulho LGBT da cidade mineira de Uberlândia foi realizada no último domingo, 18, registrando número recorde de participantes. De acordo com estimativas da organização do evento, cerca de 70 mil pessoas acompanharam o desfile. (Foto)

Gays de Madrid crean un calendario laico con vírgenes transexuales
Organizaciones cristianas lo consideran ofensivo con la Iglesia y hablan de "inquisición rosa"
Protagonizan transexuales Calendario Laico 2010

[Spain/Germany] [Blog/People]
Kim Petras, Norman Spack, Carla Antonelli on trans youth
Kim Petras was interviewed on Telecinco (TV5) in Spain yesterday. Someone has posted video on Youtube of the entire interview and subsequent discussion in three parts (about 27 minutes total.).
It appears she was wearing an earpiece, hearing translations of the talk show host’s questions and answering in English. Her answers are voiced-over by a Spanish translator, but with a little effort (and by following her lips) you can understand her responses. Brief comments by Norman Spack and Carla Antonelli are included in Part 1, and Kim performs a song in Part 2.
Part 3 includes a discussion of the issues and advantages of early transition. The overall effect of the interview is a profound demonstration of the advantages of early transition.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hate Crimes In Brighton
The seaside UK city of Brighton is the scene of two recent GLBT hate crimes – the murder of a woman whose body was found strangled after a fire at her flat, and the assault of a lesbian couple on the street.

We will never stop loving Andrea Waddell
Tributes have been paid to a former Reading School student whose strangled body was discovered in a flat fire in Brighton.

[South Africa]
Caster saga 'because of Zola Budd'
Athletics SA has once again rallied around its embattled president Leonard Chuene, defending his handling of the Caster Semenya saga and denying he lied about knowledge of sex tests conducted on the athlete.
On Tuesday, the body also took a swipe at the International Association of Athletics Federations, accusing it of laying sex-test "landmines" aimed at damaging young women athletes who looked different.

Iranian transgenders are not secure in Iran
Iranian transsexuals in fact experience humiliation, assault and abuse, if not outright death - and not just by government agents, but also by neighbours, family members, and those considered friends.
We have received reports very recently from our contacts in Iran exemplifying the torment endured by transgendered persons. On Saturday October 10, members of Basiji forces fired a gun at Sahar, an Iranian transgender, in the Abbasabad Street of Tehran. Sahar was hit in the shoulder and was taken to hospital by her friends. Once she is out of hospital, however, her safety is not assured.

2 eunuchs found killed, jewellery & cash missing
Two eunuchs were found murdered inside a three-storey house in C Block of Shaheen Bagh near Jamia Nagar on Tuesday. The police said the bodies of Vimlesh (47) and Meena (31) had started to rot when they found them around 10.30am on Tuesday, suggesting they were killed at least two days ago. Their throats were slashed and the house was ransacked, with cash and jewellery worth several lakhs missing.

Prostitute gets 30 days in jail for hitting man
A transgendered prostitute who punched a Kanata man in the face after meeting him on a telephone chat line was sentenced to 30 days in jail Tuesday.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Broad expansion of “paraphilia” planned for 2012
Ray “man without a penis” Blanchard has set his sites on further pathologizing crossdressers as well as other sorts of trans people in the 2012 American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Transgender Shoplifting Story Inspires Absurd Corrections
NBC Washington shows what happens when news outlets fail to confirm the correct gender identity of their subjects before publication. The outlet has just posted another story about the two shoplifting suspects who were shot by police near the University of Maryland last Friday. Here’s the absurd lede:
Upon closer review, it appears two shoplifting suspects shot by a Prince George’s County police officer weren’t men, as originally reported, or cross-dressers, as was later reported, but transgender women.

Gay hate crimes awaits Senate vote
Supporters and opponents of legislation that will expand hate-crimes protections to homosexuals continue to wait on a Senate vote on a defense authorization bill that includes the controversial measure.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Protect Us From The Male, CVS Managers Who Support Keeping Trans Women Out Of Women's Restrooms
It's a bit hypocritical when that group was allegedly putting the petition on the ballot to protect women in bathrooms and then the manager of the store who was allowing the petition gathering was in fact preying on women in bathrooms.

[USA] [Blog/Science]
Can a man talk like a woman?
When men try to imitate the voice of a woman, they typically raise their voices to a higher pitch, and in the end, sound like men imitating women. Actually training a man to "sound" like a woman is enormously difficult and doesn't have much to do with pitch, according to a paper by James Dembowski, a researcher at Texas Tech University in San Antonio.

Kings County Supreme Court rules transsexual father has standing to petition for custody of child
In a complex decision released yesterday, the Supreme Court of Kings County ruled that a transsexual father has standing to petition for custody of a non-biological child.

[GA, USA] [Blog/News]
Gender Bending Student Too Wild for Atlanta Returning to Miami
All 16-year-old Jonathon Escobar wanted was a better education, and apparently that meant getting the hell out of the Miami-Dade school system. So he moved in with his sister in Atlanta to attend North Cobb High.

