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sexta-feira, dezembro 06, 2013

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918 - 2013), advogado, líder rebelde anti-apartheid e presidente da África do Sul de 1994 a 1999, considerado como o mais importante líder da África Negra, Prémio Nobel da Paz em 1993, morreu esta quinta-feira em casa.

"O Presidente da República português enviou uma mensagem de condolências ao homólogo sul-africano, Jacob Zuma, pela morte de Nelson Mandela. Cavaco Silva recorda Mandela como a figura maior da África do Sul e da História mundial." in RTP noticias.

Tratamento na escola afugenta transexuais, dizem especialistas
Pode ser o menino que prefere usar vestido ou a menina que usa um nome masculino, não importa: boa parte das escolas e dos professores ainda têm dificuldades em lidar com transexuais - condição de quem tem uma identidade de gênero diferente da designada no nascimento. Transexuais relatam que as escolas não aceitam o uso do seu nome social - diferente do que consta na carteira de identidade - e que muitas vezes são obrigados a usar banheiros que não são condizentes com o gênero que se identificam.

Trans Christians express disappointment over Church report and reiterate calls for inclusion
A Christian trans group has described the publication of last week’s Pilling Report as having “very little to say about transgender people” in the Church of England.

Campaigners appalled after The Sun publishes story of young trans boy on front page
A decision by The Sun to splash on its front page the personal story of a six-year-old trans boy has been branded “irresponsible and potentially harmful” by Trans Media Watch.

PRESS RELEASE: “Escalating racist and transphobic behavior against the trans schoolgirl and the teacher who supported her”
Greek Transgender Support Association (GTSA) denounces with this Press Release the ongoing and escalating hostile, racist and transphobic behavior of the school’s administration against the trans schoolgirl, that is attending classes in a night school in Athens, and also against her teacher who supported her.

Intersex babies should not face immediate surgery, MP insists
Parents should no longer have to make quick decisions on sex reassignment surgery if their children are born with ambiguous genitalia as is presently the case, as such decisions can have severe repercussions several years down the line, government MP Deborah Schembri insisted this evening.
Global intersex community affirms shared goals

A Eunuch in India Campaigns as a Political ‘None of the Above’
A rinky-dink political parade was winding through the back streets of northwest Delhi on Sunday afternoon, past narrow alleyways and a clutch of pigs, ferrying along a candidate in heavy makeup and a blue sari.

The Birth of TransFamily
Activism led by transgender people has meant there is a growing awareness around the issues they face in the broader community, but what about their families? Stephen A Russell talks to a mother about her journey with her trans daughter.

Support group to help families of trans people
Trans advocate Sally Goldner and ally Lyn McDonald are establishing a new support group in Melbourne for families and friends of trans people who come out over the age of 25.

Federal Official Refuses To Say Whether Office Is Protecting Trans Workers
An April 2012 decision of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides protection against anti-transgender employment discrimination, but officials within the Labor Department refuse to say whether they are applying that decision to employees of federal contractors.

Pat Robertson: God approves of sex changes but homosexuality should be a mental illness
Televangelist Pat Robertson on Wednesday struggled to understand why homosexuality was no longer considered a mental illness, but said that he approved of gender reassignment surgery.

Anti-trans forces not waiting for ballot initiative to fail, looking for "victims"
Back on November 22, I noted how the anti-trans coalition that's working to repeal student protections in California plans to spin the outcome, should the ongoing count of their petition signatures prove insufficient. Basically the campaign, working under the completely dubious name "Privacy For All Students," is putting out the idea that the "LGBT agenda" is leading officials handling the count to unfairly skew the results. The claim, which this determined coalition is floating via email and social media, is that the government workers handling the count will simply throw out valid signatures without cause.

Hercules High Fight Involving Transgender Student Prompts School District Safety Meeting
A 16-year-old transgender student took to the podium Monday night to tell the school board about being bullied by three girls at school and how she felt she was left with no choice but to fight back.
School district mulling anti-transgender bullying policy after 16-yo ‘girl’ slaps teen girl in face

Students Fined $5,000 for Activism by Wesleyan University
The self-proclaimed “Diversity University” is at it again. Wesleyan University, located in Middletown, Connecticut, is prosecuting three trans* and gender-nonconforming students for taking political action to address transgender discrimination on campus. This comes just one year after the University reversed their need blind admission policy, and a rash of racial profiling by the campus police, Public Safety.

Trans-woman uses her story to fight for LGBTQ rights
A year ago, 1st semester English major Calliope Wong was just another high school student going through the college admissions process. However, Wong, a trans-woman, had to address one concern that many students don’t even have to consider: would Smith College, an all-women’s college, review her application despite her not being born female?

Transgender cop files complaint against Middletown Police for “hostile environment”
It’s been almost two years since Francesca Quaranta came out as transgender. For the Middletown police officer, telling her son her secret turned out to be a lot easier than telling her colleagues — cops who’d known her for seven years as Frank.

University lacks in resources for transgendered students, trans equality RSO president says
The University lags behind in resources available to the transgender community in comparison to other schools within the Big Ten, specifically in regard to health care, gender-neutral housing and gender-neutral bathrooms, said Stephanie Skora, president of the Campus Union for Trans* Equality and Support.

Mr. Transman 2013: 3rd Annual FTM Competition
The Mr. Transman competition is back for its third year in a row -- and the competition is stiffer than ever.

Bias incidents at Vassar College reportedly a hoax
Reported incidents of bias against transgender students and others at Vassar College may have been a hoax perpetuated by a leader in the student government, Fox News’ Trace Gallagher reported Wednesday on "The Kelly File."

Advocating for Inclusive Medicaid in New York
We believe that everyone should have access to the health care they need. That’s why we’ve been working for the past few years to advocate for inclusive care, including transition-related care through Medicaid for transgender New Yorkers.
Despite Medicaid ban on transgender healthcare, NY Health Commissioner says he's "working hard" on transgender issues

Ohio mom accuses other parents of bullying her transgender daughter
A central Ohio woman says other parents are using social media to harass her and her transgender child.
Emily LeVan said she legally changed her daughter’s name last week from Keaten to Keat to reflect her identification with the female gender and announced the move on Facebook.

La actriz argentina Florencia de la V dio un conmovedor discurso en contra de la discriminación
Florencia de la V utilizó su programa para dar un sentido mensaje luego de recibir comentarios homofóbicos.
Argentine transgender TV presenter fights media ridicule