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segunda-feira, outubro 05, 2015

Corpo é encontrado dentro de apartamento em Jardim Camburi
Um corpo foi encontrado dentro de um apartamento em Jardim Camburi, Vitória – Espírito Santo, na tarde da última quinta-feira (01). De acordo com vizinhos, na residência morava uma travesti, identificada apenas como Alvari. Ela estaria desaparecida há cerca de três meses. A polícia não confirmou se o corpo encontrado é mesmo o de Alvari, já que ele estava em avançado estado de decomposição. No entanto, vizinhos garantiram que se tratava da travesti. Inclusive uma irmã dela teria ido ao local e a reconhecido.
Corpo de travesti é encontrado em apartamento de Jardim Camburi

Burton transgender model is looking towards the future after fails to win Miss Transgender UK
A model whose transgender dreams were shattered after missing out on the top spot of a beauty pageant said that her journey is 'just beginning'.

Polish president vetoes Gender Accordance Act
President of Poland Andrzej Duda has declined to sign the Gender Accordance Act that was passed in the country's lower and upper houses of parliament this summer.

Activist for trans youths target of death threats following state expansion of trans healthcare
Trans woman Jenn Burleton, Executive Director of Portland, Oregon’s TransActive Gender Center, found herself a lightning rod for death threats and other acts of violence following expansion of the state’s health plan to include trans youths.

Biden: No Question Transgender People Can Serve in Military
Vice President Joe Biden says there is no longer any question that transgender people can serve in the U.S. military.
Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, in Dueling Speeches, Focus on Transgender Rights
Biden addresses HRC dinner as tone changes on LGBT rights
Clinton lays out LGBT vision in high-profile speech

CeCe McDonald Reflects On Life And Activism Since Her Release From Prison
"The work isn’t done until it’s done."

For transgender people, getting healthcare remains difficult despite Obamacare
Desperate for hormonal treatments, transgender patients were turning to friends and illicit dealers for unregulated cocktails of drugs. Many were left with health complications and infections that landed them in the waiting room of a busy South Los Angeles clinic.

Allison's Story
“It’s not a conflict with my faith to love my daughter”

Transgender students finding a voice in schools
On a Saturday afternoon, Ariel Zavala sits in the back of Capelo’s Salon in Tampa as her mother carefully sets her acrylic nails. Her tips are long and pointy and painted a feisty, fire-engine red.

Freedom Massachusetts: Public Hearing on Transgender Rights
Transgender rights advocates are seeking your testimony and attendance to Freedom Massachusetts’ public hearing on October 6 to push legislation forward to ensure full protections for transgender Bay Staters. This comes after trans activists, leaders and allies took the State House by storm last month demanding to be legally protected in public places.

domingo, outubro 04, 2015

President Andrzej Duda vetoes the Gender Accordance Act
It is with our deepest regrets to inform that yesterday President Andrzej Duda vetoed the Gender Accordance Act and denied trans people in Poland their human rights, treating them as second-class citizens.
Polish President Vetoes Major Transgender Rights Bill
Polish President vetoes Gender Accordance laws

[South Africa]
Gender identity in the spotlight
What if we got it wrong? What if gender is not some binary construct of male or female. Over the last few years scientific thinking has shifted to understanding that gender identity is much more fluid than was originally thought.

Iranian women’s football squad includes eight trans women, report claims
Eight transgender women are part of Iran’s women’s football squad, according to reports.

Bureaucracy Vs. Gender Reassignment
Bureaucracy prevents Muugi, a transgender woman from Mongolia, from continuing her life as a teacher.

The Story of Mike and Anchaaya – A Transgender Marriage
The story of Mike and Anchaaya is a similar story. Twelve years ago, Mike was visiting Thailand on a holiday. He went to a beauty salon to get a manicure where he met a girl. He asked her out. She told him no. Mike came back the next day. He asked her out again. She refused him again. On the third day, she finally relented and went out with him. They went out for the next three straight days which turned into a relationship that has lasted over a decade.

[New Zealand]
Trans woman allegedly raped in men's prison
The group No Pride in Prisons says a prisoner who was has made a rape complaint at an Auckland men's prison is a transgender woman.
Prison rape victim was transgender
Rape allegation at Serco prison
Jail attack inmate transgender

Canadian Store Fined for Selling Chest Binder to Trans Teen
Elected officials want the law that allowed for the fine to be repealed.

Infighting continues over transgender policy at Edmonton Catholic School Board
Many parts in document outlining considerations for Catholic boards creating transgender inclusive polices "I would not include," says board chair.
Alberta Catholic school board prepares to pass extreme transgender policy, defying archbishop’s recommendations

After Legal Hurdle, Arizona Courts Finalize Divorce of "Pregnant Man"
Thomas Beatie — who rose to fame as the first legal man to become pregnant — is officially divorced after a tumultuous years-long court battle.

Transitioning to a king: Summerville student blossoms after gender reassignment
Student musician Oliver Bishop may have stood taller than any football player at the Summerville High School homecoming game.

CU-Boulder student leaders call for gender-inclusive housing
Current options for transgender, gender non-conforming undergraduates limited, leaders say

Transgender patients one focus of Dallas surgery conference
For the transgender community, finding health care can be difficult, and finding competent health care can be even harder.

Search begins for missing transgender man in SW Houston
Volunteers with Texas Equusearch and Houston police will begin looking for a transgender man missing since September 11 in southwest Houston.

sábado, outubro 03, 2015

Angela Ro Ro dá show de transfobia e racismo em Fortaleza
Angela Ro Ro deu um show em Fortaleza, mas não foi de belas canções. A cantora, declaradamente lésbica, protagonizou um espetáculo de homofobia, transfobia e racismo, na quinta-feira 1º.

Evangélicos querem impedir que travesti use banheiro feminino
Grupo causa confusão, em Ribeirão Cascalheira, e é expulso pela PM; MPE é favorável a uso

International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization
This year the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization will be held on the 24th of October and TGEU is preparing a campaign with a special focus on Depathologizing Gender Diversity in Childhood.

Take action on the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization!
TGEU invites member organizations, trans communities and individuals to join in and take action on the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization. With this Call for Action TGEU endorses the Stop Trans Pathologization (STP) campaign and encourages trans activists and allies to get together to raise awareness on the need for depathologization of transgender identities.

