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segunda-feira, novembro 23, 2015

TDOR 2015

How many trans people need to die for Europe to take action?
Every year on November 20, the trans community remembers and mourns those trans people who lost their lives to transphobia. During the past 12 months, 11 trans persons were reported murdered in Europe [1], but many more murders go unnoticed. On this Transgender Day of Remembrance, TGEU calls on the European Commission to extend current European hate crime framework to cover for gender identity, and on the Council of Europe to upscale their efforts to combat transphobic violence.

[Reino Unido]
Transgénero inglesa encontrada morta após ter-lhe sido negada transferência para prisão feminina
Vicky Thompson, de 21 anos, cumpria pena num estabelecimento prisional masculino. Tentou a transferência para uma prisão de mulheres mas o pedido foi-lhe negado.
UK trans woman found dead in men’s prison — foul play not suspected
Transgender woman Vicky Thompson found dead in a male jail
Vicky Thompson: Vigil held over transgender prison death
Trans Woman Dies in U.K. Men's Prison
UK government will launch study into trans prisoners following death of trans woman in men's jail
British govt may change transgender jail policy after prison death
Government challenged after death of trans woman in male prison
Trans woman found dead in UK men's prison
Transgender woman found dead in all-male prison
Transgender woman found dead after suicide threat if she was sent to male prison

Letchworth campaigner recognised in national newspaper as one of the most influential transgender people in Britian
A Letchworth woman has been recognised by a national newspaper as one of the most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in Britain.

Germaine Greer's Cardiff University lecture goes ahead despite petition to have event cancelled
Topics included the Suffragettes, equal pay and Ms Greer making a controversial statement that she was 'supportive for the relaxing of sex-selected abortion'
Germaine Greer tells university trans women are 'men without cocks' despite large protest

Transphobic attacks up by 25% in London
Police say the figure is due to more transphobic crimes being reported.

Actor Redmayne, playing 1920s transsexual, finds it 'shocking' how little has changed
Eddie Redmayne said he finds the lack of progress on transgender rights in the past century 'shocking' after playing 1920s transsexual pioneer Lili Elbe in his new film "The Danish Girl".

Milena’s freedom comes with her ID card
Thanks to her new identity card, Milena Bargiacchi can enjoy freedom. Because this 26-year-old photographer was born with a feminine soul trapped in a male body. And after fighting fiercely for years in the courtrooms of Emilia Romagna, she has finally managed, at least on paper, to break free from the cage in which Mother Nature had placed her. Just a few weeks ago she became the first transsexual in the region to have what should be her legal right recognised: in other words, the right to change gender on official documents without the obligation (which is still in force in Italy) to do so first by surgery.

Transgender still discriminated
On the occasion of the "Transgender Day of Remembrance" (TDOR), the Institute for the equality of women and men has pointed out that transgender are still discriminated and victim of violence.

Anti-Torture committee scolds Austria over treatment of trans inmates
The Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee (CPT) has for the first time addressed gender identity discrimination in one of its reports. In its report issued on November 11, 2015, it recommends Austria to enable trans persons in detention access to trans specific health and legal gender recognition. Also, non-discrimination policies should be developed.

40 change gender after new law
40 people have changed their gender since Parliament adopted the Gender Identity lawearlier this year, Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela told Labour MP Ettienne Grech in reply to a parliamentary question.

Court: Transgender woman can be cremated
May Peleg left behind a will with instructions that she be cremated, but her estranged ultra-Orthodox family wanted a traditional Jewish burial.

Brutal Attack on Ugandan Transgender Activist Beyonce Karungi
Though our mission is to pursue and protect the rights of LGBT people and people living with HIV nationwide, Lambda Legal is routinely asked to consult with groups around the globe. Over the past couple of years, Lambda Legal attorneys and education staff have met with groups of LGBT and HIV activists visiting from Australia, China, Kyrgystan and Uganda—to name a few. We are always glad to share insights and stories, and to hear from our global siblings working for rights and respect.

Man who nearly dies following DIY castration attempt given free plastic surgery after story goes viral
A 30-year-old man from Guangdong province who nearly died while trying to castrate himself in order to fulfil his dream of becoming a woman has been given free plastic surgery after his story went viral earlier this week.

LGBT people still suffer from widespread violent abuse in Yogyakarta
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities in Yogyakarta celebrated on Friday the Transgender Day of Remembrance by staging a silent rally at the Yogyakarta Police office. They urged the Police to immediately apprehend the perpetrators of violent acts against LGBT communities in Yogyakarta, which had left LGBT people suffering from injuries and bone fractures.

'We don't look after people like you.' Transgender people refused medical care
Transgender people have been refused medical care, kicked out of their jobs and forced to undergo psychiatric and surgical procedures in a systematic violation of their human rights, new research has found.

Call yourself a woman? Feminists take on transgender community in bitter debate
Polarised attitudes towards trans women suggest our gender-diverse community needs to discuss what it means to be a woman.

WRPS developing transgender policy
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Superintendent Terry Pearson said they will follow a directive recently handed down by the Minister of Education David Eggen, but believes they are already doing what is necessary to be inclusive to all students.

Why Making Transgender Reassignment Surgeries More Accessible Matters
Proposed trans healthcare legislation provides a welcome change.

HUD proposes gender identity rule for shelter placement
Proposed rule would require transgender individuals to be placed according to gender identity

Observing the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Friday
This Friday, November 20th, is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), an annual observance that honors the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was started by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith as a vigil to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998. The first vigil commemorated all the transgender people lost to violence that year, and began an important tradition that has become the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Smith has said the following about the day:

FBI Hate Crime report shows rise in anti-trans violence
The Federal Bureau of Investigation released its report on hate crimes for 2014.
Slayings of transgender women in U.S. reach alarming high

Isa Noyola speaks at first-ever Congressional Forum on Violence Against the Transgender Community
Today, the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus is holding the first-ever Congressional Forum on Violence Against the Transgender Community, following the announcement of their creation of a Transgender Equality Task Force chaired by Rep. Mike Honda (D-Silicon Valley).
NCTE Provides Testimony in Historic Congressional Forum Addressing Trans Violence

Explainer: why transgender students need “safe” bathrooms
Bathroom safety has become the next battle for transgender students on college campuses across the nation.

Bette Midler: ‘Caitlyn may be a woman – but she’s still a Republican’
Bette Midler has hit out at Caitlyn Jenner after the former Olympian turned reality star recently revealed that she is still planning to vote GOP in the next years election.
The fiercely liberal Beaches star – who issued an epic putdown to pop star Justin Bieber earlier this month – tweeted her disgust at Jenner’s politics to her 782K followers.
Caitlyn Jenner Shares Powerful Message to End Hate and Violence on the Transgender Day of Remembrance: ''Listen to Trans Stories''
Caitlyn Jenner: I’m Voting Republican In 2016

Obama is holding a transgender film night in the White House
The White House made the announcement as it revealed the ‘White House LGBT Artists Champions of Change’ – part of a programme recognising the achievements of activists on a range of issues.

