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segunda-feira, julho 06, 2015

Transgender who fought '09 polls killed
Daya Kinnar, a 56-year-old transgender who hogged the limelight during the 2009 general elections for taking on seasoned politicians like Rajnath Singh of the BJP and SP Goel of the Congress as an independent candidate from Ghaziabad, has been shot dead inside her house near the Gaushala railway crossing, police said on Saturday.
59-year-old transgender politician shot dead at her Ghaziabad house

Transgenders Seek Housing Scheme
The Bengaluru Urban District administration is set to realise the long-pending demand of sexual minorities to get priority in several social welfare programmes.

Transgender Men Continue to Struggle for Visibility in Social Change
Over a year after the Supreme Court's landmark judgement on transgender rights, one group among the transgender community continues to be left out.

Rural census: Transgenders migrating to urban areas
The first-ever census of rural India has revealed significant trends in respect of the third gender by showing the presence of only 74,286 transgenders in the entire rural population of 88 crore. Of this, 45.7 crore are males and 42.5 crore are women, the rest being the third gender.

Manobi to Head Bengal Transgender Board
She had scripted history by becoming the first transgender to be appointed as a college principal in Asia. Now, Manobi Bandyopadhyay has been made vice-chairperson of the West Bengal Transgender Development Board.

Transgender Malaysians targeted as religious authorities' influence grows, LGBTI community says
Members of Malaysia's LGBTI community are speaking out about being violently attacked in the moderate Muslim nation, saying the abuse has become common as religious authorities push for more power.

Bill banning discrimination vs third sex pushed
It’s too early to talk about legalizing same-sex marriage in the country, but Congress should now pass the long-pending bill banning discrimination against the so-called third sex, Ifugao Rep. Teddy Baguilat said yesterday.

‘Mum, could the doctor have made a mistake?’
ONE night after dinner in the middle of last year, Jo was sitting on the couch giving her six-year-old, Sophie*, a cuddle.
Sophie seemed incredibly nervous; there was something she desperately wanted to ask her mother. Finally, she said it.
“Could the doctors have made a mistake? Could I have accidentally been born a girl? I should’ve been born a boy. Can that happen?”

Wichita’s transgender community strives to become more visible
Olympic champion Bruce Jenner sat down in April and told Diane Sawyer that he was, “for all intents and purposes,” a woman. Soon, he said, he’d look like one, too.

domingo, julho 05, 2015

Amanhã é outro dia (será?)
Acho piada a como, sem sabermos, correm "coisas" a nosso respeito nas nossas costas. Sinceramente, isso não me afecta, a não ser no ponto em que pode prejudicar a minha relação com pessoas que respeito e de quem gosto. Também vou reflectir aqui sobre o que considero ser um tlover e um homem aberto, de cabeça arejada, que se relaciona com mulheres, independentemente de serem cis ou trans.

Três são presos sob suspeita de participação em morte de jovem travesti
Crime aconteceu no dia 20 de julho na região da Vila Jacuí, zona leste de São Paulo
A Justiça decretou nesta quarta-feira (2) a prisão temporária (por cinco dias) de três homens investigados sob a suspeita de participação no espancamento da travesti Laura Vermont, 18 anos.
O crime aconteceu em 20 de junho, na região da Vila Jacuí, zona leste de São Paulo, e dois policiais militares também chegaram a ser presos porque mentiram à Polícia Civil ao esconder que haviam atirado contra Laura e a espancado.

"Chega de transfobia", diz Xuxa ao publicar foto com filtro da bandeira trans
A campanha de mudar a foto do perfil do Facebook com o filtro da bandeira trans ganhou vários adeptos nesta sexta-feira (3). O A CAPA também participa.

Une transexuelle fait condamner un employeur pour discrimination à l'embauche
C'est une première judiciaire en France que France Info vous révèle : un employeur a été condamné pour discrimination à l'embauche basée sur l’identité sexuelle d’un candidat. C'est l'histoire d'une personne transexuelle, exclue d’un emploi parce que ses papiers ne correspondaient pas à son image.

OAU alumni transforms to a woman
The last has not been heard of Dapo Adaralegbe; the first Nige­rian transgender who was born a boy, but has now transformed into a lady and now referred to as Stephanie Rose.

Our identity creates obstacles for us: Transgender activists
For the transgender (TG) and Hijra communities, visibility is the biggest challenge as it invites derision and discrimination from people and compounds their problems. This sentiment was echoed by the representatives of the sexual minorities in India at the Third National Hijra Habba or the ‘Transgender Festival’ held in the New Delhi.

Third gender in India gaining respect and opportunity
The eunuchs or hijras have been an integral part of Indian society since time immemorial. Eunuchs were prized as guards of harems, and as companions, by kings and emperors. Their fall from grace started in the 18th Century during the British colonial rule when the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871 categorized the entire transgender community as “criminals” who were “addicted” to committing serious crimes.

Recognise us as women, transgender group tells govt
The Malaysian Tamil Transgender Association is demanding that the Government amend current laws to recognise the group as women, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Transgender people in Malaysia report widespread abuse
Transgender people in Malaysia say they are being, bashed, stabbed and in some cases killed because of their difference. Malaysia is seen as a progressive Muslim nation but those within the gay, lesbian and transgender community say they're facing increased persecution, isolation and abuse.

Amazing Race's first transgender contestant hails from Nova Scotia
Hamilton Elliott and Michaelia Drever say 'insane' competition tested them mentally and physically

Two Ottawa families of transgender children recognized for their work
Long before Bruce Jenner made the cover of Vanity Fair when "he" came out as a "she", two little Ottawa girls were making news here. Both were born boys, but identify as girls. Their families have supported them unconditionally.

MJ Pride demands better transgender rights in Sask.
Although Falon Dennison doesn't live in America, the country's decision to legalize marriage struck a cord with the Moose Javian.

How Facebook Taught One Transgender Man What It Feels Like To Be Totally Cut Off
Last October, Facebook apologized to the LGBT community for the way it was enforcing its “real name” policy in a way that unfairly opened people like drag performers and transgender individuals — those whose everyday name might not match their legal name — to abuse. Any user could file a complaint that such a profile was “fake” and Facebook would give the benefit of doubt to the complainant, not the targeted user. Months later, transgender people continue to have the same problem.

Transgender victims have few places to turn as LGBT domestic violence climbs
With surveys pointing to a growing problem, transgender and other LGBT Americans struggle to find understanding through traditional support services

LGBT activists call for new focus on violence against transgender community
While the supreme court victory on gay marriage sparked celebrations, the lives of transgender individuals – particularly black trans women – remain in danger

After A Mormon Contributor Objects, The Federalist Admits Its Anti-Transgender Policies
A self-described “devout Mormon” and “no-man’s-political-gender-sexual-orientation-thinker,” Donna Carol Voss is just starting her blogging career, hoping to navigate the complex issues of gender, male-female relationships, parenting, and faith. This week, she published her second piece at The Federalist and quickly became aghast at how her words had been changed without notification.