Changing the minds of straight, white men – and what not to say to a trans colleague
The first Dive In festival came to London this week, exploring LGBTI diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector

Droits des transsexuels : l'Europe avance, la France recule
Après le Danemark et l'île de Malte c'est l'Irlande, pays des verts pâturages, qui vient, deux mois après avoir adopté le Mariage pour Tous, de voter une loi permettant aux personnes transsexuelles de changer officiellement de sexe grâce à une simple déclaration devant un officier d'état-civil.
L’image du jour: «Le monde avance, la France recule!», le mot d’ordre de l’Existrans 2015

TGEU Statement: Polish president Duda vetoes Polish Gender Accordance act
Today, 2nd October, the Polish President Andrzej Duda vetoed the law on Gender Accordance, which had been previously approved by the Polish Parliament (Sejm). The act will now return to the Sejm, where the veto can only be rejected with 3/5 of votes.

[South Africa]
First transgender enters surrogacy agreement
Although classified as female at birth, a man has made South African legal history by becoming the first transgender person to enter into a surrogacy agreement. X was raised as a girl but identifies as male.

Family tries to “fix” their trangender son by tricking him into an arranged marriage
A trans man says he was tricked by his parents into going to India where they arranged a sham marriage in an effort to “fix” him.

Federal Court to deliver cross-dressing judgement on Oct 8
The Federal Court has fixed Oct 8 to deliver its judgement on whether the landmark ruling which declared criminalising cross dressing as unconstitutional will be maintained.
Transgender Case: Federal Court To Decide On Oct 8 On Preliminary Objection In Appeal

Medical experiences for transgender Nova Scotians need to improve, says study
51.1 per cent of transgender people report having negative medical experiences

12-year-old transgender youth among those honoured at anti-bullying awards ceremony
In the short time since she came out as a transgender person, 12-year-old Olie Pullen from Pointe-Claire has accomplished a lot.

SEE IT: Canadian mom surprises transgender daughter with legal name change: ‘You are now Gabrielle!’
This is the heartwarming moment a Canadian mother rendered her transgender daughter speechless by surprising her with news of her legal name change.

Edmonton's Catholic school board in disarray over transgender policy
A policy for the inclusion of transgender students in the Edmonton Catholic School District could become a visible power struggle between Catholic officials and locally elected trustees, says a trustee at the centre of a dispute that threatens to implode the board.
Edmonton Catholic board enmeshed in fresh controversy
Edmonton Catholic School Board says release of internal guidance document is 'destructive'

'What I Wanted to Wear' Lays Bare Transphobic Street Harassment
For transgender and gender-nonconforming people, walking down the street as their authentic selves can mean suffering verbal assault or worse.

Why Transgenderism Tops Obama's Agenda
RUSH: What do we get from the White House? "The White House is reaching out to the transgender community for a list of things that its members want as they follow their lifestyle choices."
Limbaugh: Obama's Focus On Transgender Equality Is Proof "The Aliens Have Already Landed"
Limbaugh Decries Transgender Equality Movement Because The Transgender Community "Is So Small You Can't Even Assign It A Number"
Limbaugh Suggests Parents Are "Trying To Transgender" Their Children In A "Quest For Fame," And It's Caitlyn Jenner's Fault

Should Caitlyn Jenner Speak for the Trans Community?
Caitlyn Jenner has had many expectations placed on her. The demand of being a spokeswoman for the transgender community is perhaps the most daunting.

GLAAD sets up a UK-based operation to support LGBT Global Voices
GLAAD announced the launch of a UK operation as part of its growing global work to accelerate acceptance of the LGBT community. The launch marks the springboard for GLAAD’s international work, which to date includes lending ground support to activists in Ireland’s marriage equality referendum earlier this year, and ensuring FIFA addressed anti-LGBT slurs at the 2014 World Cup. GLAAD is also currently working to support LGBT activists in Nigeria, Russia, Jamaica, and China.

Fort Lauderdale To Transgender Travelers: Welcome
Fort Lauderdale rolled out the rainbow carpet 20 years ago to gay travelers. Today, it is a go-to travel destination for the gay and lesbian community.

Implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act: Progress in Maryland for Transgender Inmates
Stephen T. Moyer, the Secretary of the Maryland Division of Public Safety and Correction Services, has accepted most of the recommendations by Administrative Law Judge Denise Oakes Shaffer, requiring the Division to implement key elements of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, a federal statute whose regulations address important issues concerning appropriate treatment for transgender inmates. Moyer’s August 17 action, responding to Judge Shaffer’s April 1, 2015, decision on the grievance filed by inmate Neon Brown, has been described in some media accounts as the first legal victory by a transgender inmate under the PREA.

First Transgender Youth Empowerment Workshop Comes To Affirmations
Stand With Trans -- a nonprofit organization working to provide education, advocacy, mentorship, scholarship, empowerment and support to transgender youth and their families -- will host a Youth Empowerment Workshop at Affirmations beginning at 9:15 a.m., Oct. 18.

Oak Park High Alumni Face Down Hate Group In Support Of Transgender Student
Several hundred protesters met the Westboro Baptist Church outside Oak Park High School Thursday in support of the school's transgender homecoming queen.
Hundreds rally to support KC transgender homecoming queen
Opposition brings protest at KC school to early end
Community rallies in support of school's first transgender homecoming queen

Portland Police searching for missing transgender teen
Portland Police are searching for a 13-year-old transgender girl who went missing in Northeast Portland on Wednesday.

New state policies for trans inmates
The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections recently instituted new policies in response to the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, but critics say the rights of trans inmates continue to be violated.

Fifth-annual Trans* March to celebrate progress
The fifth-annual Philly Trans* March will step off again later this month and, while organizers say the event will serve as a rallying cry for more equal treatment of trans individuals, it will also celebrate the progress that has been made for trans visibility.

Transgender Houstonian Speaks Out In New Pro-HERO Video
After working a ten-hour day underground installing a basement tub, Dylan Forbis is finally ordering a drink.
Anti-HERO ads center on bathroom use, city complaint data shows other problems

Healthcare options limited for transgender persons on the Palouse
With nearly 20,000 students on campus, WSU holds significant and cherished diversity—each student brings their own ideas, values and lifestyles to Pullman.

JBLM transgender soldier endures ‘excruciating’ wait for Army reforms
As she came to realize her true gender as a woman, Jennifer Peace knew she needed to have two difficult conversations.

Charges dropped in Spokane transgender attack
A lack of evidence forced the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office to drop charges in September against two men accused of attacking a transgender woman.

