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segunda-feira, novembro 04, 2013

ASEAN SOGIE Caucus highlights exclusion of LGBTs from ASEAN anti-violence declaration
Asian LGBT rights activists say Association of South East Asian Nations declarations against violence against women and children are a lost opportunity for protecting LGBT women and young people

La Fundación Tiángulo denuncia la desatención de las personas transexuales en Castilla y León
Critica la disolución de facto de la unidad de tratamiento especializada del Hospital Clínico de Valladolid

Kim Pérez hará huelga de hambre en defensa de los derechos de los transexuales
Ha declarado que espera "que se reactive el diálogo entre el PSOE e IU para recuperar el proyecto de una ley que defienda nuestra autonomía"

Sussex student union call for gender neutral toilets to cater for transgender members
Gender neutral toilets could be built at the University of Sussex to cater for transgender students.

Barrow born campaigner aims to become Britain’s first transgender MP
A diversity champion aiming to become the first transgender parliamentary candidate in Britain has been named as one of the most influential gay, lesbian and transgender figures in the country.

Male Model Shane Lapper Retires, Relaunches Career As Female Model Chloe Lapper
Scouted in London at the age of 22, handsome redhead Shane Lapper launched a successful career as a male model*. And even though Lapper was employed as an aspirational standard of male beauty, he always felt something wasn’t right: “I think I was about seven when I realized I should have been born a girl. I have five sisters, and I’d watch them all dress up and put on make up and I’d be so jealous.”
Male Dolce & Gabbana model has sex change

Trans police officer sues force after she had to ‘out’ herself over police radio
A transgender police officer is suing her force after she allegedly had to “out” herself over a police radio system.
Transsexual PC Emma Chapman suing police after 'being forced to out herself over radio'
Transsexual PC Emma Chapman sues Essex police
Transsexual Southend PC suing Essex Police
Transsexual PC Emma Chapman accuses force of discrimination after 'having to "out" herself over police radio'

Transgender community member subjected to unprovoked attack in Gay Village
The 23-year-old victim was walking along Canal Street in the gay village at around 4:45 am on Saturday September 28 when a man began walking alongside them, near to the Via Fossa bar.

Trans artist sex worker shows off lovers in London photo exhibit
Trans artist and prostitute Paola Revenioti shares photos of her former lovers and clients from 19 October to 3 November at East London’s George and Dragon gay bar

Baryshnikov Speaks Out For Gay Rights
In an apparent response to a recent upsurge in violence targeting Russian homosexuals and legislation there banning gay "propaganda," ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov has issued a statement calling "any discrimination and persecution of gay people...unacceptable."

How Well-Meaning Social Justice Groups Are Misinterpreting Kuwait’s “Gaydar Testing”
An interesting aspect of journalism and blogging is the filter through which the information is processed. Journalists have the ability to impact opinions about and perceptions of certain issues. Coming from a solid journalist, this can provide us vital insight into oppositional ideologies and viewpoints. This can become dangerous—particularly in instances of unintentional misreporting, reactionary reporting, and reporting that attempts to portray opinion as fact. Such is the case with the recent reporting about Kuwait’s proposed legislation to “screen out gays using gaydar.”
'Gays are delinquent deviants who destroy humanity': Kuwait MPs attack Amnesty International for protecting LGBT community
Kuwaiti MPs dismiss Amnesty fears over homosexuality tests

Transgender opens boutique in Madurai
After struggling for over a year to launch her own business venture, Srinidhi, a transwoman, finally opened a designer boutique in Madurai.
It was a dream-come-true moment for 26-year-old Srinidhi, when Collector L. Subramanian inaugurated the garment outlet at Poomalai Shopping Complex opposite Anna bus stand on Thursday.

Transgender people in Vietnam: P5 – A new life for Phong
It was the day before Le Quoc Phong’s sex reassignment surgery at the international Piyavate Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. With financial help from her foster father, she had finally made it to Thailand with her sister and a few friends for the long-awaited procedure.

Pattaya to get 3rd ladyboy pageant with Miss Mimosa Queen Nov. 14-17
Pattaya will be getting its third transvestite beauty pageant after the Mimosa in Jomtien Beach announced its contest Nov. 14-17.

Los transexuales son el colectivo homosexual más discriminado en el trabajo
Una encuesta revela que las personas transexuales y con género no determinado son las más discriminadas en el trabajo dentro del colectivo homosexual, según ha publicado este martes la organización “Make the Road New York” que lucha por los derechos de los homosexuales y los inmigrantes.
Colectivo homossexual????????? Colectivo LGBT, não homossexual. Que broncos...

Are police profiling transgender Americans?
The modern gay rights movement was born on June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn, on Christopher Street in New York City’s West Village. Resistance broke out in response to a violent police raid against the gay community, and riots continued for several days. Many of the key leaders were transgender women, such as Sylvia Rivera, who had started her activism during the 1950s civil rights movement and continued until her death in 2002.

Fallon Fox's loss brings out the worst in the MMA world
Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox experienced her first professional loss in the championship bout of Championship Fighting Alliance 12, falling to Ashlee Evans Smith in the third round. It was a hard-fought match, but in the end Evans Smith's pin and series of punches to the face were simply too much for Fox to overcome.

GOP politician calls trans people ‘disgusting freaks’, should be put in ‘camps’
Former North Carolina Republican head says all trans people should be put in mental health institutions

Don't Miss the Transgender Economic Empowerment Job & Resource Fair
“Our goal is to make sure that employers find qualified applicants. The transgender community is an untapped pool of talent, with candidates who have college degrees experiencing unemployment rates at twice the national average. It’s time for this to change. This job and resource fair is a step in the right direction!” says Drian Juarez, Manager of the Transgender Economic Empowerment Project.

‘Transgender’ boy accused of harassing girls in the restroom at Colorado school: school denies
A high school in the Colorado Springs area has been plunged into controversy after a male student who says he is “transgender” was permitted to use the girls’ restroom facilities, and was subsequently accused of harassment – a claim that has been denied by the school.
Girls Allegedly Harassed by Transgender Student In Bathroom, Threatened with ‘Hate Crime’ Charges if They Complain
Colorado School District Defends Transgender Students’ Rights
Anti-LGBT Group Admits It Invented Story About Transgender Student Harassing Classmates
Update: Colo. School Story Sparks Backlash by LGBT Activists
Transgender student trouble over sharing girls' bathroom

Un profesor trasciende las barreras sociales
A la una de la tarde los lunes y miércoles se escucha un taconeo en el segundo piso del Edificio Luis Pales Matos. Con ropa llamativa, accesorios extravagantes y maquillaje deslumbrante el profesor Luis Felipe Díaz entra al salón de clases para ofrecer el curso de Literatura Hispanoamérica II, del cual soy alumna.

Linda Sofía, la Intersexual que lidera políticas LGBTI
Linda Sofía Sánchez es la líder que hoy representa los intereses y necesidades de la población transgénero en Bogotá. Ella es intersexual (sus genitales son masculinos pero sus órganos reproductivos son femeninos) y ganó como Mujer T, evento que además de reconocer la estética de este sector de la población, busca apoyar la creación de una política pública a favor de la comunidad LGBTI.