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sexta-feira, outubro 25, 2013

Amazing courage of Blantyre schoolboy Callum who goes to school every day dressed as a girl
Callum McLean, 16, made the brave decision to dress as a girl and become Stacie after years of torment over his true identity.
Blantyre schoolboy who goes to school dressed as a girl reveals his fashion dream

[Middle East]
Gulf countries consider medical checks to bar transgender expats
Kuwait proposal aimed at preventing transgender migrant workers from entering six-member Gulf Co-operation Council countries criticised as 'immoral'
Gulf countries propose ‘mandatory examination to determine gender’ for migrant workers
Kuwait to Ban Gender-Nonconforming Immigrants
Gulf partner calls Kuwait’s gay medical test proposal ‘crazy’
Medical tests 'crazy'

Christian lawyers in Kenya oppose transgender name change
A transgender person who has sued the government to be recognized as a woman is fighting a group of Christian lawyers who are opposed to her name change petition.

[New Zealand]
Beyer: Yet another mountain to climb
Georgina Beyer was once one of our highest-profile MPs and fought battles over prostitution and civil unions. But the former drag queen and Carterton mayor is now fighting a very personal battle.

Clinic for transgender youth opens at Toronto's Sick Kids hospital
A new Toronto clinic for transgender youth is seeing its first patients today.

Out as Trans: Your National Coming Out Day Survival Guide
Consider the following to be a quilt of advice stitched together from dozens in your same situation. Wrap yourself up in this security blanket and make your coming out day, whenever it is, the warmest, safest experience possible.

Transgender Boy Harassing Girls in the Bathroom Gets No Punishment
The push for radical transgender rights in schools is trumping privacy rights at one Colorado high school.

Three years pass since Blahnik murder
It has been three years since Stacey Blahnik was murdered in her home and justice remains elusive for the local trans leader.

Nikki Araguz-Lloyd urges students to fight for equality
Nikki Araguz-Lloyd spoke to students at Prairie View A&M University on Tuesday as part of the Student Participating In Transcending Knowledge (SPIT) lecture series in the Opal Johnson Auditorium.

First openly transgender NCAA athlete speaks
The GLBT Resource Center welcomed Kye Allums as the keynote speaker Thursday night for AM’s celebration of Coming Out week, a week dedicated to the encouragement of honest living in regards to sexual orientation and gender identity. The event, held in the ILSB Auditorium, was meant to highlight issues faced by transgender students.

Avalan iniciativas a favor de la diversidad sexual y la identidad de género
La Comisión Especial de Estudio de las Problemáticas de Género dio dictamen favorable hoy al proyecto de ley que establece condiciones en materia de género para el acceso, permanencia y progreso en las fuerzas que integran del Sistema Provincial de Seguridad Pública.

Six-year-old trans girl allowed female identification card in landmark case
A trans girl in Argentina has been allowed a female identification card, and for her gender to be officially recognised in a landmark decision.