Honduran advocates organize LGBT rights conference
More than 100 people on Thursday gathered in the Honduran capital to discuss ways to expand the country’s LGBT rights movement.

Photographer Captures Striking 'Before' And 'After' Images Of Men And Women Transitioning
No matter what you identify as, man or woman, we're all human.

sexta-feira, outubro 02, 2015

Identificado travesti assassinado com facada na nuca
Foi identificado como Lucas Alves de Souza, de 22 anos, o travesti morto com uma facada na nuca dia 16 de setembro em Campinas. O corpo estava no IML (Instituto Médico Legal) e foi identificado por uma irmã da vítima. Lucas foi achado morto na Rua Geraldo Gonçalves Dias, no Parque Shalon, perto do Complexo Penitenciário Campinas-Hortolândia. Segundo a polícia, a faca foi cravada na nuca e os 25 centímetros de lâmina atravessaram a cabeça saindo no queixo.

‘I wanted to be a mum even before I knew I wanted to be a woman’ – transgender model froze sperm before sex-change surgery in hope of having child
A Wearside model who fought back from the bullies to be crowned Miss Transgender North now faces her next challenge – becoming a mum.

DF Talk: Being transgender in Georgia
Natia Gvianishvili, director of NGO Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group and Nika Ghviniashvili, manager of NGO LGBT Georgia Resource Centre talk about transgenderness and the issues faced by transgender people in Georgia

Kolkata to recruit transgenders in civic police force
West Bengal government has been taking initiatives to upgrade the status of the community

Allahabad HC Orders Inclusion of Transgender in Panchayat Poll-related Forms
The Lucknow bench of Allahabad high court today directed Uttar Pradesh government and state Election Commission to provide for inclusion of third gender transgender candidates in the documents of panchayat elections, including nomination paper.

Transgenders in Chhattisgarh to undergo sex change surgery
In an effort to help transgender join the mainstream society, Chhattisgarh government is all set to draft an action plan for the welfare of nearly 3000 transgender in state.

Quebec's new gender designation regulations come into effect Oct. 1
For many trans people hoping to change their gender on official documents, the wait is over.

Boy takes stance on gender identity by wearing dress to picture day
Michael Melo wanted to make a bold statement about transgender tolerance at his high school. So, last week, the Grade 11 Kingsville student slipped into a formal evening dress and trotted off to class.

Transgender woman denied change room access at Victoria pool
A transgender woman says she was humiliated when staff at a City of Victoria-run pool denied her access to both the men’s and women’s change rooms.
City says sorry after trans gender woman complains of discrimination at Crystal Pool

Transmissions: Stonewalled
Director Roland Emmerich has released his latest disaster movie. This time, though, rather than space aliens blowing up American landmarks, or a freak ice age freezing American landmarks, or even Godzilla entangling hirself in American landmarks, it's the movie itself that ends up the disaster.

Logo TV to launch transgender-themed web series Beautiful As I Want to Be hosted by Geena Rocero
Logo TV will turn the camera toward transgender youth in the new digital web series Beautiful As I Want to Be, hosted by transgender model and Gender Proud founder Geena Rocero, the LGBT-focused network announced Wednesday.

What's the Story Behind the ‘Transgender Tragedy’ on Tonight's Law & Order: SVU?
The latest 'ripped from the headlines' storyline on tonight's NBC's Law & Order: SVU is a tale of bullying that the show's producers say they hope 'inspire conversations.'

This Transgender Man's ER Story Will Horrify You
No one should be made to feel like a 'freak show' in the emergency room.

Here's Why Laverne Cox and Janet Mock Are Tweeting #Transneeds
A gathering at the White House sparks an effort for transgender people to tell the federal government and society as a whole how they can be better protected and served.

Report details trans woman's stabbing death
A San Francisco transgender woman killed earlier this year died from a stab wound to the chest, the medical examiner's office has concluded.

Palo Alto school district eyes new gender-identity policy
Proposed action would more fully support transgender, gender non-conforming students

Caitlyn Jenner will not be charged in fatal car crash
Prosecutors declined to charge Caitlyn Jenner on Wednesday in a California car crash that killed another driver, citing insufficient evidence to support a case.

Greenwich to hold panel on transgender issues
Family Centers will lead a public discussion this month on handling potential issues concerning transgender members of the community — a topic that has arisen as transgender individuals have become more accepted into the mainstream.

Gender neutral restrooms are necessary for the comfort of all students
College campuses are turning to an unusual place to make students feel included: the bathroom.

What is male privilege? Transgender people experience how men and women are treated differently
There’s a lot of talk about “privilege” these days: “white privilege,” “heterosexual privilege" or “male privilege.”

Transgender homecoming queen reacts to group's protest plans
Landon Patterson won crown following transition

Mountainside School Board Mulls Transgender Student Policy
The state Department of Education is recommending school districts in New Jersey, including Mountainside's, adopt a policy essentially ensuring equal educational opportunities and equal access for transgender students.

Asesinaron, descuartizaron y quemaron a una joven transexual en Río Gallegos
El ADN indicó que era Marcela Chocobar, buscada hace más de 20 días. Encontraron los restos en un baldío. Hay dos detenidos.
Una prueba de ADN reveló ayer que Marcela Chocobar, una joven transexual que buscaban hace más de 20 días en la ciudad de Río Gallegos fue asesinada, descuartizada y quemada, informaron fuentes judiciales.

quinta-feira, outubro 01, 2015

Cantora transex garante: "Tenho prazer após operação de sexo"
Durante visita ao Portal iG, cantora transex fala sobre novo trabalho e revela detalhes após redesignação de sexo: "Tenho vagina com lubrificação natural, sensibilidade e muito prazer"

Prefeitura terá serviço de hormonioterapia para transexuais
Unidades de saúde da região central de São Paulo terão médicos endocrinologistas e psicólogos capacitados para atuar com o público

New research provides clues to why people are born intersex
Australian researchers have discovered a new genetic disorder linked to people being born intersex.

