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sábado, janeiro 24, 2015

Quando o corpo não corresponde ao cerebro
A transexualidade apresenta-se como um tema atual, mas ainda capaz de gerar algumas dúvidas e preconceitos. As associações, os transexuais e os especialistas na área tentam combater a falta de informação. Apesar da evolução portuguesa, ainda existe um longo caminho a percorrer.

Transgender joiner Michelle Pindar opens beauty salon after sex change
She made her living fitting kitchens but always hoped to have a more glamorous life.
Now, joiner Michelle Pindar, 56, has fulfilled her dream by swapping hammer and nails for a hairdryer as she embarks on her new life as a woman.
She says she is much happier since becoming a woman and now spends her days waxing, applying make-up or perfecting women's eyebrows and hair in Hull.
"Being a joiner just didn't fit with the girl I wanted to be," she said. "I had a fantastic life as Mike but it is Michelle's time now."
(Photo: Michelle with staff at Body Beautiful Salon)

Green candidate apologises for offending trans people
Green Party candidate Rupert Read has apologised “unreservedly” if anyone was offended by his tweets.

Trans activist passed away after gender reassignment surgery
Doga Asi Cevik who said “Trans people are born twice; once from their mothers and once from themselves” has passed away due to complications after her gender reassignment surgery.
Trans activist Doga Asi Cevik, who provided peer consultations at the Counselling Centre for Transgender People Association (T-Der) passed away on 20 January 2015 due to complications after her gender reassignment surgery.
It was stated that Cevik contracted an “unidentified hospital microbe” and had difficulties breathing due to problems in her lungs after her operation in Antalya.
Cevik had recently left T-Der to complete her gender reassignment process. Lawyer Sinem Hun will follow the legal process in case of neglect in her death.
Former soldier dies after sex change surgery in Antalya
(Photo: Cevik holding a banner which reads "Respect my name, my body, my look, my shape, my gender, my identity!")

Inmate’s gender reassignment request approved
The court has accepted a lawsuit filed by a male inmate incarcerated at the Maltepe Closed Prison concerning his wish to change gender.

Feel Like a Woman? Just Change Your ID Gender!
State tells High Court Israelis may change their gender without undergoing a sex change operation.

Call for equality
Discrimination faced by some members of the transgender community remains rife in everyday areas of Fijian life.
This is the comment made by Bonita Qio of Pacific Rainbows Advocacy Network during a talanoa session in Lautoka yesterday, organised by the Citizens Constitutional Forum and US-based International Republican.
According to Mr Qio, transgenders faced numerous issues when trying to get registered as an NGO.

[New Zealand]
Charlotte Loh to be farewelled tomorrow
A funeral service will be held for 22-year-old Auckland trans woman Charlotte Loh tomorrow.

Award honours New West murder victim
An award honouring a New Westminster transgendered murder victim is being established by her former employer.

Transparent Season 1 Will Stream Free For Everyone, Get The Details
One year ago, Amazon Studios was mostly known for bringing John Goodman back to episodic work for the political satire Alpha House, but it’s now the home of a bustling line of original programming and intriguing upcoming projects. The current standout in the bunch is the Jill Soloway-created comedic drama Transparent, and the recent Golden Globe winner will soon be available for everyone to watch for free, with or without an Amazon Prime account.

Only 13 US states give trans students the right to use the correct toilet
Across the United States, the issue of education rights for trans students is becoming a big issue. Particularly, the rights of trans students to use the toilets and changing rooms that match their gender.

Trans woman pushes NPR to edit 'offensive' podcast about her
NPR's Invisibilia, one of 2015's biggest new podcasts, will edit future broadcasts of the episode

Violence Against Black Transgender Women Goes Largely Ignored
They struggle with transphobia and ignorance—and trying to find a place inside the Black Lives Matter movement.

Detained Trans Immigrant Marichuy Gamino to Be Released
Activists are rejoicing that the transgender asylum-seeker from Mexico, who was reportedly raped and placed in solitary confinement this past year, will be freed — but say there are many more who need help.

North Carolina Democratic Party candidate called transgender opponent ‘a man’ at forum
‘There ain’t no man left in here, honey,’ Janice Covington, a transgender woman, told former state House Rep. Patsy Keever at a Gaston County forum Tuesday after being called ‘a man.’ She compared the comment to a ‘bigoted slur.’

UNL to offer 'gender-inclusive' housing to transgender students
When a transgender student applies for housing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, these are the options: room with people who don’t match your gender identity, live alone or go someplace else.

Horrors Persist for Trans Inmates at Rikers
The transgender housing unit on New York City’s Rikers Island, announced as opening imminently in mid-November as one of a raft of reforms to reduce violence at the troubled jail, has only just accepted inmates now. And Gay City News has spoken to two transgender prisoners who say that in the interim, they were mistreated by staff and sexually assaulted by other inmates.

S.A. transgender male fights for parental rights
Dino Villarreal always considered himself the father of Sandra Sandoval’s sons.
Villarreal, 48, a San Antonio transgender male, had been living with Sandoval for eight years when she adopted a newborn boy with Down syndrome in 2002. Two years later, Sandoval adopted another boy.

Police ID victim of early morning Norfolk shooting
A Norfolk man was killed and another man injured early Saturday morning in separate shootings that occurred about two blocks apart.
Trans Woman of Color Lamia Beard Murdered in Norfolk

Vivir y morir como transexual en La Pintana: La horrorosa muerte de Dilan
Dilan Vera Parra, transexual de 26 años, murió tras ser apuñalado en el tórax en la comuna de La Pintana. Su madre dice que horas antes las mismas personas le rociaron bencina en el rostro e intentaron quemarlo. Ahora clama por justicia y asegura que la muerte de su hijo fue un crimen homofóbico. Aquí su historia.

