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sábado, fevereiro 22, 2014

Married people who change sex won't have to divorce
Married people who opt for a sex change will no longer be automatically obliged to divorce.

Trans Women Not Allowed in Shopping Mall in the Turkish Capital
Trans women were not allowed in the central shopping mall in Ankara, Kizilay AVM, due to an arbitrary decision by the administration.
Shopping Mall Executive Director: Trans Women Are Welcome, Too

San Diego LGBTQIA groups rally to support trans* students on 'AB 1266 Day of Decision' Feb. 24
After a series of legislative and judicial Marriage Equality victories, major anti-LGBT organizations have redirected their efforts away from marriage equality and toward attacking the rights of transgender people.

USA, California: Effort to Repeal Transgender Kids Law Failing So Far
All kids should have the opportunity to do well in school and graduate. It's that simple, really.

UNF investigates hate crime involving transgender student
Police at the University of North Florida say they're investigating the first reported hate crime on campus. It involves a transgender student.

Maryland Senate committee approves transgender rights bill
The Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on Thursday approved a bill that would ban anti-transgender discrimination in the state.
Maryland Senate committee approves gender identity nondiscrimination bill
Maryland Senate Committee approves transgender rights bill

Transgender athlete policy panned as overly restrictive
Virginia’s new policy on high school sports participation for transgender students is so restrictive, it might not actually benefit anyone.
Va. Crafts Policy for Trans High School Athletes
Virginia’s New Policy Allowing Transgender Student Athletes Bans Transgender Student Athletes