Venus Envy fined for selling 'chest-binder' to trans teen
A Bank Street sex shop has been handed a $260 fine after a youth purchased a “chest binder” — a sleeveless elastic garment used to flatten the chest. It costs about $40.
Parent blames sex shop that sold chest binder to teen for ‘making’ him trans
Shop fined for selling a chest binder to transgender boy

'I'm so grateful' - Transgender woman finds strength in community support
Raylah Lavonia Moonias says she travelled a long road before feeling able to embrace her true identity

Two More Communities Mourn Trans Deaths By Suicide; Both Reported in 24-Hour Period
On September 26, I made a memorial sign containing the names and photos of the 16 trans people reported to have died by suicide so far in 2015; and I took the sign with me to the the Second Annual Journey to Hope Walk for Suicide Awareness and Prevention in my hometown of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Della Fergusen, organizer of the event and founder of the organization, saw the sign and as she looked at their pictures she began to cry; then invited me to join her on stage during the opening ceremonies to read all of their names aloud to the gathered crowd of nearly 200 people. It was a sobering experience that will stick with me for the rest of my life, as I recall how close I too have come to my own death over the years.

TV series ‘Transcendent’ looks to break misconceptions of transgender women
A brand new TV series is premiering on Fuse, uniquely focusing on the everyday lives, struggles and overall experiences of today’s transwomen.

Study finds that discrimination is linked with worse health among transgender Americans
Despite a surge in public attention toward the transgender population, transgender adults continue to face both major and daily discrimination that often directly leads to dangerous health consequences.

Parents Are Ordering These Controversial ‘Devices’ For Their Transgender Kids
The San Francisco, California, company TranZwear is home to some unique products for trans men and women. Now, some critics are worried about the company’s products designed for trans children.

After the "Summer of Trans," Is It Time for T to Break Away from LGB?
Seasons are, by their nature, transient  --  short-lived shifts in climate and lifestyle choices that rarely transform into something more important than their three-month transference of solar energy. But this past season was different; this summer  --  which ended on Monday  --  will be less known for its transience than its trans-ness. Yes, the summer of 2015 may henceforth be known as the Summer of Trans, culminating perfectly (as if on cue) with Sunday's Emmy Awards and the triumph of Transparent -- an Amazon series about a Los Angeles family's hilarious and tumultuous experience with the gender transition of its p(m)atriarch.

Anchorage Assembly passes LGBT rights law
In a 9-2 vote, the Anchorage Assembly late Tuesday night made it illegal in the city to discriminate over sexual orientation or gender identity.
Anchorage Assembly passes anti-discrimination measure 9 to 2

Student success focus of Alabama’s first conference on transgender students in higher ed
As gender identity and gender expression are an area of growing diversity on college campuses nationwide, leaders at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are taking steps to ensure that individuals who identify themselves as transgender and gender nonconforming, often generally referred to as transgender or trans, can be successful at UAB.

When Women Are Sentenced to Male Prisons
In The Women of San Quentin, journalist Kristin Schreier Lyseggen offers an in-depth look at the struggles of transgender women who face abuse and trauma inside California's male prisons.

Teen charged in stabbing of trans woman outside Verizon Center
An 18-year-old D.C. man was ordered held in jail without bond on Monday for allegedly stabbing a transgender woman about 5:40 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 26, outside a McDonald’s restaurant at 601 F St., N.W., where the Verizon Center is located, according to court charging documents.

YWCA honors trans woman with New Look of Leadership
The YWCA Metropolitan Chicago made a significant declaration during its 4th annual New Look of Leadership fundraiser and fashion event at Macy's on Sept. 22 when local entrepreneur and advocate Kinley Preston stepped up to the catwalk and dazzled the over 350 attendees, wearing an elegant gown and fur.

St. Louis Transgender Memorial Garden to be unveiled
The Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG) has partnered with #Plant4PeaceSTL to create what they believe to be the first transgender memorial garden in the United States at the corner of Vandeventer and Hunt in St. Louis’ Grove neighborhood.

Should city’s municipal code protect gender identity?
How the city recognizes people of differing gender identities was put before the Board of Aldermen at Thursday’s, Sept. 24, meeting, although no action was taken by members.

A Chapel Hill man founds a trailblazing literary press, by and for transgender people
A.J. Bryce identifies as many things: transgender, queer, a parent, a person of color, a North Carolinian, an artist-activist. But he never imagined he would one day be the founder of a pioneering trans-run publishing company.

Nevada School Bans Transgender Student From Boys’ Bathrooms
Last week, the school board in Elko County, Nevada unanimously denied a request to allow Michelle Gonzalez’ son to use the boys’ restroom. Since he came out as transgender, he has been uncomfortable using the girls’ facilities, but has been limited to using a special education unisex restroom instead. According to Gonzalez, he’s bullied every day.

Transgender teen who sued SCDMV now finalist for Homecoming Queen
Chase Culpepper, the transgender teen who sued the SCDMV because they didn’t let her wear makeup in her license photo, is among five finalists for homecoming queen at T.L. Hanna High School.

Progress in Texas as School Boards Move to Protect LGBT Students
With statewide antidiscrimination measures tending to stall in the legislature, many school boards are taking action.

Former Houston Astros players weigh in on opposite sides of HERO
The battle over the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is heating up. Houston voters will go to the polls on Election Day in November to decide whether HERO remains law or is repealed.

Family, Friends Mourn Madison Trans Teen Activist Skylar Marcus Lee
Well-loved by family, friends, neighbors, classmates, the parents of school friends, and his dog named Nugget, Skylar Marcus Lee, a transmasculine junior at Madison West High School in Wisconsin, died by suicide Monday after struggling with depression, according to Lee’s obituary at the website of the Cress Funeral Home.

Beloit Democrat works to add gender identity to state law
Citing a lack of equal protection for transgender men and woman under state law, Rep. Mark Spreitzer, D-Beloit, said he is in the early stages of trying to add gender identity to the state’s anti-discrimination statute.

quarta-feira, setembro 30, 2015

Quatro corpos e uma ossada são achados em casa de pintor
O corpo de um travesti surdo e mudo de 21 anos, outros três cadáveres e uma ossada foram encontrados enterrados dentro da casa de um pintor de paredes por policiais militares na tarde de anteontem, na favela Alba, no Jabaquara (zona sul).
Polícia encontra ossada em imóvel no Jabaquara
Quatro corpos e uma ossada são achados em casa de pintor

Quero que deixem minha filha ter seu lugar, diz mãe de criança trans
Para crianças transexuais, o sentimento de pertencer ao sexo oposto é presente desde os primeiros momentos e não tem relação com a orientação sexual

Fórum Paulista TT recebe Secretaria de Mulheres e lança nova campanha; saiba
O Fórum Paulista de Travestis e Transexuais recebeu na reunião deste domingo (27) a Secretaria de Políticas para Mulheres, no auditório azul do Edifício Martinelli, em São Paulo. O encontro é um passo importante para o reconhecimento da identidade e estreitar parceria com o poder público para a promoção dos direitos de travestis e mulheres transexuais.

