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sábado, março 28, 2015

Mais de 200 portugueses mudaram de sexo e nome no Cartão de Cidadão
Lei facilitou, em 2011, mudança a transexuais, pessoas que não se identificam com o corpo em que nasceram. O último ano teve o número mais baixo de alterações de género nos documentos oficiais.

Europe’s Towns and Regions Want to Strenghten LGBT Rights
The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities debated and adopted the resolution and recommendation presented by Yoomi Renström (Sweden, SOC) on “Guaranteeing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people’s rights: a responsibility for Europe’s towns and regions”. The texts call on local and regional authorities to mobilise against the discrimination of all kinds which LGBT people suffer at local level and to introduce policies more respectful of their rights.

Por que a gente não tem amigo trans?
É o que ando pensando esses dias. Não tenho nenhuma pretensão de estudar essa questão na academia porque acho que é hora das próprias pessoas trans escreverem cada vez mais sobre suas questões. Acho que não tenho que ser protagonista nessas questões. Mas vejo que é tarefa nossa, também, de cada vez mais nos fortalecer, lutando sempre por novas representações.

Poland's First Transgender Presidential Candidate Doesn't Worry About the Trolls or the Polls
After the 2011 general election in Poland, Anna Grodzka became the first openly transgender MP in the country's history. As expected in a place as conservative as Poland, her election cause quite a stir – with both the local media as well as her opponents focusing on her gender identity instead of her political agenda.
Transgender MP Anna Grodzka bows out of presidential race

Vancouver police discriminate against trans people: rights tribunal
The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has ruled Vancouver police must find better ways to deal with transgender people after officers called a trans woman by male pronouns and failed to provide post-surgery care in jail.
Vancouver Police accused of failing to update discrimination policies

Vancouver Park Board launches new trans, gender variant awareness campaign
Campaign includes personal stories from trans and gender variant people

Push-back for Carter on transgender issues (Video)
U.S. officials say Defense Secretary Ash Carter is hearing of serious reservations from top military leaders after saying he was open-minded about ending the Pentagon's ban on transgender troops. (AP)

Renee Richards still amazed she broke transgender taboo
More than three decades after putting down her tennis racquet, Renee Richards is still astonished she had the moxie to join the women's professional tour after living the first 34 years of her life as a man.
Trans tennis player Renee Richards on winning the right to play

Surviving and Thriving Through Adversity: A Transgender Bathroom and HIV Love Story
In 1988, at 13 years old, I appeared female although I was born male, and I was required to use the male public restroom. The last day of school before Christmas break, I went downtown while waiting for my mom to get off work. I used an executive level restroom to avoid the awkward stares a transgender child receives, and a very large tall African-American man followed me into the restroom and pushed me up against the sink, forcing his Coke-can-sized penis into my anus. I was terrified -- too scared to make a noise.

“I Was Born a Baby Not a Boy”: Sex, Gender and Trans Liberation
As transgender identities, social spaces and movements have developed over the past 150 years there’s been a sharpening of the confrontation between bourgeois ideological constructions of gender and how gender is defined by ordinary people.

Arkansas Senate panel advances ‘conscience protection’ measure
An effort to prevent Arkansas government from infringing on someone’s religious beliefs was revived Tuesday, with a state Senate panel advancing a bill that critics have called a thinly veiled endorsement of discrimination against LGBT individuals.
Arkansas governor says he’d sign anti-LGBT religious protection bill

Klingenschmitt: Transgender People Are Driven By A Demonic 'Predatory Spirit Of Sexual Exploitation'
Like other Religious Right activists, Gordon Klingenschmitt is outraged that a Planet Fitness franchise in Michigan revoked the membership of a customer who wouldn't stop complaining after a transgender woman hung up her coat and purse in the women’s locker room and so he is now calling for a national boycott of the fitness chain.

Birth certificate gender change wins initial Colorado House approval
A bill to allow transgender people to change the gender listings on their birth certificates without undergoing sex reassignment surgery has passed its first test in the Colorado Legislature.

Victory! Connecticut Lifts Medicaid Ban on Transgender Health Care
TLDEF applauds the state of Connecticut for making transition-related health care available through its Medicaid program. Connecticut becomes the 7th jurisdiction to expand Medicaid coverage for transgender health care. Yesterday, Connecticut’s Legislative Regulation Review Committee approved a regulation that repeals the ban on coverage for the treatment of gender dysphoria, the diagnostic term used to refer to discomfort or distress caused by a difference between a person’s gender identity and their sex assigned at birth. This regulation will go into effect once it is posted to the Connecticut Secretary of State’s website, likely within the next 30 days.
Victory! Connecticut Expands Medicaid to Cover Transition-Related Healthcare

Georgia ‘Religious freedom’ bill one step closer to House floor
The special House subcommittee that met for a hearing Tuesday that ended without a vote reconvened Wednesday with bad news for opponents of state Sen. Josh McKoon's (R-Columbus) so-called “religious freedom” bill—SB 129 passed out of that committee and will now head for a hearing Thursday before the full House Judiciary Committee, bringing it one step closer to a vote on the House floor.
Georgia religious freedom bill stalls in House committee
Georgia ‘religious freedom’ bill stalls after discrimination amendment passes

Indiana governor Mike Pence to sign anti-LGBT bill into law on Thursday
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is set to sign into law the religious objections bill that opponents say would provide legal cover for discrimination against LGBT people.
Indiana governor Mike Pence signs anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill into law
Indiana Governor Signs ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill, Claiming It Won’t Enable Anti-LGBT Discrimination
Miley Cyrus calls Indiana Governor a dirty word for signing Religious Freedom Bill
San Francisco bans publicly funded travel to Indiana after discrimination law

Md. lawmakers approve birth certificate bills
The challenges faced by transgender Marylanders in trying to legally change their names and genders on their birth certificates will be eliminated if state lawmakers have their way.

Michigan Woman Sues Planet Fitness Over Trans-Inclusive Locker Room
Yvette Cormier claims she suffered emotional damage after sharing a gym locker room with a trans woman who entered briefly to hang up her coat.

Transgender Questions Lead To CATA Policy Change
Diane was returning from window shopping at the Meridian Mall on Feb. 27. As she settled into her seat on the CATA bus to downtown Lansing, she realized in horror the unthinkable had happened.

