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segunda-feira, outubro 07, 2013

FRA Opinion on the situation of equality in the European Union
The Fundamental Rights Agency published on Oct 1 2013 an opinion on the situation of equality in the European Union. The publication also explores the state of affairs for trans people under EU Equality and show for example that trans people in general are not aware of available discrimination protection.

"Prostituição entre travestis é necessidade e não opção", diz fotógrafa carioca
É com frequência que as pessoas relacionam travestis com prostituição de rua. Muita gente, ao falar do assunto, menciona de imediato a cena que se transformou em marca registrada: homens com trajes femininos (e corpos muitas vezes modificados a base de hormônios) nas esquinas, esperando clientes em busca de sexo.

Trans journalist says she was ‘completely dehumanised’ by Xbox One presenter at gaming convention
A trans journalist has said she was “completely dehumanised” during an Xbox One Event at a London gaming convention over the weekend, by jokes about her gender made by a comedian.
Comic says sorry to trans gamer he ‘completely dehumanised’
Microsoft Apologizes to Trans Gamer Humiliated by Comedian Onstage

Schoolboy bullied for his big ears has last laugh: Glamorous transsexual Tiffany-Rose is now a model
Niall Davies started living as Tiffany-Rose at age 17
Has dated many straight men who mistake her for female
She is now 22 and taking hormones to grow breasts

'Harmful' transgender Pot Noodle ad cleared
A Pot Noodle ad featuring a male actor with visible stubble parading as a WAG in a series of dresses, a swimsuit and a tutu has been cleared despite concerns it could encourage discrimination towards transgender people.
Pot Noodle 'transexual' ad escapes ban
Pot Noodle advert doesn’t harm trans people, watchdog rules

'I sold my house to buy a female face': Transgender woman, 56, sells home to pay for £15,000 'feminisation' surgery
Jenny Bowman, 56, sold her Cambridgeshire home to pay for the op
She says facial feminisation surgery has made a huge difference
Says she now feels more confident and comfortable than previously

Recognition Update: Labour LGBT meet with Minister Burton
Last week, members of Labour LGBT met with Joan Burton TD, Minister for Social Protection.

Transsexual prostitute ring busted by Paris cops
Paris police have reportedly broken up a major transsexual prostitution ring with the ring-leader accused of controlling his "protégés" with the threat of "black magic." Separately, a French minister has proposed punishing prostitutes' clients with community service.

Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation
A Belgian has been killed by medical euthanasia after pleading for death because a botched sex change operation to turn her into a man had resulted in "a monster".
Transsexual, 44, elects to die by euthanasia after botched sex-change operation turned him into a 'monster'
Mother of sex change Belgian: 'I don't care about his euthanasia death'
La muerte de un hombre transexual que solicitó la eutanasia por “sufrimiento insoportable” sacude inevitablemente conciencias

A New Hope For Kurdish LGBTs in Istanbul: Hêvî LGBTİ
“Along with Hebûn, Hêvî will form a bridge between east and west. We will focus on Kurdish LGBT peoples issues,” said Mehmet Umut, a member of newly founded initiative Hêvî LGBTİ.

62 LGBTs running for office in next month’s Nepalese elections
62 LGBT people, legally recognized as a third gender in Nepal, are seeking political office in November elections which may determine whether the country becomes the first in Asia to allow same-sex couples to marry
Nepal opens up national elections to members of ‘third gender’
Nepal elections open to members of 'third gender'

Transgender community celebrates victories
Melbourne’s LGBTI community came together last Thursday to help leading advocacy organisation Transgender Victoria (TGV) celebrate over ten years fighting for change and supporting Victoria’s trans community with the launch of a new website.

Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor counselled after Twitter tirade
High profile army transgender woman, Lt Col McGregor, has been counselled after sending abusive emails and tweets to a blogger who emailed criticism of her transgender status.

Detention Centers Prep for Safer Transgender Housing
Regulatory reform is expected to gradually improve housing safety for transgender detainees. At the same time the Department of Homeland Security is cutting beds and exploring programs that move at-risk people out of locked-in facilities and into houses and hotels.

What the Government Shutdown Means for Transgender Americans
The shutdown of the federal government could have a disproportionate impact on transgender Americans, a population that continues to face extraordinary barriers in accessing employment, health care, and basic safety.

Transgender students on campus: Bridging the gap
It was a new semester when Sarah, an engineering student, began her transition from a man into a woman.

Keymontae Mackenzie, Transgender Woman, Killed in Hollywood Hit-&-Run
A 22-year-old transgender woman is the latest fatality in L.A.'s hit-and-run epidemic.

Local transgender student provokes mixed reactions
Controversy at a local elementary school over a transgender student: One parent is so concerned she kept her children home.

AB 1266: Pro-Family Coalition Fights to Repeal California's Transgender 'Co-Ed Bathroom' Bill
California public schools will be required under the "School Success and Opportunity Act" (AB 1266) beginning next year to permit K-12 students to use facilities, including restrooms and showers, and participate in school programs and activities, including athletic teams, according to their self-defined gender identity, irrespective of their birth gender.
Conservatives Coalition Pushes Referendum Against AB1266 California's Transgender Student's Rights Bill
‘Saving Our Locker Rooms’ Arguments Erase Transgender People

MPSA Gives Update on Midtown's Trans-Prostitute Gangs
In a recent newsletter from the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance, we learned how the trans-prostitute gangs are becoming more and more dangerous. According to the article, "more dope boys are marauding around among the trans gang," making the situation even more scary for area residents.

Transgender advocates seek further campus progress
In recent years, the LGBT Equity Center and departments across the campus have been working to make this university a more welcoming place for transgender students, and while advocates applaud the efforts, some say there is work to be done toward creating an accepting community.

Star-Ledger publishes new story on Eyricka Morgan, without correcting previous reports
Following last week's reports by Monica Roberts and other advocates that a transgender woman named Eyricka Morgan had been killed in New Jersey, GLAAD called for The Star-Ledger newspaper to correct its inaccurate reporting about the victim. Despite a conversation with the first Star-Ledger reporter to cover the story, Sue Epstein, and several phone calls and emails to editors by GLAAD and community members, the paper had not responded as of Friday.

San Antonio: el transexual Sandy estalló en llanto al recurrir a la justicia tras constantes ataques de sus vecinos
Esta mañana, en Juzgado de Letras de esta ciudad, Sandy Rojas presentó una acción judicial de no discriminación arbitraria.

Boda transexual es legal: Juez; 'somos pareja heterosexual'
"En Tabasco y en general en todo México hay una gran confusión entre las personas, frecuentemente solemos confundir los términos y a etiquetar; en nuestro caso no se trató de una boda gay, yo soy una mujer transexual, a la que le gustan los hombres y mi esposo es un hombre al que le gustan las mujeres", afirma de entrada Grecia Estephania Castelazo de la Cruz.
“No debemos ser tratadas como gay, somos transexuales”: Susy Pinto

Cooperativa trans recibió capacitación sobre responsabilidad social
El Ministerio de Desarrollo Social y Derechos Humanos a través de la Dirección de Protección de Derechos Humanos capacitó a las integrantes de la cooperativa trans "Vientos de Cambio", sobre “Responsabilidad Social y Diversidad Sexual”.

Six-year-old boy becomes first ‘transgender’ child in Argentina
Manuel, now known as Lulu, has become the first ‘transgender’ child in Argentina to have his name and gender officially changed on his identity documents.