Joint UN statement on Ending violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people
On 29 September 2015, 12 UN entities (ILO, OHCHR, UNAIDS Secretariat, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNODC, UN Women, WFP and WHO) released an unprecedented joint statement calling for an end to violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

Fire attack woman supports new victims' support group
A woman who suffered horrific burns after she was doused in petrol and set alight has supported the launch of a new service for victims of crime.

Inside the first Miss Transgender UK beauty pageant
The first Miss Transgender UK has divided the trans community
Scot wins UK transgender pageant

Independent on Sunday’s 2015 Rainbow List to include intersex people for the first time
Nominations are now open - past honorees include Tom Daley and Sue Perkins, but who will take this year's top spot from Labour MP Michael Cashman?

Dagenham’s Kirone goes from little girl to big man
A man who was born a woman and was forced to endure years of bullying now hopes to teach schoolchildren about transgender people.

Eight players from Iran’s female team ‘not fully women’
Iran's national women's team has come under fire this week after it emerged that eight players of the group were not females, according to Al Arabiya News Channel’s Arabic language website.

Trans man tricked into going to India and forced into arranged marriage to ‘fix’ him
Shivy thought he was 'going to die' at the hands of his parents

Ottawa mural defaced with hate messages
Artwork honouring trans women of colour will have to be redone

Moviegoers Basically Threw A Brick At ‘Stonewall’ This Weekend
Stonewall, director Roland Emmerich’s earnest and godawful attempt to portray the legendary 1969 Stonewall riots as less of a landmark event for LGBT rights spearheaded by trans women of color and more of a backdrop for the self-realization of an invented, white, male jock from Indiana premiered this weekend.

Study Shows Who Is More Likely to Support Transgender Rights in the United States
People who think they are more informed about transgender people or know someone who is lesbian or gay tend to be more supportive of transgender rights, according to a new study by Andrew R. Flores, public opinion and policy fellow at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law.

NYLS Impact Center Salon on Transgender Issues
The New York Law School Impact Center is presenting a Salon on Transgender Issue on Tuesday, September 29. I am participating together with attorneys M. Dru Levasseur of Lambda Legal and Ezra Young. I prepared a case table on transgender law for distribution at the event and am sharing it here:

REI-ality Check: Store Boots Mom for Complaining About Man in Girls’ Bathroom
A Northern California mom became alarmed when her pre-teen daughter said she was uncomfortable with the man who entered a store bathroom while she and another young girl were using it. But the response of store management left the mom stunned and shaken.

After Three Years Jailed With Men, Ashley Diamond Speaks
As her lawsuit against Georgia's state prison system moves forward, Ashley Diamond reflects on being black, trans, and low-income in the Deep South.

Detroit's Most Wanted: Police search for killer of young transgender woman
Twenty-year old Amber Monroe, a young transgender woman struggled with her identity for a long time, and courageously came out two-years ago.

This is the moment a trans teen was told she can finally begin hormone treatment
Proud mother says: 'This was it, this was the most pivotal turning point in her life, and we both knew it.'

GFPS Non-Discrimination Policy Change Draws Criticism
This evening Great Falls Public Schools held a discussion on board policy 3210 regarding non-discrimination to include transgender students.
GFPS transgender policy praised, criticized at meeting

In this school, children will grow up believing bathrooms have no gender
On her first day of Pre-K, my four-year-old daughter used a bathroom that was simply labeled “bathroom.” She will, I hope, grow up in a world where bathrooms—like people—no longer exist along a simple gender binary. If only every school could be this enlightened.

Oregon Appeals Court Affirms Damages Award Against Bar That Ousted LGBT Social Club
The Court of Appeals of Oregon has affirmed an award of $405,000 against a North Portland bar and the bar’s owner, Chris Penner, upon a finding by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (OBLI) that they violated the state’s public accommodations law by denying “equal accommodations” to an informal social club that included gay and transgender people. Blachana, LLC v. Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, 273 Ore. App. 806, 2015 Ore. App. LEXIS 1116, 2015 WL 5595483 (Sept. 23, 2015). The court rejected the petitioners’ outlandish argument that they hadn’t discriminated and their conduct was protected by the 1st Amendment freedom of speech.

Over 900 Texas School Districts Quietly Ban Anti-LGBT Bullying
In the Texas Legislature, “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are almost taboo phrases. A bill with such language is almost certainly doomed.

Federal Court Explains Pretrial Motion Rulings Against Transgender Student in Restroom Lawsuit
U.S. District Judge Robert G. Doumar issued an opinion on September 17 in G. G. v. Gloucester County School Board, 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 124905, 2015 WL 5560190 (E.D. Va.), explaining his earlier bench decision in July dismissing the plaintiff’s Title IX count and his September 4 denial of the plaintiff’s request for a preliminary injunction in a dispute over restroom usage at the Gloucester, Virginia, High School. The plaintiff, a transgender boy, is being denied use of the restrooms designated for boys at the school. Judge Doumar found that Title IX does not require public schools to allow transgender students to use the restrooms that conform to their gender identity, so long as they are provided with “comparable” restroom facilities, and that the plaintiff had not presented evidence sufficient to support his request to be allowed to use the boys’ restrooms pending a final ruling on the merits of his constitutional equal protection claim.

terça-feira, setembro 29, 2015

Adolescente trans tem registro de alistamento vazado no Facebook e sofre perseguição
Marianna Lively recebeu dezenas de ligações, mensagens de WhatsApp e teve dados pessoais e fotos suas compartilhadas em redes sociais com mensagens transfóbicas.

Trans beauty pageant dedicates gender surgery prize to dead teen
A trans beauty pageant hosted by Kellie Maloney dedicated a controversial ‘prize’ of gender surgery to a transgender teen who took her own life.

Winner of Miss Transgender Glasgow heat: We need this kind of platform to push transgender equality forward
The UK's first ever Miss Transgender United contest takes place in London today It comes at a time when, following the much-applauded coming-out of reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner and the broadcasting of the first BBC trans comedy, Boy Meets Girl, transgender issues are snowballing in profile. But the pageant, the first national competition of its type, is not without controversy. Some, for instance, have complained that the first prize of full gender reassignment surgery is inappropriate. Others see the contest as objectifying. For Jai Latto, though, finalist and the winner of the Glasgow heat, it is an opportunity to get some political messages across. It is a chance to be a role model, a chance to get transgender issues heard, to campaign for the many charities and causes she supports.

