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segunda-feira, dezembro 30, 2013

European Parliamentary committee adopts roadmap against homophobia and transphobia
A European Parliamentary committee this morning adopted a recommendation for an EU roadmap against homophobia and transphobia.

School loses funding over transsexual child
The Junta de Andalucia plans to revoke funding for the San Patricio Catholic School in Malaga for failing to respect the rights of a transsexual child.

Boy aged 13 who was born a girl says hormone treatment is 'the best Christmas present ever'
Leo Waddell was born Lily and has lived as a boy since the age of five after being diagnosed with gender identity disorder

Emmerdale cuts transphobic scene after trans actress complains
A trans woman, who was asked to appear in the ITV soap Emmerdale as a transgender barmaid, has received an apology after her gender was made to be the source of ridicule.

Transgender killer who tortured and killed his wife gets legal aid for his fight to wear a WIG in prison after complaining that he looks like a 'bald drag artiste'
Craig Hudson said he wanted to change sex and protested that without a female wig he would look like a 'bald drag artiste'
Legal aid-funded claim leads to prison service review of transgender rights

Transgender faces passport photo problem
Josper Morris Cloete’s problem is not being born male 24 years ago because he is undergoing gender transformation. The problem, he says, is the trouble he goes through whenever he travels because his passport photo is different from the way he looks now.

Biological and foster family fight to embrace intersex student
Student returns from university in South Africa to discover his biological parents now keen to welcome him back after sending him to a foster family because he was born intersex

Eunuch aspirant vows to fight amid jibes
Amid national clamour about the rights of lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgenders (LGBTs), a eunuch corporator candidate, who is contesting from ward 15 in the election to BMC, is facing an uphill task during campaign.

26-yr-old Woman Gangraped
A 26-year-old woman, who underwent a sex-change operation to become a woman in 2011, was allegedly gang-raped by a trio, near Kalapatti in the district on Thursday.

We have moral rights to lead a life like anyone: Transgenders
Shalu R is proud to be part of the transgender community. Hailing from Wayanad, Shalu has no other option but to leave her hometown and seek shelter in Bangalore to lead a happy life. “Kerala neglects us ruthlessly and people mock at us.
We are also human beings; let us live!

[South Korea]
Korean star supporting trans student faces vile attacks
Jonghyun’s display of solidarity with a transgender student drives a conservative group to post nude photos on fan sites

Newfoundland and PEI add trans protections to human rights codes
Trans people now explicitly protected in six provinces and territories

20 years after 'Boys Don't Cry' murders, transgender violence still happens
Twenty years have passed since two Falls City men murdered Brandon Teena, Lisa Lambert and Philip DeVine in a shabby farmhouse on the outskirts of Humboldt.

Buck Angel Shuts Down Transgender Surgery Fundraising Site
A website that was billed as a way to raise money for gender confirmation surgeries has shut down after allegations that it is a scam.

TEEN IN TRANSITION: Jill becomes Jaden
Jaden Handzlik showers in the dark so he doesn’t have to look at his biologically female body. He dresses himself under his bed covers to prevent himself from glimpsing even a shadow of the body he wishes he hadn’t been born with.

Calif. Public Schools to Comply With Transgender Student Rights Law Beginning January 2014
California public schools are currently preparing to enforce a law that will allow K-12 transgender students to participate in sex-segregated sports programs and use restroom facilities consistent with their gender identity. However, if a referendum brought forth by a coalition of conservative groups is approved, the law's enactment will be postponed until it qualifies to get on the November 2014 general election ballot.

Local MMA community supports transgendered MMA competitor who wants to fight in California
A mixed martial arts fighter born as man but now living as a woman wants a license to fight in California.

No break on bond for 'toxic tush' defendant
If Oneal Ron Morris wants to see her family for the holidays, her family will have to come to her, a Broward judge ruled Wednesday.

Transgender youth shares his tale of challenge
Growing up as a girl – and an identical triplet – Zachary Kerr never felt quite right with himself.

Parents protest HS transgender policy
Alarmed that transgender high school student-athletes might shower and use bathrooms with their biologically opposite gender, residents protested at meetings around Nebraska in November.

Cleveland rallies in the wake of murder of 2 transgender people
Cleveland lost two transgender women to murders that occurred within days of each other earlier this month. Now, advocates in Cleveland are rallying to advocate for their transgender neighbors.

Living in Between: Transgenders fight for acceptance, both from society and family
For most high school seniors, the prom is a constant swirl from excitement to nerves and back again. For Anna Leach, those feelings were ratcheted up several notches by a dose of public scrutiny.