Expert coaches help transgender people find a new voice
Of the many changes transgender people must navigate throughout their transition, one is learning to speak in a new way.

MN GOP Majority Leader backs anti-transgender bill
The majority leader in the Minnesota House is among 28 Republicans who have signed on to a bill that would block transgender inclusive school policies.

SOGI campaign heating up
A campaign to answer "Question 1" on election day.
The ballot measure is about the Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) Ordinance that Springfield City Council approved last fall.
People have said the ballot language is confusing.
A vote of "no" is a vote against repeal. The vote of "no" will leave the words "sexual orientation and gender identity" in the city code, and keep them in a list of protections when it comes to hiring and public housing.
A vote of "yes" will override city council, and repeal those four words from the city code's list of protections when it comes to hiring and public housing.

Friends of Blake Brockington gather for support, share memories
The doors to Time Out Youth Center, a local LGBT youth services agency, remained open all day Tuesday as youth, clients, community members and others who knew youth activist Blake Brockington filed in for support and fellowship.

Anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill comes to North Carolina
Bill could allow widespread discrimination based on individuals' 'sincerely held religious beliefs'

TLDEF Condemns Nevada Bill Targeting Transgender Students for Discrimination
TLDEF denounces a Nevada bill singling out transgender students for discrimination. Introduced by state lawmaker Vicki Dooling, Assembly Bill 375 would prohibit transgender students in public schools from using bathrooms and locker rooms that match who they are as boys and girls.

Washoe County Family of transgender 9-year-old opening up about struggle in schools
Shanna Ott sits in a silent room, watching the front doorway from her plush armchair, waiting.

The Medical Pros And Cons Of Suppressing Puberty In Transgender Teens
Michaela was born a biological male 13 years ago. Her dad Joe says when she was eight, the family moved to Portland so she could grow out her hair, wear dresses and attend school as a girl.
D.A. to attend Morris forum
Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams will attend a panel discussion on the Nizah Morris case, it was announced this week.

Trans youth-services program hits 1-year anniversary
A comprehensive trans-specific health-care program at the Mazzoni Center is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Juror in Black Madam trial speaks out
t was Sean Reid’s first juror experience. And it was quite an experience.

Proposed Bathroom Bans Sparking Controversy
A Texas lawmaker is getting heat from the transgender community for proposed legislation over a bathroom ban.

Woman accused of performing illegal buttocks injections surrenders to authorities
A woman accused of performing black-market buttocks injections sealed with Super Glue turned herself in to authorities on Wednesday, Dallas police said.
Denise “Wee Wee” Rochelle Ross, 43, surrendered to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, police said.
Police say Ross and Jimmy Joe “Alicia” Clarke, 31, administered illegal injections at a Deep Ellum salon.

Virginia School Board Votes To Force Transgender Student Out Of Bathrooms
Parental complaints have prompted a Virginia school board to reverse a decision that respected a fourth grader’s gender identity, forcing her either back into the boys’ bathroom, or into single-stall or staff restrooms.
Another Virginia School District Tests Federal Rules With Anti-Transgender Policy

quinta-feira, março 26, 2015

Ministro da Saúde questionado sobre a falta das cirurgias de reatribuição de sexo
A API (Ação pela Identidade), organização não-governamental que promove a defesa e o estudo da diversidade de género, escreveu ao Ministro da Saúde saber o ponto de situação das cirurgias de reatribuição de sexo (CRS) no Serviço Nacional de Saúde, dado que nos últimos quatro anos várias pessoas trans se queixam da falta de cirurgias.
Associação denuncia 'negligência' no acesso a cirurgias de reatribuição de sexo

Council of Europe prepares Transgender Resolution
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will debate and vote on a resolution on the discrimination of transgender persons in Europe in its spring session (April 20-24, 2014). A related report has been adopted by the Equality and Non-Discrimination Committee on March 20.

Travesti é morta com 2 tiros em frente à casa de amigos no Morada Verde
Por volta de 13h30, uma travesti identificada como Adriana, de 24 anos, foi morta com dois tiros no bairro Morada Verde. Nos documentos de Adriana consta que o nome de nascimento dela é Thiago da Silva Martins.
Segundo uma testemunha, ela morava no bairro Bosque da Esperança e se prostituía nas imediações do supermercado Atacadão.
Travesti é morta a tiros em bairro de Campo Grande

Homossexual é assassinado próximo ao Pátio de Eventos em Catende na Mata Sul
Um jovem foi assassinado a tiros por volta das 8horas da noite desta terça-feira (24), em Catende na Mata Sul. Segundo uma testemunha disse que o jovem que é homossexual foi surpreendido por dois suspeitos em frente a uma loja de construção que fica próximo ao Pátio de Eventos centro da cidade

Travesti briga com cafetões chineses e é morta; amiga levou facada na ‘bunda’
Crime ocorreu às 21 horas e autores estão presos
Uma travesti foi assassinada no final da noite dessa terça-feira (24), na Rua Moraes Barros, quase na esquina com a Avenida Armando Salles de Oliveira, no Centro de Piracicaba – SP.
Segundo as primeiras informações, ainda não confirmadas, o crime ocorreu por volta das 21 horas após algumas travestis se desentenderem com uma mulher e dois homens chineses.
Eles seriam cafetões.

Em menos de um mês, Região de Jundiaí registra 5 mortes por faca
Em Jundiaí, o último caso foi registrado domingo (ss) no Centro, vitimando um travesti de 27 anos.

Travesti e companheiro são presos após roubo a celular em Copacabana
Crime ocorreu na noite desta segunda. Nesta terça, jovem foi apreendido pelo mesmo crime em frente à Uerj, no Maracanã

Travestis eram leiloados por evangélicos detidos no presídio do Carumbé (MT), denuncia ONG
O presidente da ONG Livremente, Clóvis Arantes, denunciou em entrevista à Rádio CBN Cuiabá – AM 590, que travestis presos no Centro de Ressocialização de Cuiabá (CRC), antigo Carumbé, estavam sendo leiloados por evangélicos que se encontram presos. De acordo com Clóvis, os travestis eram usados como moeda de troca. A cada favor que um presidiário fazia para a ala evangélica, um travesti era leiloado. Por fim, os homossexuais acabavam sendo molestados pelos demais presos.