WATCH: New Zoolander Film Called Transphobic
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's return in the Zoolander franchise, Zoolander 2, might not be a model of diversity. A new trailer released this week has some activists concerned the film is transphobic.
Trailer for Zoolander 2 called transphobic by some - petition launched

Department of Justice Weighs in on Transgender Exclusion in Americans with Disabilities Act
Yesterday the Department of Justice (DOJ) weighed in on the transgender exclusion written into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), urging the court to ignore the exclusion in order to avoid a constitutional problem.

The Washington Post's Editorial Board Denounces "Tragic Discrimination" Of Transgender Students
The Washington Post's editorial board denounced the "fear-mongering" that "has become a staple" of debates over transgender student rights and led to "tragic discrimination" against transgender students. The fearmongering is based on the debunked "bathroom" myth hyped by right-wing media.

Sex reassignment surgery may protect metabolic health of transgender women
Transgender women who undergo sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy may be less likely to develop metabolic disease than those who receive hormone therapy alone. This is according to new research recently presented at Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Diseases: Physiology and Gender - a conference of the American Physiological Society, held in Annapolis, MD.

Pima Supervisors Add Gender Identity, Expression to County's Employment Non-Discrimination Policy
The Pima County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday to add gender identity and expression to the county's non-discrimination policy.

Hundreds gather in West Hollywood for Transgender Day of Remembrance
In January, Yasmin Vash Payne, a transgender woman, was found dead with multiple stab wounds on the kitchen floor of a burning Van Nuys apartment. She was 33.

Suspects arrested after attack on transgender woman
For the second time this year, the same transgender woman has reportedly been the target of a hate crime on the streets of San Francisco.
Jailed couple describes trans assault

Analysis shows PrEP appears to work for trans women
Transgender women who were assigned to take Truvada in the iPrEx pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, trial had a similar overall risk of HIV infection as those assigned to a placebo, but participants who had blood drug levels showing consistent PrEP use appeared to be protected, according to a new analysis.

Trans Week of Action demonstration shuts down D.C. intersections
Action is one of many occurring during Transgender Awareness Week, leading up to Day of Remembrance

New sketch released: Do you recognize this transgender woman?
Authorities are hoping a new forensic composite sketch will help identify the person found dead along a Lake County road in 1988, who investigators recently discovered was actually transgender.

Pence sends letter to transgender event
Gov. Mike Pence sent a welcoming letter this week to an Indianapolis church that’s preparing to remember transgender people who have died in violence.

Who's protected -- and who's not -- in Indiana's LGBT, religious rights bill
A measure introduced Tuesday by Republican leaders in the Indiana Senate would expand the state’s civil rights laws to include protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity — but with key exceptions for religious objectors. Here is a breakdown of protections Senate Bill 100 would — and wouldn't — provide.

Trans Sistas Of Color Project Launches With First Event, Outlines Plans
It's been a long time coming, but the Trans Sistas of Color Project is now a reality.

Dallas woman charged in Missouri butt injection death
Missouri prosecutors have charged a 44-year-old Dallas woman with manslaughter, accusing her of recklessly causing a woman's death in July by performing an illegal cosmetic butt injection on her.

Dexter board adopts transgender policy, contracts custodial services
Dexter School Board members covered a variety of topics in an hour-long session Tuesday night.

One More Problem Faced by Transgender New Yorkers: Food Insecurity
The last year has seen some of the most hopeful transgender policy developments ever to come out of New York state. At the end of 2014, the state ended the practice of transgender exclusions—language barring coverage of transgender health care needs—in private health insurance. In March, the state lifted its ban on provision of transition-related care under Medicaid. And just last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he would use the regulatory process to provide long-sought discrimination protections for transgender people.

Descendant of Hasidic Judaism Founder Comes Out as Transgender
Raised ultra-Orthodox in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, Abby — originally Srully — Stein recently began transitioning from male to female.
I left Hasidism to become a woman

A Revolutionary Surgery Could Finally Let Trans Women Carry Children
An Ohio clinic recently made history when it began screening women for a groundbreaking medical procedure: transplanting a uterus into a woman who doesn't have one. Uterus transplants have been successfully carried out in Sweden, but the Cleveland Clinic's trials will mark the first time they've been carried out in the U.S.

Ohio Highway Section Memorializes Leelah Alcorn
Almost one year ago, transgender teen Leelah Alcorn took her life along a stretch of Interstate 71 near Kings Mill, Ohio. She left a handwritten suicide note for her parents, and one on Tumblr that went viral after her death, galvanizing the country around transgender issues and against the so-called conversion therapy Alcorn said she’d been subjected to.

Ohio lawmakers push proposed ban on LGBT conversion therapy
Two Democratic state lawmakers in Ohio are using this week's Transgender Day of Remembrance as an opportunity to push their bill seeking a ban on therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation of minors.

WATCH: HERO's Defeat Spawns New 'Bathroom Myth' Ad in Houston
The activists who defeated the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance are trotting out the same debunked, transphobic scare tactics to urge the election of conservative candidates.

Strong emotions, opinions voiced at hearing on school transgender bathroom bill
Thursday, you'll be able to voice your opinion on a bill that would set a statewide standard for the bathrooms transgender students can use.

Miembros de la comunidad LGBTI denuncian actos violentos después de divulgación del video
Aseguran que ya pusieron la debida denuncia en la Defensoría del Pueblo.

quinta-feira, novembro 19, 2015

Travestis denunciam que vans não param quando estão nas paradas de ônibus
Travestis, residentes no bairro Porto Alegre, zona Sul de Teresina, fizeram uma denúncia à Delegacia de Direitos Humanos e de Repressão às Condutas Discriminatórias de que as vans que fazem transporte coletivo no bairro não estão parando no ponto quando estão travestidas.