Joven transexual fue encontrado muerto en Lo Espejo
El cuerpo de un hombre que ejercía el comercio sexual fue encontrado en la madrugada de este lunes en la comuna de Lo Espejo con, al menos, 8 heridas cortopunzantes.
Se trata de José Luis Salazar Almeida, transexual de 24 años, que en la mañana de este lunes fue encontrado muerto por los vecinos en la calle Guadalupe, cerca de la caletera de Américo Vespucio.
Investigan muerte de travesti que recibió al menos ocho puñaladas en Lo Espejo

Le partieron el cráneo a una trans en Villa Carlos Paz
Fue a las cuatro de la madrugada en la Avenida San Martin, en la ciudad cordobesa de Villa Carlos Paz. Desde la noche del 1 de enero Gabriela está internada y casi no puede hablar, por lo que le resulta difícil reconstruir quién o quiénes la agredieron.
Gabriela, una mujer trans, estaba en su parada habitual en la avenida San Martín, una de las más concurridas de la ciudad cordobesa de Villa Carlos Paz. Eran las 4 de la madrugada y se estaba prostituyendo cuando recibió una golpiza con odio: quedó internada con fracturas en la cara, el cráneo, un hematoma cerebral y moretones en todo el cuerpo. Un vecino la vio tirada, pensó que estaba muerta, y la ayudó. Desde la noche del 1 de enero que Gabriela está internada y casi no puede hablar, por lo que es difícil reconstruir quién o quiénes la agredieron.

sexta-feira, janeiro 23, 2015

Portugal adds gender identity to the Labour Code
The Portuguese Parliamentarians outlawed employment discrimination against trans people in a vote on Friday, January 16, 2015.

Man organising transsexual wedding hits back at online trolls and urges positivity
A man who is organising the wedding of a dying Worcester transsexual has defiantly hit back at the online trolls abusing him for helping the couple.

Green Party candidate accused of transphobia
Cambridge Green Park parliamentary candidate Rupert Read has been accused of allying with anti-trans feminists.
Twitter spat as Green Party Candidate accused of transphobia
Cambridge Green Party parliamentary candidate Rupert Read accused of transphobia

Hateful 'Parody' of Trans-Inclusive Bathroom Signs Pollute U.K. Campus
The sign, which misgenders and leans on tired myths about trans women as inherently 'threatening,' has been swiftly denounced and removed as its creator remains anonymous.

Gender Recognition Bill still problematic, campaigners say
Transgender rights activists query medical evaluation clause as debate starts in Seanad
Tánaiste says recognition of transgender identity a sign of growing maturity
Press Release: Trans Voices Must Be Heard as Gender Recognition Bill 2014 Debated in Seanad
Gender Recognition Matters - Help Share TENI's New Video
TENI Resources on Gender Recognition Bill Now Available

Bologna to host 6th European Transgender Council
In autumn, we invited you to hand in your candidacy to host the next European Transgender Council 2016. Many trans and LGBT organisations expressed their interest to organise the 6th European Transgender Council and to welcome all of you in 2016 to their respective cities. To see our community so eager and ready to invest themselves to make the largest event for trans people in Europe happening makes us happy and proud. We would like to thank all the applicants for their candidacy and the effort they invested in it. Unfortunately a decision had to be made and it was a difficult one!

Malta grants first asylum status to transgender refugee
Protection was granted by the Commissioner after the case was considered and the individual circumstances of the case were reviewed.

L'armée israélienne a décidé de soutenir les transsexuels
Tsahal est considérée comme l'armée la plus tolérante au monde à l'égard des Gays et Lesbiennes

India Sees Passionate Protests Against 'Transphobic' Storyline in New Film
New film I's popular director and star cannot shake activists who are demanding an apology for the movie's demeaning, hypersexual portrayal of a trans woman.

Court of Appeal: Islamic laws subject to Federal Constitution
The Court of Appeal, in a 46-page written judgment, has declared Section 66 of the Negeri Sembilan Syariah Criminal Enactment 1992, which bars men from cross-dressing as females in public as unconstitutional and void.

SEXING THE TRANSMAN: The Buck Angel Interview
Buck Angel is a 42-year old brawny muscular redheaded good-looking bearded hunk. With his heavily tattooed body, his twinkling eyes and his infectious smile, he is in fact one very hot man. But this wasn’t always the case, as in our label-fixated society Buck is actually a transsexual who is very much a man but one with a significant difference than most. He is, as he loves to describe himself so succinctly, 'a man with a pussy'.

Why It’s a Big Deal That Obama Said ‘Transgender’
Every word in every State of the Union speech is vetted. And President Barack Obama’s decision to say a certain word among the 6,718 he uttered on Tuesday is reverberating through the LGBT community. That’s because Obama just became the first President to say the word transgender during such a high-profile occasion. And most advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights are thrilled.

FBI Understates Hate-Motivated Attacks on Transgender People
An FBI hate crime report released today says only 33 people were targeted in bias crimes for their gender identity in the United States in 2013. By way of comparison, the NCAVP issued a comprehensive report in May that found 344 transgender people were the victims of hate-motivated violence last year.

Trans Student Says University Staff Harassed, Kicked Him Out of Locker Room
A.T. Furuya says he was berated by both a schoolmate and gym staff, who allegedly told him to leave the locker room despite San Diego State's clear nondiscrimination policy.

Transgender Inmate Can Sue Prison Over Rape
A transgender inmate who was sexually assaulted in prison may pursue claims that prison officials risked her safety by putting her in a cell with a rapist, a federal judge ruled.

Chicago City Council prohibits police profiling of trans* people
By a unanimous vote January 21, the Chicago City Council approved the expansion of an existing city ordinance prohibiting police profiling based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability, military discharge, marital, financial or parental status to include gender identity and national origin.

N.C. Democratic Party chair candidate under fire for transgender insult
A candidate for the chairmanship of North Carolina Democratic Party is under fire after insulting a fellow candidate who is transgender at a candidate forum in Gastonia on Tuesday.
NC Democratic Party candidate calls transgender opponent ‘a man’

Governor Andrew Cuomo urges civil rights law for transgender New Yorkers
The governor is calling for an amendment to the state’s civil rights law to protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination in housing, employment, credit, education and public accommodations.
Governor Cuomo Calls for Passage of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act in State of the State!

Students frustrated with segmentation of population at Barnard trans admissions forums
Some students and faculty members are frustrated that Thursday’s town hall on Barnard’s transgender admissions policy will only be open to Barnard students and alumni.

Central Clinic introduces Transgender Wellness Program
In response to the suicide of Ohio transgender teen Leelah Alcorn on Dec. 28, the University of Cincinnati has introduced the Transgender Wellness Program to address the mental health needs of the transgender community.

Rest In Peace, Lamia Beard!
Well, didn't take long for me to have to write my first post of 2015 memorializing one of our fallen African-American trans sisters.
This happened in Norfolk, VA, her name was Lamia Beard, and she was 30 years old.
Lamia was found just before 4 AM EST on January 17 suffering from a gunshot wound in the 700 block of E. 25th Street. She was taken to Norfolk General Hospital where she later died.

quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2015

Código do trabalho poderá vir a proteger pessoas transexuais
Foi aprovada sexta-fera passada, dia 16 de Janeiro, a inclusão da identidade de género no Código do Trabalho.