Petição tenta barrar resolução sobre uso de banheiros por trans e travestis
Para advogado, pessoas devem aprender a conviver com as diferenças nos espaços públicos e espaços privados destinados ao uso público: "Se não conseguem, usem o banheiro em suas próprias casas".

“Já fui uma mulher sofredora, moradora de rua, casada, solteira, muito feliz e até meretriz”
Vítima do preconceito desde a infância, Brunna Valin hoje é socioeducadora e militante LGBT

Homophobic attacks increase in seemingly gay-friendly Brazil
Sheylla Lopes, a 19-year-old transgender woman, was walking down the street, talking on her cellphone when without warning a man came up from behind and slapped her in the face.

ATA denuncia la agresión a una mujer transexual en Sevilla
La Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía, ATA, ha mandado un comunicado para manifestar un ataque de transfobia que ha tenido lugar el pasado domingo en Sevilla. Según el escrito, Saray B. S., mujer transexual de 49 años, presentó el pasado 22 de marzo una denuncia policial por ser increpada y agredida brutalmente esa misma mañana, en un bar situado en la Plaza de la Encarnación en Sevilla.
Denuncian la agresión a una transexual en Sevilla

Exclusive: Chris Sutton on being publicly genderqueer
Chris Sutton talks exclusively to PinkNews about being genderqueer in the public eye, after their brother Stephen famously raised £5 million for charity while battling incurable cancer.
Stephen Sutton inspired people with his incredible positivity, and desire to use his limited time left to make a difference. He hit headlines around the world, and countless people wanted to pay tribute to him.
After his death, he was honoured with a string of awards. Chris went to collect them, and appeared on television in a heels, a dress and looking, as they describe themselves, “offensively queer”.

Malaysian Transgender : Let Suryani Live as a Woman
The story of Suryani, a Malaysian Transwoman, is starting to get attention as she have been denied asylum by the Danish authorities just because of her Gender Identity. Suryani has fled from Malaysia to seek protection and hoped to live a free life and be herself.

Suécia adota pronome neutro para designar pessoas transgénero
A Suécia decidiu integrar, a partir de abril, nos dicionários oficiais de língua sueca, um pronome de género neutro para referir uma pessoa sem revelar o seu género.
Sweden adds gender-neutral pronoun to dictionary

L'Angola en transe avec Titica
Tout le pays danse sur les rythmes effrénés de Titica. La reine du kuduro assume sans complexe sa transsexualité dans un pays où même l'homosexualité reste taboue. Sa musique s'exporte dans le monde entier et connaît notamment un grand succès au Brésil.

Trial begins in Philippines of U.S. Marine charged with trans woman’s murder
A Philippine court on Monday began the trial of a U.S. Marine charged with murdering a transgender Filipino after allegedly discovering her gender when they checked into a hotel, in an emotional case that has tested the two countries’ military ties.

Droits des transgenres: un recul, pas une défaite
La situation des personnes transgenres n'est pas facile. 74% des jeunes transgenres ont été harcelés verbalement à l'école. 37% ont rapporté de la violence physique. Deux tiers des personnes transgenres souffrent de dépression et 77% des personnes transgenres en Ontario ont affirmé avoir considéré le suicide. 43% ont tenté de se suicider au moins une fois.

Transgender woman wins $15,000 from Vancouver police board for discrimination
Angela Dawson is well known across the city for her rollerblades, bright pink outfits and habit of directing traffic at busy intersections. That hobby has resulted in frequent interactions with the police as well as a few tickets from officers
Tribunal says Vancouver Police discriminate against transgender people

Hamilton transgender woman, barred at HSR bathroom, left in tears
A local transgender woman says her human rights were violated when she was barred by a security guard from using the women's bathroom at a downtown bus terminal.
The city has apologized for the incident.
An official complaint was filed to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario shortly after the incident at the MacNab Bus Terminal in October, and proceedings are now underway.

Trans Reporter Zoey Tur in Hot Water Over Remarks on Trans Bodies, Rights
Following contentious commentary, trans advocates are vocally questioning Zoey Tur's recently established role as a media spokesperson.

Concerns Over Easing Transgender Ban in Military
Defense Secretary Ash Carter has gotten pushback from senior military leaders on whether the Pentagon should lift its ban on transgender people serving in the armed forces, according to U.S. officials familiar with the discussions.

Williams Institute to do first-of-its-kind study of transgender population
Researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, Columbia University and The Fenway Institute at Fenway Health are launching a first-of-its-kind study of the transgender population in the United States that they expect will create a more accurate and detailed picture of the issues faced by transgender individuals.

Gender Identity Bias Claim Can Go Forward Under Obamacare
Deciding an important issue under the federal Affordable Care Act for the first time, Minnesota US District Judge Susan Richard Nelson denied a motion by a Minneapolis area hospital and its emergency physicians to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a transgender man claiming the defendants violated the ACA because “he received worse care because of his status as a transgender man.”

Transgender California high school teacher transitions from man to woman during weekend, catching some by surprise
A California high school teacher transitioned to woman from a man over the weekend, surprising students and parents.
Amanda Swager, a chemistry teacher at Chino High School, was raised as a boy named Michael, but learned later in life she was genetically female, CBS Los Angeles reported.

UF groups hold vigil in honor of murdered trans women
Turlington Plaza was silent except for the humming of the vending machines Monday night as people gathered to commemorate the lives of transgender women.

Lake View voice lab helps trans clients find their voices
Jackson Voice Lab sits unassumingly in the basement of St. Peter's Episcopal Church near Broadway and Belmont Avenue. But once inside, the space swells voices, making it perfect for vocal training. Owner Liz Jackson finds Lakeview a great spot to attract young, artistic professionals, and as Jackson Voice Lab offers services to trans individuals looking to help their voice compliment their identity, Jackson said she feels she's in the right place.

Transgender community members demonstrate, demand recognition
Declaring a State of Emergency for transgender people of color, around 50 members of the Chicago chapter of the Trans Latin@ Coalition and their allies gathered at the Daley Center on March 20 for a Trans Lives Matter Mobilization.