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015 – Trans Murder Monitoring Update
The 17th International Transgender Day of Remembrance is being held on November 20th 2015: Since 1999 the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), a day to remember those trans people who have been victims of homicide, takes place every November. The TDOR raises public awareness of hate crimes against trans people, provides a space for public mourning and honours the lives of those trans people who might otherwise be forgotten. It began in the USA but the TDoR is now held in many parts of the world. In the past, events to commemorate the day were held in more than 180 cities in more than 20 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Fake penis woman Gayle Newland to appeal conviction over sex attacks on victim wearing blindfold
Gayle Newland, 25, sobbed hysterically as she was locked up by a judge last week

Ethics Body Votes in Favor of Allowing Transgender Males to Keep Ovaries
Under a new draft law on changing one’s legal status formulated by Norway’s Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, men who are born as women and women who are born as men who wish to change their legal gender would no longer have to undergo irreversible sterilization and castration to do so, and they would also be eligible for assisted reproduction. (Ingvild Baltzersen Sund, Martin Roalsø, & Kjersti Strømmen, – Bør få skifte kjønn uten å kastrere seg [Should Get Sex Change Without Castrating Themselves], NRK (Nov. 2, 2015); Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Høringsnotat: Forslag til lov om endring av juridisk kjønn [Consultation Paper: Proposed Law on Changing Legal Status] (2015), REGJERINGEN.NO.)
Norway to Drop Surgery Mandate for Sex Change

Haredi mother of transgender woman fights to stop her cremation
Jerusalem District Court to rule Wednesday on validity of Israeli woman’s will, filed the day before her suicide

Forced out of home at 14, she's city’s 1st transgender author
Ostracized by her family at the age of 14 for being a transgender, Rathi Punithavathiyar has come a long way since then. She recently launched her book and became the first transgender author from the city.

Alberta education minister gets standing ovation for LGBTQ speech
David Eggen tells trustees they will be judged now and in future on policies that protect all students

Transgender child makes Vancouver Magazine's 50 most powerful list
Whenever a list of powerful Vancouverites is pulled together, you can guarantee a lot of the spots will be filled with suits.

House lawmakers launch bipartisan transgender task force
Ahead of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a group of nine House lawmakers on Tuesday officially launched a new task force aimed at supporting transgender rights.

Congressional forum focuses on anti-trans violence
The newly formed Transgender Equality Task Force kicked off on Capitol Hill on Tuesday with a forum dedicated to transgender issues amid a record number of trans murders throughout the country.

Caitlyn Jenner is still planning to vote Republican despite anti-trans views
Caitlyn Jenner is still planning to vote Republican in 2016 – despite the party’s opposition to transgender rights.

Capitol Police roll out transgender policy; union cries foul
Capitol Police rolled out a progressive new policy on Oct. 29 for handling interactions with transgender individuals.

A Trans Lifeline operator's rewards and challenges
Trans Lifeline Lead Technician Kira Hawk has been involved with the organization since February, 2015.

Organization provides lifelines for trans individuals
On Oct. 14, 2015, Ashley Hallstrom—a 26-year-old transgender woman from a small town in Northern Utah—posted on her Facebook page.

Trans Needs Assessment report reveals “state of emergency”
D.C.’s transgender community urges action to address stark disparities revealed by local survey

Why Indiana Republicans’ LGBT Rights Bill Is Actually A ‘Road Map To Discrimination’
After last spring’s disastrous “religious liberty” legislation and months of chatter, Indiana Republicans have cooked up some new legislation to protect LGBT people from discrimination. Unfortunately, a draft of the new bill reveals that it is designed to accomplish the complete opposite.
Lambda Legal Blasts Newly Introduced Indiana Bill
GOP Bill on Indiana LGBT Rights Has Religious Exemptions
GOP's civil rights bill illustrates two meanings for 'LGBT'
LGBT bill draws swift criticism
Opponents of LGBTQ rights descend on Indianapolis Statehouse

Showdown Begins Over LGBT Rights in Indiana
The Indiana legislature is meeting for Organization Day with supporters and opponents of LGBT rights holding dueling rallies at the Statehouse.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo supportive of transgender public accommodations bill
House Speaker Robert DeLeo, D-Winthrop, on Tuesday gave his support to a bill that would give transgender people anti-discrimination protections in public places, although DeLeo declined to say when the House would take up the bill.

Methuen native honored for transgender advocacy
Born as one of three identical triplet girls, Zachary Kerr said he knew from a young age that he wanted to be a boy.

Federal Judge Refuses to Dismiss Michigan Transgender ID Case
A federal judge has refused to dismiss a claim by six transgender Michiganders that a state policy governing changes of sex designation on driver’s licenses and personal identification cards violates their constitutional privacy rights. The November 16 ruling in Love v. Johnson, 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 154338, 2015 WL 7180471 (E.D. Mich), by Senior U.S. District Judge Nancy G. Edmunds, finds that transgender people have a fundamental right of privacy under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment regarding their gender identity, which right appears to be heavily burdened by the state policy.

A Mississippi first: Law enforcement transgender training
It was a historic moment on the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Park campus in Long Beach Tuesday morning. For the first time ever, police officers from across the state received specialized training in dealing with a growing and more diverse population, specifically the transgender community.

Transgender woman claims harassment by CVS employees in Queens, receives $50 gift card from corporate: suit
A transgender woman who claims her complaints about the harassment she was subjected to by CVS store employees in Queens was answered with a $50 gift card from the drugstore chain “as a way of saying thank you” for bringing the matter to its attention, according to a federal lawsuit.

HERO opponents continue campaign into December run off
Opponents of Houston’s recently defeated Equal Rights Ordinance, which would have protected LGBT people and others from discrimination, hope new advertisements about the ordinance will boost turn out in December run-offs for a handful of local elections that could decide the ordinance’s fate.

Doctors help more transgender teens, young adults feel like themselves for the first time
At just 16 years old, Gavin Grimm said he can feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. Born in a female body, but always identifying as a male, the transgender teenager has lived in the national media spotlight in his hometown of Gloucester, Virginia after he sued the Gloucester School system over the right to use the boys' restroom. While the principal originally granted Grimm permission to use the boys' bathroom, the county's school board later reversed the decision against receiving complaints. Grimm must now use the girls' restroom or a single-unisex facility.

quarta-feira, novembro 18, 2015

20 de Novembro é, anualmente, a data internacional em que se afirmam vidas trans* e gender non-conforming através de uma memorialização das mesmas. As estatísticas anuais de ataques - de várias ordens: físicos, psicológicos, económicos, sexuais... - e mesmo assassinatos e suicídios entre a população trans* e gender non-conforming continuam a ser um facto incontornável, que denuncia incontestavelmente quanta luta falta fazer pelos direitos destas comunidades. Em Novembro, a Lóbula programa o seu mês em função desta data internacionalmente conhecida como "Trans Day of Remembrance", começando com um mini-ciclo de cinema trans-específico que contribua para os tipos de luto - e luta...! - que desejamos exercitar.