University poster claims trans women “rape women every nine minutes”
A poster has been put up at University of Bristol misgendering trans women and claiming cis women need to “surrender their boundaries”.
The poster appears to be a parody of one put up by Bristol’s LGBT society which went viral in November. The original poster read “If you’re out in public and you can’t figure out a stranger’s gender, follow these simple steps: 1. Don’t worry about it.” Bristol LGBT society widespread praise for its trans-positive campaign.
UK university poster claims trans people 'rape women every nine minutes'

[Reino Unido]
Foi capitão e agora é a primeira transexual do Exército
Hannah Winterbourne contou a sua história ao Daily Mail onde revela que combateu no Afeganistão como homem, mas percebeu que não se sentia bem no seu corpo. Foi na Alemanha que acabou por tomar a decisão de mudar de sexo. Agora, é capitã do Exército britânico e diz sentir-se muito bem com a sua decisão. Conheça a história de Hannah.

Exeter pensioner mistakenly sent confidential details of transgender NHS patients
A pensioner from Exeter is receiving dozens of confidential letters meant for an NHS clinic that helps trans people.

Gender Recognition Bill to be published today
The Gender Recognition Bill will be introduced in the Seanad this afternoon.

Turkey’s ever first transgender shelter house opens
Turkey’s first-ever shelter house for transgender women has opened in Istanbul, thanks to the efforts of transgender individuals and donations raised at a trans fashion show, the woman behind the shelter has told news website Radikal.

Israel to allow sex changes on ID card without surgery
Following Supreme Court ruling, Interior Ministry changes standards for recognizing gender change
Israel allows gender change on ID cards without surgery

Transgender in Jerusalem: Meet Yiscah Smith, the inspiring ex-Orthodox Jewish activist who created a life as a woman
Smith, born Jeffrey and raised in Long Island, New York, tells The Independent about her struggle to come out as a woman and being 'honest with God'

Pakistan's cross-dressing men dance despite fear
Muhammed Muheisen, chief photographer in Islamabad for the Associated Press, spent two years talking with Pakistan's cross-dressing men and the transgendered, working to gain their trust to offer a rare glimpse into their lives in this conservative country.

Transgenders rally against I
A group of transgenders protested on Monday against what they claimed was a humiliating portrayal of the transgender community in the recently-released I, directed by Shankar.
Anti-trans film sparks protests in India

Transphobia on the rise, says Hijra Samiti
Members of Telangana Transgender Hijra Samiti on Monday expressed anguish over the alleged murder of a transgender, Pravallika, on January 17.
The members said transphobic violence was on the rise in the city and alleged that complaints across several police stations on the issue in Cyberabad and Hyderabad have not yielded any positive results.
Hyderabad: Transgenders find it hard to get jobs
India trans activists demand protection amid rise in violence

Activists say sex-change rules reform could take years
Transgender rights activists yesterday said that reforms on gender reassignment regulations might require legislative action, amid speculation that current reforms aimed at revising an administrative order issued by the Ministry of the Interior will not succeed.

Vietnam proposes separate jails for gays
Majority of trans inmates want separate prisons to avoid sexual harassment

[New Zealand]
Obit labels trans woman 'son', 'brother'
A transgender Auckland woman has been misgendered in her death notice, where her family says she was “also known as Charlotte”.
Charlotte Amelia Loh, 22, died suddenly on Sunday.
The death notice Loh’s family has placed in the New Zealand Herald today uses a male birth name, refers to her as a ‘son’ and ‘brother’, and says she was “also known as Charlotte”.
It's understood Loh had specifically asked not to be referred to by the wrong name or pronoun.

Six Nations woman shares her transgender experience
Aiyyana Maracle is an accomplished writer, an award-winning theatre artist, an opera director, a visual artist and a scholar.
Yet she lives in poverty.
Born on Six Nations, Maracle recently returned to her birthplace to build a home with her adult son and his wife. After years of being estranged from her family, Maracle is building new connections and a new life.

January Marie Lapuz Award Created In Honour Of Slain Transgender Woman
A youth leadership award has been created in honour of January Marie Lapuz, a transgender woman who was killed in New Westminster, B.C.

Fighting for inclusive identification
New campaign hopes to improve government-issued identification for trans people

President Obama Acknowledges Humanity of Trans and Bisexual Americans in Historic State of the Union
Tonight, President Barack Obama includes transgender and bisexual people in the State of the Union address in reference to American values and the defense of human dignity. This inclusion is unprecedented in any State of the Union address.
State of the Union: These 3 Words Were Used For First Time Ever

ICE Responds to Abuse of Transgender Detainee Allegations
Last week, I wrote about the case of Nicoll Hernández-Polanco, a Guatemalan transgender woman who is detained in an all-male Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Florence.

SF trans woman's '09 killing remains unsolved
Five years after the homicide of Mariah Qualls, a transgender woman who was found dead in her North Beach residential hotel room, San Francisco police are still working to bring whoever's responsible into custody.

Fired transgender Connecticut police officer sues for discrimination
A transgender Connecticut police officer fired last June has filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation and wrongful termination.

"All This Time I've Had A Daughter, Not A Son": A Talk With Parents Of Transgender Teen
Last December, on an early Sunday morning, in Warren County, Ohio, 17-year-old Leelah Alcorn committed suicide by walking in front of a tractor trailer.

Several gather in downtown Evansville to remember transgender teen who committed suicide
You have probably seen the story about Leelah Alcorn on social media. The 17-year-old, born a male, was transgender and committed suicide in December.

Ky bill targets transgender school-bathroom use
In a rebuke to a Louisville high school, a Kentucky lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would ban transgender students from using school restrooms that don't correspond to their anatomical sex.
Sponsor Of Most Ridiculous Anti-Trans Legislation In America Tries To Justify It, Hilarity Ensues
Ky. Transgender Restroom Proposal Draws National Attention

Transgender Woman Says Change Was Lifesaving, Despite Losing Job, Loved Ones
Until her late 50s, Steph James of Maryland Heights lived a life that, from all appearances, looked like the American dream.
But it wasn’t her dream. Raised as Steve, James always felt she was female. After a successful career, 30-year marriage and three children, she divorced, and began living as a woman. Her story will be included in a book documenting transgender people over the age of 50, called “To Survive on this Shore.” James’ saga reveals a life of trying to conform, sinking into depression and, finally, making life-saving decisions.
Cornellian Decries Alleged Transphobic Harassment
Transgender graduate student Meredith Talusan has been barred from living in Telluride House — an organization independent of the University that provides free room and board for its residents — after leaving the house and actively protesting against what she has called transphobic harassment by her housemate.