Writer James Robinson responds to fan criticism of transphobia in Image Comics' "Airboy"
Today, writer James Robinson responded to fans who raised concerns about a scene in Airboy #2 which negatively portrayed transgender women. James Robinson has been nominated for two GLAAD Media Awards for his work on Starman and Earth 2. He reached out to GLAAD and sent the following statement.
James Robinson Responds to Airboy #2 Transphobia Criticism, Apologizes

Chris Christie vetoes pro-LGBT gestational carrier bill
Fate of surrogacy bill may have implications for bill allowing transgender people to change their birth certificates

[El Salvador]
Capitol officer transman Aldo Alexander Peña beaten after San Salvador Pride by national police
San Salvador Capitol police officer (CAM) transman Aldo Alexander Peña was attacked by national police after marching in Pride with his girlfriend.
Peña’s injuries included broken ribs and cerebral hematoma, were sustained according to national police when he resisted arrest after an altercation with a motorist.

sábado, julho 04, 2015

Stephanie Hirst: 'Why I'm returning to radio a year after transitioning from a man to a woman'
Exclusive: A year after announcing she was transgender, Stephanie Hirst opens up to Rachel Halliwell about why she's taking to the airwaves again this weekend and how she knew Caitlyn Jenner was transitioning too

Moroccan Mob Brutally Beats Alleged Trans Woman as Bystanders Watch
The victim, who has not been publicly identified, may nonetheless face jail time for homosexuality, which is illegal in Morocco.
Sobering video shows impact of mob behavior against trans people

Bangladeshi hijras angry over gender testing for government positions
Bangladeshi hijras, who are a legally recognized third gender, were disqualified from jobs previously promised to them

‘Tangerine’: How One of the Most Stunning Movies of the Year Was Shot on an iPhone
Shot on tricked out iPhone 5s’s along the streets of L.A., Sean Baker’s no-budget trans-venge odyssey ‘Tangerine’ is not only a staggering achievement, but a brilliant film.

Remembering Jess Shipps
Friends remember U.S. Air Force veteran Jess Shipps, best known to friends as 'Jessie' the 'Lumberchick.'

BREAKING: Navy, Marines Take Step Toward Open Trans Service
Effective immediately, decisions about discharging transgender Marines and members of the Navy must be approved by Pentagon officials.
Navy, Marines end directive to discharge transgender members
Navy, Marine Corps raise authority for trans separations

Why is Facebook refusing to listen to trans people over their ‘real names’ policy?
CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims their policy is not affecting trans people. Except it clearly is

Fans angered by transphobia in Image Comics' 'Airboy'
Yesterday, Image Comics released the second issue of the new series Airboy by well-known writer James Robinson and artist Greg Hinkle. Today fans are taking to social media to express their anger and disappointment to the publisher in the midst of its annual expo to promote upcoming titles.

Dept. of Justice: Title IX Protects Restroom Access for Trans Students
On Monday, June 29th, the Department of Justice filed a brief on behalf of a transgender student in the case Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board asserting that Title IX prohibits discrimination against transgender students. G.G., the plaintiff, is a transgender boy who filed a lawsuit against his school district after they banned him from using boys’ restrooms. The Statement of Interest filed by the Department of Justice on Monday asserts that it is in the interest of the United States to ensure that transgender students are able to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity.

Holly Woodlawn, Warhol’s Great Superstar, Is In Very Bad Shape In L.A.
Even if you haven’t seen Holly Woodlawn’s memorable work in seminal queer films such as Trash (legendary director George Cukor touted her work as worthy of an Oscar nomination) and Women in Revolt, you likely know her reputation from the immortal Lou Reed anthem “Walk on the Wild Side.” The late rock star singled out the pioneering trans entertainer, now 68 and forever linked to iconic pop artist Andy Warhol as one of his great self-proclaimed superstars, in the opening verse:

Holly came from Miami, F.L.A.
Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her legs and then he was a she

Mom of Trans Teen Pushes for Resources That Could Have Saved Her Son

A family friend who helped the Prescotts through their darkest hour with the death of 14-year-old Kyler has started a new family advocacy organization.

The Fifth Annual Transgender Symposium
Many discussions at the Fifth Annual Transgender Medical Symposium in Fort Lauderdale focused on the difficulties that transgender people face. These difficulties include body image, discrimination, and harassment.
Part I of 3: Transgender people and HIV
Difficulties that trans people face Part II of III

Nevada Becomes Tenth State to Ban Transgender Health Exclusions
This week Nevada became the tenth state, in addition to the District of Columbia, to prohibit discriminatory transgender exclusions in state-regulated health insurance plans. Nevada joins a national trend of state agencies getting rid of health exclusions for transgender people. States that California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Vermont, Washington State, and DC as well as the federal Medicare program. This announcement follows the announcement by the Office of Personnel Management that health insurance plans for federal employees may no longer maintain blanket exclusions for transition-related care.

Transgender youth in America
Aiden Key gives us insight into what it is like to grow up, come out, find your identity, and more as a Transgender child

Are transgender rights next in fight for equality?
The June Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage legal across the county was a major victory for LGBT activists nationwide. But even as activists celebrated, they also spoke about the ways their work isn't over yet. In Wisconsin, as in many other states, the next goal for many in the LGBT community is the creation of robust anti-discrimination laws.

sexta-feira, julho 03, 2015

Travesti é esfaqueada e denuncia ter sido vítima de transfobia em Teresina
A delegacia de Proteção aos Direitos Humanos e de Repressão às Condutas Discriminatórias está investigando um caso de transfobia que teria acontecido no centro de Teresina na ultima sexta-feira (26). A vítima participou hoje de evento na escola Maria do Carmo Reverdosa da Cruz, no bairro Dirceu, zona Sudeste de Teresina e relatou seu caso.

Depois do arco-íris, bandeira da comunidade trans promete viralizar nesta sexta
Se na última sexta-feira (26) a bandeira do arco-íris viralizou no Facebook, nesta sexta-feira (3) é a vez de outra bandeira ocupar espaço nas redes sociais e falar sobre um assunto importante: a comunidade de travestis, mulheres transexuais, homens trans e outras transgeneridades.

Aim & fired: Sex-swap marksman banned from women's Olympics team
A Gulf War veteran who wants to claim the first transsexual Olympic gold has blasted a ban on her competing.

Transgender woman who fired gun at a car because she was tired of waiting for NHS sex change is spared jail because male prison would be 'difficult' for her
Susan Bond has been waiting for NHS sex change for two-and-half years
She has been dressing and living as woman in preparation for transition
But she often suffers 'difficulty' while on nights out, Doncaster court heard
Bond admitted firing a BB gun at a parked van and smashing the window in frustration over the length of time she has waited for the operation

What Happens at India’s Transgender Convention
With a shimmer on her black painted nails and heavy makeup that belied her husky voice, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, called upon a convention of transgender people in Delhi this week to continue their fight for equal rights in India.

