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sábado, outubro 12, 2013

FSB (KGB) provocateurs broke into the office of Russian lawyer Masha Bast in Moscow
As the lawyer and human rights defender Masha Bast said, that four men with a video cameras broke into the office of Masha Bast about 18.00, they were accompanied by two women, who were allegedly members of the Russian Governmental TV channel "Russia".

NCAVP Deeply Concerned About Four Unsolved Homicides of Transgender Women of Color in September, Calls for National Awareness About Crisis of Violence Against Transgender Women of Color
The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) is deeply concerned about four unsolved homicides of transgender women of color that occurred during the month of September in 2013, which continues a disturbing trend of homicides of transgender and gender non-conforming women and people of color in the past few years.

Immigration, Trans Advocates Call for Trans-Inclusive Reform
A new study from the National Center for Transgender Equality highlights the imperative for immigration reform to consider the struggles faced by undocumented transgender people.
Transgender Rights Group Joins National Call for House Action on Immigration Reform
Report: Trans Immigrants Must Be Included in Immigration Reform
Immigrants’ Rights Groups Speak Out for Undocumented Transgender People
Report outlines harm facing transgender immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees

Montgomery County Transgender Day of Rememberance, November 16, 2013
The annual Montgomery County observance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance will take place at 6:00 p.m. on November 16, 2013 at Twinbrook Baptist Church, 1001 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville, Maryland 20851.

Vicious killing of transgendered woman Islan Nettles remains unsolved
The first suspect, Paris Wilson, 20, was arrested for misdemeanor assault after he was identified as the person who punched Islan Nettles, 21, repeatedly in the face as he and a group of friends allegedly threw slurs at the victim early on Aug. 17. But after his arrest, an unidentified man turned himself in and took the blame for the crime.