Continuamos o ciclo com “Gisberta-Liberdade” (2006), um documentário sobre o mediático caso de Gisberta Salce Júnior, uma mulher trans brasileira, trabalhadora do sexo, seropositiva, tuberculosa e sem-abrigo assassinada na cidade do Porto em Fevereiro de 2006. O filme relembra Gisberta pelos olhos de amigas e companheiras, e tece considerações pertinentes sobre o que lhe sucedeu, mas não deixa de marcar que o caso de Gisberta foi só mais um, no meio de tantos e incontáveis assassinatos, suicídios e desaparecimentos de pessoas trans.

O documentário foi lançado no decorrer da primeira campanha internacional da Transgender Europe (TGEU), de nome “Gisberta Liberdade” (“Justice for Gisberta” em Inglês), que envolveu para além do documentário, manifestações em embaixadas portuguesas pelo mundo, vigílias, eventos informativos, etc. Assim, o documentário pensa não apenas em Gisberta, mas em todas as Gisbertas, fala de activismos trans internacionais e analisa [propostas de] leis e mentalidades.

Agradecemos às Panteras Rosa pela cedência da cópia do filme.

Não se esqueçam que dia 20, sexta-feira, assinalaremos, também no Mob, o própiro Dia da Memória Trans.

Transexual desaparecida foi assassinada no RJ, afirma polícia
Segunda a Polícia Civil, bombeiro teria assassinado e ocultado cadáver. Em áudio, transexual tinha medo por não ter contado que era transexual.
A Polícia Civil do Rio está investigando um crime de homofobia. Na semana passada, uma transexual sumiu após sair de uma festa com um homem. Com medo, a vítima disse a uma amiga que estava preocupada por esconder sua identidade sexual.
Polícia do Rio afirma que travesti desaparecida foi assassinada; suspeito está foragido

Letícia continua desaparecida e as esperanças de encontra-la com vida são poucas, como, infelizmente, acontece a maioria das travestis e transexuais.
O criminoso que a levou está foragido.
"Quem tiver informações sobre a localização e paradeiro de Igor Cassiano deve fazer denúncia, enviando uma mensagem de texto, vídeo ou fotos para o aplicativo de mensagens do WhatsApp do Portal dos Procurados (21) 96802-1650, ou entrar em contato com a Central Disque-Denúncia pelo (21) 2253-1177 ou 0300-253-1177, para quem estiver fora da capital. O Anonimato é garantido."
Vamos nos mobilizar e ajudar a justiça ser feita!

Dispelling the Myths Around Trans People Detransitioning
In the past month, the press has highlighted a number of trans people who have decided to reverse their transition, or 'de-transition'. Chelsea Attonley was described by The Mirror as "want[ing] taxpayers to reverse breast and gender reassignment surgery," whilst Ria Cooper was described by The Daily Mail as "Britain's youngest sex swap patient to reverse her sex change treatment." At first glance, it's easy to see why those unsupportive of trans rights would swoop up these cases as confirmation of their biases.

Trustees refuse to discuss support of transgender students
A coalition of rural and separate trustees — including those with Calgary Catholic School District and Rocky View Schools — blocked discussion of a motion at today’s meeting of the province’s school boards association in support of a policy to protect sexual or gender minority students.
Transgender policy discussion rejected by school boards at annual meeting
Alberta school boards association refuses to discuss transgender issues

Transgender advocate Shandi Strong to run for Liberals in Manitoba
'Strong voice for fairness and equality' enters race in Wolseley, Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari says

Transphobic man uses dead wife’s 9/11 heroism to publicly smack Caitlyn Jenner
Excerpt: James returned the award because he says he was “insulted” and felt the magazine’s decision to honor Jenner was a “slap in the face” to his late wife’s memory.

Rose McGowan to Caitlyn Jenner: 'We Are More than Deciding What to Wear'
Actress Rose McGowan unleashed a barrage of insults at Caitlyn Jenner on Facebook, for a statement she made about being a woman in an interview with BuzzFeed last week:
Rose McGowan slams Caitlyn Jenner: 'You do not understand what being a woman is about'

Five Years on Film: Growing Up Trans in the South
The coming-of-age story of Cole Ray Davis — a young white transgender man in rural, low-income North Carolina —is one that Deep Run executive producer Susan Sarandon says needed to be told, especially now.

Uterine transplant could make male pregnancy possible
A member of the team that would perform uterine transplant procedure at the Cleveland Clinic did not rule out the possibility that the procedure could be performed on a male. If that happens, male pregnancy becomes possible.

We Must Continue to Fight Violence Against Transgender Women of Color
Like many young women, Elisha Walker was a Beyoncé fan, and interested in beauty and hair care. According to her mother and friends, the Salisbury, N.C., resident was always smiling, though that warm and upbeat character was tempered by a fierce sense of independence. Just 20 years old, Elisha had her own car, a silver Pontiac Sunfire, and plans to move out and begin a life of her own.

National LGBTQ Task Force Names New Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Justice Project Director
The National LGBTQ Task Force has announced that Victoria Rodriguez-Roldan has joined the organization as the new Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Justice Project Director. Rodriguez-Roldan begins her work at the National LGBTQ Task Force as the organization kicks off a series of actions as part of Transgender Awareness Week.

Dobson: Nondiscrimination Ordinances Allow Entire Football Teams To Take Photos Of Girls Using The Toilet
James Dobson dedicated his radio program today to the dangers supposedly presented by "bathroom bills," which is a pejorative term favored by the Religious Right as it seeks to fight policies designed to allow transgender individuals to use restrooms, locker rooms and similar facilities of the gender with which they identify.

Veteran-killing VA finds resources for 20 trangenders
A military watchdog says the Veterans Administration, which is infamously letting its veterans literally die without care, has some skewed priorities.

Arizona ‘pregnant man’ is sentenced for disorderly conduct
A transgender man in Arizona accused of stalking his estranged wife last year has been sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation.

Transgender woman attacked for 2nd time this year in S.F.
Samantha Hulsey had just caught a movie in the Mission and eaten dinner with her fiancee when for the second time this year, the dangers of being openly transgender — even in San Francisco — were brought home to her in violent, random fashion.
(Photo: Samantha Hulsey, right, hugs her fiancee Daira Hopwood, left, both transgender women, were attacked by what police are calling a hate crime in San Francisco, Calif., on Monday, November 16, 2015. Samantha emerged with a black eye, some upper body pain and swelling to her face and neck from the incident.)

In D.C., Hate Crimes Due To Gender Identity Are 10 Times The National Rate
D.C. had 70 hate crime incidents in 2014, according to newly released statistics from the FBI. While hate crimes in D.C. are statistically less likely to be motivated by race than the national average, they are more than twice as likely to be motivated by sexual orientations and more than 10 times as likely to be motivated by gender identity.