Kentucky Transgender Restroom Bill Withdrawn from Senate
A proposed law that drew widespread criticism for targeting transgender students in Kentucky appears to be dead.
Kentucky Bill Targeting Transgender Students for Discrimination Fails to Pass
Kentucky ‘trans bounty’ bathroom bill fails

Not Male Or Female: Molding Bodies To Fit A Genderfluid Identity
For more than three years, Devon Jones gave himself weekly shots of testosterone to align his body with the feeling that he was male. The shots worked. Jones’ voice dropped, body fat shifted from his thighs and breasts into his neck and stomach, and he sprouted facial hair.

In Md., transgender and intersex could get new birth certificates
Transgender and intersex Marylanders could soon have the opportunity to receive a new birth certificate listing their appropriate gender, following a bill that passed through both the state Senate and House Tuesday morning.

Michigan woman sues Planet Fitness for transgender-friendly locker room policy
The transgender-friendly locker room policy of national gym chain Planet Fitness has led to a lawsuit in Michigan.
Yvette Cormier of Midland County is suing Planet Fitness in Midland County Circuit Court for more than $25,000. The Kallman Legal Group of Lansing is representing Cormier.
Woman sues Planet Fitness after cancelled membership over transgender woman
Dropped Planet Fitness member sues over ‘hostile’ gender policy
Woman Sues Planet Fitness For Being Too Respectful Of Transgender People
Midland County woman sues Planet Fitness over membership

Model LGBT non-discrimination ordinance adopted by Michigan Civil Rights Commission
With debate over protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents at a standstill in the Michigan Legislature, the Civil Rights Commission on Monday adopted a model non-discrimination ordinance for local communities to consider.

Young transgender activist Blake Brockington mourned
Friends and community members are today mourning the passing of a local transgender youth activist, Blake Brockington, who died as the result of suicide overnight.
Brockington, 18, was a 2014 graduate of East Mecklenburg High School where, last year, he was nominated and later crowned homecoming king as an openly transgender student after winning a fundraising competition and drawing in $2,335.55 for a charity chosen by the school. Brockington’s homecoming win is believed to be the first for an openly transgender student in Charlotte.

Transgender activists call for bathroom tolerance
Local transgender activists are insisting their bathroom behavior is no different than anybody else's.

Trans Artist ​Juliana Huxtable's Fight for Acceptance
Juliana Huxtable's naked body is triumphantly on display in Frank Benson's new 3D-scanned plastic sculpture, which is simply titled Juliana. I saw the statue in late February at the opening of the New Museum Triennial – the prestigious New York exhibition that focuses on emerging artists. Exhibited with Huxtable's poems and futuristic photographs, the presentation offered an intimate look into the sexual and creative evolution the downtown DJ and internet it-girl underwent to become a local trans icon. But, on a personal level, it also served as an intimate message from the artist to her estranged Southern Baptist mother, whom she hadn't spoken to in five years.

Stafford schools reverse restroom stance for transgender student
A transgender student at Hartwood Elementary School will have to use a single-stall restroom, staff bathroom or the restroom of the student’s biological gender, the Stafford School Board decided late Tuesday night.

segunda-feira, março 23, 2015

Travesti é assassinado por suposto agenciador
Um travesti foi executado com disparos de arma de foto quando estava na Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek, no bairro Passaré, na tarde desta sexta-feira (20). A vítima, identificada como Francisco Robson Caetano Elias, de 21 anos de idade, mais conhecida como Bianca foi morta na presença de amigos.
Travesti é morto à bala por suposto agenciador

Os desafios de quem muda de sexo após os 50 anos
As consequências físicas e emocionais das transexuais tardias, homens que decidem transformar-se em mulheres na maturidade

Adolescente trans de 13 anos é brutalmente assassinada no interior de SP
Uma adolescente de 13 anos, cujo nome social não foi divulgado, foi assassinada a facadas na madrugada de terça-feira (17), em Araraquara, interior de São Paulo.

Homem é preso e confessa assassinato de travesti no interior do Estado
A Polícia Civil prendeu o autor do assassinato de um travesti, ocorrido em Lucas do Rio Verde (400 km de Cuiabá), em dezembro de 2014. O suspeito Clessio Nascimento, 33 anos, foi preso por homicídio qualificado, que vitimou Danilo Roger, 23, no dia 12 de dezembro. A vítima foi morta a facadas depois de uma discussão por drogas.

Yvette Cooper: Labour would review introducing ‘Gender X’ passports
Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has pledged to consider introducing ‘Gender X’ passports – for people who aren’t male or female.

Trata de travestis
La Justicia italiana desmanteló una red de trata de travestis argentinas que eran llevadas a Roma para ser prostituidas y donde eran sometidas a malos tratos. Hay cinco detenidos.

The Invisibles: Peshawar’s transgender pushed to society’s fringe
At the age of 15, Mussarat a transgender from Bajaur, ran away from his home to seek refuge in Peshawar and in search of the transgender community.

Transgender activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi wants OBC status for community
Flamboyant transgender rights activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi on Wednesday said she is in talks with the Gujarat government for including the transgender community in OBC category and integrating them in school curriculum.

GID certification system proposed for doctors
The Japanese Society of Gender Identity Disorder said Sunday that it plans to launch a certification system for doctors who are GID specialists and will aim to get gender reassignment surgery covered by national health insurance.

First national trans mental health study: A mixed-methods study of mental health and associated factors in transgender and transsexual (trans) people
The first national trans mental health study was a cross-sectional study of trans people living in Australia in 2013. A total of 946 people participated in the study, making the study the largest ever conducted in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

[New Zealand]
Young trans actress receives wide support
A grassroots bid to get a talented young trans woman from the central North Island to a drama workshop has received wide support and is nearing its fundraising target.

'Conversion therapy' controversy at CAMH transgender clinic
CAMH, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, has launched a review of its Gender Identity Services Clinic for youth, after complaints that the clinic might be engaging in "conversion therapy."

Winnipeg transgender men raising money to complete transformation
Liam Zarrillo and Ben Cathcart launch GoFundMe campaign to raise money for top surgery

Jeb Bush endorses religious discrimination legislation
Likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush threw his support on Thursday behind religious discrimination legislation, warning that an upcoming ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on marriage equality would make such measures necessary.

