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terça-feira, outubro 29, 2013

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
Hoje temos uma das mais emblemáticas músicas tanto de Lou Reed como a nível T.

ARTIGO: QUAL É O PAPEL DAS TRAVESTIS IDOSAS NA SOCIEDADE Psicólogo reflete em artigo sobre a construção que a sociedade faz das travestis idosas
Segundo Geertz (1989), o homem tem necessidade de se organizar e criar regras para o contexto em que vive. Caso contrário, sua vida seria um caos. Isso é a cultura. Não há natureza por si só. Ela é imediatamente mediada pela cultura.

Campaigner Paris Lees tops Pink List 2013
A woman from Hucknall has been named the country's most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person.

New Eastbourne transgender support group launched
Sussex transgender people are set to benefit from a new support group.

Football mad father who once attempted a DIY sex change now living happily as a woman whose only interest in the game lies in ogling Robin van Persie's fixtures
Kristy Cass, 51 used to be football-loving man Andy
Always felt like a woman and attempted to cut off own penis in desperation
Survived massive blood-loss and later underwent sex change on the NHS
Now appreciates football for a different reason: the handsome players
'I used to be all Manu - but there is only one Persie I’m interested in now'

Irish state ‘marginalising’ transgender community
A transgender woman campaigning to be recognised in Ireland has lambasted the State’s “embarrassing” attitude to her community.

Fear of rejection still biggest barrier to coming out for trans community
Over 2,500 people a year call the Gay Switchboard Dublin support line, which has said many LGBT people living in rural Ireland face isolation from the community.

Gender Identity Act Malta (Proposal 2010)
On Dec 10th 2010 the proposal for a Gender Identity Act was tabled in the Maltese Parliament.

Moldova overturns anti-gay ‘propaganda’ law with hopes of joining EU
Moldova has overturned its ban on gay “propaganda”, enacted in June, with a view to joining the EU next month.
Moldova Overturns Antigay Law, Seeks EU Admission
MEPs welcome the annulment of Moldovan ‘Propaganda Law’

Kuwaiti MPs: Amnesty International must stop aligning itself with ‘deviant gays’ instead of really oppressed people
MPs in Kuwait have spoken out against Amnesty International for criticising proposed medical tests to detect and ban gay and trans people from entering Kuwait, and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
Kuwait MPs defend gay travel ban plan

Geelong puts trans and intersex health care on the agenda
LGBTI youth organisation GASP played host to a forum in Geelong last week to address inequalities in health care faced by young trans, intersex and gender diverse individuals in regional and rural areas.

‘Supermum’ Shelley Argent helps save Brisbane trans clinic
A large donation on behalf of former PFLAG national spokeswoman Shelley Argent has allowed Brisbane’s only specialised transgender clinic to remain open at a new location at Teneriffe.

[New Zealand]
Safety of women prisoners 'must not be compromised'
New Zealand First wants the Government to ensure that appropriate measures have been put in place to protect women prisoners when transgender prisoners are transferred out of male prisons into female prisons.
NZ First MP's prison risk claims met with sighs

Petition Drive Underway To Overturn Law Giving New Access To Transgender Students
A petition drive is underway to overturn legislation signed into law by the Governor Jerry Brown that would make accommodations for transgendered students in California’s public schools.

Transgender woman sues after being denied free breast cancer screening
The legal definition of "female" is at the center of a new lawsuit.
Jennifer Blair, a transsexual woman, is suing for the right to get free breast cancer screenings.

School says transgender boy’s rights trump girls’ privacy in bathroom
It’s a liberal world gone mad at one Colorado high school, where the rights of one transgender student have trumped the rights of other students forced to share a bathroom.

Pro-family activist wonders why school applauds teen's gender disorder
A New Hampshire 17-year-old transgender student has been crowned the school's homecoming king.

Gay community in mourning over loss of 'Icon'
El Paso Police have identified the man who died while in their custody Sunday morning, after an incident in West El Paso.
He was 36-year old Fernando Gomez. Friends tell us Gomez was better known as transgender performer, Mercedes Demarco, who had a generous heart and troubled past.
Drag performer dies in El Paso police custody