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sexta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2013

Gisberta Salce Júnior, 7 anos, em memória

Events to highlight violence against transgender women in Latin America
The Alliance is coordinating a number of high profile policy seminars in Europe and the U.S. to present a groundbreaking report featuring the testimonies of transgender women who experience extreme levels of violence and impunity in Latin America.

UK HIV charity launches online trans health service
Terrence Higgins Trust launches online health and wellbeing advice for transgender community
Terrence Higgins Trust launches extensive online trans health service

“Transgender people can be parents too” – Harriet & Lizzy’s story
Harriet is 24 and lives in the South West, with Lizzy, 40, and their two adopted children. Here she tells their adoption story.

Turkey continues to allow and encourage discrimination
The European Committee on Social Rights has released its conclusions on Turkey’s conformity with the European Social Charter, a European treaty on social rights which Turkey ratified in 2007. The Committee points to authorities’ failure to protect lesbian, gay and bisexual people from discrimination.

Police raid and arrest 30 people at India gay party
Thirty people were arrested for alleged ‘indecent’ behavior following a raid at a gay party in Malad, a suburb of Mumbai, India.
According to a police officer who spoke with The Times India: ‘The raid was conducted in the wee hours today [10 January] and the accused were caught dancing indecently during the gay party.
‘Six eunuchs were also a part of it’.
Police raid 'gay' party in Mumbai; 30 booked for indecent behaviour

Court Grants Sex Change for 5 Year-old
The Cibinong Court in Bogor granted on Monday, Feb. 11, sex change plea for a five-year-old identified as ATP as requested by the child's parents.
Bogor Court Grants Sex Change for 5-Year-Old

World's only LGBT party launches election campaign
The Philippines' Ladlad launch a campaign to win a seat in congress in the May election

Breast cancer in transsexual patient raises hormone concerns
A rare case of breast cancer in a male-to-female transsexual raises serious questions about the scant knowledge surrounding the cancer risks of long-term cross-sex hormones,

Miss Gay and Miss Transsexual Australia crowned
Gabriella Louise Mendoza and Sofiya Iya Cocaina Vergara were the winners from the 22 contestants in this year’s Miss Gay and Miss Transsexual Australia Pageant.

NDP MP hopes amendments to ‘transgender’ bill will win over Conservatives
NDP Member of Parliament Randall Garrison submitted a number of amendments to his private member’s bill C-279 earlier this month.
Federal trans rights bill in the House Feb 27

Veterans Health Admin. Renews Trans Health Care Directive
The Veterans Health Administration has issued a renewed and updated directive on providing health care for transgender veterans and veterans with intersex conditions. VHA originally issued this directive in June 2011, and like other VHA directives it carried a technical expiration date, and was intended to be updated or included in other, permanent VHA policy documents in the future. While the expiration date passed in late 2012, actual VA policy never changed, and the new directive is effective for at least the next five years.

Senate approves LGBT-inclusive Violence Against Women Act
The Senate approved an LGBT-inclusive Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Tuesday afternoon, sending the bill to the House of Representatives where it faces an uncertain future.
Senate passes LGBT-inclusive domestic violence bill

CBS' Mike & Molly Makes Anti-Trans Jokes; CBS Commits to Meeting with GLAAD
The CBS sitcom Mike & Molly went over the line last night with an offensive scene predicated on the hateful notion that transgender people are inherently disgusting. After constituents and trans community leaders spoke out against the joke last night, GLAAD discussed the issue with CBS directly, with additional follow up planned.

Historic campaign for trans benefits kicks off
A group of LGBT labor activists is launching a nationwide campaign to push unions to bargain for transgender health benefits for their members.
Health care hard to come by for transgender people outside urban areas

Former Saddleback student returns as transgender, is told not to go into female restroom
"Natalie" Nathan Smith demands to use woman's restroom
Natalie Smith was told by campus police that she would be arrested for using the woman's restroom in the girls locker room late January at the beginning of the semester.
"We can't have men in the women's locker room," said Interim Chief of Police Christopher S.M. Wilkinson.

Crazy Tenderloin Fight Proves That the Tenderloin Is Still Just the Tenderloin
Transgender fist-fights, pickpocketing assholes, and crooks who know a crime of opportunity better than they know anything else. That's just another day in the Tenderloin.
SF Weekly dumps on transgender people, all of Tenderloin

Transgender awareness leader speaks at UMaine
Wayne M. Maines, director of safety and environmental management at the University of Maine, gave an emotional presentation on Wednesday afternoon as part of the spring 2013 lunch series hosted by the women’s studies program. His daughter Nicole has become a symbol for transgender justice in Maine. Maines described his family’s journey and how the experience of press, bullying, parenting and the court have changed his views on transgender.

Transgender teacher fired from Catholic school
Meet Marla Krolikowski. She no longer has any reason to hide. For 32 years, Krolikowski lived a dual life, teaching at St. Francis Prep School in Queens as a man, Mark, who professionally dressed in a suit and tie.

When Your Boyfriend Becomes Your Ex-Girlfriend: A Nightlife Star Tells All
During a recent taping of Here TV's sexual gabfest Threesome, DJ/promoter/drag performer Michael Formika Jones blurted a revelation that sounded like the theme of a vintage Maury episode: An old boyfriend of his was now his ex-girlfriend. And they're still friends.

Scheller hopes his ‘coming out’ will help others
Jim Scheller is dressing a little differently these days.
His hair is longer, his earring dangles low, and his dress fits just right.

Brown University Takes a Big Step Forward in Transgender Inclusion
Brown University will join a handful of universities across the country that cover sex reassignment surgeries for transgender students.

House version of bill allowing student discrimination passes Va. Senate
The Virginia Senate today passed the House version of a bill to allow student groups and organizations at higher-educational institutions to discriminate with regard to whom they admit as members.
Concerns About SB 701 Addressed: “If this bill passes, you cannot be discriminated against if you are an LGBT state employee.”
Va. House subcommittee tables anti-LGBT discrimination bill

Universities Changing Gender-Based Housing Rules
More Wisconsin colleges and universities are bending traditional housing rules for LGBTQ students, and also for men and women who just want to live together.

Ordenan el primer cambio de sexo a un adulto en Colombia
En un transcendental fallo, la Corte Constitucional le ordenó a la EPS Comparta que, en un plazo de 48 horas, debe autorizar el cambio de sexo a un joven de 25 años que nació siendo mujer.
Ordenan a una EPS realizar operación de cambio de sexo a una mujer