Transgender community makes last push for equal rights
Similar legislation has failed in the past

Judge refuses to dismiss challenge to Michigan policy on transgender drivers
A federal lawsuit filed by a group of transgender people against Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson will continue after a judge on Monday denied a motion to dismiss the case.

A transgender Occupy protester may sue New York City for discrimination
A Manhattan federal judge said a transgender Occupy Wall Street protester may sue New York City for treating him differently from other male protesters following their arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Heightened Scrutiny for Transgender Equal Protection Claim in S.D.N.Y.
For the first time within the 2nd Circuit, a federal district judge has ruled that a transgender person’s equal protection claim will receive “heightened scrutiny” from the court. Senior District Judge Jed Rakoff’s ruling November 15 in Adkins v. City of New York, 2015 Westlaw 7076956, relied on the 2nd Circuit’s decision in Windsor v. United States (which was affirmed on due process grounds by the Supreme Court), finding that anti-gay discrimination merited a heightened scrutiny review.

Unmerited meddling from the Obama administration
The Obama administration has stepped into the controversy many local schools are facing from transgender students who are demanding access to opposite-sex facilities.

terça-feira, novembro 17, 2015

Spanish transsexual boy officially a girl
Spain has allowed a transsexual child to change gender on an official document. At the request of the parents, the Department of Health in Barcelona changed the gender on the 10-year-old’s health card to female.

Bath transgender woman Tara Hudson 'receiving the care she needs in appropriate environment'
A Bath transgender woman who spent a week in a male-only prison before being moved is receiving the care she needs.
Trangender prisoner Tara Hudson moved AGAIN - away from female prisoners

Protest at venue staging 'transgender Jesus' show
Protesters mounted a picket in Belfast yesterday outside a showing of a controversial play depicting Jesus as a transgender woman.

The Gayle Newland sentence sets a dangerous precedent for transgender rights
The trial of a woman who used a dildo to pose as a man exposes legal confusion about just what you can conceal from your lovers

Rainbow List 2015: Interview with No 1 Riley Carter Millington
Riley Carter Millington has just made his debut in ‘EastEnders’ – the first transgender actor in a leading trans soap role. It’s a trailblazing move that could change lives – and it’s why he tops 2015’s Rainbow List

Parenting a transgender child: 'The day my four-year-old son told me he was a girl'
Caitlyn Jenner may have transitioned to another gender as an adult but today, it's increasingly common for children to do the same. Eleanor Tucker meets their parents

WATCH: Shauna Gartland reveals relief of coming out as transgender on RTE series 'Dole Life'
Shauna Gartland speaks about the relief of revealing she is transgender to friends and family on tonight's final episode of Dole Life.

Lesbians in Iran are being asked to get sex changes or die
onight on BBC World News, a documentary called Iran’s Sex Change Solution delves into the world of homosexuality in Iran where lesbian and gay people are told they must transition to be accepted in their country. Host Ali Hamedani speaks with several LGBT people who have moved to Turkey and discuss their coming out processes and how they reconciled their sexuality with their gender, and the pressures they faced from their communities, who deny the existence of homosexuality and instead offer free sex change operations, paid for by the government.

[Hong Kong]/China]
Hong Kong LGBTI rights group calls on UN to rebuke govt's treatment of trans people
LGBTI groups and activists want the government to abolish the requirement for transgender people to undergo full surgery in order to be legally recognized

Genderfluid actress Ruby Rose named Australia’s Woman of the Year
Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose has been named Australia’s Woman of the Year.

Edmonton Public School Board calls on ASBA to support LGBTQ policy
The Edmonton Public School Board is calling on the Alberta School Boards Association to support a policy for staff, students and families who identify as sexual or gender minorities.

Trans Awareness Week 2015
With the official November 20 TDOR day rapidly approaching this Friday and events being held around the country and the world to remember the people we have lost to anti-trans violence, we in Trans World have begun to use the days in the runup to TDOR, now that we have the media's attention. as an opportunity to educate and inform people about the issues that affect trans people besides the horrific levels of violence predominately affecting young non-white trans women.
TDoR 2015: Memorial List of 27 Reported Deaths By Suicide

Call Her Out, But Call Her Cait: Caitlyn Jenner and Why I’m Never Here for Transphobia
I detest Caitlyn Jenner. The list of reasons starts with her association with the Kardashians whom I find deplorable. I detest that she believes the hardest part of being a woman is deciding what to wear. I detested the pretentious speech she gave when she accepted the Arthur Ashe Award. I detest how she only passingly mentioned how black trans women are being murdered at alarming rates during her special with Diane Sawyer. I detest Caitlyn Jenner.

Her Story Explores the Dating Lives of Trans Women
Imagine a nightclub where reality shows about transgender women fill the floor, each competing for your attention with the same old tired clichés and themes. But then, you spot a newcomer, alone at the bar, a scripted Web series that locks eyes with you, luring you away from the rest with a story that's sorely missing from the current media love affair with everything trans.

SNL pokes fun at Houston’s just-defeated ‘bathroom bill’ [Video]
An LGBT rights ordinance failed on the ballot in Houston on Election Day, after opponents suggested male predators could take advantage of the law to use the women's bathroom. Some of the ads were pretty remarkable.

Government opposes Manning’s request to grow hair long
Government officials are opposing imprisoned national security leaker Chelsea Manning’s request to grow out her hair.

Dems form task force on transgender equality
Democrats are turning the spotlight on violence against the transgender community.

For Transgender Teen, Family Support Made A Huge Difference
For Lucas Mogerley, life wasn’t always certain as it is now.

Trailblazing deputy retiring after 22 years
Lieutenant Rachel Esters says she's the first openly transgender deputy to serve at the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

The Hardship And Discrimination Plaguing The Transgender Community In the Nation’s Capital
Washington, D.C. has some of the nation’s most extensive nondiscrimination protections for transgender people, but a new study of the capital’s trans residents shows that protections alone don’t alleviate their burdens of discrimination and destitution.

Female body found 27 years ago in Lake County actually transgender male
Nearly 30 years have passed since deputies released a flier about a woman's decomposing body found in rural Lake County, hoping details including that she had probably given birth to several kids would help solve the mystery of her identity.

Trans woman Tori Bertran a South Florida role model for LGBT children and adults
Tori Bertran grew up in Miami and came out as a transgender woman about six years ago
She is among the best known volunteers in South Florida’s LGBT community
Bertran is now SunServe’s LGBT youth services manager in Fort Lauderdale

Transgender woman lands victory in Atlanta Immigration Court
A transgender woman’s longtime quest to live in the United States after fearing for her life in her native Honduras is finally over. On Oct. 22, the Atlanta Immigration Court granted a withholding of removal and protection under the Convention Against Torture, ruling that Marisela Castro would “more likely than not” suffer persecution if she returned to her home country.