GCS discusses transgender policy
As bathroom use by transgender students in schools has grown to a national level, during their monthly meeting Thursday, the Greenville Central School Board of Education discussed the issue and how it may impact their own policies.

Local Mother Shares Her Experience Of Raising A Transgender Child
The suicide of a transgender teen from Ohio continues to fuel an emotional discussion across the country. Last month, LeelahAlcorn walked in front of a semi on I-71 near Cincinnati. The note she left behind said her parents had refused to accept her as a girl, and she believed her life was not worth living.

Pennsylvania’s governor-elect chooses ‘transsexual’ physician general
The soon-to-be governor of Pennsylvania made headlines this weekend by selecting the state’s first transsexual physician general – a pediatric psychiatrist who began living as a woman about five years ago, despite the fact that he was born a man.

Petition seeks anti-trans charter amendment
Not satisfied with efforts to repeal Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance, one anti-LGBT activist is calling for a charter amendment to ban transgender protections in the city.

Trans Woman Gets Help in Fight Against Saks
A transgender woman who says the retailer discriminated against her has responded to Saks's motion to dismiss her case and is getting support from two prominent LGBT rights groups.
Transgender Houston woman suing Saks calls retailer's discrimination stance 'astounding'

La lucha de una mujer transexual para ejercer como abogada
A mediados de los ochenta, era conocida como Sergio Cava, cantante de pelo esponjoso y batido de JAS, uno de los grupos de rock peruanos que más sonó por aquellas épocas. Pocos años antes, Fiorella se había graduado en la carrera de Derecho en la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Combinaba su trabajo de representante de disqueras internacionales con los conciertos en los que tocaba enfundada en pantalones pitillo, camisa, y fachada de varón.

terça-feira, janeiro 20, 2015

British Army officer: I was ‘living an act’ before coming out as trans
An officer in the British Army has opened up about being transgender.
British Army's first transgender officer was 'living an act'
My body was wrong, says transgender Army captain

Israel recognizes sex changes without operation
It will now be possible to change the gender designation on one's identity card without having sex reassignment surgery.

Shankar gets police protection
Shankar's much-awaited I that recently hit the screens, has come under the ire of transgender community. The community in Chennai is upset by the way one of the characters has been portrayed in the film and hence, has expressed their displeasure on it. Their bone of contention is with the way the makeup artist, who is a transgender, propositions the hero in the film.
In Concurrence with their Counterparts

Human rights group thanks CDC for adding “sexual identity” to new charter
The Foundation of Thai Transgender Alliance for Human Rights has expressed its appreciation to the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) for including the term “sexual identity” in the permanent charter.

Trans sex workers among China's most discriminated groups
Report finds the women face 'amplified stigma' due to their gender and job

New gender proposals by MOI draw more criticism
Backtracking? Activists are unhappy that the interior ministry’s latest proposals would bar married people or those with children from seeking gender reassignment

[Sri Lanka]
Sri Lanka’s LGBTIs are hopeful new President will act to protect their rights
Sri Lankan LGBTI rights group Equal Ground hope the incoming government of President Maithripala Sirisena will be more open minded to the needs of sexual minorities and transgender people

This Is What Transgender Locker Room Harassment Looks Like
Conservatives often claim that allowing transgender people (especially transgender women) access to the restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity endangers women and children by violating their privacy. More often, it’s the transgender person who is unsafe, particularly if the facility doesn’t provide them with privacy options, as one student at San Diego State University (SDSU) recently learned.

Kentucky Lawmaker: Fine Schools $2,500 Every Time a Trans Student Uses 'Wrong' Bathroom
Last week Senator C.B. Embry, Jr. introduced an antitrans bill to Senate, declaring that removing trans students from same-sex facilities is an "emergency."

St. Louisans’ Photo Project Brings Older Transgender People Out Of The Shadows
When the TV show “Transparent” won two Golden Globe Awards a week ago Sunday, many transgender people felt validated, and a little less invisible.

Teen's death spurs new push to ban conversion therapy
The Empire State Pride Agenda, New York's civil rights and LGBT advocacy group, launched an online petition on to push for the passage of two bills, one protecting LGBT youth from conversion therapy efforts and the other — the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act — that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression. The petition calls for the prevention of state-licensed therapists from practicing "conversion therapy" — a controversial method that attempts to "convert" gays to heterosexuals or change the gender identity of transgenders — and adds gender identity to anti-discrimination and hate crime laws.

Transgender woman could make history as Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's physician general
If selected to served in Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's Cabinet, Dr. Rachel Levine could become the highest-ranked transgender woman in Pennsylvania state government history.
Tom Wolf Names Transgender Woman Physician General
(Photo: Dr. Rachel Levine, an openly transgender woman, was recently chosen to be the new Pennsylvania Physician's General and may be named to Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's Cabinet.)

segunda-feira, janeiro 19, 2015

Pingo Doce Boneca retirada das prateleiras por ter órgão sexual errado
Nos hipermercados Pingo Doce estava a ser distribuída a boneca Joana, que não tinha o órgão sexual de uma menina, mas sim de um menino. Quando a situação foi verificada pela fabricante, que importa a boneca de Espanha, foi estabelecido que seria retirada das prateleiras, avança o Jornal de Notícias.
Discriminação, a negação da existência das pessoas trans, a negação de que nem todas as mulheres têm uma vagina e nem todos os homens têm um pénis, uma clara demonstração da vontade de não educar inclusivamente as crianças, lamentável a todos os níveis.

Nove assassinatos em menos de 48 horas em Cuiabá e Várzea Grande; janeiro agora registra 31 homicídios
Nove assassinatos em menos de 48 horas na Grande Cuiabá em mais um final de semana de terror e sangue. Janeira segue violento. Agora já são 31 assassinatos em 17 dias (até nesta sábado, 17) com mais quatro pessoas mortas violentamente nas últimas 24 horas apenas em duas cidades de Mato Grosso: Cuiabá e Várzea Grande. Um travesti foi encontrado morto dentro de um motel no Jardim Potiguar, local também conhecido como Zero Km, em Várzea Grande. A Polícia suspeita de overdose de cocaína. Além da violência uma fatalidade. Um homem de 63 anos morreu eletrocutado.