Wasaga Beach photographer captures journey for transgendered
A Wasaga Beach photographer has set out to capture how transgendered individuals make the transition – emotionally and physically - from one gender to the other.

How Do You Define the Genre of Trans Literature?
In the late ‘90s there was an explosion of politicized art – film, video, and performance art – by trans artists. What we're seeing in literature today is a move to a much broader scale.

Transgender experience in the ER: "I was a freak show"
A troubling new report chronicles a transgender patient's humiliating experience in a hospital emergency room and sheds light on the many issues transgender people face when seeking health care. The report, published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing, calls on health care professionals and organizations to improve training and awareness of how to care for transgender patients.
ENA highlights need for transgender patient care awareness

Know Anybody Who Saw Stonewall This Weekend? Not Likely
The film depicting the events that gave birth to the modern gay rights movement bombed in its opening weekend, earning back far less than one percent of what it cost to make.
Stonewall crashes at US box office amid boycott

"Hollywood must do better"
So many of our stories are being told on the big screen now, but we’re still also the butt of jokes. GLAAD has put together a video showing some of the anti-LGBTI moments in film over the last five years, and says Hollywood needs to pick up its game.

Watch This Trans Teenager Find Out She Can Finally Begin Hormone Therapy
Erica Maison, a mother of five from Detroit, surprised her transgender daughter Corey with her first dose of hormones — something the 14-year-old had been waiting over two years to receive. She managed to capture the emotional moment on video:

High school crowns transgender homecoming king
A teenager who was crowned the first transgender homecoming king at his suburban Twin Cities high school said his accomplishment is “a really big step” toward his goal of helping lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

Marla Krolikowski, Transgender Teacher Fired for Insubordination, Dies at 62
Marla Krolikowski, who was fired from her job as a teacher at a Roman Catholic high school in Queens for insubordination after acknowledging in 2011 that she was transgender, died on Sept. 20 in Oceanside, N.Y. She was 62.

In New Ad Campaign, Former Baseball Star Spreads Anti-Trans Myths
Lance Berkman, former Houston Astros star and Texas native, has waded into the fight for LGBT protections, sharing his views in a new ad campaign this week. At the center of Berkman’s concern is Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a nondiscrimination law similar to those on the books in cities across the country and the subject of an intense debate leading up to the November 3 vote.

segunda-feira, setembro 28, 2015

No rescaldo de "I am Cait"
Faz hoje uma semana que terminou em Portugal a emissão de "I am Cait". Supostamente esta foi a primeira season, pois parece que ou Caitlyn Jenner pretende continuar com o seu docu-reality show, ou a emissora pretende mais seasons, ou whatever. Vi e acompanhei com muita atenção todos os episódios, e "I am Cait" não me desiludiu, porque não estava iludida, mas ficou aquém das minhas expectativas.

Transex teme preconceito e sonha com mudança de sexo
Mesmo com a agenda cheia no salão de cabeleireiro onde trabalha, a Miss Transexual Uberaba 2015, finalmente, conseguirá fazer a cirurgia de mudança de sexo na Tailândia.

Trans rights are changing in the Catholic world, and Argentina is leading the pack
Argentina's Buenos Aires province passed a groundbreaking new law this week, believed to be the first of its kind worldwide.

Ex-Lookaround newsreader begins life as woman she always wanted to be
For years, she refused to confront the truth. Thousands of Cumbrians knew India Willoughby in her former life as Jonathan, the fun-loving TV journalist who reported on the big news stories in Carlisle and the Border region.

Transgender Sutton Coldfield woman honoured for promoting LGBT acceptance
A transgender woman from Sutton Coldfield who has been instrumental in highlighting issues and promoting acceptance has been honoured for being an exemplary role model.

Before Caitlin, This Athlete Was Fired For Being Transgender
The company thought it would be bad PR to keep her.
Before Janae Marie Kroc came out as a transgender woman, she was known to friends and fans as Matt Kroczaleski, one of the strongest and toughest men in the world.
This Transgender Bodybuilder Is Ready To Tell Her Full Story & Show Her Fans How She Lives

My Husband Is Now My Wife
The spouses of transgender people face their own dramatic transformations—only no one celebrates them.

Caitlyn Jenner Gets Legal Name And Gender Change, But Many Transgender People Struggle To Do The Same
Caitlyn Jenner has successfully changed her gender in the eyes of the law. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg approved Jenner’s petition to legally change her gender and name on Friday.

Health survey gathering info from Arkansas’ transgender community
A survey currently underway in Arkansas is gathering information about the transgender community’s health-care issues on an unprecedented scale.

Transgender Woman Sues Louisville Nursing College For Discrimination
A transgender woman files suit against a Louisville nursing college. The lawsuit, filed Friday in Jefferson Circuit Court, alleges the Galen College of Nursing discriminated against Vanessa Gilliam for being transgender. The complaint also accuses the college of excluding Gilliam from using the women's restroom even though she identifies as a female.

Lance Berkman's comments upset transgender supporters
Former Cardinal Lance Berkman may be a fan favorite, but his comments and appearance in an ad opposing an equal rights ordinance on the ballot in Houston touched a nerve in the St. Louis area, where local anti-discrimination ordinances have for years protected many against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Parents question Great Falls' transgender-friendly schools
The Great Falls public school system is drawing criticism for updating its board policy regarding non-discrimination to include transgender students after parents complained that the policy change could allow students of the opposite sex to enter each other's bathrooms or locker rooms.

Gender identity at Miami
Gender is a spectrum, much like the experience of transgender students on Miami’s campus.

Transgender at school: As more teachers come out, districts struggle to put policy into practice
Leo Soell came back to school with no hair, a new name and an announcement.
The Hall Elementary School fifth grade teacher left to undergo cancer treatment last fall as Brina. A double mastectomy and four rounds of chemotherapy clarified a few things.

domingo, setembro 27, 2015

Boy Meets Girl: a transgender comedy full of sitcom warmth
BBC2’s new sitcom starring Rebecca Root and Harry Hepple doesn’t shy away from issue-based jokes, but it also charms with old-fashioned sentimentality
Rebecca Root: "I'd love to be the first transgender Doctor Who"

Meet The Woman Using Nail Art To Tackle Transphobia
The Debrief: Charlie Craggs hopes her project will teach the world that trans people can be successful and happy too...