[New Zealand]
Details of trans discrimination in NZ revealed
In the last five years 16 complaints have been made to the Human Rights Commission about discrimination against transgender people in New Zealand.

Mark Zuckerberg: Transgender people shouldn’t be banned for using their names on Facebook~
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has claimed there is “confusion” about his website’s ‘real name’ policy – which has been used to ban drag artists and transgender people.

Feds Boost Trans Rights in Immigration Lockups
Updated guidelines released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement demand that officials ask transgender detainees whether they would feel safer being held with men or women.
ICE issues new guidelines for trans people

SF party overlaps with Trans March
Joy erupted on the streets of the Castro district and, earlier, outside San Francisco City Hall June 26 as people celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court's decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.
The 5-4 decision by Justice Anthony Kennedy effectively throws out marriage bans that had remained in 13 states.
Day of Decision parties took place throughout the country, including the Castro, where thousands of people partied in the streets. The celebration overlapped with the annual Trans March.

New Orleans Man Who Kidnapped Trans Woman Granted 'Rare' Minimum Sentence
After assault and attempted rape charges were dropped, a judge chose to be unusually lenient, citing the attacker's age.
Metairie man sentenced to 10 years after abduction, robbery of transgender woman

Transgender Patients Create Their Own Networks Of ‘Safe’ Providers
A nurse looked at the couple: a man of medium height with a large belly and a tall, thin woman. The nurse handed the woman a small paper cup and asked for a urine sample.

Transgender girl exposes harassment in school
NYCLU calls for Trans protection in NYS schools

TLDEF Applauds New York on Continued Efforts to Improve Transgender Health Care
State Clarifies Medicaid Coverage to Ensure that Medically Necessary Procedures Affecting Appearance are Covered

Transgender woman sues Snyder County, alleging abuse in jail
Snyder County faces a federal lawsuit over conditions at its prison. A transgender woman alleges she was thrown in solitary confinement with no explanation.

Arlington School Board expands protections for transgender people
The Arlington School Board voted Wednesday to protect transgender employees and job seekers from discrimination, following in the footsteps of nearby Fairfax County schools, where the move stirred noisy controversy.

Justice Dept. sides with transgender student, says bathroom policy is illegal
The U.S. Justice Department has sided with a transgender teenager who alleges that a Virginia school board’s restroom policy is discriminatory.
Gloucester County Attorney says school transgender restroom policy does not violate Title IX
DOJ: Va. school policy violates Title IX

Girl Scouts Return Anti-Transgender Money
A Girl Scouts chapter in Washington has raised more than a quarter million dollars after returning a $100,000 donation that was conditioned on not allowing transgender scouts.

Trans no aceptan invitación para encuentro con el papa
La asociación Panambi, que nuclea a travestis, transexuales y transgénero, decidió no participar del encuentro con el papa Francisco en el estadio “León Condou”, el día sábado.

quinta-feira, julho 02, 2015

Travesti é assassinado com tiros nas costas na estrada dos Franceses
A Delegacia de Homicídios e Sequestros, da Polícia Civil, ainda não tem maiores informações sobre a motivação do assassinato de um homem, ocorrido nesta madrugada na avenida Desembargador João Machado, no bairro Flores, zona Centro-Oeste de Manaus.

Perseguida por seis, travesti de 27 anos é assassinada a tiros na Bahia
A travesti Bruna Mendes de Jesus, de 27 anos, foi assassinada a tiros na noite de segunda-feira (29) em um bar de Itapebi, município do Estado da Bahia.

Transexual que encenou crucificação em SP processa Feliciano por dano moral
A atriz e modelo transexual Viviany Beleboni entrou com um processo de indenização por dano moral contra o deputado federal e pastor Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP). Viviany foi criticada por Feliciano na Câmara dos Deputados após encenar a própria crucificação durante a 19ª Parada do Orgulho LGBT (Lésbicas, Gays, Bissexuais, Travestis e Transexuais) de São Paulo, no dia 7 de junho.

Trans radio host Stephanie Hirst set to return to airwaves
Popular radio host Stephanie Hirst, who quit her show after announcing her transition to female, is set to make a return to the airwaves.

Trans woman brutally attacked by mob in Morocco
Video has emerged of what appears to be a trans woman being attacked
Travesti sofre tentativa de linchamento no Marrocos
Morocco Police arrest two over mob beating of trans woman in Fez

Transgenders may soon be able to choose their gender
Transgenders may soon be able to choose their gender and undergo surgery to make the transition, courtesy the government.

Two Charged With Sydney Bashing Of Trans* Woman
Arrests in Sydney’s Inner West follow alleged transphobic incident in the heart of city’s LGBTI community and continuing protests outside pub where bashing took place.

[New Zealand]
Council calls for intersex Census option
The Dunedin City Council will ask the Government to add intersex as an option in the next Census.

[New Zealand]
Report "pure hate" - trans woman hits back
A transgender Auckland woman is questioning why her story was included in a report from an anti-lgbti group which is trying to "warn" schools and parents about growing acceptance and respect for diverse gender identities.

[New Zealand]
This trans woman overheard a shopkeeper call her ‘half man, half woman’
A trans woman in New Zealand has spoken of being called “half man, half woman” when using a changing room in a clothing store.

President Obama honors the positive side of transgender activism at White House LGBT Pride Celebration
The reporting about the White House Pride Reception hosted by President Obama primarily centered upon a persistent heckler berating the president on the treatment of LGBT and transgender immigrants, particularly those being detained in government facilities. The heckler was later identified as Jennicet Gutiérrez, an undocumented transgender woman. Ironically, the very treatment that Gutiérrez was protesting was effectively addressed by the Obama administration one business day later. Not in response to Gutiérrez’s actions but because of the Obama administration’s unwavering focus on LGBT equality.

John Oliver Explains Why The Genitalia Of Transgender People Are ‘None Of Your F*cking Business’
After opening Last Week Tonight‘s long segment with clips of media personalities asking members of the transgender community about their genitalia, host John Oliver does what any normal human being would: He expresses extreme discomfort. Not with the fact that these people are transgender, but with the horribly insensitive questions they’re repeatedly being asked.

Meet the 11 transgender stars of Miley's Instagram campaign
For the past two weeks, all 23.3 million of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram followers have seen her use this social media platform as a way to highlight transgender and gender expansive people through her #InstaPride campaign.

New Guide: Updating Name, Gender in Arkansas
The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is thrilled to announce the completion of a name and gender change guide for the State of Arkansas.

Second Calif. Trans Prisoner May Receive Option of Gender-Affirming Surgery
An appeals court found it 'plausible' that a prison denying Mia Rosati surgery violated her right to equal protection.'

