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sábado, fevereiro 08, 2014

Pictured: Meet the stunning contestants at Miss Transsexual Australia competition
Contestants from 18 to 40 competed for the title and hoped to raise awareness for transgender and gay communities in the process

Amid Twitter firestorm, Piers Morgan and trans author Janet Mock have rematch on CNN
Mock calmly tries to educate a defensive Morgan who feels he's been unfairly vilified by the trans community he supports
Reframing the Media Narrative: Trans Bodies Are Not Public Domain
Daily Caller Uses Transphobic Slur Against Activist Janet Mock
Why Piers Morgan is a violent, transphobic, and not on our side

Trans Woman Releases Bathroom-Finder App Refuge Restrooms
Meet transgender woman and coder Teagan Widmer, whose latest app, Refuge Restrooms, highlights the importance of providing safe public accommodations for trans people.

Judge orders transgender teen to participate in conflict resolution program
Surrounded by supporters, transgender teen Jewlyes Gutierrez appeared happy after a juvenile court judge on Thursday ordered her to participate in a conflict resolution program known as restorative justice to deal with an assault charge.
Progress: Transgender Student Facing Battery Charge for Defending Herself Enters Restorative Justice Program
Jewlyes Gutierrez: Plea Deal Announced For Transgender Teen Charged With Battery

Jared Leto Accused of Transmisogyny at Award Ceremony
The Oscar-nominated actor took time to engage with a heckler who believed Leto's role in Dallas Buyers Club should have gone to a transgender woman.

Beyer announces for Dist. 18
Third time may be the charm for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) advocate Dana Beyer. The retired eye surgeon board chair of Freedom to Work, and Executive Director of Gender Rights Maryland announced she is launching her third bid for state senate, running against incumbent Sen. Richard Madaleno (D-18) who is openly gay.

Transsexual artist opens Union portrait gallery
Despite growing up in Philadelphia in a religious family of six that “encouraged self expression,” Zen Browne left home at age 17 after coming out as a gay woman. Decades later, Browne’s work is now on display at Bowdoin, documenting the painter’s journey of becoming a man.

N.J. trans bill back with bipartisan support
A bill is back in session in the New Jersey legislature that would make it easier for transgender individuals to make changes to their birth certificates.

Attorneys for trans litigant say they've proven case
Attorneys for transgender litigant Bobbie E. Burnett say they’ve proven their case against the city, and they’re asking a judge to let the matter go directly to a damages trial.

What's It Like To Be Transgender in Argentina?
In addition to being a beautiful place, Argentina may also be one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world — on paper, that is. Its Gender Identity Law, passed in January 2012, enables citizens to change their names and government-sanctioned sex on official documents without the approval of a judge or doctor. The law is the only one of its kind.