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sábado, novembro 30, 2013

Corpo de travesti é encontrado no ramal da Prainha, na Zona Norte de Manaus
Indivíduo foi encontrado de bruços e supostamente foi morto a pauladas. Esse é o segundo cadáver recolhido na área somente nesta semana

Bebê nasce sem sexo definido e pais têm dificuldade para registrá-lo em Cambé
Uma família de Cambé (16 km de Londrina) está enfrentando dificuldades para registrar o bebê recém-nascido, pois ele nasceu sem os órgãos genitais. O parto foi feito no dia 28 de outubro na Santa Casa do município e, devido aos graves problemas de saúde, a criança precisou ser transferida para o Hospital Universitário de Londrina.

Bradford transsexual asylum seeker fears abuse
A transsexual who fled to the UK from India after being exposed is facing deportation - a move he says will leave him open him to discrimination.

No more transphobia
This week Varsity signed a statement recommitting ourselves to fair reporting of trans* issues, along with TCS. Here is our pledge going forward:

TCS signs statement against transphobia in the media
The Cambridge Student has this week signed a statement agreeing to “work with the trans* community and CUSU LGBT+” to attempt to combat the “misinformation and falsehoods about trans* people currently being spread by the media [which] goes against the fundamental principles of journalism.”

Tamil Nadu schools begin gender identity sessions
In a society where talking about sex is still a taboo, lessons in gender identity are far from the norm. But some schools in Tamil Nadu are now inviting transgender activists and counsellors to sensitise students and staff about the community and its problems. This, they feel, will help wipe out discrimination against trangenders.

Transgenders fight stigma to usher rainbow of change
Filling a job application and writing an exam, considered quite mundane by most people, became a privilege for five transgenders in Tamil Nadu. Calling themselves transwomen and transmen, they have scripted a story of struggle and success.

Mahila Court's role questioned
Eleven transgenders who were arrested in 2009 on the charge of kidnapping a Class IX boy and dumping him into the sex trade after a forced sex-change surgery, has recently moved a petition in the Principal Sessions Court contending that the Mahila Court, hearing the matter, had no jurisdiction to try the case. For, neither they nor the victim were women, is their argument.

Nick Cheung on Working With Transgender Thai Actress, Poy, in “The White Storm”
Known for starring in high-budgeted action films, Nick Cheung (張家輝) once spoke about his desire to film a relaxing romantic comedy. Though that wish may not be fulfilled anytime soon, director Benny Chan (陳木勝) and scriptwriter Alan Yuen (袁錦麟) did tease Nick with a special side story arc in their upcoming crime thriller, The White Storm <掃毒> – a romance with famous Thai actress, Poy.

Hijra: The Third Sex
Earlier this month, the Bangladeshi government followed the example set by neighbours India and Pakistan in recognising hijras as a separate sex in official documentation. Hijras are people who are born male but do not identify as such. Some of them choose to identify as female but the vast majority are considered ‘undefined’. Although the term can also apply to those with intersexual physiologies, hijras are traditionally seen as male ‘sexual deviants’ and the term is loaded with social prejudices and negative connotations. In fact, the word is often used as a derogatory slur against any non-heterosexual person, male or female.

The battle for gay rights in Burma
Loud dance music, strobe lights, vodka shots and cocktails: the fare at Rangoon’s Flamingo Club doesn’t stand out from what’s on offer at any number of nightlife spots around the city. But on the last Saturday of the month, things are slightly different.

‘Cheap medicines encouraging transvestite’
A former transvestite wants the relevant authorities to regulate the sale of such medication to avoid them from being used for unhealthy activities.

ACT government bill will introduce wider gender identification
The ACT government has called on the other states and territory to follow its lead in introducing laws to recognise transgender and intersex people in identity documents.
Australian jurisdiction to allow genders of choice without surgery on birth certificates
ACT welcomes historic changes on trans and intersex documentation

Historic: Trans person elected president of a union local
The results are in, and it’s a historic win for LGBTTI rights. On November 1 Audrey Gauthier was elected president of CUPE 4041, representing Air Transat flight attendants based in Montreal. She becomes the first openly trans person elected president of a local in Canada.

Jared Leto as trans woman in Dallas Buyers Club among Spirit Award nominees
Other LGBTI-themed nominees include Concussion, Blue is the Warmest Color and Pit Stop
Dallas Buyers Club, a film that tells the story of alternative AIDS treatments during the early days of the epidemic, garnered Spirit Award nominations this week for two of its stars.

Groundbreaking Grassroots Study Brings Transgender Latina Immigrants into Focus
On Friday, Nov. 23, at the UCLA Downtown Labor Center, the TransLatina Coalition, a national nonprofit that advocates for the rights of transgender Latinas in the United States, released a report called “TransVisible: Transgender Latina Immigrants in U.S. Society.” This pioneering survey is the first trans grassroots effort to compile data on the lives and challenges that transgender Latina Immigrants face throughout the nation.

Traveling While Trans: An Airport Security Update
As of May 16, 2013, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has equipped all airport scanners with Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software. This software still scans the contours of your body under your clothes, but it doesn’t display images of your body. Instead, it automatically detects objects under your clothes and displays them as yellow blocks on a generic figure. From a privacy perspective, this is definitely an improvement, but ATR can still flag items such as binders or prosthetics as “anomalies,” and this can still lead to invasive questions and pat-downs.