An Imperfect Spokesperson: The Transgender Backlash Against Zoey Tur
Zoey Tur may have undergone one of the most public gender transitions in U.S. media. The news reporter, famed for her 1990s chopper coverage chasing O.J. Simpson’s Bronco and documenting the Los Angeles race riots from above, shared every step of her journey over the past two years with Los Angeles Magazine‘s Ed Leibowitz, whose long profile of her transition was published in December. She has since begun to enter the media space again, and was recently hired as a correspondent for the syndicated newsmagazine Inside Edition.

What Utah Anti-Bias Law Tells Us About the Nationwide Fight
On the eve of a critical State Senate committee hearing on a measure providing, for the first time in Utah history, nondiscrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity, Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), said, “The desire exhibited by the Mormon Church to work toward common ground should serve as a model for other faith traditions here in the United States.”

The DNA of A Transperson As Explained By Hollywood: INFOGRAPHIC
Written into the DNA of nearly every movie about trans-identified people, writes Scottish comedian Avery Edison, are problematic misconceptions about who trans people are. Projects like "Dallas Buyers Club," "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," and "Transamerica" have done much to introduce the broader public to a variety of trans narratives. More often than not, though, these stories are plagued by shortcomings that seem to have become a part of the way that we conceptualize trans-ness.

Anti-Conversion Therapy Bills Advance in Three States
Oregon, Iowa, and Colorado have all seen one legislative chamber approve such a bill; the chance of further progress appears best in Oregon.

El hombre que robó un banco por amor
Su intento de atraco fallido inspiró la película "Tarde de perros" (Dog Day Afternoon, en el original en inglés) y varios documentales, el último "The Dog" (El perro), un cariñoso retrato de este excéntrico neoyorquino.

ICE officials respond to allegations of harassment by transgender detainee
While immigration advocates demand the release of a transgender asylum seeker who is currently housed in an ICE detention facility,
Department of Homeland Security officials are speaking out, saying they're doing all they can to make sure she's treated fairly.

City gives temp greenlight to adding gender identity to policy
The City Council’s Budget Committee gave a tentative greenlight to a proposal to add the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the types of discrimination banned by San Diego’s Nondiscrimination in Contracting Ordinance.

California may soon ban discrimination against transgender jurors
The California state Assembly has approved a bill to block discrimination against transgender jurors.

Spring Into Love #TransLivesMatter rally shuts down Beverly Center
Dozens of transgender and gender non-conforming protesters shut down a busy intersection in southern California to highlight transphobic violence Friday. There have been four transgender people murdered in Southern California since the year began.
Protesters block traffic, highlight violence against transgender people

A Home with Heart
Transgender activist Ruby Corado's new house for LGBT homeless youth doubles the number of beds available

Ted Cruz seeks to overturn D.C. laws on gay rights, reproductive health
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Wednesday filed a resolution seeking to overturn the District of Columbia’s 2014 Human Rights Amendment Act that protects LGBT students from discrimination at D.C. based religious schools.
A second resolution would upend D.C.’s Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act of 2014, which prevents employers from taking action against workers based on their decision to use birth control or seek an abortion.

Suspect in Deoni Jones killing found competent to stand trial
Gary Niles Montgomery had previously expressed plans to pursue an insanity defense

Transgender teen responds to bathroom controversy
13-year-old D.W. Trantham is speaking out after a parent pulled their child out of South Junior High. This comes after learning Trantham, who is transgender, was able to choose which bathroom she could use.
South Junior High School defends decision on transgender student

Business, Faith Leaders Oppose Indiana 'License to Discriminate' Bill
The bill may be on a fast track to passage, but some influential voices are registering their objections.

Kansas Senate approves bill allowing campus religious groups to discriminate
A proposal in Kansas for protecting religious groups on public college campuses that want to restrict memberships to like-minded believers is advancing in the Republican-dominated Legislature, and a leading gay-rights advocate calls it “a license to discriminate.”

Trans ex-Navy SEAL to Challenge Hoyer
A transgender former U.S. Navy SEAL plans to challenge House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) in next year’s Democratic primary. The Maryland Board of Elections on its website confirms that Kristin Beck filed campaign paperwork with state officials in Annapolis. The retired SEAL on her campaign website said she has “mailed forms” to the Federal Election Commission.

Judge says transgender man has plausible case he was mistreated at hospital
Jakob Rumble was in severe pain when he came to the emergency room of Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina with his mother.
Court Rules That Transgender Patient Tortured By Doctors Is Protected Under Obamacare

State Senate shelves transgender bill
A Minnesota lawmaker tried unsuccessfully today to revive a bill that tells transgender students which sports teams they can join and which locker rooms they can use.
Senate rejects effort to have transgender policy bill skip committees
MN Senate committee rejects anti-transgender bill

Email blast from some Omaha Catholic schools expresses opposition to discrimination bill
Members of the Nebraska Legislature will debate a bill this session that would ban employer discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Reno strangers united by their transgender children
When Jessi Arroyo was 4 years old, her mother taught her to pray.
"Pray to God and he will listen," said her mother, Elvira Diaz. "Ask for whatever you want."
"Mom, I want to pray to God and wake up in the morning with a penis," her daughter said.

Finding Cee Cee: Surviving school through a transgender transition
Shanna Ott sits in a silent room, watching the front doorway from her plush armchair, waiting.

Victory! New York State Lifts Medicaid Ban on Transgender Health Care
Final Step in Process Ensures Transgender New Yorkers Have Access to Medically Necessary Care

"Religious freedom" bills in Nevada threaten jobs, economy, minorities
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) on Thursday sounded the alarm on anti-LGBT legislation in Nevada that poses as "religious freedom" bills.

Stepping Up the GENDA Pressure One More Time
LGBT rights advocates and elected officials gathered outside City Hall on March 12 to press the case for enactment of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) in Albany this spring.

Transgender in Cincinnati: Ashton Dotson gets a job
Managers in Cincinnati and nationwide face gender identity as a workplace factor

What do non-binary people look like?
A great deal of pressure exists culturally for women to look like women and men to look like men. But what about people who are not male or female?
What are non-binary genders?
Transgender and non-binary people and the drag community: Transgender in Pennsylvania

Transgender physician general addresses conference, reaches out to transgender youth
Dr. Rachel Levine promised to work hard for every Pennsylvanian. Yet she made an even more impassioned promise to young transgender people, especially those thinking of killing or hurting themselves.

