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segunda-feira, dezembro 16, 2013

Primeira travesti professora universitária do Brasil recebe posse em Redenção
A Universidade de Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-Brasileira (Unilab), deu posse, na manhã desta segunda-feira (9), à primeira travesti professora universitária de uma instituição federal no Brasil. O ato de posse a Luma Nogueira de Andrade foi realizado no município de Redenção, a 55 km de Fortaleza.

UE equipara derechos laborales de parejas hetero y homosexuales
El Tribunal de Justicia de la UE decidió que las parejas de hecho homosexuales tendrán los mismos beneficios laborales que los matrimonios heterosexuales en los países comunitarios donde las primeras no puedan casarse.

Pre-op transsexual killer moved out of Corton Vale all-women jail after claims he had romps with other prisoners
Paris Green, who used to be known as Peter Laing - was only sent to prison five weeks ago after being convicted of murder.

Transgender Joanne gets national award
Joanne Cassar, who won a long battle against the government for the right to marry her boyfriend after having gender reassignment, will today be awarded the Ġieħ ir-Repubblika.
Transgender who challenged government’s intransigence to be honoured

Ethiopia's War on Homosexuals
In a bleak little apartment on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, nearly a dozen men in their 20s take turns trying on a pair of black skinny jeans and watching Project Runway episodes downloaded off YouTube. There’s no plumbing, Internet or furniture, but because the space is private, it’s paradise.

Outrage, scepticism at Uganda U-turn on LGBTI clinics
Eighteen months after slamming activists who opened a clinic for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Kampala, Uganda’s health ministry has decided it was a good idea after all and has begun setting up similar facilities, prompting outrage from the Ministry for Ethics and Integrity and scepticism from some in civil society.

Governor Shema signs law prohibiting homosexuality, lesbianism in Katsina
Gov. Ibrahim Shema of Katsina State on Thursday signed a law which prescribed 14 years’ imprisonment, without option of fine, for those found guilty of homosexuality, lesbianism and sexual harassment.

India’s Home Affairs Minister says government will not move swiftly on gay sex ban
India’s Home Affairs Minister appears to have indicated the government will likely appeal the Supreme Court’s recriminalization of homosexuality in the courts rather than passing a bill to resolve the issue
India’s Gay-Rights Movement Rises Up After Supreme Court Criminalizes Homosexuality
Won't allow LGBT persecution, says Chidambaram
Supreme Court blames Centre for taking time in deciding on Section 377
India's LGBT Community is Not Alone in Protesting Court's Anti-Gay Sex Ruling

Love and Gender, According to the Hindu Epics
Now that the Supreme Court has restored the 19th-century ban on homosexuality, when all the arguments are done, when we Indians have heard everything about freedom over our bodies and homosexuality being a Western import and the right to privacy and more, maybe it’s time to remember our traditions. Perhaps there are lessons there about homosexuality too.
Was homosexuality, transgenderism part of our culture?
The real Ramrajya

DU seeks third gender status for transgenders
The Delhi University has urged the ministry of social justice and empowerment to provide the status of ‘third gender’ to the transgender community.

Serial agitator faces Thammasat's wrath over flag-flying protest
Fellow transgender students are campaigning to have her expelled, but Aum Neko claims she's being bullied because of her political views

Japan top court says transsexual is father of IVF baby
A transsexual man, who was born a woman, has been recognised by Japan’s top court as the legal father of his wife’s child, in a national first.

Is it time for a national rethink on transgender rights?
A recent campaign on Sydney university campuses has brought attention to the issue of gender-neutral bathrooms, writes Lane Sainty.

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Trans-Inclusive ENDA
Though most Americans support transgender protections in the workplace, House Speaker John Boehner has not shown any initiative to get a full vote for the bill.

Many Hurdles Ahead for Transgender Rights Movement
As gays and lesbians rack up victories in their quest for marriage equality and other rights, transgender Americans are following in their path — hopefully, but less smoothly.
Rocky road ahead for transgender rights movement

Two transgender women murdered in one week
The murder of two transgender women in less than two days has the LGBT community looking for answers that do not seem to be coming.