Woman’s fiancée accuses Specsavers staff of transphobia: ‘That’s a man’
A woman has accused staff at Specsavers of laughing at her fiancée, and saying “that’s a man” when they thought she was alone.
‘That’s a man’: Woman ‘suffers transphobic abuse’ during Specsavers eye test appointment

Meet the woman competing to be the first Miss Transgender UK: 'This is about celebrating our community'
The competition isn’t about looks, but role models. "We need to see an end to living a life crushed by stealth". "I hate the thought of future generations going through those feelings that I’ve had to endure"

Lydia Foy: ‘My country has finally recognised me for who I really am’
Dr Lydia Foy was presented with the European Citizens’ Prize at a ceremony in Dublin today.
‘My country finally recognised me for who I really am’

VIDEO: Stonewall world premiere sparks angry protest at TIFF
‘I never quite understood this whole word of ‘whitewashing,’’ says film director

Transgender Activist Jen Richards On Her TSA Nightmare: 'It's Mortifying'
The "I Am Cait" cast member says every trans person she knows has been through a similar ordeal.

Comic Sandra Bernhard disses the transition of Caitlyn Jenner
'You have to earn your right to be a woman'

Bethel drafts rule to protect city employees from sexual orientation, gender identity discrimination
Bethel city employees could soon be protected from sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

Court grants Jenner's request to change name, gender
A judge has approved Caitlyn Jenner’s request to make her name and gender change official.

Complaint filed against nursing school for transgender discrimination
A complaint of discrimination has been filed against a local nursing school after their alleged treatment of a transgender student.

Judge questions sexual harassment claim in Planet Fitness transgender policy case
It's still unknown whether a Midland County judge will dismiss a lawsuit brought against Planet Fitness that focuses on the fitness chain's transgender locker room policy.

ACLU asks for transgender decision to be reversed
The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada will be investigating and potentially pressing charges against the Elko County School District regarding the board of trustees’ decision to deny a transgender student the ability to use the bathroom and locker room of choice.

Former Astros star Lance Berkman attacks Houston Equal Rights Ordinance in new ad
Lance Berkman uses the fear of rapists wandering into women's locker rooms as a tool to drive votes against Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance, which protects gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

sábado, setembro 26, 2015

Travesti denuncia pais por homofobia e grava vídeo mostrando lesões
Caso as denúncias se confirmem, pais podem responder por injúria.
Segundo a polícia, as agressões ocorreram na casa dos pais da travesti.

Assassin’s Creed adds first transgender character
The long-running game franchise will introduce a trans character as part of its next release, designers have announced.

College Tutors Trained on Trans* Issues for First Time
The training came as part of Trinity's new Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy
College Receives Award for Gender Identity and Expression Policy

[New Zealand]
Girl Guides NZ accused of transphobia
The Wellington Young Feminists group is calling for Girl Guides NZ to hand over organisation of the upcoming Take Back the Night event following what they describe as a series of transphobic actions and a general lack of an inclusive policy.

Mural for murdered transgender women of colour vandalized in Ottawa's centretown
An Ottawa mural honouring murdered transgender women of colour was vandalized with threatening graffiti overnight.
The mural was made during Ottawa's Pride week on the corner of Bank and Somerset streets by a group including artist Kalkidan Assefa.
'Hate crime': Mural for slain, trans black women defaced
Police investigate vandalized mural honouring transgender women of colour

Neither male nor female - What it's like to identify as 'non-binary'
'It's kind of exhausting to try to constantly defend and explain and almost justify your existence'

Trans mom invited to speak at Leading Moms panel
‘There are many ways you can be a mom,’ says Morgane Oger

Act change ‘protects’ transgender people
Transgender people in Nova Scotia are now able to have the sex designation they prefer on their birth certificates.

Underwear for trans people: the torture of binding, tucking and packing is over
How new shapewear designs are helping transgender people avoid dangerous and painful tactics to create their desired body shape

Doors often closed to transgender tenants searching for housing
Any protection against discrimination is patchwork at best, underscoring need for federal bill

Pentagon swears in Amanda Simpson
The Pentagon on Sept. 18 officially swore in Amanda Simpson as the deputy assistant secretary of defense for operational energy.

Ashley Diamond, Transgender Inmate, Is Out of Prison but Far From Free
Right before her unexpected release from prison, Ashley Diamond, a nonviolent offender who had sued Georgia corrections officials for failing to provide her medical treatment and safekeeping, was locked down for 30 days in a windowless single cell. It was dimly lit and eerily silent, and reeked of excrement.

Judge issues landmark ruling in favor of trans inmate
An administrative judge has issued a landmark ruling in favor of a transgender woman who claimed guards at a Maryland prison taunted and humiliated her.

Funeral home not entitled to records of fired transgender worker
A Detroit funeral home that was sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for firing a transgender employee is not entitled to the trove of personal and medical information it requested about her sexual history and the status of her transition, a U.S. judge ruled on Thursday.

Unique Partnership Offers Support for Legal Name Changes
The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending discrimination against transgender people, is set to officially launch its Name Change Project in Michigan. The project will provide legal assistance for trans people who are seeking to change their legal name.

Transgender policy in Great Falls schools questioned
Great Falls Public Schools is drawing criticism for updating its board policy regarding non-discrimination to include transgender students, and a crowd is expected at Monday's school board meeting to debate the issue again.

The Transgender Family: Siblings share their struggles
The Campbell family flips through old photo albums containing all the indicators of a happy family of four.

Legislators Might Introduce Transgender Bathroom Bill Again Next Session
At an unusually packed Elko County School District board of trustees meeting Monday night, the board unanimously voted against allowing a transgender middle school student to use the bathroom of which they identify.

Mazzoni, ACLU back appeal in SEPTA case
Mazzoni Center and the ACLU of Pennsylvania are requesting permission to file a statement in favor of overturning a recent court ruling exempting SEPTA from adherence to the city’s antibias rules.

Houston Equal Rights Ordinance supporters release ad featuring clergy members
A group supporting the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance debuted its first television ad today, featuring prominent Houston pastors and their wives who support HERO.

DGLA responds to Kenney sentence after meeting with DA’s office
After meeting with representatives of Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, DA Susan Hawk decided to add a transgender person to her office’s LGBT task force.

Rules in place for transgender students
New nondiscrimination guidelines relating to transgender students and those not conforming to gender role stereotypes is in place for the start of the 2015-16 academic year at the Monona Grove School District.