Western Pennsylvania school districts adapt to students' gender issues
When Andrew Novak decided to make the transition from girl to boy at the start of the school year, one of the first people he told was his high school guidance counselor.

Supermarket tried to make me wear low-cut uniform, transgender man says in lawsuit
A transgender man is suing Giant supermarkets over claims that he was forced to wear a female uniform despite the fact that he identifies as a male, among other alleged incidents of discrimination.

What Reporters Should Know About Dallas' Updated LGBT Ordinance
The Dallas City Council recently voted to clarify and update the language in the city's existing non-discrimination ordinance, which has protected LGBT people from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations since 2002. Anti-LGBT groups are attacking the vote, claiming it creates new protections that would allow male sexual predators to enter women's restrooms. But these protections have existed for over a decade, and experts in Dallas have already debunked right-wing talking points about bathroom safety.
Far-Right Leader: Move Texas GOP Confab From Dallas Because of Trans Protections
Anti-HERO offensive

Female transgender turns heads in court in revealing dress
A transgender woman accused of mowing down her lover during a tiff created quite a stir when she appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court in a transparent skin-tight dress showing her black underwear.

Participantes en Desfile de la Diversidad denuncian maltrato
La secretaria de Participación y Desarrollo del Distrito, Rocío Castillo, denunció que varios policías de Tránsito agredieron física y verbalmente a varios miembros de la comunidad LGBTI durante el desfile de La Diversidad Sexual.
Denuncian agresión policial contra desfile gay en Cartagena

Se realizó la séptima Marcha del Orgullo y la Diversidad Sexual en Córdoba
Durante la tarde del sábado, miles de personas volvieron a movilizarse desde el Parque Las Heras reivindicando la diversidad sexual. Al igual que el fin de semana pasado en distintas ciudades, la comisión organizadora la transformò en un acto en apoyo a Daniel Scioli de cara al balotaje del 22 de noviembre. Organizaciones de izquierda marcharon diferenciadas y llamaron a votar en blanco.

Spate of murders of LGBT, trans women activists since September
Terror stalks the LGBT community in Argentina with three murders of LGBT activists taking place since September and those who belong to the community being threatened.

segunda-feira, novembro 16, 2015

O Dia Internacional da Memória Trans (Transgender Day of Remembrance, ou TDOR) foi criado para honrar todas as pessoas trans e gender non-conforming que morrem vítimas de violência transfóbica todos os anos. Este dia procura dar visibilidade aos crimes de ódio transfóbicos que os media complacentemente tendem a ignorar, e motivar o luto das mortes e comemoração das vidas de todas as pessoas honradas, que de outra forma cairiam no esquecimento.

Acreditamos que este dia deve servir para nos unir. Para que façamos, juntxs, o luto dxs nossxs mortxs. Para que façamos, juntxs, a luta pelas nossas vidas. Para que não nos esqueçamos da história, e para que façamos uma outra história, aqui e agora, que diga: “Nem mais uma”.

Assim, convidamos-vos a uma noite especial este Dia da Memória Trans, dia 20 de Novembro, no Mob – Espaço Associativo.

Através de uma instalação vídeo e fotogoráfica, o próprio espaço refletirá este luto que fazemos, e esta luta que muitxs fizeram quer por, quer para, viverem. O evento em si consistirá em intervenções, leituras, choros e risos, e por isso convidamos todas as pessoas trans* e gender non-conforming que o desejarem a intervir – seja com um monólogo, com uma leitura, com um apontamento autobiográfico ou político, relembrando umx amigx que partiu, etc.

O Mob abrirá pelas 21:30, e as intervenções terão lugar a partir das 22:30. MOB - Rua dos Anjos 12 F, 1150-037 Lisboa

Com 600 mortes em seis anos, Brasil é o que mais mata travestis e transexuais
Segundo o relatório da ONG Transgender Europe, esses números apontam para um grave quadro de violência homofóbica no Brasil

Transexual realiza cirurgia de mudança de sexo em si mesma
Jadis Argiope, uma transexual, decidiu que queria passar por uma mudança de sexo, e, incrivelmente, resolveu realizar a operação em si mesma.

Rainha do Facão evitou assalto e só não ganhou fama de heroína por ser travesti
Kevyllen Khostynner tem 30 anos de idade e 15 de identidade, desde que escolheu ser chamada assim. Conhecida popularmente como Nina, ela foi heroína ao evitar um assalto a um motel na saída para Sidrolândia no último dia 26 de outubro. Além de desarmar o bandido que se passou por um cliente, a garota de programa lutou com ele, bateu, foi ferida e teve a sua foto mais divulgada do que a do bandido, mas não por ter evitado um crime, e sim por ser travesti.

Trans woman on why she is working with police to tackle hate crime
Teraina Hird spent a lifetime living as a man. It wasn’t until she was 67-years-old that she finally became the woman she wanted to be.

Transgender prisoner who was moved from male prison to a women-only jail is put in solitary to keep her safe from other inmates
Tara Hudson, 26, was sent to all-male HMP Bristol for assault last month
Although she has lived all adult life as a woman, she is still legally a man
More than 150,000 people signed a petition to have makeup artist moved
She was finally transferred by the Prison Service to HMP Eastwood Park
But it has emerged she is being kept away from prisoners for her safety
Her separation from main regime is to protect her from 'the risk of harm'

Caitlyn Jenner seeks to work with U.N. on trans rights
Caitlyn Jenner on Thursday said she would like to work with the U.N. to promote transgender rights around the world.
The former Olympian made the announcement in Chicago as she spoke at a fundraiser for Chicago House, a service organization that works with LGBT people and those with HIV.
Jenner on Tuesday met with U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power on Tuesday in New York to discuss the issue.

Trouble In Transtopia: Murmurs Of Sex Change Regret
Transgender people who regret their sex changes typically get buried in venom rather than loved.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Laverne Cox and The Fabulous Cast of Viktor Luna's New Campaign
For his spring 2016 collection, designer Viktor Luna (of Project Runway fame) has teamed up with Out contributor Sophy Holland (who lensed our latest Tastemakers portfolio) to craft a fun fashion film. Luna recruited transgender icon Laverne Cox and a cast of queer artists to showcase his designs -- and dance it out!

WATCH: Sneak Peek of Transparent Season 2
Amazon’s Emmy-winning family comedy Transparent kicks off its second season with the dynamic dysfunction that fans have come to expect, and love.
A teaser trailer for Transparent's sophomore season, posted to YouTube Tuesday, previews a wedding with two brides, and brings viewers along as Maura Pfefferman endures a moment most trans people loathe: getting misgendered.

