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sábado, fevereiro 01, 2014

Council of Europe supports further action to combat sexual orientation and gender identify discrimination
On 22 January 2014, the Council of Europe’s executive body, the Committee of Ministers, supported further action by the Council and by member states to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Portuguese Gender Identity Law
Creates a procedure for change of sex and name in the civil registry and proceeds to the seventeenth amendment to Code of Civil Registration

Homossexual é executado a pauladas no município de Piaçabuçu
Um homossexual identificado como Ivanildo Alves Pereira, conhecido popularmente como Paola, 25 anos, foi executado a pauladas na noite desta quinta-feira, 30, em Piaçabuçu. O crime foi praticado por indivíduos ainda não identificados no local onde está sendo construído o novo Posto de Saúde na Rua Idelbrando Lobo, Bairro Brasília.

Sweden Gender Recognition Act (reformed 2012)
Act (1972:119) concerning recognition of gender in certain cases

Transgender activist stripped naked by police
A transgender activist says she felt violated when six police officers stripped her naked after she was arrested for using a female toilet.

Judge grants former lesbian who is now a man access to ex-lover's child
A lesbian who became a man has been given permission to spend Father's Day with his former lover's daughter.

Bill Introduced in CA Ensuring Accurate Gender Reflected on Transgender People's Death Certificates
Today Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins introduced a bill, sponsored by Transgender Law Center and Equality California, that will help ensure transgender people have their authentic gender identity reflected on their death certificates.

Oakland 16-Year-Old Pleads Not Guilty To Setting Transgender Teen On Fire
A 16-year-old Oakland boy pleaded not guilty Thursday to an aggravated mayhem charge for allegedly setting a skirt-wearing transgender teen on fire on an AC Transit bus in November.

Barring transgender student from using girls' bathroom violates Maine law
So holds today’s Maine Supreme Judicial Court decision in Doe v. Regional School Unit 26, as to a fifth-grade student who is biologically male but identifies and dresses as a girl. Maine law bans discrimination in places of public accommodation based on “sexual orientation,” which includes “gender identity or expression.” The court held that this means that transgender people were entitled to use the restrooms appropriate to their gender identity, rather than their biological sex.
Breakthrough Ruling in Favor of Transgender Student
Maine Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Student
Maine Supreme Court: Transgender Students Deserve Equal Bathroom Access
Court rules for Maine trans student’s bathroom access
Maine’s highest court: Transgender student’s rights were violated

Prosecution rests in buttocks injections trial of Cordova woman
Prosecutors rested their case Thursday in the depraved-heart murder trial of a Cordova woman charged with helping arrange the silicone buttocks injections that authorities say killed another woman.

Transgender woman murdered, rally held
New York's transgender community is demanding answers from the NYPD about the brutal murder of one of their own.
New York City Rally Calls for Justice for Islan Nettles
Transgender Groups Protest Handling of Islan Nettles' Death
Grieving mom encounters man she says beat, killed her transgender daughter last summer

City: D.A.'s Morris records off-limits to police
Dozens of interviews conducted by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office in 2003 while investigating the Nizah Morris case are unavailable to the police department, according to city attorneys.

Utah Bill Would Force Transgender Students To Use Separate Bathrooms
A Utah state legislator filed a bill Wednesday that would prevent students from using school bathrooms that were not consistent with their biological “male or female phenotype.” By defining gender as the same as sex, it would reject the existence of gender identity and force transgender kids to either risk their safety and use the wrong bathroom or face isolation by using a separate private bathroom.
Lawmakers Tackle Gender and School Bathrooms

Transgender students question housing inequality
When Emerson Ives ’14 transferred to the College of William and Mary as a junior, Ives identified as transgender and failed to find a comfortable housing option. Ives decided to request a single. Later in the summer, Ives received the housing assignment: a quad with three girls in a Ludwell apartment.