Connecticut Makes Changing Birth Certificates Easier for Trans Folks
Connecticut becomes the eighth U.S. state to make it easier for transgender citizens to obtain documents that reflect their authentic gender.

Chorus Helps Trans Men And Women Find Their Voice
A new chorus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is helping transgender men and women find their voices – and community. The Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus was founded by Sandi Hammond, a singer and vocal teacher, who wanted to help trans men and women learn to use their changing voices in a safe space.

Local transgender woman featured in CDC campaign
Jennifer Barge says she is living her truth. In a public service announcement for the Centers for Disease Control released in June, the Asheville resident talked about being transgender and HIV positive.

DOJ: Gloucester transgender student's lawsuit has merit under Title IX
The lawsuit filed by a 16-year-old transgender student over Gloucester County's school restroom policy has merit under federal law, according to court documents filed by the U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday.
Department of Justice: Title IX Protects Trans Students From Discrimination
Justice Dept. Backs Transgender Boy In Lawsuit Against School District
Department of Justice files statement in Gloucester transgender case

APS to Consider Adding Gender Identity to Nondiscrimination Policy
The Arlington School Board will consider a proposal to add gender identity and expression to its nondiscrimination policy for teachers and other employees, has learned.

Transgender community rallies behind Magnolia resident
The Seattle Office for Civil Rights is investigating a claim by a transgender woman from Magnolia who says she was voice-profiled and denied access to her own bank account.

quarta-feira, julho 01, 2015

Travesti é morto com vários tiros em um bar no município de Itapebi
Segundo testemunhas, suspeitos chegaram em uma moto e atiraram contra a vítima, que estava em um bar.
Um homicídio foi registrado na noite desta segunda-feira (29), por volta das 20h30, em um bar localizado na rua Silvio Toston Junior, no município de Itapebi.

Gender change DJ returns to the airwaves with BBC Radio Manchester show
A popular local radio presenter is to return to the airwaves on BBC Radio Manchester, nine months after announcing her gender change on Stephen Nolan’s BBC Radio 5 live show.

NHS launches new effort to tackle trans issues
NHS England is launching a new initiative to improve services for trans and non-binary issues.

Welsh Lib Dems Say Transgender Action Plan Does Not Go Far Enough
The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the Welsh Government’s trans action plan, brought about by the party’s landmark debate, but says it falls short on many key issues.

Italy rules trans woman and cis man are allowed to marry
Could this be a sign of more change to come?

Five transsexual prisoners hunger strike in protest of cell change
Four Spanish and one Azerbaijani transsexual prisoners have gone on hunger strike after they were moved to a different cell and separated from their previous Turkish transsexual cellmates, saying the Turkish inmates had been helpful in overcoming the language barrier.

The Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade has been held for thirteen years. Yet this year the Istanbul Governor’s Office blocked the parade, citing the fact that it coincided with Ramadan. The use of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, as an excuse to curtail the freedoms of assembly, demonstration, and speech is a clear violation of rule of law. In taking this illegal decision, the Governor’s Office has thus broken the law.
In applying the governor’s illegal order, law enforcement officials, too, became accomplices in a crime. They attacked tens of thousands of people with tear gas, riot-control vehicles, and plastic bullets, even though those people had come to assemble peacefully, just as they had last year. Law enforcement officials violated their legal obligations by carrying out the unconstitutional and illegal order handed down by the Istanbul governor’s office. Indeed, on the day of the attack, many police officers lacked helmets and registration numbers that would have helped identify them.

Moreover, the decision to block the parade because of Ramadan artificially inflames tensions by presenting LGBTI status and Muslim faith as if they were supposedly two opposing identities. It purposely ignores the fact that LGBTI individuals can come from all walks of life and aims to demonize them in the eyes of the wider public, preparing the ground for future attacks against LGBTI individuals. The government and the governor’s office will thus be held directly responsible for any attacks against LGBTI individuals that may be committed from this point on.
In a statement following the events, the Istanbul Governor’s Office stated that it had not received any notification about the parade and also that it had felt that certain groups were going to react violently to the parade.

First, if there was indeed credible information that an outside attack was to occur, it is the duty of the governor and of law enforcement to take measures to prevent such an attack, not to themselves attack the group exercising its right to assemble.

Second, Law No. 2911 on Assembly, Demonstrations, and Parades, as well as the relevant article of the constitution, are both entirely clear: Such assemblies are not subject to the prior permission of the governor’s office, nor is there even any obligation to notify the authorities. The 13th annual LGBTI Pride Parade planned for Sunday, 28 June in Taksim Square, was thus not in violation of any law. Moreover, after the parade itself was blocked, law enforcement continued to attack people gathered on the streets for hours. The streets and venues where the Pride Party was being held were attacked by police using gas canisters and plastic bullets long into the night. Such behavior on the part of the police goes beyond merely preventing an “unannounced” parade: It shows that this was an attack on our identities and our very existence.

Hundreds of people who came to participate in the parade were affected or harmed by the attacks, some with injuries serious enough to warrant hospital reports. We would like to take this opportunity to wish a speedy recovery to all of our friends and supporters who were victims of police violence on Sunday. For years, the state purposely ignored systematic violence being inflicted on LGBTI individuals and even reduced the punishments faced by perpetrators; now it is the state itself that has directly and physically attacked the existence of LGBTI individuals in Turkey.

Furthermore, we fail to understand how the same government that assured the United Nations on Friday (26 June) that it would protect LGBTI rights could on Sunday (28 June) go and attack the 13th annual Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade without providing a legal justification. At the UN meeting on Friday, Turkey approved Norway’s proposal that “Turkey should carry out its human-rights obligations by ensuring that LGBTI individuals and non-governmental organizations are included in the process.” It also declared that it would carry out all proposals approved within the framework of the United Nations. A mere two days later, however, the government acted in violation of these proposals.

We repeat: We were here before, we are here now, and we will always be here!

Turkey has held an LGBTI Pride Parade for thirteen years. It is just one of the many activities of Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week in late June, which has been held for 23 years to mark the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. It will continue to take place next year and every year thereafter. We will persist in our struggle for existence regardless of the government in power. We will continue to resist all forms of oppression, as we have for years.

We’re here to stay, so get used to it!

At 12:30 on Thursday, 2 July, we will file an official criminal complaint at the Çağlayan Courthouse in Istanbul against Interior Minister Sebahattin Öztürk, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, and Istanbul Police Chief Selami Altınok for their role in ordering the attacks on the 13th Annual Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade. We call on all political parties, labor unions, the democratically minded Turkish public, and international non-governmental organizations to come and express their solidarity with our cause.

Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week Committee

Trans in Egypt: caught between the SiSi Govt’s brutality and dualism
President of Egypt ( SISI ) gives financial reward realizing the dream of Sisa AbouDouh and honors the mother who dressed as man for 43 years to for and assist them in building a House for her and her family .
For those who don’t know this women ( Sisa ) she was rewarded with the title of Ideal Mother in Egypt for 2015!

