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terça-feira, janeiro 21, 2014

2014 poderia ter começado da melhor forma, mas, para variar neste país pequenino de mentes e mentalidades pequeninas, não foi isso que aconteceu. Estou de luto por mim, por ti, por tod@s nós que pertencemos à comunidade LGBTI.

Travesti é assassinado na zona Norte de Natal
Vítima fazia ponto na avenida Florianópolis e foi surpreendida por bandido em moto.
Um travesti, identificado como Alexandre Nascimento de Araújo, de 22 anos, e mais conhecido pelo apelido de Cristal, foi assassinado a tiros, na noite deste domingo (19), na zona Norte de Natal. O crime aconteceu na avenida Florianópolis, no conjunto Santa Catarina, por volta das 21h.

Former Bristol prisoner demands £15,000 for more sex change surgery
A former Bristol prisoner who had a sex-change operation on the NHS is demanding another £15,000 of cosmetic surgery paid by the taxpayers.
Transgender jailbird demands another £15,000 of cosmetic surgery on the NHS... after £20,000 taxpayer-funded sex change behind bars

'Travelling is too dangerous if you're trans': Transphobic hate crimes go unreported EVERY DAY, say victims
Hate crimes towards Manchester’s transgender community are continually going unreported due to their fractured relationship with police, claim members of the LGBT community

Diva Dana hosts TV girl-band search
Eurovision winner Dana International, whose ‘Yeshnan Banot’ starts Sunday night, is not the world’s first transgender reality TV presenter

dna impact: Maharashtra govt drops derogatory 'Shemale' category from driving licences after LGBT community's criticism
Hours after dna pointed out the use of an objectionable term to describe transsexuals in the online form for driving licence, the transport department on Saturday swung into action and rectified the error. Activists representing the LGBT community have lauded the department’s swift move.

Eunuch bled to death after falling into gap at Kasara rly station
A28-year-old eunuch died of excessive bleeding as she did not receive medical attention for an hour after she fell into the gap between the platform and the train at Kasara station in November.
On November 9, Neelam, a Kalyan resident who fell into the gap while trying to switch compartments at Kasara station to escape a bunch of hooligans, lost her right leg as the train was pulling out of the station. Railway authorities, fellow eunuchs allege, left her in a corner of the station and did nothing. They did not even provide basic care to her.

Journalist condemned after trans subject of article commits suicide
Golf club inventor Dr Essay Anne Vanderbilt killed herself shortly after Caleb Hannan threatened to out her in article
Trans Woman Commits Suicide Amid Fear of Outing by Sports Blog
Twitter Explodes After Trans Subject of Golf Article Kills Herself
ESPN Responds To Criticism Of Grantland’s "Dr. V" Story

CeCe McDonald on her time in prison: “I felt like they wanted me to hate myself as a trans woman”
CeCe McDonald on Sunday gave her first televised interview after spending 19 months in a men’s prison for defending herself during a racist and transphobic attack.

Trans woman dares anti-gay Councilman to 'throw the first stone' against LGBTI people
Pamela Raintree challenged Councilman Ron Webb's proposal to repeal an anti-LGBTI ordinance, even bringing a stone for him to throw at her

Transgender man seeks reasons from facility that refused to impregnate him
For a transgender Toronto man locked in a battle with a Massachusetts health facility that refused to impregnate him, a face-to-face conversation would be a victory.

Cops Investigating Assault On Transgender Woman As Hate Crime
The Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating an assault in Astoria on a transgender woman and her friend as a hate crime. According to cops, the incident happened around 5 a.m. at Neptune Diner on Astoria Boulevard on Wednesday January 8th. The 30-year-old transgender woman and a 32-year-old man got into a verbal dispute with two women who allegedly made anti-gay statements towards them.
Suspects wanted for throwing plates at transgender woman and friend in Queens diner
Attack on Transgender Woman in Astoria, Queens

How a Transgender Person Helped Bring Down Pennsylvania’s Discriminatory Voter ID Law
In exciting breaking news, a state judge in Pennsylvania today ruled that Pennsylvania’s draconian photo-identification law that would have required all voters to present photo-ID before being allowed to vote violates the federal and state constitutions. While this case has seen a lot of attention on the national scale about laws in various states making it more difficult for various populations to vote, you may not know that in this case one of the plaintiffs helping to bring down the draconian law is openly transgender.