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quinta-feira, janeiro 09, 2014

Travesti é executada no bairro da Guanabara
Uma travesti foi executada na madrugada desta quarta-feira (8), em Belém, enquanto fazia programas no bairro da Guanabara, em um crime que a polícia acredita que tenha sido motivado por vingança.

Transgender taxi driver earns place on the shortlist for a one-way trip to Mars
Melissa Ede, who was born Leslie, is one of 36 Brits to have shortlisted for the reality TV show that aims to send people to the Red Planet
A transsexual taxi driver has made it to the shortlist for a one-way trip to Mars on a ground-breaking reality TV series.
Melissa Ede, 52, is among 1,058 picked from 200,000 candidates for the £4billion Mars One Project.

[China/Hong Kong]
Sex-change brides and grooms on the cards for Hong Kong
Landmark court ruling on marriages will be widened as legislators prepare to amend laws
Hong Kong moving to allow post-op transgender people to marry opposite-sex partners

Katie Couric asks transgender guests about their private parts, gets an education
Model Carmen Carrera and actress Laverne Cox tell talk show host such things are personal

California’s Transgender Rights Law
As public school students in California return to school from winter break, school administrators must be prepared to allow students to participate in school activities in accordance with their gender identity under California’s new Transgender Rights law, which took effect on January 1, 2014. The new law, AB 1266 or the Success and Opportunity Act, revises Education Code 221.5 and requires public schools to respect students’ gender identity for purposes of all activities, including sports participation, and facilities, such as restrooms and locker rooms. The new law is applicable to all public primary and secondary schools, as well as private schools that receive or benefit from state financial assistance or enroll students who receive state financial aid.
Anti-AB1266 referendum’s fate hinges on LA County signatures
Signatures tallied tomorrow to overturn transgender law
SDUSD committed to new law for transgender students’ safety, equality
Berkeley High students, teachers happy with transgender law
California's transgender law celebrated
New Law Allows Transgender Students To Choose Bathrooms And Sports Teams
NCTE’s Mara Keisling Talks CA Equal Access Law on NPR

Toxic Tush Doc Oneal Morris to Begin Prison Sentence (in the Male Population)
Ron Oneal Morris, the transgender woman convicted of illegally pumping back-alley patients with all sorts of substances to enhance their derrières, turned herself in this morning to begin her sentence. Morris pleaded guilty last October to practicing health care without a license and was sentenced to 336 days in prison. However, she might get out earlier.
‘Toxic Tush’ suspect begins prison term
So-called butt doctor heads to prison

Transgender man files first NDO complaint, lawyer says
A transgender man claims he feared for his life and left his job after coworkers threatened him.

Trans Housing Suit May Be Headed for Mediation
fforts to settle transgender discrimination charges in Texas could scuttle a case whose precedent many hoped would plug an apparent loophole in the Fair Housing Act.

Cuba’s First Transsexual Politician
Jose Agustin Hernandez, who goes by the name “Adela”, is the first transsexual ever to occupy a government post in all Cuban history. She was elected municipal delegate – a kind of town councilor – by her neighbors.
Un transexual hace política en Cuba

Homosexual extorsionaba a arquitecto
Ayer en horas de la tarde, los efectivos de la Policía Nacional del Perú – PNP, intervinieron a un homosexual quien responde al nombre de Ángelo Maick Campos Rodríguez (21) que supuestamente extorsionaba al arquitecto Tedy Willy Alegría Patow (58), con el fin de no contar a su esposa sobre la relación sentimental que tuvo con una la prima de Campos.