[New Zealand]
Family First goes on anti-trans witch hunt
A leading New Zealand transgender advocate is dismissing a report purporting to offer expertise on gender identity, which anti-lgbti lobby group Family First has commissioned to “warn parents and schools”.
MPs condemn Family First's trans report

[New Zealand]
Transgender woman accuses Farmers of discrimination
Retail chain Farmers insists it never received a complaint from a transgender shopper accusing it of discrimination.
Farmers investigating in-store transphobia
Auckland transgender woman Mary Haddock-Staniland accuses Farmers of discrimination

[New Zealand]
New Zealand may include intersex option on census
Dunedin city councillors have backed adding an intersex option to the next New Zealand census.

WATCH: John Oliver Declares Trans Issues Next Fight for LGBT Equality
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver highlighted the plight faced by transgender people. "But for all the strides transgender people have made lately," Oliver said, "let's not get too complacent about how far we've come because they still face a host of problems." In a 16 minute segment of pure gold, Oliver tackles the discrimination trans people face in accessing driver's licenses; skewers the Pentagon's ban on open transgender military service; and mocks recent attempts to criminalize trans people's use of public restrooms.

Transgender troops mourn tireless advocate Jess Shipps
Friends and family gathered Monday at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Hampton, Virginia, to say goodbye to Air Force veteran Jess Shipps, who dedicated her life to helping transgender service members get through their struggles but was unable to emerge from her own dark times.

Trans Woman Who Expanded Facebook's Gender Options Banned For Not Using 'Real Name'
The former Facebook employee blasted the social network for standing by its 'real name' policy, which disproportionately targets transgender users.

ICE issues new guidance on transgender detainees
ICE and DHS Have Failed at Providing Minimum Safety and Dignity for LGBTQ Immigrants in Detention, Immigrant Detention Must End
The Half-Step Immigration Officials Just Took To Protect Transgender Detainees
ICE: Transgender Immigrants to Be Detained According to Gender Identity
Transgender immigration detainees may be housed by identity

9th Circuit Revives Transgender Inmate’s Suit for Sex Reassignment Surgery
The U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision was not the only case of consequence for LGBT rights decided on June 26, 2015. On the opposite coast, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circui, in San Francisco unanimously revived a California inmate’s lawsuit seeking sex reassignment surgery, which had been dismissed at the screening stage by Chief Judge Ralph R. Beistline of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California. Rosati v. Igbinoso, 2015 WL 3916977.

CT Governor Signs Bill Modernizing Process to Change Gender on Birth Certificates
Last week, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed into law a bill that updates the state’s birth certificate procedures, enabling transgender people to change their birth certificates to the appropriate gender without having to undergo invasive and sometimes unnecessary surgical requirements.

Girl Scouts return $100,000 donation that ‘can’t be used to support transgender girls’
The Girl Scouts of Western Washington returned a huge donation after being told it could not be used to support transgender children.

terça-feira, junho 30, 2015

Facebook is becoming a more dangerous place for trans and gender-variant people
Another one has been kicked off Facebook for using an 'incorrect name', Jane Fae questions how far this can go

Parada Gay protesta contra veto a discussão de gênero nas escolas
A 15ª edição da Parada do Orgulho LGBT, realizada ontem, em Campinas, foi marcada por protestos contra o projeto de resolução que veta a discussão sobre a ideologia de gênero na Lei Orgânica do município.

Caminhada em SP repudia assassinato de Laura Vermont e outros crimes transfóbicos
O centro de São Paulo foi palco na tarde deste sábado (27) da exposição, indignação e repúdio aos casos de transfobia. – termo que se refere ao preconceito sofrido por travestis, mulheres transexuais, homens trans e outras transgeneridades. Em especial ao caso de Laura Vermont, travesti de 18 anos que foi assassinada por espancamento e tiro na Zona Leste de São Paulo no último dia 20.

A invisibilidade das pessoas transgêneros no Brasil
São quase duas horas da tarde de uma terça-feira fria quando o cirurgião entra na sua sala no décimo primeiro andar de um prédio na avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, centro de São Paulo.

Cogam suspende la entrega del premio a Room Mate por un presunto caso de transfobia
La cadena Room Mate de hoteles se caracteriza por tener una gran implicación con el colectivo LGBT; por ejemplo, el pasado febrero lanzaron una campaña solidaria para luchar contra el VIH a través de una llave solidaria, en una iniciativa presentada por el empresario Kike Sarasola, quien un año más ha sido considerado por La Otra Crónica como uno de los homosexuales españoles más influyentes.

Polícia turca usa canhões de água para dispersar marcha do orgulho gay
A marcha da LGBTI realiza-se em Istambul desde 2003. Este ano, foi interrompida pela primeira vez por forças policiais. O motivo? Coincidiu com o mês do Ramadão.
Incidentes marcam Pride de Istambul (com vídeo)
Turkish police fire pepper spray at gay pride parade
Police break up the 13th Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade
Police Intervenes in LGBTI Pride Parade

To the International Allies,

Please spread the news in your networks and websites; and show reaction.

28 June 2015, Sunday – ISTANBUL,

Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week completed its 23rd edition last Sunday. The Pride Parade which has been annually held since its first edition in 2003 is the final celebration of a week long pride week inIstanbul. This year, the 13th LGBTI Pride Parade was attacked bypolice forces at the command of the Governorate of Istanbul.

The ever since peaceful and colorful march of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans*, Intersex, and their allies was brutally attacked by the police forces using tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets, and allowing violent Islamo-fascist groups with bats, knives, etc. to scare off Pride participants. The command was given by the Governorate of Istanbul who arbitrarily banned the Pride Parade at the very last moment without even informing the organizers. The reason brought into agenda is Ramadan.

The Islamo-fascist newspapers such as Yeni Akit, Vahdet, Milat, and a couple of wider mainstream media organs such as Star, Sabah, etc have been publishing a series of targeting, hate motivatedarticles and news about the Pride Parade and LGBTI organizations, activists as “perverts”, “deviated people”, “honor-less act in Ramadan”, etc.

The police attack started at around 16:30 (half an hour before the parade should have been taking place). The heavy use of water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets even inside of the places where participants wanted to secure themselves, caused several injuries. The police attack continued at night during the Pride Week Closure Party in The Mekan. Many people inside the arena were heavily effected by the intense tear gas thrown inside through the terrace.

LGBTI organizations and LGBTI Pride Week Committee published a declaration protesting against this unacceptable situation. You may find it in the attached file.

Kaos GL, TIHV (Turkey Human Rights Foundation), and IHD (Human Rights Association) declared their support and offered legal consultancy to every injured participant of the Pride Parade in order to bring all these cases into court to seek justice.