Transgender swimmer makes history in the NCAA in the US
A transgender man in the US has become the first NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I openly transgender swimmer.

10 Trans Women Pioneers They Definitely Didn’t Tell You About In History Class
It’s Trans Awareness Week, the week leading up to Trans Day of Remembrance on November 20th. When we say that Autostraddle is website primarily for queer women, we want to be 100% clear that that includes queer trans women and that it’s important to honor trans women year-round, not just in obituaries. So all week long we’re going to be spotlighting articles by and about trans women, with a special focus on trans women of color. We hope you’ll love reading everything as much as we’ve loved writing and editing it.

Congress Members Take Up Arms Against Anti-Transgender Violence
It has been the best of years and worst of years for the transgender community
In the days leading up the the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance—commemorating transgender people who lost their lives violently during the past year—members of Congress are hoping to draw attention to those deaths and start searching for better ways to prevent them.

Wendy Carlos's mind houses a glorious fusion of art and science
It must be galling for one of the most visionary musicians of the second half of the 20th century to be equally well-known for an aspect of her private life she'd prefer to keep private. But in some minds Wendy Carlos will always be "the former Walter Carlos".

The Truth About Transgender Suicide
For this year's transgender awareness week I wanted to write about something that the transgender community and its allies are often afraid to discuss. Those who want to drive transgender people into the closet, legislate against us, and stigmatize us, talk about all the time in order further marginalize us. It is literally a matter of life and death.

sábado, novembro 14, 2015

Travesti é encontrada morta em frente a portão de supermercado na av. Pedro Teixeira
Um vigilante disse ter visto a vítima fazendo programa em um veículo e depois o corpo sendo jogado na rua. Ela estava com órgão genital para fora, com preservativo

Travesti rouba mulher, mas rejeita celular "por não ser da moda"
Um travesti foi preso no bairro de Itapuã, em Salvador, após roubar R$ 22. Segundo informações da polícia, a mulher andava pela avenida Dorival Caymmi quando foi abordada por Joseildo Silva de Oliveira, 24 anos. A vítima entregou o dinheiro e um celular, que foi rejeitado "por não ser da moda". Após o roubo, a mulher pediu ajuda a um homem que passava, que é capitão da polícia, e chamou uma viatura.

“Precisamos de mais mulheres trans em cima dos palcos e menos nos caixões”
O Largo da Ordem, em Curitiba, parecia dividido em dois. O primeiro lado ecoava risadas em tom de deboche, assobios maldosos, cantadas baratas e olhares curiosos. O segundo, bem mais interessante, estava preenchido com gargalhadas, batuques de salto alto, purpurina, cílios postiços e orgulho. Ali, a tristeza não teve vez.

Homens disparam vários tiros contra Paola Cabellos; Vítima está em estado grave. Veja!
Após o crime os autores dos disparos fugiram efetuando tiros para o alto em direção ao bairro cangote do Urubu.

The fundamental rights situation of intersex people
This paper examines the legal situation of intersex people from a fundamental rights perspective. It draws on evidence from the Agency’s updated legal analysis on homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, which now includes a section on intersex issues.

Urgent need to provide protection from violence and better legal gender recognition in EU Accession countries
The European Commission published on 10th November its annual progress reports [1] addressing the track record of EU accession countries, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo [2], Serbia and Turkey. The EU Commissioner Hahn stressed that the leading principle of “fundamentals first” in the accession process must include the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people.

Hollyoaks promises surprises for first trans character played by a trans person
The first ever trans actor to play a trans character in Hollyoaks has said there will be surprises in store.

Fake penis sex attack woman's 8-year sentence slammed as it emerges judge gave paedophile half the jail term
Gayle Newland, 25, sobbed hysterically as she was locked up by same judge who caged child abuser for four years and eight months

Transgender bureaucrat sues METI over sex discrimination
A transgender trade bureaucrat on Friday launched a landmark ¥18 million discrimination lawsuit against the government, claiming the trade ministry refused to let her use the female toilets and harassed her about her sex change.

Tokyo Transgender Man Found Dead With Face Skinned Off: Reports
transgender man was found dead with his face skinned off, local media reported.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Police told NBC News that 38-year-old Yoshi Tsuchida's body was discovered wrapped in a blanket at his apartment in the Fussa City area on the outskirts of the Japanese capital on Thursday.
Transgender Fussa man found dead with face skinned off

Edmonton schools want provincial board support on LGBTQ policy
The Edmonton Public School Board wants its lobby group to take a stance on protecting gay and transgender students.

Guilty Verdict In Herntier Murder Trial
A Winnipeg man has been found guilty of second degree murder in the 2004 killing of a transgender sex trade worker.

Transgender Athletes Find Community, Support In Roller Derby
Josie Simonis played every team sport they could get their hands on as a kid. Simonis wrestled, played football and baseball -- "It was a major part of my life." But to get access to all those fields, Simonis had to check an often-misunderstood identity at the door. The world saw Simonis as a boy, but Simonis didn't have the tools or language to describe themself.

Colorado Springs transgender woman will run for state office
Shari Zabel was inspired to run for state office after she had both good and bad experiences with El Paso County lawmakers while testifying for a bill that would have made it easier for transgender individuals to get new birth certificates to reflect a change in gender.

Casa Ruby leader to take sabbatical
Ruby Corado, founder and executive director of Casa Ruby, a D.C. LGBT community services center with an outreach to the transgender and Latino communities, says she will step down from her job for between one and two years beginning “sometime” in 2016.

EXCLUSIVE: Caitlyn Jenner Confronts Protesters at Chicago Event Who Call Her 'An Insult to Trans People'
After the I Am Cait star gave a speech during a luncheon in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, she was confronted by protesters outside the venue. The 65-year-old former Olympian stopped to address one protester, who over the loudspeaker could be heard saying, "You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women."
Protesters: Caitlyn Jenner Doesn't Represent Trans People
Transgender Women Picket as Caitlyn Jenner Delivers First LGBT Keynote

Mother of transgender student at center of national debate speaks out
The mother of a transgender student at the center of a heated national civil rights debate spoke out for the first time Thursday, writing of her daughter's devastation at being banned from the girls' locker room at her northwest suburban high school.

Transgender policy raises new tension: Neb. schools conflicted on possible rules change for students involved in sports
Debate over establishing a state policy on transgender students participating in high school activities is heating up, with four parochial schools backing the current policy, and the ACLU of Nebraska saying that would be a mistake.

Legal battles likely as schools put transgender policies into practice
A legal skirmish in a Western New York school district over policies for treating transgender and gender non-conforming students has education attorneys statewide bracing for more widespread litigation.

