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quinta-feira, dezembro 19, 2013

Não-vidência e transexualidade: questões transversais
Através das reflexões sobre o corpo não-vidente e suas vivências no mundo, discuto algumas questões de gênero e transsexualidades aplicadas à noção de identificações e potencialidades visuais.

Victory for transgender people in the Netherlands - New Dutch Transgender law adopted by Senate
Last Tuesday night a large majority of the Dutch senate voted in favor of a new transgender law. The Transgender Network Netherlands (TNN) and COC Netherlands speak of a “victory for transgender people in the Netherlands”.

Bollywood Stars Condemn Supreme Court’s Gay Sex Ban
Indian celebrities rally behind the LGBT community after last week’s controversial ruling.

Radio Station for Gay Indians Faces Uphill Battle to Draw Listeners
Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Indian law against homosexuality cannot be overturned except by Parliament, gay sex is illegal once again, making it that much harder for young gay, lesbian and transgender Indians to identify themselves as such.

Daily Caller Uses Picture Of Drag Queens To Mock Transgender People
The Daily Caller derided a New Jersey bill that would allow transgender people to change their birth certificates to accurately reflect their gender identity, running the story with an image of drag queens and dubbing the bill a "choose-your-own birth certificate law."

'FREE CECE' - Laverne Cox's documentary to free CeCe McDonald
Laverne Cox is working on documentary, FREE CECE, to bring African-American trans woman, CeCe McDonald's story to a larger audience and shed light on the culture of violence surrounding transphobia.

Friends say Lexi Lopez took her own life after being bullied
The death of a 14-year-old girl is bringing many issues to the forefront in Racine. 14-year-old Lexi Lopez took her own life over the weekend — and now, kids at Racine’s Horlick High School are mobilizing to start “The Lexi Project” — meant to tackle the issues of bullying and sexuality.

15 asesinatos de GLBTI investigará el Gobierno
El Gobierno prevé implementar algunas medidas a favor de la comunidad GLBTI (Gays, Lesbianas, Bisexuales, Transexuales e Intersexo), y en aras de garantizar sus derechos.