Inside Peru's first transgender wedding
PhD candidate from California, Justin Perez, reports from Tarapoto on the first transgender wedding in Peru.

sexta-feira, setembro 25, 2015

Essa semana o Estamos Ligados vem parabenizar a mulher trans, Leo Bebel, pelo seu exemplo de dignidade e doação ao próximo. Leo Bebel mora na Itália, e a mais ou menos 15 dias, encontrou pelas ruas de Milão, uma outra travesti. Suja e mau trapilha, a travesti que se chama Izabelly, estava morando á mais ou menos 6 anos pelas ruas da cidade européia.

Cifuentes deja fuera a los colectivos trans en la elaboración de la Ley Integral de Transexualidad de Madrid
Las asociaciones trans de Madrid denuncian que el Partido Popular ha elaborado un anteproyecto de ley paralelo al que este colectivo ha estado trabajando conjuntamente con el resto de fuerzas políticas y los colectivos de personas transexuales, sin que haya contado con su opinión y respaldo.
En su presentación, Cifuentes ha vetado a dos colectivos de padres y madres de niñas y niños transexuales de reconocida trayectoria.

Transgender beauty pageant under fire for offering gender surgery as a ‘prize’
A transgender beauty pageant hosted by Kellie Maloney is under fire, after offering the winner all-expenses-paid gender reassignment surgery in India.
Surgeons slam trans beauty pageant for giving gender surgery as top prize

Brighton student named first ever Miss Transgender Brighton
A university student has been crowned the first ever Miss Transgender Brighton.

UP cops harassing us for helping US transgender, allege LGBT activists
On Tuesday, the high court had granted police protection to Shivy, who was born female but identifies as a male.

'Transgender' NRI girl says parents wronged her; cops mull action
Four days after TOI first reported about an NRI father filing an FIR with Agra police about his 19-year-old missing "lesbian" daughter who he alleged had been kidnapped, Agra police said they might take action against the parents who misled them about her kidnapping. On Tuesday, the Delhi high court had granted police protection to the girl who claimed she was a "transgender" studying neurobiology at a prestigious college in California, when she was forcibly sent to India by her parents to study in Radha Soami's Dayalbagh College so that she could be "reformed". When TOI spoke with the girl on Wednesday, she said, "I identify myself as a male. When I revealed this to my parents in California, they tortured me and said I had to dress up and behave like a woman." She said she was happy with the Delhi HC order and would never go back to her parents.

State comes together to express solidarity with transgenders
The fundamental right of an individual is being violated through Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, said CPM leader M A Baby. He was speaking at the convention to express solidarity with transgenders, held here on Wednesday. He attended the meet with wife Betty, newly-married son Ashok Nelson and daughter-in-law Sanidha Antony.

Transsexual shines in China pageant
Transsexuals are recognized in China and Liu Ting, 28, is more than ample living proof of this not-too-frequent, but refreshing tolerance.

[New Zealand]
Ministry of Health Release Information About GRS Funding
The Ministry of Health this morning responded to an Official Information Act request made in August by A.D Tait requesting “any correspondence, briefings, summaries or presentations related to changing the current level of funding for Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS)” as well as “any assessments, briefings or correspondence between the Ministry of Health, DHBs and overseas providers of Male-to-Female SRS, in regards to sending patients overseas for treatment,” as discussed in the Ministry’s response to another OIA request in April.

No province-wide transgender policy for schools says Alberta government
The Alberta government won't pursue a province-wide transgender policy for schools, says Education Minister David Eggen.
Education minister meets with Edmonton Catholic trustees over transgender policy
Catholic board looks to public system for transgender policy
Alberta education minister responds to Catholic transgender debate

Why transgender people can't get surgery approval in Thunder Bay
Access to sex reassignment surgery a 'huge problem' in Ontario

Report released on suspect in trans woman's killing
What's likely one of the final notes in a San Francisco transgender woman's February killing came last week as the medical examiner's office released its report on the suicide of the suspect in the case.
Taja Gabrielle de Jesus, 36, died February 1 after being stabbed at her Bayview district home.

Transgender activist shares personal struggle with gender identity
Saint Mary’s department of gender and women’s studies and the psychology department hosted Meghan Buell, a transgender woman who shared her experiences at Dalloway’s Clubhouse on Wednesday.

Judges Rules Against Jail Whose Staff Systematically Sexually Harassed Trans Inmate
Sandy Brown, who is transgender, spent 66 days in administrative segregation (solitary confinement), during which time she was repeatedly harassed by the staff at the Patuxent Institution, a mental health assessment correctional facility in Jessup, Maryland. She filed a complaint, and an administrative law judge has found that her rights were violated under the protections of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).
Judge: Maryland Prison Mistreated Transgender Inmate

WMU Begins New Academic Year With Preferred Name Policy
Just in time for the 2015 academic year, Western Michigan University has adopted a preferred name policy that allows students to be identified by a chosen name rather than their legal name in a wide range of campus settings and activities.

First ever transgender lingerie line to open in Kansas City
A Kansas City entrepreneur is opening the first-of-its-kind lingerie line which is specifically for transgender customers.

NMAA to discuss transgender high school athletes
Sports association seeks feedback from other schools, organizations

Trans activists to rally at Stonewall on the eve movie’s release #NotYourProp
The real Stonewall Riots weren’t Roland Emmerich’s and Jon Robin Biatz’s whitewashed and classist fiction, it was a rebellion against transphobia, homophobia and police brutality.

Oregon Court of Appeals upholds civil rights decision, $400,000 judgment against Portland bar that banned transgender customers
In a ruling based on a landmark civil rights law, the Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld a $400,000 damages award against a North Portland bar that turned away a group of transgender patrons.
North Portland bar owner loses appeal of $400,000 judgment for banning transgender customers
Banned transgender customers to get $400,000 from Portland bar
Oregon court upholds civil rights of transgender bar customers

Pa. Improving Policies for Housing Trans Prisoners
Transgender inmates in Pennsylvania will no longer be sent to solitary confinement based upon gender identity alone, and will be allowed to shower privately.

For S.C. transgender students, school bathroom issue more than inconvenience
For transgender students in South Carolina, the school bathrooms are a major issue, creating anxiety, even serious illness for some.

Vanderbilt works to better include trans community
Amid controversy about gender neutral pronouns at the University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt makes strides to accommodate transgender students