Senator Zappone Holds First Civic Forum on Gender Recognition
Yesterday (14th January), Senator Zappone hosted the first Civic Forum on Gender Recognition in Leinster House. Members of TENI, BeLonG To Youth Services, Amnesty International, TransParenCI, Irish Trans Student Alliance (ITSA), LGBT Noise and the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) were in attendance for this momentous occasion.

Transgenders Gear up to Protest Slur in ‘I’
Ace filmmaker Shankar drew flak from the transgender community for portraying them in bad-light in the Vikram-starrer ‘I’.
A section of the transgenders who had watched the movie slammed it as yet another slur on them. Speaking to Express, Banu, coordinator, Thirunangaigal Urimai Kuzhu (Transgenders’ Rights Forum), said the movie shows them as sex-starved creatures.
Transgender community unhappy over their portrayal in Shankar's I

Thailand Touts Accepting Society in Establishing "Third Gender" in Constitution
Thailand, known worldwide for its vibrant trans culture, has still struggled to legally protect its trans citizens -- but a new constitution may be the first step towards change.

Trans student allegedly told by SDSU staff to get out of men’s locker room
A transgender graduate student using the men’s locker room in the Aztec Recreation Center (ARC) gym at San Diego State University (SDSU) allegedly was told by ARC staff that “she” needed to leave the men’s locker room.

Rally encourages legislators to 'add the words'
Supporters advocate for 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' to be added to the Idaho Human Rights Act
Video and Slideshow: Add the Words Rally Points to Pending First-Ever Hearing at Idaho Statehouse
Add the Words rally calls for LGBT rights

Trans* activist Joy Morris dies
Joy Hightower Morris—the celebrated Chicago transgender and HIV activist, founder of TransActions, and organizing force behind the Legends Lunch All Stars Awards honoring the lives and resilience of trans* individuals and those living with HIV/AIDS—passed away Dec. 6 after a long battle with cancer.

Metro Detroit schools face lawsuit claiming transgender child was bullied
It's a lawsuit that is capturing the attention of many.
A suit like this has never been filed before and the child at the center of the controversy just wants to be treated like any other kid.
Photos show little Olivia as a happy little girl. However, her mother said she knew early on her daughter was different.
As Olivia grew, she identified more with the boys at school, then began dressing the part later in life. She has transitioned into living as a boy.

Parents criticize Shen decision
Saturday forum draws complaints over policy on transgender bathrooms

NY Attorney General Investigating Saks for Treatment of Trans Employee
A controversial motion to dismiss the case backfires big for the high-end retailer.

Vigil for transgender teen hopes to close the gap
A candlelight vigil was held Saturday night in honor of Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year-old who identified as transgender and committed suicide.

Va. School Board Votes Against Transgender Student
Gloucester County policy restricts trans students to single-stall restrooms or those of their biological sex

domingo, janeiro 18, 2015

Grande SP: travesti é morta a facadas por sumiço de celular
Segundo amigas que moravam na mesma casa da vítima, o motivo do crime seria o sumiço de um celular. Bia, de 24 anos, foi morta por outra travesti em uma casa em Osasco, na Grande São Paulo. A assassina foi presa em flagrante.

Documentário conta a história da vida de uma transexual de Uganda
O documentário “The Pearl of África” ou em uma tradução para o português ‘A pérola da África” conta a história de Cléopatra Kumbugu, uma mulher transexual que após ter sua identidade de gênero revelada teve que fugir para outro país e hoje luta pelo reconhecimento de seus direitos em seu país de origem. Cleopatra tem 27 anos e nasceu biologicamente com o sexo masculino, teve que fugir para o Quênia após ter sido exposta e ter seu nome divulgado como homossexual na primeira página do “Red Paper” um dos principais tablóides de Uganda. Ela foi forçada a viver um mês de portas fechadas para que não fosse presa, e perdeu em uma semana seu emprego e a relação com vários membros de sua família.

Montreal transgender man turns to crowdfunding in hope to pay for surgery
Crowdfunding has secured thousands for such inane causes as a giant potato salad, but members of the transgender community have begun using it for a worthier cause: feeling at home in their own bodies.

'My heart is a girl heart' says transgender 13-year-old
Zoey seems like your typical 13-year-old girl from Los Angeles. The only difference is she was born a boy.

WATCH: Glee's Coach Beiste Comes Out as a Trans Man
The tough-but-tender football coach is finally ready to be honest with the crew at McKinley High
Glee's football coach Shannon Beiste shares his decision to transition to male

Transgender rights arrive at Capitol
Bill would make it easier to amend birth certificates

Trans Advocate Continues Working With Schools Despite Pulled MHSA Policy
Transgender woman and advocate blames misinformation for the pulled Montana High School Association proposal.
No Transgender Policy Until At Least 2016
Manhattan joins MHSA to draft transgender rules

sábado, janeiro 17, 2015

PS Aprovado projeto contra discriminações de género no emprego
O parlamento aprovou hoje na generalidade, sem qualquer voto contra, um projeto da deputada socialista Isabel Moreira para consagrar a identidade de género no direito de igualdade no acesso ao emprego e no local de trabalho.
Vitória para os direitos humanos em Portugal: identidade de género passa a constar do Código do Trabalho

Innovative programmatic approaches to HIV prevention and care services for gay men, other men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons using information and communication technology (ICT)
This Special Issue of Digital Culture & Education (DCE) provides innovative programmatic approaches to HIV prevention and care services for gay men, other men that have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons using information and communication technology (ICT) at a time when these same populations are experiencing an alarming upward trend of new HIV infections. During a successful participatory consultation in Washington D.C. in May 2013 hosted by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and co-supported by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, and the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), representatives from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Australia and the United States shared innovative uses of communication technology across HIV research, programs, outreach, advocacy and public-private partnerships. Believing it crucial to share their innovations more widely—through open-access channels—led us to working in partnership with these frontline workers, activists, researchers and educators to further document and share their technological innovations in different global contexts. Importantly, we prioritised working with frontline workers and activists by providing cyclical and targeted writing mentoring to assist them in writing about their successful digital interventions. Disseminating this timely work through open-access channels, like Digital Culture & Education (DCE) means that researchers in less resourced institutions, practitioners and activists in the field and the general public can better understand how ICT, particularly mobile technologies, provides unprecedented opportunities to more effectively reach and engage gay men, other MSM and transgender populations across the HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care cascade.

EU report: Nearly half of trans people face repeated violence
The EU has published a report uncovering some shocking statistics about the levels of transphobia in member states.

Oxford Uni students organise London vigil for trans teenager
Two Oxford students helped to organise a vigil in Trafalgar Square earlier this month, in memory of Leelah Alcorn, a trans teenager who took her own life in December.