The LGBTI organizations, the Pride Committee, and the activists will have a meeting today in Istanbul at 18:00 to discuss about the situation and how to proceed.

Couple of international allies organizing demos today in front of Turkish Embassies and Consulates (Berlin, Stockholm, etc.), also.

There has also been online hate speech and targeting campaign against some of the participants whose photos are in circulation in the internet. The videos and photos of 3 trans women who protested (or just felt like) being naked are in circulation, yet. There has been some horrible calls from both within the trans community and others to execute these people. The movement is also trying to calm all these aggressions, right now.

News links of international media:

A video by a random citizen where people try to celebrate Pride in side streets escaping from police brutality:

Transgender child, 15, gets court approval to feminise body
A child, 15, who was at the centre of a landmark court ruling two years ago, has been allowed to make her own decision to start estrogen treatment to “feminise” her body.

Arnold Schwarzenegger dá resposta «implacável» a comentário homofóbico
A estrela usou uma das frases mais famosas do «Exterminador Implacável» para responder a um crítico no Facebook e disse que a decisão do Supremo Tribunal dos EUA de legalizar o casamento «gay» foi a correta.

Terminally ill transgender El Monte man wishes he could legally end his own life
Michael Saum wanted to spend his life helping others understand lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, but, at 35, he spends most of his days wishing he could painlessly end his own life.

Protesters call attention to issues other than marriage
The 2015 Pride Parade was briefly held up the afternoon of June 28 when several protestors from the activist group #BlackOutPride staged a "die-in" at the corner of Halsted and Addison. Eight arrests were made in the incident, which held up the parade for about 15 minutes.
The protestors said that they were seeking to call attention to issues that had been neglected by the LGBT community in the push for marriage equality.

Winnebago County jail and detention center rules aim to prevent rape, recognize transgender issues
A federal mandate to eliminate prison rape and recognize America's transgender movement have combined to change how Winnebago County corrections staffers interact with juvenile and adult offenders.

Primer crimen de odio por protestas religiosas en Chihuahua: torturan y asesinan a joven transexual
El crimen ocurrió en Granjas del Valle la madrugada del lunes, pudo haber pasado por un hecho más de no ser porque el cuerpo fue envuelto en la bandera de México y un solo medio lo reportó. En tanto, la religión católica realiza una vigilia por la familia y el Congreso local aplaza aprobación de matrimonios igualitarios tras fallo de la Corte.
Trans Person Murdered, Beaten And Shot Four Times – 100 Mourners Attend Vigil And Protest

LGBT continue to fight in the face of official inaction in Peru
For the sixth consecutive year, the Red Peruana TLGB (Peruvian network of LGBT associations) and Promsex (Centre for the Promotion and Defence of Sexual and Reproductive Rights) have just released a damning report on the situation in Peru.

segunda-feira, junho 29, 2015

3ª Marcha Pelos Direitos LGBT de Braga
“Mais vale poucos e bons” referia-se assim um dos marchantes ao entusiasmo vivido na 3ª Marcha pelos Direitos LGBT de Braga que aconteceu este sábado.
Em Braga exigiu-se o fim da violência transfóbica

Police use teargas and rubber bullets at Istanbul Pride
It is being reported that riot police have violently dispersed Istanbul Pride, and arrested participants.
Police fire at pride march in Istanbul with water cannons and rubber bullets
Repressão policial da marcha do orgulho LGBT

Please share the news widely to your networks...

Today, the Istanbul LGBTI Pride was stopped by the Istanbul police. Several hours ago before the March started, all small streets to Istiklal Street, where the Pride March would take place, were shut by hundreds of policemen. At around 16:00 and on, when several groups arrived at these small streets, they were stopped by these policemen with no explanation. I personally have talked to these police officers as well as other activists, however nothing was provided to us as information. They all said: "This is the order we got from the Istanbul Governorship!"

Those people who started to gather at Taksim Square we also stopped by policemen not to enter the Istiklal Street. The talks between the MPs from CHP (main opposition party) and HDP AND the chiefs of the police couldn't solve the problem and the ban continued. During this time, the crowds at different small streets grew to thousandsand the police started to attack us, the marchers with teargas, water cannons and plastic bullets. Several LGBTI people got beaten up by the police. Several people have been injured severely and were taken to hospitals.

Several times, in our attempts to enter the Istiklal Street, the police targeted us with teargas, water cannons and plastic bullets. They never stopped. I tried to talk to police officers in order to be able "breath" at small streets where we were "locked", they just shouted at me and others to "shut up". Several people were beaten up in front of us. The Istiklal Street experienced the highest level of police violence, this time to LGBTI people.

Police still attacks several LGBTI people who throw out slogans for our rights on the streets... For the last 4 hours...

I have seen civilians at small streets around Istiklal, running behind the marchers to attack them. Several people were attacked by these people with sticks... As usual, police didn't protect the marchers against these attacks.

The reasoning is that the March was planned in Ramadan... However last year it was during Ramadan. Last week on Sunday, Trans Pride March took place, during Ramadan, too. Nothing happened so far... This has been the very first ban and attack on the March in the last 13 years... Turkish Government showed its undemocratic face...

I call on every human rights defender, NGO or others to share this news widely while protesting the Turkish Government. We, as LGBTI people deserve living as equal as others. Our right to assembly cannot be breached. We will not keep ourselves silent!


Social and Economic Problems of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Individuals in Turkey Research offers insight to social and economic problems that LGBT individuals face due to the discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. Results of the research report diverse forms of discrimination that LGBT individuals encounter in various domains of social policies including employment, health, education, income poverty, housing, participation in the social life, family and ageing. While reporting different forms of discrimination from the perspective of LGBT individuals, the research also demonstrates that the legal system falls short of tackling these forms of discrimination again in the eyes of LGBT individuals.

Rabbinate Cracks Down After Transgender Marriage Gaffe
After Rabbinate fooled into marrying a woman to a transgender man, Religion Ministry demands computerized background testing.

[New Zealand]
NZ told to fund more transgender operations
Labour MP Louisa Wall says New Zealand needs to fund more transgender operations.

Denver jail transgender policy a national model
Transgender jail policy allows Denver jail inmates to choose preferred names, pronouns.

What Came of the Stonewall Rebels
With today marking the anniversary of Stonewall, we take a look at some of the people who participated in the riots and how Stonewall shaped their lives.

EXCLUSIVE: Cuomo demanding state Education Department to better protect transgender students
An outraged Gov. Cuomo is demanding the state Education Department do a better job of protecting transgender students from harassment and discrimination in the classroom.