Previous probation revoked for man charged in murder of transgender woman
A man charged in the death of a Tyler transgender woman could soon be back in Smith County.
Probation was revoked Thursday for Carlton Ray Champion, Jr.

Elkins Adopts Non-Discrimination Resolution Promoting Equality in the Workplace
The City of Elkins adopted an LGBT non-discrimination resolution.

Miss Gaviota, la única luchadora trans mexicana
En el corazón de La Lagunilla, uno de los barrios ubicados en el centro de la Ciudad de México, Wendy Martínez maneja un pequeño changarro de lunes a sábado: su estética. Los domingos, cuando no está cortando el cabello a alguno de sus clientes, se convierte Miss Gaviota, la única luchadora profesional transexual de lucha libre mexicana.

A la cárcel patrullero de la Policía que asesinó a miembro de comunidad Lgbti en Cartagena
Al parecer, el 3 de marzo del 2014, el uniformado disparó de manera indiscriminada en el barrio Canapote, hiriendo a la víctima en el rostro.
Los motivos del Juez para encarcelar a policía que mató a transexual

sexta-feira, março 20, 2015

Travesti é encontrado morto no bairro da Cruz em Lorena, SP
Vítima morreu após ser baleada na noite desta terça-feira (17).
Corpo foi encaminhado para IML de Taubaté para identificação.
Um travesti foi encontrado morto na noite desta terça-feira (17) no bairro da Cruz em Lorena (SP). A vítima foi encontrada caída em uma rua e tinha marca de tiro no corpo.

É com extrema dor no coração e grande pesar que venho lhes noticiar sobre este ocorrido
Na manhã desta quarta-feira, dia 18, a polícia foi acionada no CEO (Centro de Especialidades Odontológicos), na Rua Amazonas Vila Xavier, onde um adolescente foi encontrado morto.
Esse não era um garoto qualquer como muitos relataram. Michael foi abandonado pela mãe que sofre de problemas psiquiátricos e é usuária de drogas quando tinha dois anos.

En France, la puissance monopolistique de la SOFECT, régnant sans partage par le levier de la psychiatrie dans ses équipes hospitalières sur l’accès aux soins des personnes trans’ a mis nombre d’entre nous dans des situations invivables, soit par le rationnement des soins, soit par des délais délibérements interminables, soit par des chirurgies souvent médiocres, dans l’intention, avec la bénédiction de l’État, de limiter drastiquement le nombre de personnes effectivement soignées et cantonner notre population dans l’ombre, en lui offrant un accès minuscule et contingenté à une normalité retrouvée, supposée être le Saint Graal pour les transgenres.

[South Africa]
Transgender women in SA either hairdressers or sex workers
Transgender is not a common thing in a country like Swaziland, but transgender rights are enshrined in the constitution in neighbouring countries such as South Africa.

Bengal govt announces Transgender Development Board
West Bengal government Wednesday announced the constitution of Transgender Development Board for the over 30,000 plus-strong community in the state.

Adelaide Venue Name Change Provokes Accusations Of Transphobia
A rebranded venue in Adelaide is facing a storm of controversy in the wake of unveiling its new name, with accusations of racism and transphobia being levelled against its organisers on social media this week.

Just because a man wears a dress, doesn't mean he's gay
Hervey Bay transgender Reg Colin can rise above the odd strange look while out wearing a dress, but getting punched in the face was taking it too far.

CAMH reviews gender identity programs
Complaints, as well as new research prompts look at program serving children and teens with gender identity issues.

Court: Obamacare Protects Trans People in Health Care Settings
For the first time, a federal court has confirmed that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibits discrimination against transgender people by any health care provider accepting federal funds. In the case of a young transgender man who says he was badly mistreated in a Minnesota hospital, the court ruled Monday that Section 1557 of the ACA prohibits gender identity discrimination under the umbrella of sex discrimination, and that by accepting Medicare and Medicaid funds the hospital was subject to the law.
Federal Court: Obamacare Protects Trans Health Care Patients

US soap The Bold and the Beautiful unveils transgender character
Reign Edwards' character tells her sibling: 'You’re not my sister, Maya ... You’re Myron, my brother'

How a transgender teen became a nationally known activist
“I’ve always known exactly who I am. I was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.”
Those words come from 14-year-old Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who has announced that she will open up about her day-to-day troubles and triumphs in dating, sleepovers and high school this summer in a new reality show on the cable TV network TLC called “All That Jazz.”

CBS Shows How Easy It Is To Properly Cover A Transgender News Story
CBS produced an informative, well-researched, and compassionate segment about the military's ban on transgender service members, setting an example for other networks on how to properly cover transgender stories.

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Impeach Obama Over Gay Rights, Mythical Election Tampering
In an email to Pray In Jesus Name Project supporters on Saturday, televangelist and Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt blasted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s 2012 decision to cover discrimination against transgender people under laws that prevent discrimination on the basis of sex.

AFA Launches Planet Fitness Boycott Over LGBT-Inclusive Policy
The American Family Association boycott machine is getting into gear to launch a pressure campaign against Planet Fitness for adopting an LGBT-inclusive policy. The Religious Right group organized the effort after a Michigan franchise cancelled the membership of one customer who unceasingly complained to staff and other customers after a transgender woman hung her coat up in the women’s locker room while visiting the gym.

Arkansas lawmaker dropping bill to add LGBT protections
An Arkansas lawmaker says he’s dropping his proposal to expand Arkansas’ anti-discrimination protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Activists Continue to Fight for Release of Transgender Asylum Seeker Nicoll Hernández-Polanco
Earlier this month, I wrote about Nicoll Hernández-Polanco, a transgender woman from Guatemala who has been held in an all-male immigration detention center since October.

Doubtfire arson defendant: 'I'm a good person'
The transgender woman accused of setting fire to the house made famous in the 1993 film Mrs. Doubtfire said in a jailhouse interview last weekend, "I'm a good person."