Trans group reaches out to man who attacked trans woman
A Liverpool organisation for trans people has offered to speak with a man recently jailed for attacking a trans woman.

Christian Democrats: More sexual minority bills could jeopardise government coalition
The Christian Democratic Party says it won’t support any new proposals or draft legislation dealing with sexual minorities during the current government term. Christian Democratic chair Päivi Räsänen warned that bringing such measures to the Parliament could put the current government coalition on the line.

EU warns Turkey over LGBTI protection
The European Union has warned Turkey over the dangers posed to minorities and vulnerable groups in the country, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.

Doğa told us of her education and work life for the upcoming “We can’t get enough of trans” book: “I was a commander in the state’s military at age 18. When I came out as trans, all those certificates, praises, badges were zeroed. I think it’s very funny.”

Serbian transgender army officer was forced to retire, says rights group
Activists say veteran major was discriminated against after her transgender identity was deemed a threat to army’s reputation

Russia gives green light for transgender drivers to stay on the road - TRFN
Russian officials have given transgender citizens, many of whom have felt increasingly persecuted by the state in recent years, the green light to keep on driving after a new road safety decree sparked panic that they would be banned from the road.

A transgender story: From male Orthodox activist to female author, educator in Jerusalem
Twenty-five years ago, Yiscah Smith was a man who ran a Jerusalem educational center for Chabad — a religious group that helps bring unaffiliated Jews closer to their faith. These days, she is doing a different sort of outreach — as a transgender activist and educator who preaches a message of truth and tolerance.

Transgender sex workers among China’s most marginalised people
Report by Asia Catalyst shines light on their intense social ostracism, leaving them vulnerable to HIV infection and abuse

Thailand to recognise third gender[Thailand] Thailand to recognise third gender
Thailand’s new constitution will include references to a third gender for the first time.

More support needed for transgendered students in schools
Workshop being held in Truro this month to support LGBQT youth

Transgender people say discrimination by health professionals still exists
Imagine hiding your true identity for years. Then, when you finally find the courage to reach out to a doctor or psychologist, they can’t – or won’t – help you.

Trans People to InTouch Weekly: Your Fake Bruce Jenner Cover Is 'Sad'
The supermarket tabloid's latest cover crosses a line, say several trans advocates.
InTouch Weekly Photoshopped Bruce Jenner As A Woman On Their Cover

Jane Clementi, Mother Of Tyler Clementi, Speaks Out On The Suicide of Transgender Teen Leelah Alcorn
As we've been reporting, the tragic death of Leelah Alcorn has grabbed the attention of people across the country and across the world. Leelah's final plea in a suicide note posted on Tumblr was that we "fix society." Since then, hundreds rallied in D.C., a Cleveland City Councilman gave an emotional and impactful speech on the need to protect trans youth, Transparent creator Jill Soloway dedicated her show's Golden Globe win to Leelah Alcorn and also Jane Clementi, the mother of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers student who took his own life after he learned that his roommate had recorded him kissing another man, is speaking out and calling for a change in our "hearts and minds" so that we "celebrate every life":

Meet the Bowsers: Transgender Parents Raising 2 Sons
Meet the Bowser family. Bianca and Nick Bowser live with their sons Kai, 3, and Pax, 17 months, in Louisville, Kentucky, where no one knows their family secret, at least, until now.

Obama urged to take stance on military’s transgender ban in SOTU
In his State of the Union Address next week, a San Francisco-based group wants President Obama to take a stance on the military’s ban on transgender service members.

Right-Wingers Want Constitutional Amendment Banning Trans People
They also admit they are in a 'war … with the LGBT community.'
FRC Spox Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Ban Recognition Of Gender Reassignment

Google+ introduces ‘infinite’ custom gender options
Google’s social networking site has changed the options for users to define their gender, allowing “infinite” options.
Google+ Will Now Let Users Identify Their Gender Using Their Own Words

Immigration Advocates Demand Release of Abused Trans Asylum Seeker
Nicoll Hernández-Polanco says she's faced transphobia and verbal, physical, and sexual abuse from immigration staff and other detainees in her all-male facility, despite posing no 'security threat.'

Not guilty pleas entered in Mrs. Doubtfire house arson
A transgender woman accused of setting fire to the Pacific Heights house known for its role in the 1993 hit film Mrs. Doubtfire has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, arson, and other charges.

SDSU transgender student claims he was harrassed, kicked out of locker room
A San Diego State University student and transgender man claims he was berated in the men’s locker room at the Aztec Recreation Center by another student and then kicked out of the locker room by a staff member this week.

Defense: Barbie Cross-Dresser was High on Meth but Did Not Attack Woman
The attorney for a man accused of attacking a woman in a toilet stall at a Big Lots store last year while wearing a child’s pink Barbie costume told a jury Thursday that he may have cross-dressed because he was high on alcohol and methamphetamine but was not guilty of an assault.

Fired Trans Police Officer Sues Connecticut Town Over Alleged Discrimination
Francesca Quaranta's lawsuit describes being verbally harassed, excessively scrutinized by superiors, and ultimately pushed out of her long-term job.

Georgetown Students Join Rally Advocating Coverage for Transgender ‘Transitioning’
Georgetown students reportedly joined a march outside the Justice Department, advocating for gender transitioning insurance coverage and a federal ban on conversion therapy for minors, among other demands, according to The Hoya. In light of events connected to Catholic universities promoting confusing ideas about gender, The Cardinal Newman Society recently interviewed theologians from faithful Catholic colleges about Church teaching on sexual identity.

D.C. Trans Teen's Attacker Now Faces 15 Years in Prison
After pleading guilty to stabbing a trans teen aboard a train, hate crime enhancements have now extended the maximum time Reginald Anthony Klaiber may serve in prison.

Dozens gather to mourn trans teen
Nearly 200 miles from Kings Mills Ohio, home of deceased transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, dozens of people crowded together last night in Rachel’s Café to give meaning to her death.

Kentucky Legislator Quietly Introduces Bill Banning Trans Students From Using Correct Bathrooms
A Kentucky legislator has proposed a bill that would single out, marginalize, and humiliate transgender students who use school bathrooms — and with practically no media fanfare.
Kentucky Lawmaker Wants To Ban Transgender Students From Bathrooms
Bill targets transgender bathrooms
ThinkProgress Aghast At Kentucky Bill That Would Prevent Teen Boys From Changing In Girls Locker Rooms
State Sen. Embry Introduces Kentucky Student Privacy Act

Students at all-female Mass. college cancel annual ‘Vagina Monologues’ performance, saying play isn’t trans-friendly
Eve Ensler's 'Vagina' play is a classic at colleges nationwide, but students at Mount Holyoke College aren't into it anymore. The school's theater group says the play overlooks transgender issues, and it is planning to produce an original play called 'The Student Body' instead.

