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segunda-feira, novembro 25, 2013

Support the release of Chelsea Manning
Amnesty International believes that Chelsea Manning, the US soldier sentenced to 35 years’ imprisonment for leaking classified government material she believed was in the public interest, should be shown clemency and immediately released. This is in recognition of:

Reflections on Transgender Day of Remembrance
In recognition of Transgender Day of Remembrance, IGLHRC wants to share with you reflections from some of our partners and allies around the world.

The true stories of 2013’s trans murder victims
For Transgender Day of Remembrance, we remember the horrific tragedies that led to the deaths of trans victims worldwide

Major EU fund for employment and social inclusion will combat discrimination
Today, the European Parliament adopted a regulation defining the priorities of the European Social Fund (ESF) for the period 2014-2020. For the first time, the Fund will contribute to combating discrimination based on sex—including discrimination against transsexual persons—and sexual orientation.

Una veintena de adolescentes transexuales han sido tratados en Aragón desde 2006
Los médicos cada vez están tratando casos de trastorno de identidad de género en edades más tempranas. Primero se realiza apoyo psicológico y los tratamientos hormonales comienzan como norma general a los 18 años.
"Mamá, no soy un niño, soy una niña"

UK MEP Nikki Sinclaire revealed she was trans over fears of being outed by UKIP
The trans parliamentarian claims she recieved threats from UKIP and journalists threatening to reveal her trans identity

Murder investigation launched after death of ‘brave’ trans woman
A murder investigation has been launched amid tributes paid to a “brave” trans woman who was found dead on Tuesday.

Memorial service held for transgender people killed around the world
A memorial service will be held tomorrow for the estimated 1,123 transgender people killed around the world last year.

Tesco launches inquiry into employees posting online photos and videos abusing trans customers
Supermarket chain Tesco has launched an inquiry into employees taking photos and videos of transgender customers, posting them online, and leaving derogatory comments.

Why A Transgender Woman Got Fined After Presenting Train Ticket
A transgender woman was riding a train in France earlier this year when she was approached by an attendant. She presented her electronic ticket and ID card, but what happened next spurred some to accuse France's national rail service of transphobia.

Galz tribute to trans-gender advocate
Wednesday, November 20, was the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. Transgender people are those whose gender identity is different from the sex assigned at birth. It also includes people who express gender in ways that contravene what society expects from a man or woman. This umbrella term includes cross dressers, drag kings/queens, transsexuals, people who are androgynous as well as people who do not identify with any labels. GALZ commemorated the day by paying tribute to Zimbabwe’s LGBTI rights champion, known only as Naomi, with the following statement.

Violence against LGBT groups still prevails in India
The queer community and their friends and family will colourfully come out on the streets in pride and solidarity of their choice of sexualities as part of the Queer Pride Parades in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune tomorrow.

Eunuch may slap defamation case on Eshwarappa
Eunuchs in the state are gunning for former deputy chief minister and BJP leader K S Eshwarappa for using the word 'hijra' — a derogatory term for a eunuch — at a public rally recently.

Transgenders seek 3% quota in education, jobs
A group of transgenders has approached the Madras HC to direct the state government to provide 3 per cent reservation for transgenders in the field of education and employment op­p­­o­rtunities.

NSW parliament fails to commemorate trans day of remembrance
The Christian Democrats have blocked a motion by NSW parliament to commemorate transgender victims on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

[New Zealand]
Georgie has blazed the trail for others to follow
Last week I was honoured to attend a special occasion in Wellington - a tribute and fundraiser for my friend and former parliamentary colleague Georgina Beyer - known to many of us affectionately as Georgie.

A legal challenge to institutional violence against trans* people
The Centre for Gender Advocacy announced Wednesday that they will be challenging the Quebec Civil Code in Quebec’s Superior Court. Article 71 of the Code stipulates that a trans* person must be over the age of 18, a Canadian citizen, and have undergone a sex reassignment surgery in order to change their gender on official government identification. The Centre is calling for these three stipulations to be abolished.

TDOR participants concerned about upcoming Janice Raymond talk
About 40 people gathered at the Grandview Calvary Church off Commercial Drive Nov 20 to commemorate trans people who were murdered around the world in the last 12 months.