Watch this 13-year-old trans boy's powerful coming out speech
I would stand under the water in the shower crying'

Senators introduce resolution to kill D.C. LGBT rights measure
U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and James Lankford (R-Okla.) introduced a resolution in the Senate on Wednesday calling on Congress to kill the Human Rights Amendment Act of 2014, a city approved bill that would protect LGBT students from discrimination at D.C. based religious schools.

No opinion yet from Florida Gov. Rick Scott on transgender bathroom bill
Visiting Miami on Wednesday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott wouldn't say if he would support legislation banning transgender men and women from using public restrooms of their choice.

Iowa Senate approves conversion therapy ban for minors; House support unlikely
The Iowa state Senate has passed a bill that would ban mental health providers from practicing therapy aimed at converting the sexual orientation of a minor.

Parents pull child from school over transgender bathroom choice
Two Boise parents said they pulled their student from school at South Junior High after another student, who is transgender, was allowed to use the girls bathroom.

MN GOPers tout anti-transgender bills in emails to constituents
In emails to constituents, Republicans are seeking to drum up support for a bill that would bar school from adopting transgender inclusive policies and would repeal a policy by the Minnesota State High School League that allows transgender students to participate in high school sports based on gender.

Missouri Lawmaker Really Doesn’t Want Transgender People To Have A Safe Place To Pee
Following bills introduced in Kentucky, Florida, and Texas that would criminalize transgender people’s use of restrooms, a Missouri lawmaker is attempting a different tactic to make bathrooms less safe for transgender people. A pair of new bills from State Rep. Jeff Pogue (R) would restrict any bathroom or locker room that isn’t single-use-only from being made gender-neutral.
Missouri Has A New Way to Keep Trans Folks from Using the Bathroom

Transgender in Pennsylvania: How long it takes and how much it costs to transition
Despite the misconception that a transgender person is not transgender until they have taken some steps to transition -- to update their name and the way they dress to reflect their identity, to undergo hormone therapy, to get surgery -- not every transgender person has access to the bureaucratic and medical steps necessary for the state and federal government to recognize their name and gender.
Transgender in Pennsylvania: A look at the rights, laws in the state

Marisa Richmond: The Advocate
Nashville native Marisa Richmond grew up as part of a politically active family in Bordeaux. (Her mother passed out leaflets for John F. Kennedy.) In 2003, Richmond became the first president of the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition, and today she volunteers her time lobbying for equal rights for trans people in Tennessee and beyond.

Dallas police: Two wanted for illegal butt injections
Police have issued arrest warrants for two people for practicing medicine without a license in connection to the death of a woman who police say received injections of a substance in her buttocks in a botched cosmetic procedure.

'Finally Normal': How A New Medical Landscape Is Changing Life For Trans Youth
Nell Gaither, who grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, didn’t figure out that she was transgender until she was 40.

Antigay 'Religious Freedom' Bills Die in West Virginia
This year's legislative session was marked by lawmakers' attempts at discrimination, but none of these bills became law.

Claudia Pía Baudracco, la “Leona” que peleó por los derechos trans
Fue parte de una generación de travestis, perseguida por la policía, encerrada y torturada. En 1993 fundó, con otras activistas, la Asociación de Travestis de Argentina (ATA), que años después cambió su nombre a ATTTA para sumar a transexuales y transgéneros. Murió hace tres años, el 18 de marzo de 2012, y en su honor la Legislatura porteña creó el Día de la Promoción de los Derechos Trans.

quinta-feira, março 19, 2015

Transgender activists rally for OBC rights
It was another step forward for the transgender community in the country when, on Tuesday, the Supreme Court delivered another landmark verdict. Quashing the Centre's decision to grant OBC status to the Jat community, the court ruled that caste should not be the sole basis to decide backwardness of a community. It asked the Centre to consider new and emerging form of backwardness to decide the OBC list and cited the case of the transgender community.

Bangladesh’s Third Gender
Shahria Sharmin had gone to her husband’s factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, looking to tell a positive story about the garment industry, one that would offset negative public perceptions. What she found, instead, was an even more challenging topic: the lives of five hijras, the local term for the culture of men who identify sexually as women. By day, they presented themselves as men, but at night they dressed as women and kept a home for their boyfriends.

The hypocrisy behind the military’s transgender policy
Thanks to a procedural tweak at the Pentagon, transgender soldiers are now less likely to get kicked out of the military.
Transgender people push for acceptance in military -- and beyond

[USA] [Film]
When your young daughter says 'I'm a boy'
There was the pink and white nursery to finish, dresses and bows to buy.

'Why We Need Transgender Pronouns' Explains Queer-Inclusive Language
Pronouns are important.

Moving forward: Transgender bathroom bill passes second Florida House committee
A bill that would ban transgender Floridians from using single-sex bathrooms that don’t match the gender of their birth passed a second House committee Tuesday, following hours of debate.
Transgender bathroom bill moves forward in House
Bill Now Requires Transgender People to Have Their Papers Before Using Restroom

LGBT Atlantans rally against ‘religious freedom’ bill at Georgia State Capitol
As the days dwindled before the fate of state Sen. Josh McKoon’s so-called “religious freedom” bill is decided, hundreds of opponents of the bill gathered for a rally to make one last visible stand.

Upcoming: UChicago LGBTQ; Creating Change; Latin@ week; Trans pres appointee
From lesbian relationships in the early 1900s to student activists struggling with the AIDS crisis to a five-star rating from the Campus Pride Index, LGBTQ life at the University of Chicago ( UChicago ) has been a part of its fabric since the beginning.

Students plan rally in favor of bill threatened by two Republicans' unrelated amendments
In a final push for a bill that would allow high school students to sit on superintendent screening committees, members of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence's Student Voice Team are planning a rally on the Capitol steps in Frankfort Monday.

Planet Fitness takes steps to identify transgender members
Many Mid-Michigan residents were wondering how Planet Fitness knows which members are truly transgender and which ones say they are just to get a locker room thrill.

American Family Association Slams Planet Fitness For Response To Transgender Locker Room Controversy
The American Family Association has responded to the media firestorm that erupted after Planet Fitness revoked the membership of a woman who "inappropriately" responded to the presence of a transgender woman in the locker room.

St. Paul school board approves transgender policy
The St. Paul school board unanimously approved a new policy Tuesday that aims to make school more welcoming for transgender and gender-nonconforming students.

