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domingo, fevereiro 23, 2014

As regras da atracção ou a falta delas
As regras da atracção. Sempre achei uma certa piada a esta frase, como se o que sentimos por alguém pudesse ter regras, pudesse ser quantificado de alguma forma, ou regido pelas estrelas. No que ao que sentimos diz respeito não há regras, não há imposições, não há predefinições. Sentir é sentir. Podemos é reagir numa certa linha ao que sentimos. Existe aí um instinto que nos leve a aceitar ou rejeitar quase mecanicamente o que sentimos.

Transgenders trade blows at pension scheme launch
A meeting to announce pension for transgenders under the Mythri scheme on Thursday ended in a slugfest between two groups of sexual minorities. Over 800 transgenders were present at the event held at Ravindra Kalakshetra on JC Road.

Transgender rights bill passes key hurdle in Maryland
We have exciting news out of Maryland this week - the Fairness for All Marylanders Act just passed a key hurdle by being voted out of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee by an amazing 8-3 vote. This bill would add explicit protections on the basis of gender identity to Maryland’s non-discrimination laws, making Maryland the 18th state to have such protections, and leaving only three states in the country that have sexual orientation but not gender identity state-wide non-discrimination protections.

Two North Carolina Trans Women Win Name Change Cases
An 1891 law had been used to prevent two North Carolina trans women from legally changing their names. Today, a court order legally recognized these women for who they are.

San Antonio drags feet on AT&T discrimination complaint
The strength of the city of San Antonio’s nondiscrimination ordinance is being challenged by an attorney representing a trans man who alleges he was fired for his gender identity.

Male-to-female transgender barred from donating plasma
Western alumna Briana Reynolds started donating plasma at BioLife Plasma Services in mid-2009. She donated as a male for more than four years before beginning her transition to a female on Dec. 21, 2013.
Now, Reynolds, 23, finds herself struggling to pay bills and unable to save up for her gender reassignment surgery because BioLife does not allow male-to-female transgenders to donate plasma, she said.