Murderer wants taxpayers to pay for removing hair
A cross-dressing wife murderer who is suing the state to pay for a sex-change operation now wants a federal judge to force taxpayers to pay for hair-removal treatments.

Comienzan consultas para reglamentar trabajo sexual en DF
El gobierno local dio luz verde para realizar mesas de análisis y discusión con representantes de trabajadores y trabajadoras sexuales de toda la ciudad, a fin de diseñar una ley, o en su caso, un reglamento que ordene el ejercicio de esa actividad.

quarta-feira, outubro 21, 2009

Trans de Lima exigieron dejar de ser considerados enfermos
Tal como se había anunciado, organizaciones trans de Lima realizaron una intervención en las calles de la ciudad exigiendo que la transexualidad, trangeneridad y travestismo dejen de ser considerados enfermedades mentales en el nuevo manual de diagnóstico de trastornos Mentales de la Asociación Americana de Psiquiatría (DSM-IV), que se publicará en 2012. (Foto)
Entidades pedem fim da transexualidade como doença

Euro Commission tells EU applicant nations to respect GLBT rights
GLBT rights are a prominent topic in the European Commission’s Oct. 14 progress reports on the seven countries that are planning to join the European Union: Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia and Kosovo.

A golpe de calendario
De pequeño me enseñaron que estaba muy feo ofender a los demás. Y que más rechazable todavía era hacerlo de manera gratuita y contra alguien que no va a contestar a la ofensa. Claro que yo recibí una educación cavernícola, donde me inculcaron valores como el respeto al prójimo, la disciplina, el sacrificio y el orden. Será por eso que he sentido indignación y pena viendo el ‘calendario laico’ con el que la Federación de Gays, Lesbianas, Transexuales y Bisexuales de Madrid representa de manera irreverente escenas de la iconografía cristiana. Coronas celestiales con forma de pene, transexuales medio desnudos/as suplantando a la Virgen María, preservativos a modo de brocados sobre túnicas de santos son algunas de las escenas con las que este colectivo pretende la sustitución de las festividades religiosas por celebraciones sociales. Entre otras ‘genialidades’ proponen que el 25 de diciembre, Navidad, se coma turrón por el Día Internacional de la Democracia.
Calendário espanhol traz fotos de transexuais como santas católicas

Mother of dead Brighton prostitute pays tribute to her "harmless and beautiful" daughter
The devastated mother of a university graduate who was strangled to death before the killer set fire to her flat has spoken of her shock after discovering her daughter worked as a prostitute.

Bill targets hate crimes
When people hear about hate crimes happening, they normally picture it in another state or city, not anywhere close to home.
Kent State, however, was the location of a hate crime about three years ago.
In February 2006, former PRIDE! Kent president Angela Wicks was assaulted when she was walking on front campus to a friend's apartment between 2 and 3 a.m., said PRIDE! Kent vice president Trae Ruscin at their meeting Thursday.

American 8-year-old child becomes world's youngest transsexual
Josie Romero, an eight-year-old American girl, then called Joseph, knew at the age of four that she was the wrong sex and even often said: 'I am really a girl.'
8-year-old boy has "sex change"
Fresh Controversy Surrounds 8-Year-Old’s Gender Identification

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Washington Post Cross-Dressing Shoplifting Story Misfires
Yesterday, the Washington Post published a story about two shoplifting suspects who were shot over the weekend by a Prince George’s County police officer. The suspects were shot after they attempted to drive away with the officer’s arm lodged in the door of their getaway car. But the Post story was not concerned with the facts of this botched escape—the newspaper had already covered the particulars of the incident a day earlier. The follow-up amounted to a lengthy correction of one fact: the gender of the wounded suspects.

Student who wore female attire to North Cobb school returning to Miami
Jonathan Escobar challenged gender norms, sparked nationwide controversy

U.N. Report Says Counterterrorism Measures 'Risk Unduly Penalizing Transgender Persons'
A report by U.N. Special Rapporteur Martin Scheinin that is awaiting approval by the United Nations General Assembly says that security measures taken to detect terrorists "risk unduly penalizing transgender persons whose personal appearance and data are subject to change.”

Killer plucks at judge’s heartstrings
A cross-dressing killer suing to make the state pay for his sex-change operation refuses to brush aside a federal judge’s denial of taxpayer-funded hair removal.
La idea es ampliar el debate para retirar a la transexualidad de la lista de trastornos de la OMS y la APA, contribuyendo con ello a aminorar a la discriminación. Se sensibilizará a comunicadores sociales y estudiantes de esa área, así como a la ciudadanía en su conjunto. El 19 por ciento de los casos de discriminación contra la diversidad sexual, han dañado en Chile a transexuales.