MN Child Protection League: Trans-inclusive school policies hurt kids
Minnesota Republicans have offered legislation that would repeal transgender-inclusive school policies across the state, and bill proponents have been hitting the airwaves to drum up support. The bill, SF1543/HF1546, would effectively repeal a Minnesota State High School League policy that allows transgender students to participate in athletics based on their gender. It would also block the Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts from implementing transgender-inclusive school policies; Minneapolis adopted one last year and St. Paul is poised to adopt one in March.

UNCC quietly adopts new transgender bathroom policy
NBC Charlotte learned Tuesday night, due to an anonymous tip, that the University of North Carolina-Charlotte campus now allows transgender students, faculty and staff to use the restroom of their choice.

Oregon House passes bill to ban ‘gay conversion’ therapy for youths
The bill makes it illegal for professionals to try to change a young person’s sexual orientation

Man charged in murder of transwoman appears in court
Details about the murder of a transgender woman last November were revealed during a court hearing for the suspect Tuesday morning.

Texas lawmakers just broke a record they really shouldn’t be proud of
Texas lawmakers appear to have broken the record for the most anti-gay bills filed in one year.

Fairfax school board to consider protecting gender identity
A Fairfax County school board member has proposed expanding the district’s nondiscrimination policy to include gender identity for the first time.

quarta-feira, março 18, 2015

Meses à espera para mudar de sexo
Dezenas de transexuais esperam há vários meses por uma cirurgia de mudança de sexo, alegando que o Hospital de Coimbra, o único a operar pelo Serviço Nacional de Saúde, não está a dar resposta. A direção da unidade diz que os tempos de espera estão dentro do previsto para doentes não urgentes. Em Portugal, há cerca de 150 transexuais, mas nem todos querem levar o processo cirúrgico até ao fim.

Parliament human rights report addresses LGBTI criminalisation, trans rights and same-sex unions
Last week, the European Parliament voted its annual report on human rights in the world. The report takes account of the situation of human rights, including of LGBTI people, and makes recommendations accordingly.

David Cameron Supports Trans Rights – And Says We Need To Tackle “Homophobic Bullying”
He also told BuzzFeed Brews he was “very proud” of introducing same-sex marriage.

Psychiatric abuse of transgender people: a case of Russia
The article was partly published in Unfortunately, the editors didn't put the beginning and end of the article which deal with international contet and trans! depatholo-gi"ation.

Bill turns victims into predators
'Bathroom amendment' sign of ignorance

LGBT Women Are Among Most at Risk of Poverty in America
According to a new report released by a broad coalition of research and advocacy organizations, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, women are among the most at risk of poverty According to a new report released by a broad coalition of research and advocacy organizations, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, women are among the most at risk of poverty in America. in America.

HRC won’t accept fed’l anti-bias bill with broad exemption
The nation’s largest LGBT group in years past has supported federal LGBT non-discrimination protections with a religious carve-out broader than language found in existing civil rights law, but a top staffer for the group announced Monday that is no longer the case.

Steve Deace: Arrest Trans Woman Using Gym Locker Room
Iowa talk radio host Steve Deace is furious about the decision of a Michigan Planet Fitness to revoke the membership of a woman who repeatedly complained about a transgender woman who hung her coat in the women’s locker room.

TLC Testifies at Historic Hearing on LGBT Workplace Discrimination
Legal Director Ilona Turner is in Washington, D.C. to testify before the United States Commission on Civil Rights at its first ever hearing on workplace discrimination against LGBT people. Her testimony describes the vast problem of employment discrimination that transgender and gender nonconforming people still face in this country, which leads to widespread unemployment and poverty, and also summarizes the state of legal protections for transgender and gender nonconforming people.

Supreme Court petitioned to hear trans inmate’s lawsuit
An LGBT group representing a Massachusetts transgender inmate filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to ensure she can receive gender reassignment surgery as part of her medical care.
Advocates Ask Supreme Court to Hear Case Concerning Medical Care for Transgender Woman in Prison
Transgender inmate asks U.S. Supreme Court to hear sex-change case

SERU asks UF students about gender identity for the first time
This year, the Student Experience in the Research University survey asked UF students about their gender identities, offering more options than just “male” and “female.”

NEWS RELEASE: Transgender Discrimination Bill to get hearing Tuesday morning
Transgender Discrimination Bill to be heard again early Tuesday
Opponents and proponents are in both in town to lobby legislators
TAKE ACTION: Help defeat the Transgender Discrimination Bill (HB 583)

25 arrested at Idaho capitol in protests over lack of LGBT protections
LGBT rights activists once again returned to the Idaho Capitol to protest lawmakers’ refusal to pass anti-discrimination protections, this time by refusing to leave the state’s bill-drafting offices.

Trans Man Behind #WeJustNeedtoPee Isn't Selfie-Centered
Trans man Michael Hughes was perfectly happy living stealth, as a family man in Rochester, Minn. Then lawmakers started targeting his community.

Missouri lawmaker files two ‘bathroom’ bills targeting transgender community
A Missouri legislator has introduced two bills aimed at restricting public restroom use by transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

'They Got The Wrong Guy,' Says Suspect Accused of Killing Islan Nettles
The man charged with the brutal beating death of a transgender woman in 2013 says police arrested the wrong guy and denies even being there when the crime occurred.

Transgender man helped by friends, YouTube during transition in college
Caiden Fratangelo attended an all-female college with no transgender policy. That worried him.
He is a transgender man, and was making the transition between junior and senior year at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. He emailed professors to inform them of his new name, and that the pronoun "he" now applied. He braced for a reaction from administrators.

Suspect Arrested in November Shooting of Tennessee Trans Woman
Police have arrested the man they believe murdered Gizzy Fowler, a trans woman of color.

Se aprueba Ordenanza que prohíbe toda forma de discriminación por orientación sexual e identidad de género en el distrito de Belén
El día de hoy se ha hecho historia. La Municipalidad del distrito de Belén aprobó en sesión de consejo, con solo dos votos en contra (Regidores religiosos), la Ordenanza Municipal que prohíbe toda forma de discriminación por orientación sexual e identidad de género en todo el distrito de Belén.