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quarta-feira, março 05, 2014

Human Rights Commissioner endorses trans rights campaign "Access All Areas! Recognition Opens Doors."
Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights endorses trans rights campaign: "It is an indispensable toolkit"

Hey, Doctors! Stop Operating on Intersex Babies
Over the past few years, British society has made a lot of progress in terms of gay rights and gender equality. Legislation to allow same-sex marriage was passed, transgender people got full legal recognition of the gender they identify with, and it's now very rare that politicians blame natural disasters on gay people.

Danish government proposes free access to change of legal gender
The Danish government proposes a reform of the legislation concerning change of legal gender.
Easier to get sex change without surgery

Turkey's New Hate Crime Law Ignores LGBTI People
Turkish Parliament accepted the 6th Democratization Package on Sunday night which prohibits discrimination as well as hate crime, however, not on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Transgender in Mongolia
In Mongolia, transgender people face extreme violence and discrimination, much of which goes unreported because the law does not protect them. Out of fear, many stay in the closet. Photographer Álvaro Laiz spent three and a half months in 2011 photographing male-to-female transgender people in Mongolia to explore notions of identity in a place where they are forced to hide who they are. “They cannot express themselves normally except in certain places. Your life becomes a scenario in which you are pretending to be someone else. Your job, your relatives become part of this performance, and little space is left to act as you would really want to be. It is insane,” he said via email.

[China/Hong Kong]
Hong Kong parliament to debate transgender rights
Hong Kong’s transgender people could soon have the right to marry their partners and get gender recognition without having to undergo reassignment surgery.

Transexuais estão zangados com Jared Leto
Saiba porque é que o Óscar para Melhor Ator Secundário, atribuído a Jared Leto, não agrada a uma parte do público transexual.
‘Clube de Compras Dallas’ enfraquece atrizes e atores trans

Ellen Degeneres Called 'Transphobic' After Liza Minnelli Oscars Joke
Ellen DeGeneres took to the stage last night to host the 2014 Academy Awards and one joke made by the comedian about actress Liza Minnelli has some people seeing red.
“Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen,” DeGeneres joked about the icon who has been a favorite subject for female impersonators and drag artists over the years. “Good job, sir.”
Was Ellen’s Liza Minnelli Joke Transphobic?

Fox News Anchor Apologizes for 'Ignorant' Joke About Gender Identity
Clayton Morris of Fox & Friends apologized for his inappropriate comment about changing his Facebook gender to "intersex."

Hercules High investigates alleged attack on transgender teen
Hercules High School is reeling from yet another incident of violence against a transgender teen, this case eve more serious than the last.
Transgender Hercules High Student Reports Being Sexually Assaulted In Restroom
Hercules High transgender student reports sexual assault in bathroom
Transgender student reports sex assault at Hercules school

Uproar after arrest of trans woman in D.C.
Local LGBT activists on Facebook were in an uproar over the weekend when transgender advocate Ruby Corado posted a message claiming hostile D.C. police officers traumatized a group of young transgender and gay passengers in her SUV on Feb. 28 when they handcuffed and arrested a transgender woman for driving the vehicle without a valid license.

Michelle Kosilek's Open Letter to the LGBT community
Dear LGBT Family,
When David Zimmerman graciously offered to let me write an open letter to accompany the article about our legal battle, it seemed like the concept of re-imagined families would be the strongest thread to weave my thoughts together. It was a few weeks after Christmas,
Michelle Kosilek slams Elizabeth Warren for not backing taxpayer-funded sex change
Michelle Kosilek Speaks to Boston Spirit Magazine

Transgender volunteer sues Howard for discrimination
Retired police officer claims bias in mounted patrol recruiting

Portsmouth Passes Transgender Non-Discrimination Resolution
Today by a unanimous 9-0 vote, Portsmouth’s City Council passed a resolution directing the city manager to adopt a non-discrimination policy to protect transgender municipal employees from discrimination. The resolution was introduced by Portsmouth’s Assistant Mayor, Jim Splaine. GLAD supported the resolution along with local partners.