New preferred name policy launches pilot program
Through the combined efforts of several campus offices, a pilot program has been launched to allow students to use their preferred names in many more settings than are currently available, including class rosters, University emails and diplomas.

Trans Woman & Advocate Supports Proposed MHSA Policy
One trans woman in Missoula is pushing for change.
Executive Director of the Gender Expansion Project Bree Sutherland grew up and came out as gay in Kalispell. She decided to transition to female in Missoula, but has been back home several times.

Transgender inmate to get $80,000
The state has agreed to pay $80,000 to settle a lawsuit by a transgender inmate from Rochester who alleged she was beaten by corrections officers at the Attica Correctional Facility.

Officer testimony renews hope in Morris case
For the past 12 years, an outstanding question in the Nizah Morris case has been whether Officer Elizabeth Skala was authorized to give a Center City “courtesy ride” to Morris.

Trans woman wanted in connection with stabbing
Two people beat and stabbed a man in a Center City fast-food restaurant last Wednesday night, and police believe one of the culprits is transgender.

Trans buddy program to support LGBT patients
Summary: Fear of being stigmatized by health care professionals is a barrier for many patients who are members of the LGBT community — it’s one of the most-reported reasons transgender individuals do not go to the doctor. Two researchers want to change that. This month the pair, along with a dedicated group of volunteers, will begin serving as advocates for a pilot program called Trans Buddy.

quinta-feira, janeiro 15, 2015

World Cup officials ask Genoveva Anonma to strip to prove her ‘womanhood’
International sports star Genoveva Anonma revealed that she was asked to strip naked to prove her “womanhood” in front of World Cup officials. Not only was her personal torment mortifying, but it further opened the once closed-door on sports and their debate of gender and power when it comes to female athletes.

Fundamental Rights Agency Publishes first specific EU Trans Report: Young, Unemployed and Poor Trans People are Most at Risk
TGEU welcomes the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s report Being Trans in the European Union: Comparative analysis of EU LGBT survey data. The new report analyses the findings of the EU LGBT survey data (2012) for its nearly 7000 trans respondents. It is thus the largest survey in Europe looking particularly into the situation of trans people.

I got my first pair of heels as a three-year-old boy: Retired IT teacher finally has gender reassignment surgery 59 YEARS after he started wearing women's clothes
Steph Holmes, 65, from Lancashire, rang in the new year as a woman
It comes 59 years after the retired IT teacher started dressing as a girl
As a boy, his mother bought his first pair of heels aged three
Retired teacher born a man finally has sex change 59 years after being bought first pair of heels

Man jailed for transphobic attack in Liverpool
20-year-old Ryan Kenny from Wirral has been jailed for 20 months for a attacking a trans woman in Liverpool.

Belgium to change its outdated sex change law
Equal Opportunities Secretary Elke Sleurs has said that the procedure required by law to allow people to change sex should be simplified.

Drama school rejects a trans man because of his gender identity
Greek Transgender Support Association (G.T.S.A.), a recognized organization for the protection of the rights of the trans community, informs with this press release about the case of a trans man who became the subject of a very serious transphobic discrimination when he was rejected from the Dramatic Art Theatre School because of his gender identity.

Health Ministry Says Transsexuals Can Still Drive in Russia
The Health Ministry has denied widespread reports that transvestites and transsexuals could lose their rights to drive in Russia based on a new road safety decree.

[South Africa]
2014 Trans* Health, Advocacy and Research Conference
The 2nd Trans* Health, Advocacy and Research conference, themed “Rooted in the past, reaching for the future” took place 31 May – 2 June 2014. The report provides an overview of the conference, organised in thematic categories. The report embarks on a section bringing the 2011 conference recommendation in context to the 2014 conference by reflecting on accomplishments in that period, and simultaneously points to gaps, still needed to be bridged. Available for download in PDF:

Centre plans financial aid for parents of transgender children
Pre-and-post-matric scholarships also proposed for such students

Sexual minorities stage protest over atrocities, harassment
Criticising various instances of harassment and violence, meted against sexual minorities in Hassan district and other parts of the State, sexual minorities and activists under the banner of Coalition of Sexual Minority and Sex Workers’ Rights, took out a rally, here, on Sunday.

'Third gender' will be acknowledged in the new constitution
The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) agreed yesterday to note the "third gender" or people of different sexuality in the new Constitution, a move likely to empower transgender people so they have rights equal to others in society under the law.

WATCH: Young transpeople in local TEDx talk
Two young Australian transpeople were invited to speak out about what life’s like for them in an illuminating TEDx talk in Sydney recently.

“Transparent,” Jeffrey Tambor Win Golden Globes
Last night, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association honored Transparent with the Golden Globe award for “Best Television Series—Comedy or Musical” and honored Jeffrey Tambor with the Golden Globe award for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series—Comedy or Musical.”

How A Catholic Mom Learned To Love Her Trans Son — And His Wife
Liam Lowery talks with BuzzFeed about coming out to his parents as trans, and why it’s just as important to hear from families who have learned to love their LGBT kids without reservation.

Gwen Stefani Supports Her Sons Wearing Nail Polish
The pop rocker says she supports her three kids' gender expressions no matter what — a stance many psychologists agree is best for all children.

Snoop Dogg Threatened with Lawsuit Over Transphobic Instagram Post
Snoop Dogg is not known as being one of the more homophobic rappers in the music industry; in fact, his song "Dove of Peace" that he performed with Elton John at the end of Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno along with explicitly stating that he's cool with gay people seems to make him an outright ally.

Hundreds March in Support of Trans Rights
Activists issue demands in call to "fix society" after suicide of Ohio transgender teen Leelah Alcorn
WATCH: Trans Leader's Speech Perfectly Explains Why We Must 'Fix Society,' Not Trans People

Trans New Yorkers can now change gender on birth certificate without convertive surgery
Name change is also no longer a requirement

Leelah Alcorn's best friend kept from funeral
Parents blame her for sharing photos of the transgender teen in a dress

El drama transexual llega al cine cubano con 'Vestido de Novia'
Esta es una ópera prima de la realizadora cubana Marilyn Solaya.

