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sexta-feira, setembro 27, 2013

Cada dos días asesinan a una persona transexual en el mundo
Stop Genocidio Trans nace con el objetivo de dar a conocer públicamente estos datos y solicitar la implicación de toda la sociedad y, de forma especial, de los gobiernos y organismos internacionales para tomar medidas políticas, legislativas y judiciales encaminadas a acabar con esta realidad.

Carla Antonelli celebra la readmisión del trabajador despedido de una ONG por ser transexual
La diputada socialista en la Asamblea de Madrid Carla Antonelli ha celebrado hoy la readmisión en su puesto de trabajo del empleado despedido por la ONG Nuevo Futuro-Sirio por ser transexual, a la vez que ha felicitado a la organización por haber recapacitado “dando un paso atrás” en este “inadmisible” despido que “vulneraba cualquier principio de nuestra Carta Magna”.

Après le TGI de Bobigny, position transphobe du Procureur au TGI de Créteil ?
Alors qu'en Avril dernier, un communiqué de presse signé par 14 associations dénonçait un avis juridique transphobe du procureur au TGI de Bobigny, nous sommes aujourd'hui, par deux avis presque identiques du procureur du TGI de Créteil, dans une situation similaire.

Transgender bisexual lawyer announces 2018 Russian presidential run
Bisexual and transgender lawyer Masha Bast says she intends to run for the presidency in Russia in 2018.

India gets first 24 hour LGBT phone counseling service
The Saahay Project aims to provide 24/7 support for Indian gay and bisexual men and transgender women in need of health information and counseling

Transgender community elated as mother, daughter accept offer of blood donation
It is not easy for the transgender community to gain acceptance among others. Usually, people tend to keep off from transgender people, but a 24-year-old woman and her mother here have no qualms in even accepting an offer of blood donation by a person from the unique sexual group. This non-discriminatory act is seen by the transgender people in Madurai as early signs of their acceptance by the mainstream society.
Transgender’s blood helps theni girl
Transgender donates blood at Madurai GRH

Maharashtra CM to attend state’s first transgender conclave
The Maharashtra government will soon host the state’s first conclave for transgenders.
Prithviraj Chavan to grace first-ever eunuch meet

Crackdown on eunuchs for soliciting at night
The city police have started cracking down on eunuchs for allegedly soliciting at night.

New Gender Clinic opens at Healthy Communities
Brisbane’s new Gender Clinic opened at Healthy Communities in Teneriffe this morning.
The weekly clinic will open on Wednesdays and clients will be bulk-billed by Dr Gale Bearman, who is the state’s leading GP on transgender health.

U of C Students’ Union pushing for gender-neutral washrooms
Plans to create a gender-neutral washroom on the University of Calgary’s campus are a bid to flush discrimination worries away, says the university’s Students’ Union.

Vancouver considers groundbreaking gender-neutral bathrooms
Vancouver city council today heard a staff proposal to encourage provision of gender-neutral washrooms in public buildings to address the privacy and safety concerns of transgender people using such facilities.

N.J. Trans Woman Murdered, Media Misgenders Victim
Local news outlets reported on the murder of Eyricka Morgan by using her given name and referring to her as a man.
A 26-year-old transgender woman was murdered in New Brunswick, N.J., Tuesday — and local media outlets are once again misgendering the victim and calling her a man.
New Jersey trans woman dies from stab wounds
New Brunswick man charged with stabbing man to death in city boarding house

Striking Portraits of Muxes, Mexico’s ‘Third’ Gender
Before Spanish colonization blanketed Mexico with Catholicism, there were cross-dressing Aztec priests and hermaphrodite Mayan gods; gender flexibility was inherent in the culture. In much of the country now, machismo prevails and attitudes toward sex remain relatively narrow. But things are different in the southern state of Oaxaca where more pliant thinking remains. In the Zapotec communities around the town of Juchitán, men who consider themselves women—called “muxes”—are not only accepted, but celebrated as symbols of good luck.