Victory for Transpeople in Uruguay
On Oct. 12, the Senate in Uruguay unanimously passed a bill permitting transsexuals to change their names and genders on all official documents, including birth certificates. President Tabare Vasquez is expected to sign the bill into law shortly.

terça-feira, outubro 20, 2009

La transexualidad no es una enfermedad…
En 38 países ayer, activistas salieron a las calles para exigir que la transexualidad deje de ser considerada como una enfermedad y se elimine de la lista de patologías de los libros de la Organización Mundial de la Salud y la Asociación Americana de Psiquiatras. La Red Internacional contra la Patologización Transexual — a la cual se une Puerto Rico Para Tod@s — está luchando porque se logre ese cambio en el 2012, que es cuando procede la revisión del V Manual Estadístico y Diagnóstico de Desórdenes Mentales de la Asociación Americana de Psiquiatras.

Brasil integra a los presos gays
Minas Gerais abre el primer módulo carcelario para homosexuales y travestis

'Vírgenes' transexuales
Coronas de virgen con forma de pene. Preservativos a imagen y semejanza de brocados sobre túnicas de santos. Mortales con el trasero al aire arrodillados ante apariciones divinas...
Esta es parte de la escenografía empleada en la elaboración de un "calendario laico", un documento gráfico reivindicativo con el que, pese a lo paradójico de su temática, un grupo de transexuales solicita la sustitución de las festividades religiosas por celebraciones sociales. Donde siempre ha puesto que el 25 de diciembre es Navidad, que se coma turrón por el Día Internacional de la Democracia, con la provocación como catalizador del cambio.
Calendar features transgender models posing as the Virgin, controversy follows

Detienen en Vigo a un hombre por violencia de género hacia su ex pareja mujer transexual
La Policía Local de Vigo detuvo a un hombre de 31 años de edad, A.C.D. tras agredir con una navaja a su pareja después de mantener una discusión en una cafetería de la ciudad.

Trans woman found murdered in burnt-out flat
A graduate who was found strangled in her Brighton flat was a trans woman, police have confirmed.
Andrea Waddell, 29, a graduate of Durham University, was found dead on Thursday night. She had been strangled and her bedroom set on fire.

Man held in fire murder inquiry
Strangled graduate was hooker
Man held for murder of transsexual prostitute
Arrest over Brighton prostitute death
(Photo: Ms Waddell studied social and political thought in Brighton.)

[South Africa] [Commentary]
The word ‘hermaphrodite’ is inappropriate for people
Move over Usain Bolt. Bring on a new superstar, the most talked about runner this past summer, a female. Or is she?
South African runner Caster Semenya leapt into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Albeit an excellent runner, it was not her running prowess that put her under the microscope (literally). It was that she was a freak.

ANC demands new Caster sex tests

Transgenders in Chennai launch their own marriage website
Transgenders in India's Chennai city have launched their own marriage website through which they hope to find like-minded suitors.
One can often see them dancing at weddings or at the blessing ceremonies of newborn babies. They appear uninvited to seek money. And it is not easy to turn them away without paying a hefty sum.

Hanoi welcomes back transsexual models
The Pattaya group’s five transsexual models made an appearance at a special fashion show held at the Dong Son Restaurant in Cau Giay district on October 15. (Photo)

One mom shares her journey of becoming a mother ... and the woman she always knew she should be

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Why ENDA Matters: True Stories of Anti-LGBT Employment Discrimination from the ACLU
To illustrate why Congress must pass the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), a federal law that would ban discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the workplace, we will be posting the firsthand accounts of people from across the nation who have been fired, refused a job, or harassed in the workplace because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This summer the ACLU put out a call for stories, and these are just a fraction of stories they received.

Off-duty officer shoots two while being dragged by car Friday
Excerpt: Initial reports indicated the suspects were women, but police have since identified Bright and Bailey as transgender; both were wearing women’s clothes.
“We’re still obviously investigating, but it appears they are transgender,” Lipsey said. “As we get further into the investigation, we’ll find out if this is their lifestyle — which we believe it is — or if it was a disguise.”

Two Men Shot by Pr. George's Officer Were Dressed as Women

Girl in tuxedo denied a place in school yearbook
Veronica Rodriguez describes her daughter, 17-year-old Ceara Sturgis, as "a perfect child": a straight-A student, a goalie on the soccer team, a trumpet player in the band and active in Students Against Destructive Decisions.
(Photo: Ceara Sturgis wears a tux in her preferred yearbook photo, which officials won't run.)

Man who stabbed cross-dresser declared mentally fit to stand trial
Question: Whatever happened to the man charged with murder for fatally stabbing a man dressed as a woman in his car under the Keeaumoku Street freeway overpass last summer?
Answer: The murder trial of Joel C. Allen is scheduled to begin next month after a judge last month declared him mentally to stand trial.

[Dominican Republic]
Prostitución homosexual en calles de Santo Domingo
Cuando salimos a dar un paseo por la ciudad siempre estamos mirando todo el movimiento que los citadinos producen en sus diferentes obligaciones en sociedad. Pero nos detenemos en un aspecto que consideramos inusual y hasta raro por que no entendemos como en una sociedad tercer mundista aparecen en varios puntos de Santo Domingo Homosexuales (mujeres en cuerpo de hombre) que se dedican al trabajo de la prostitucion homosexual durante las noches.