Fátima: Una película sobre la voluntad de seguir adelante
Aunque el centro del relato de Fátima o el parque de la Fraternidad es la historia de un travesti, no intenta ser una película de tema homosexual, sino un canto a la voluntad de todo ser humano para seguir adelante ante la adversidad.

[República Dominicana]
Policía apresa principal sospechoso de homicidio de una joven trans
Agentes de la Policía Nacional, apresaron el pasado 01 de diciembre a un sospechoso del homicidio de una joven trans en noviembre.

[Colombia] [Editorial]
Cambiar de sexo
Desde hace un tiempo, una linea jurisprudencial está siendo sentada en la Corte Constitucional: la orden a varias EPS de este país para que autoricen operaciones de cambio de sexo.

Fiscalía inicia investigaciones por homicidios de mujeres trans en Risaralda
En el marco del Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos, la Fiscalía General de la Nación reafirma su compromiso con investigaciones penales que atienden a un enfoque respetuoso de los Derechos Humanos, con perspectiva de género, y comparte la afirmación que realiza la Fundación Grupo de Acción y Apoyo de Personas Trans -GAAT- al señalar que: “No podemos defender los derechos humanos, sin defender los derechos de las personas Trans”.

quarta-feira, janeiro 14, 2015

PS propõe alteração ao código laboral para acabar com discriminação dos transexuais
Segundo o relatório da Agência da União Europeia para os Direitos Fundamentais, 60% das mulheres transexuais e 43% dos homens transexuais sentiram discriminação na procura de emprego.
Disforia de sexo, esta é nova, e não será com esta iniciativa que a discriminação vai acabar, eram precisas cotas, pelo menos para não haver tanta trans assumida desempregada (o mesmo para pessoas com idades mais avançadas). E 60% das mulheres trans na UE parece-me uma estimativa demasiado optimista, considerando os niveis de transfobia exitentes.

Corpo de travesti assassinado a pedradas é encontrado em terreno baldio no Cidade de Deus
Vítima teria sido espancada até a morte com uma pedra e ainda sofrido violência sexual. Sem identificação e não reconhecida por moradores, travesti era morena e estava vestida de bermuda jeans e top preto

Lime Street transgender attack sees Wirral man jailed for 20 months
Transgender woman attacked outside Lime Street station

Advancement of transgender's rights
The term “third gender” describes individuals who are categorised as neither man nor woman. Although nothing seems more natural to us than those human beings who are divided into two genders, masculine and feminine. However, the world is slowly moving towards the formal recognition of the existence of a third gender. As reported by the Global Issues Section in the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the rights of transgender people, particularly to say, their own identity and access to health, education, work, housing and other rights are being increasingly widely recognised. To be noted, there has long been a tradition of a third gender in the region of South Asia, known as hijras, and neighbours to Bangladesh particularly India, Nepal and Pakistan have already given the recognition to the third gender people.

Taiwan rejects progressive trans policy
Transgender people still must undergo psychiatric evaluations and surgery before legally changing gender

U.S. Marine charged with murder of Filipino transgender woman
Philippine government prosecutors charged a detained U.S. Marine with murder Monday in the killing of a Filipino transgender woman that reignited an irritant between the military allies over custody of American military personnel suspected of committing crimes.

Transgender icon Calpernia Addams is heading to Sydney for Mardi Gras
Calpernia Addams, who’s life story was the basis of the movie A Soldier’s Girl, will take part in the 2015 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival as a special guest at the Gender Trailblazers event

Exploring romance and challenging the mainstream in Transgender Seeking
Following sold-out shows in Europe, the US and Canada, trans writer-performer Sunny Drake is bringing his hilarious and tender exploration of modern relationships to Midsumma, writes Garrett Bithell.

Transgender advocate calls on N.B. to fund gender reassignment surgery
An advocate for New Brunswick’s transgender community says it’s time the province started covering gender reassignment surgery.

Trans Style Magazine Candy Just Made History With Their Latest Cover
It features 14 transgender women, including Laverne Cox, Geena Rocero, and Janet Mock.

Discovery Life Channel explores lives in transition with transgender series ‘New Girls On The Block’ premiering April 2
Discovery Life Channel has announce that New Girls On The Block, previously announced under the working title Those Girls, will premiere April 2. New Girls On The Block follows a group of highly inspirational and entertaining women from Kansas City, Mo. – all friends, some couples – who just happen to be transgender. After years of struggling with their gender identities, they are finally finding themselves and learning what it means to be the women they always knew they were. Confronting issues with their relationships, their femininity, their families and friendships, New Girls On The Block is an authentic look at lives in transition. The six-part series will premiere on Discovery Life Channel Thursday, April 2 at 10/9c.

ABC Family Orders Reality Series My Transparent Life
Move over, Maura. Make room for Ben and his transgender parent, Carly.
The success of Transparent, Amazon’s award-nominated series about the lives of a middle-aged transgender woman and her grown children, seems to have piqued Hollywood’s interest in new TV shows offering viewers a look at what it’s like to be trans.

Auston Björkman is the First Openly Transgender Male Designer On the High-End Fashion Scene, And His Androgynous Vision is Incredible
His designs have been featured in Vogue Italia and GQ and his line Sir New York has been worn by the likes of Usher and French Montana — so far. If the acclaim and attention continue at the pace they’ve been pouring in, I’m sure we’re only going to see more of Auston Björkman’s futuristic, androgynous designs (which Complex Magazine has deemed “athletic goth”) in 2015. His latest fashion show was called “Unconventional Masculinity,” which nicely summarizes not only his clothing but his design theory and his delight at playing with notions of gender in fashion.

Chelsea Manning’s relatives claim she was ‘tortured’ by US military
British relatives of US whistleblower Chelsea Manning have made claims that she was “tortured” by US authorities.

Transgender 13-year-old Zoey having therapy
The hit comedy series Transparent, which tells the story of a 70-year-old dad transitioning into a woman, has picked up two Golden Globe awards and shone a spotlight on the lives of transgender people.

Woman arrested for dressing her son in girl’s clothing ‘as a punishment’
A woman has been arrested for dressing her 10-year-old son in girl’s clothing, allegedly as a “punishment” for bad behaviour.

Should transgender inmate have been denied vaginal stent, vibrator?
Back in 2002 — four years before she was sentenced to time in the Rockville Correctional Facility — Allen had undergone a male-to-female gender-reassignment surgery.

Vigil to honor transgender Ohio teen after suicide
Local organizations are offering community members the chance to discuss the impact of a transgender Ohio teen’s recent suicide.