No further arrests in murder of trans women
Police have not taken any new suspects into custody in the October murder of a trans woman in Logan, police spokesperson Officer Christine O'Brien told PGN this week.

Did gender confusion delay Morris probe?
A key 911 transmission in the Nizah Morris case could clarify whether gender confusion between responding officers delayed a criminal investigation into Morris’ fatal head wound.

Transgender woman says sexuality being used to keep her from seeing her kids
At 48, Maddie Singer has finally found happiness.

Local transgender group speaks out against proposed bill
A national debate over gender-specific bathrooms in schools remains a hot topic in our region.

Anti-HERO Activists Set Sights on Dallas Protections
The group of transphobic activists who defeated the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance have turned their attention to recently affirmed LGBT protections in Dallas.

Fairfax school board member retweets anti-trans article
A group that represents LGBT employees of the Fairfax County School District has called upon a school board member who voted against adding gender identity to an anti-discrimination policy to apologize for linking to an article that describes transgender people as mentally ill.

Expedia to offer transgender surgery as healthcare benefit
Expedia employees will soon be offered gender reassignment procedures as an employee benefit.

sexta-feira, novembro 13, 2015

Transexual desaparece após sair com rapaz de clube em Jacarepaguá
Moradora da comunidade Bateau Mouche, a transexual Letícia Campos, de 26 anos, está desaparecida há três dias. A família fez um apelo nas redes sociais. “Amigos da minha irmã Letícia Campos se vocês têm alguma notícia dela, por favor, me avisem. Ela não aparece em casa desde ontem, não manda nenhuma notícia e o telefone dela está desligado.A última coisa que sabemos é que ela saiu com uma amiga para o Jacarepaguá Tênis Clube”. O telefone para informações é 96974-8661.

New EU accession reports: LGBTI rights in the Western Balkans and Turkey
Tuesday, the European Commission’s published its annual progress reports on accession states’ progress towards EU Membership. The reports include important and extensive information on the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in those 7 countries.

Interview: Bethany Black on appearing in Doctor Who, acting whilst trans and dropping her trousers
Last year Bethany Black was a jobbing comedian, happy, in her words, to do that until she ended up “dead in a ditch” after a car accident.

Christian fury over sex change Queen Jesus play at Belfast Queer Arts festival
Furious Christian leaders have demanded that the screening of a play featuring Jesus as a transgender woman be stopped.

Anti-orture committee scolds Austria over treatment of trans inmates
The Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee (CPT) has for the first time addressed gender identity discrimination in one of its reports. In its report issued on November 11, 2015, it recommends Austria to enable trans persons in detention access to trans specific health and legal gender recognition. Also, non-discrimination policies should be developed.

Ukraine's Parliament Passes Antidiscrimination Rules For LGBT Community
Ukraine's parliament has voted for changes to the country's labor code that include protection against discrimination for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.
Ukraine includes Gender Identity in Labour Code
MEPs welcome Ukraine’s new LGBT anti-discrimination clause
Greater protection for LGBTI citizens as Ukraine finally approves anti-discrimination clause

The transgender woman fighting for the right to see her son
Since Pasha, a former military sniper, began gender reassignment, most of her family has abandoned her. Mark Gevisser reports on the consequences of Russia’s new climate of intolerance

Kerala becomes first state to unveil transgender policy
The policy covers all the categories of TGs, including male to female TGs and intersex people.

Road to Acceptance For Transgenders Still Very Far
Even as Prithika Yashini is making history by becoming the first transgender police officer in the country, most people belonging to the group still have to suffer social stigma.

India PM says government has to ‘change its outlook’ on trans people
'We will have to bring changes to the legal system, amend the rules. The government will have to change'

Thailand’s trans sex workers seek empowerment, not pity
It’s 8pm in this popular beach resort, well-known for its nightlife. The flashes of electrifying neon signs stand out against the black sky; the sounds of competing bar music make it impossible to decipher any lyrics; the sights of men wrestling with cobras make tourists go googly eyed with amazement and anticipation.

The TDOR 2015 Names List
Next Friday will be the Transgender Day of Remembrance. It started with a 1999 candlelight vigil in San Francisco organized by Gwen Smith to call attention to the still unsolved murder of Boston's Rita Hester that occurred on November 28, 1998 and the unacceptable media misgendering that happened in the wake of it. What infuriated transpeople at the time was that much of that media misgendering happened in a gay owned newspaper.

This Gender-Neutral Word Could Replace ‘Mr.’ and ‘Ms.’
The gender neutral honorific is in a new batch of words being added to

News Briefs: TDOR events around the Bay Area
Events commemorating this year's Transgender Day of Remembrance are planned in cities around the Bay Area.

CA groups prepping trans education campaign
The defeat last week in Houston of a sweeping anti-discrimination ordinance due largely to transphobic messaging centered on fears the local law would allow male sexual predators into women's restrooms has raised concerns a similarly focused campaign could succeed here in California.

Palo Alto school board expresses support for new gender-identity policy
Proposed policy to return to the board for action in December

HRO in the works for Pensacola
It looks like Pensacola is headed toward adding a human rights ordinance that would protect its citizens against discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Tulsa Public School guiding educators on gender nonconformity issues
Bathroom selection proving divisive for some

Trans March of Resilience planned
Historically, Nov. 20 has been designated as Transgender Day of Remembrance to mourn and reflect on the lives of those transgender individuals who died during the past year. But this year, the first nationally organized day of protest by trans people of color and allies will take place to promote justice and equality for all trans people in the face of discrimination and violence.

Parochial schools introduce own policy for transgender students
Four parochial schools in the Nebraska State Activities Association have introduced a proposal on how schools should handle transgender students’ participation in sports, a move that could trump efforts by the association’s board of directors to create such a policy.

Dallas City Councilor Micky Garus threatens transgender students
Micky Garus, the Dallas, Oregon, city councilor who characterized the Muslim faith as "pure evil," also publicly fumed recently over a news report of a transgender youth whose rights were violated.

Transgender bathroom battle brewing in Tennessee
There's a bathroom battle brewing in Tennessee over which restroom transgender students should be allowed to use.

No Evidence Yet of Backlash to Houston HERO Vote
Just hours after it became clear that Houston’s non-discrimination ordinance, HERO, would be trounced at the polls last week, Houston Mayor Annise Parker predicted a “direct, economic backlash” for the city, akin to criticism and boycott threats in Arizona and Indiana following similar controversies.
Mayor to Dan Patrick: Dallas’ LGBT protections are not ‘about where people relieve themselves’
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick speaks out against Dallas Equal Rights Ordinance
Anti-HERO Campaign Gears Up to Fight Transgender Rights in Dallas