Ottawans remember victims of transphobic violence
The capital saw six Trans Day of Remembrance flag-raisings at various public buildings

Saskatchewan rejects transgender rights proposal petition
A petition to include “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination in the Human Rights Code in Saskatchewan was rejected yesterday.

Students hold vigil honoring transgender violence victims
Roughly 40 people gathered in front of Denny Chimes Wednesday night as part of Transgender Day of Remembrance. The crowd held candles in a circle as representatives from Spectrum, The University of Alabama’s LGBTQ student organization and the UA Safe Zone read a list of 238 transgender people who have died because of their gender identity in the past year.

Bay Area 'Day of Remembrance" Ceremonies Honor Members of Transgender Community
Members of the transgender community who were killed because of their gender identity were honored Wednesday at Transgender Day of Remembrance events throughout the Bay Area.
Transgender day of remembrance event recalls murder victims

Hercules students suspended after fight with trans student
Officials of the West Contra Costa Unified School District are responding proactively after three girls and a male-to-female transgender student got into a brawl at Hercules High School last week.

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Honoring the lives lost to violence
On Friday, Fort Collins will honor the 328 — and counting — lives lost to transgender violence worldwide this year. Each life memorialized in the ceremony marks someone who was murdered for being transgender.

Trans police officer files harrassment complaint against city police department
Officer Francesca Quaranda has claimed the work environment at Middletown police department in Conneticut has become more hostile since transitioning

Trans activists speak out against violence
Community activists gathered Wednesday afternoon by City Hall for a chilly, solemn speak-out event in commemoration of International Transgender Day of Remembrance. They then marched and chanted their way to the Yale Women’s Table for a candlelit vigil mourning transgender victims of hate crimes, part of Yale’s Trans/gender Awareness Week.
Students reflect on being transgender

Isis King spreads transgender awareness
Sleek and confident, Isis King was met by loud cheers as the former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant turned the conference room into a runway.

Des Moines transgender community to gather for Transgender Day of Remembrance
The transgender community and allies in Des Moines will gather tonight to remember gender non-conforming individuals who have been killed in the past year.
Transgender activist Ellen Krug shares transition story on campus for Day of Remembrance

Rockford group remembers hate crime victims
While gay rights supporters across the state celebrate equal rights, another group in Rockford remembered those who lose their lives due to hate crimes for being gay.
Vigil shows 'trans lives matter'

Students lead vigil for transgender victims
As the sun set and the temperature dropped Wednesday night, almost 50 students, faculty and community members paraded down Kirkwood Avenue, holding candles in memory of victims they never knew.

From Daniel to Danielle: Transgender Auburn native to speak at Red House Arts Center
Auburn native and transgender author Danielle Bergan knew she was a girl at age three, but no one else did.

Austin LGBTQ community honors victims of death by violent anti-transgender acts with remembrance day
On Wednesday the Transgender Education Network of Texas and others from the Austin LGBTQ community gathered for the annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance. This is the 12th year the event takes place in Austin.

Llamado del Mides para trans genera desacuerdos
El Mides realizó un llamado a concurso para ocupar cargos con personas trans, motivo que impulsó al diputado blanco Pablo Abdala a realizar un pedido de informes en el que se explique por qué se procedió sin autorización de una ley que avale este proceder.

La astucia de la razón
Las leyes están, ahora lo que falta es que se cumplan. La doctora Carolina Jacky, con 37 años de profesión y apenas tres con un documento que respeta su identidad, devino experta y hábil litigante en asuntos de discriminación por género, homofobia y transfobia. En esta entrevista da cuenta de los agujeros negros que tiene la Justicia actual, que a veces ni tiene en el sistema el texto de las nuevas leyes, pero también de cómo es posible pasarlos por arriba convirtiendo el daño en recompensa. Un recorrido por los casos clave que tuvo su estudio en estos días es todo un manual para ciudadanxs y para abogadxs que, sin necesidad de convertirse en benefactores ad honorem, puedan colaborar para que la ley caiga pareja sobre todos y todas.