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quinta-feira, novembro 14, 2013

CARTUNISTA LAERTE SENSUALIZA SEM ROUPA NA ROLLING STONE Laerte tira a roupa em ensaio sensual da próxima edição da Rolling Stone
Nas bancas a partir do dia 14 de novembro, a edição de aniversário da “Rolling Stone” brasileira não deixa de ser polêmica, e pra lá de alternativa. Até quando vai apagar suas velinhas comemorativas.

Gay Rights Debate Heats Up Amid Homophobic Outbursts
Homophobic rhetoric is on the rise in Kazakhstan, and members of the country’s gay and transsexual community are bracing for a possible legislative assault on their rights.

Wikipedia Bans Transphobic Editors After Chelsea Manning Dispute
Wikipedia’s arbitration committee has taken action against editors who insisted that whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who is transsexual, go by her former name, Bradley.

Center for Disease Control called out for transphobic policy
Decades-old policy denies care to those who most need it

Who Counts as a Man, Who Counts as a Woman
Gender is no longer determined solely by biological factors, according to a new study by a Grand Valley State University researcher whose article, "Doing Gender, Determining Gender: Transgender People, Gender Panics, and the Maintenance of the Sex/Gender/Sexuality System," was recently published in Gender & Society.
Study on gender: Who counts as a man and who counts as a woman
Gender Is Not Biological, Find Sociologists
New study finds that gender is not just biological
STUDY: Gender Is Defined Inconsistently In Transgender Equality Debates

Transgender Woman Says LA Fitness Barred Her From Women’s Locker Room
A transgender woman says she was recently disrespected and harassed at an LA Fitness in Montclair.
Yanel Valenzuela told KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz that one manager at the health club, located at 9385 Monte Vista Ave., told her she can no longer use the women’s locker room.

Fla. College Allegedly Discriminates Against Gay Student for ’Looking Like a Girl’
An openly gay student at a Florida university says the school’s library refused to let him check out a laptop because he “looks and sounds like a girl,” reports WCSH, NBC’s affiliate station in Portland, Fla.

Fargo Passes Vote to Ban Employment Discrimination on LGBT Workers
Fargo City Commissioner, Melissa Sobolik is responsible for introducing this citizen-driven task to the city table. If it passes, Sobolik says,

Board OKs Gay-Straight Alliance club
A transgender student who unsuccessfully fought for the right to serve as Richland’s homecoming king scored one victory Monday night.

Philadelphia Passes Sweeping LGBT-Inclusive Reform
The legislation, signed by Mayor Nutter Thursday, mandates that all new city-owned buildings be equipped with gender-neutral restrooms and offers tax credits to businesses that offer LGBT-inclusive benefits.
Gender-Neutral Restrooms Become the Law

Sex offender wedding at Special Commitment Center will be a first
Editors note: An earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to the transgender member of this couple as a man.

UNA SEMANA CON MUCHA ACTIVIDAD Celebran diversidad sexual
El día lunes por la noche se dio inicio a la XV Semana Cultural de la Diversidad Sexual en la región del Istmo titulada "Entre sueños, realidades y nuevas esperanzas para el futuro de nuestras identidades".

Flor de la V criticó el trato discriminatorio que recibió de otros colegas
La actriz y conductora televisiva Florencia de la V repudió en el cierre de su programa que se emite por Telefé las expresiones discriminadoras de al menos tres periodistas que cuestionaron su identidad de género.