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quinta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2014

Transgender patients discriminated against for health care services
Discrimination against transgender people –as many as one million Americans identify themselves as transgender – should immediately be addressed by the medical establishment, backed by policy change at the national level to provide equal access to quality health care.

He thinks trans kids have 'treatable disorder'-- of course he opposes Facebook's gender options
Focus on the Family's Jeff Johnston offered this contribution to the media on Facebook's new gender options. His quote appeared twice in Associated Press stories. Here he is when the story first broke on February 13th:

Life Stories: An Interview With Janet Mock
Author Janet Mock talks being a woman, battling against media sound bites, and her new memoir, Redefining Realness.

Remember HIV/AIDS, Transgender Advocate Junie Tate Sugar
As we celebrate Black History month, the HIV/AIDS community pays honor to a life and contribution of Junie Tate Sugar, an advocate for HIV/AIDS, and Transgender, who was found at dead on the job on Jan. 31, according to reports.

Supporters rally for trans rights in Md
Bob Brittain was doing fairly well in Chestertown, Md., with a wife and family, earning more than $50,000 per year as a certified boat captain, assistant dock master and boat carpenter. But since the age of three, he knew he was not comfortable with his gender. Two years ago, Bob transitioned to Susan Brittain, now 57, but still with her wife who has been fully supportive.

University advocates laud Facebook genders
As of Thursday, Facebook users have new gender options-- — in addition to “male” and “female,” users can now choose from a list of more than 50 different genders. What do you think?

NYU reacts: Facebook adds list of 50 gender categories, expands pronoun choices
Social media giant Facebook announced its addition more than 50 new gender categories for users to identify themselves with this on Feb. 13. It also expanded pronoun choices from “him/his” and “her” to include “them/they.”

Fireman's Transgender Widow May Get Benefits
A transgender woman whose firefighter husband died in the line of duty may have a case for benefits, a Texas appeals court ruled