LGBT-inclusive preferred name and pronoun policy approved for the 2015-2016 academic year
Shortly before the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of same-sex marriage Friday, Ohio University President Roderick McDavis approved a policy that will allow for further inclusion of LGBT individuals on campus.

domingo, junho 28, 2015

O que podíamos ganhar em ter o Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa numa só data?
Ainda não é este ano que a Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa e o Arraial Pride voltam a decorrer no mesmo dia. Há uma semana, a associação responsável pelo Arraial divulgou no Facebook a data com a imagem, mas limitou-se a isso. Não há um programa, nem sequer a antecedência necessária para se divulgar um evento desta importância a todos os potenciais interessados, que estão muito para além de um círculo restrito ligado ao associativismo. São pessoas de diferentes cidades de Portugal, são emigrantes portugueses no estrangeiro e são também turistas que não encontram informação fidedigna acerca do Pride de Lisboa com a antecedência que lhes permita marcar férias. Isto não acontece com outras celebrações do Orgulho em qualquer capital europeia.

Pride has changed, say trans groups ahead of conciliatory 2015 march
Pride in London and the trans community have had a difficult relationship, particularly since 2008’s ‘toiletgate’, but old wounds are healing
CNN Mistakes Dildos for ISIS

Gay marriage ruling a win for LGB, but transgender woes persist
‘It’s not just the LGB. There’s a T that we should care about,’ activist says

Trans woman who heckled Obama feels betrayed by LGBTI community
She said she felt progress for some in the community was leaving others behind

Thousands join in San Fran TransMarch 2015
Trans people have already become the target of opportunity for the disgruntled frustrated haters of equality.
Thousands march in San Francisco to promote transgender awareness
Bystander at San Francisco Pride Wounded in Gunfire

(PHOTO: San Francisco City Hall on the evening of the TransMarch)

Appellate Win for Calif. Transgender Inmate
The Ninth Circuit on Friday revived a transgender California inmate's legal action for sexual-reassignment surgery.

Team 10: Transgender man claims he was harassed in department store bathroom
A transgender man claims he was harassed in the men's bathroom at the Macy's store in Mission Valley, and when he tried to report the incident to store security, he claims they were nowhere to be found.

Mom honors transgender son with garden
Troubled Vista teen Kyler Prescott, 14, took his own life in May

Fairfax School Board approves adding transgender topic to teens’ class
The Fairfax County School Board has approved expanding the school system’s sex education curriculum to include teaching teenagers in grades 7 through 10 about gender identity and transgender issues.

Transgender community celebrates ruling, vows to continue equality fight
Members of the transgendered community celebrated Friday's historic Supreme Court ruling with a march and rally through Seattle's Capitol Hill and vowed to continue the fight for equality.
Transgender community: ‘Long way to go’ for equality

sábado, junho 27, 2015

Parlamento aprova 17 de Maio como dia nacional contra a homofobia e a transfobia
A data é celebrada em todo o mundo e reconhecida oficialmente em diversos Estados, inclusive a União Europeia.
17 de Maio é o Dia Nacional Contra Homofobia e Transfobia

Norway to let 7-yr-olds change gender
Children as young as seven would be allowed to change their legal gender under a bill proposed by Norway’s government on Thursday, bringing it one of the lowest ages for transgender rights anywhere in the world.

Turkey's transgenders pay a "high price" but see brighter future
Despite having the largest gay pride parade in the Muslim Middle East, Turkey's trans community faces discrimination, including at the workplace. However, people feel things are changing for the better in the country, especially after the recent elections.

Transgender lecturer loses fight for reinstatement in Thailand
28-year-old Kath Khangpiboon vows to take further legal actions

NSW Attorney General commits to review on sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex rights
In response to calls from the Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, the NSW Attorney-General, Gabrielle Upton, has committed to reviewing the implications for NSW of the Human Rights Commission report on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex rights (SOGI).

Panel hears transgender woman’s request to have genital surgery costs reimbursed
When Bobbie Pearson was asked to tell a health-care tribunal what it meant to finally make the transition from a man to a woman at the age of 57, she drew a deep breath and tried not to cry.

Ontario to expand access to publicly insured sex reassignment surgery
The Ontario government will expand the number of places where transgender people can obtain approvals for publicly insured sex reassignment surgeries, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Same-sex marriage is finally legal nationwide
In a landmark 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court has made same-sex marriage legal in the United States. That means marriage equality has come to all 50 states, including the 13 states where same-sex marriage is illegal.

“Rowdy crowd” backs Obama over heckler at White House LGBT reception
Despite disruption, president's annual reflection on LGBT progress under his administration is well received
This Is Why Everyone Cheering Gay Marriage Should Stand With the White House “Heckler” Now
35 Congress members tell Obama administration to end LGBT immigration detention
Transgender Obama heckler Jennicet Gutiérrez hailed by some LGBT activists
Mixed response to Obama’s Pride heckler

Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds Key Health Care Subsidies
In a 6-3 ruling written by Justice Roberts, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the government in King v Burwell, upholding a key provision of the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”) that provides subsidies to those buying health insurance in both federal- and state-run marketplaces. These exchanges and subsidies to buy insurance are the foundation of the law that makes health insurance affordable for millions of Americans. Had the Court ruled the other way in this case, reports estimate that as many as 8.2 million Americans would have lost their insurance, while premiums for those that retained coverage would have risen by 34%.

Author Heather Brewer comes out as transgender, reveals new name, Zac Brewer
Beloved YA author Heather Brewer, best known for two successful vampire series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and The Slayer Chronicles, has come out as transgender, the author told Publishers Weekly in a recent interview. He also wrote on Tumblr that his name will now be Zachary Oliver Brewer — Zac for short — and his preferred pronouns are he/him/his.

Transgender Air Force vet who helped fellow trans veterans through suicidal struggles takes her own life
She helped many fellow LGBT soldiers and veterans battle their inner demons, but ultimately Jess Shipps fell victim to her own.

BART Police 1 Of 1st In Nation To Implement Policy On Interactions With Transgender People
BART police have become one of the first police departments in the country to implement a specific policy governing interactions with transgender individuals, BART officials said Thursday.

Gov. Christie: Sign Bill Modernizing NJ’s Birth Certificate Policy
Tonight, a bill passed through the New Jersey Senate and Assembly that eases restrictions on changing the gender marker on NJ-issued birth certificates. The bill should be on Governor Chris Christie's desk tomorrow. The National Center for Transgender Equality strongly urges Governor Christie to sign this bill to make accurate birth certificates more accessible for all transgender individuals born in the state of New Jersey.

TLDEF Denounces New York State Senate's Failure to Pass Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA)
TLDEF denounces the New York State Senate’s failure to pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. The bill would have added transgender people to New York’s hate crimes law and protected them from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. The bill was not brought up for a vote before the legislative session came to a close today, ending its chances for passage this session. The legislation has passed the New York State Assembly 8 times since it was first introduced 12 years ago, but the Senate has never voted on it. Governor Andrew Cuomo has voiced support for GENDA and promised to sign it into law if it ultimately passes.

