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domingo, fevereiro 16, 2014

Biennial Symposium of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health
Tomorrow I am flying to Bangkok, Thailand to attend the Biennial Symposium of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).

ACCESS ALL AREAS! Recognition Opens Doors - Europe-wide Campaign
Ordinary things like picking up a parcel, opening a bank account or simply using a personalized public transport ticket can become a daily source of difficulty if your gender identity does not match your legal gender, which is recorded on your ID card, passport, etc.

"A First in the CHP: A Transsexual Nominee for City Council"
In Bursa, Öykü Özen, a transsexual and a nominee for membership in the Republican People’s Party’s Osmangazi City Council, ranked 10th among 50 nominees, gaining 642 votes from participating members in an election to determine members of the council.

Protestors rally on 1-year anniversary of Kayla Moore's death
Exactly one year after the death of Kayla Moore, a transgender woman who died in police custody, protesters on Wednesday evening marched down Shattuck Avenue, stopping traffic with six-foot banners and chants like “stop killer cops.”
Dad sues Berkeley over transgender daughter's death

Transgender woman's death highlights danger of black-market injections
Her friends had asked her to stop. The black market injections that Amelia Lopez Zaguilan took to enhance her curves could so easily be tainted. She already had undergone two sessions with the needle, and was on her way to Citrus Heights for a third.

Jaci Adams Passes Away
Per several sources in Philadelphia, I have been advised that longtime Philadelphia trans activist Jaci Adams is now with the ancestors after losing her valiant fight against cancer.

City denies request for two key Morris interviews
City attorneys say the Police Advisory Commission cannot release confidential interviews with William Jackson — a key witness in the Nizah Morris case — even though his public testimony is unavailable because the agency didn’t order a transcript.