Trial date set in Williams case
A trial date has been set in the homicide case of Diamond Williams, a local transgender woman who was stabbed to death two years ago.

Gun Lobbyist Ties Charleston Shooting To Transgender Rights
In a radio interview on Monday, Gun Owners of America official Erich Pratt tied the mass shooting at a black church in Charleston to the transgender rights movement, saying both are products of a school system that teaches that “there is no absolute right or wrong.”

sexta-feira, junho 26, 2015

PNR considera marcha LGBT em Braga 'provocatória e de mau gosto'
"Contra violência transfóbica" é o lema da marcha que invade a cidade dos Arcebispos.

TGEU tells EU to take trans issues to heart
TGEU Co-Chair Arja Voipio spoke today at the European Parliament about the need of the European Union to adopt a comprehensive LGBTI action plan with a strong focus on trans people. Also, future EU gender equality policy should have trans issues at heart, since transphobia and misogyny share same root causes. She reminded present parliamentarians and representatives of EU institutions that the EU should encourage and support member states to improve legal gender recognition procedures. Freedom of movement remains often an illusion for trans people, as having ID documents reflecting their gender identity is either not possible or hinges on giving up other human rights.

Travesti é assassinada em Dourados
A polícia vai utilizar imagens armazenadas por circuitos de segurança instalados naquela região, para investigar o caso
Jovem de 19 anos foi morto com um tiro no peito e o suspeito, preso, nega autoria do crime. Segundo a polícia, a vítima identificada como Sidnei A.C, que residia no centro de Dourados, teria sido baleado depois de um programa sexual.

Após ser proibida de usar banheiro feminino, estudante transexual diz que vai processar escola
No dia 17 de junho, a estudante Stheffany Pereira, de 23 anos, conta que passou por uma das situações mais constrangedoras de sua vida. Enquanto usava o banheiro feminino do Liceu Maranhense, tradicional instituição de ensino público de São Luís, no Maranhão, foi surpreendida por um monitor do colégio, dizendo que não poderia usar aquele banheiro e que deveria procurar o masculino.
Transexual advertida em banheiro de escola vai processar o Estado

Cisgender added to Oxford English Dictionary
Gender term joins 'sext', 'twerk' and 'hot mess' in the OED

Bambi: «Je souhaite que les personnes trans qui ont réussi réfléchissent au rôle qu’elles peuvent jouer»
Marie-Pierre Pruvot, alias Bambi, est l'une des rares personnalités trans out en France. À l'occasion de la Journée mondiale contre l'homophobie et la transphobie, nous l'avons interrogée sur les combats passés et à venir.

Norway proposes extending transgender rights to children
Norway's government proposed on Thursday that children as young as seven should be allowed to change their legal gender with parental support, among the lowest ages in the world for transgender rights.

Gender X: YMCA gym set to get third gender option
The YMCA is considering adding a third gender option for transgender and intersex people on its gym membership forms in response to a small but impassioned social media campaign.

Services for Gold Coast trans* community in the spotlight
A Gold Coast newspaper published claims from local trans* advocates lamenting the 2011 closure of gender-specific services for the region but the local health body claims such a service never existed, although that funding is provided to health professionals involved in the trans* community.

Transgender Military Advocate Jess Shipps Dies by Suicide
The 32-year-old Air Force veteran is remembered for helping others through work with SPARTA and through YouTube videos.
The transgender military community is in mourning after learning of the suicide of Jess Shipps, a 32-year-old Air Force veteran.

Out Transgender Airman, In Male Uniform, Attends White House Pride Reception
Granted an exception to wear a man’s uniform, Senior Airman Logan Ireland and his fiancée — another trans service member — were President Obama’s guests on Tuesday. Military policy, however, continues to ban out trans service.

Heckler interrupts Obama at Pride reception to protest deportation of LGBT immigrants
President Barack Obama took on a heckler head-on at an LGBT pride month reception at the White House Wednesday, scolding the protester for being disrespectful in “my house.”
The heckler had interrupted Obama’s remarks by protesting the detention and deportation of gay, lesbian and transgender immigrants.
Obama's reply to a trans woman proves LGBT advocacy stops at gay marriage
EXCLUSIVE: I interrupted Obama because we need to be heard

Defendant says sex led to death of transgender Santa Ana woman; judge orders trial
A man accused of killing a transgender woman told police he accidentally strangled her during a sexual encounter in the backseat of his car, according to testimony Wednesday.

Transparent Policing: Law Targets Anti-Trans Harassment
Last week, Supervisor Malia Cohen introduced an ordinance that would require the San Francisco Police Department and the Sheriff's Department to gather and report demographic data about every detention or traffic stop. The measure was initially described by Cohen (and reported by the press) as targeting racial profiling, but Cohen also included a mandate that officers record each person's sex and ask them to disclose their gender identity.

Author examines early SF laws against cross-dressing
As a professor of sociology at San Francisco State University, Clare Sears is generally concerned with the present. But for her recent book, she reached back in history to help answer a modern question: Why do LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people seem to be favorite targets of law enforcement?

Creator surprised at popularity of trans pride flag
Behind every revolutionary symbol, is a creator. Nearly 16 years ago, Monica Helms, a transgender woman, conceptualized the transgender pride flag, which is now an established mainstay in today's Pride events throughout the world.

Transgender Man Sues Tower Loan
In early February 2013, Tristan Broussard, 21, applied to work at the Lake Charles, La., branch of Tower Loan, a private finance company based in Flowood, Miss., with more than 180 branches in the United States. In an interview, Broussard says he remembers Leah Sparks, the branch's manager, being particularly impressed with his qualifications and disposition.

Mississippi Trans Teen's Murderer May Face Hate Crime Charges
A grand jury in Mercedes Williamson's home state of Mississippi may be given the option to indict her suspected killer on hate-crime charges.
Was Alabama teen Mercedes Williamson murdered because she was transgender?

Cato-Meridian transgender student says school is forcing him to wear female graduation gown, starts petition
A Cato-Meridian High School student who identifies as male said his school is making him wear a female graduation gown during the school's commencement ceremony.

Report Exposes Illegal Treatment of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students in New York Public Schools
The New York Civil Liberties Union today released a report revealing the serious and pervasive discrimination and harassment faced by transgender and gender nonconforming youth in New York public schools across the state. Despite New York’s reputation as a progressive leader, the state is failing to protect the right to an education of one of its most vulnerable student populations.
Report: Transgender students face discrimination, illegal treatment in NY public schools

Poll Shows Caitlyn Jenner’s Gender Change Hasn’t Changed Minds
A new poll shows Caitlyn Jenner’s recent transition from male to female, and the impossible-to-escape publicity surrounding it, wasn’t a watershed moment.

All charges upheld against alleged murderer of trans woman
After being delayed several weeks, the preliminary hearing of the alleged killer of a local transgender woman got off to a strong start in favor of the prosecution.