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sábado, setembro 21, 2013

UN faces ‘huge resistance’ on LGBT issues but pledges ‘no exceptions’ on rights
United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay and Archbishop Desmond Tutu feature in new video about UN’s LGBT work

Councillor stuns voters with debut novel about transsexual detective - then reveals HE was his own inspiration
Councillor Peter Ellis, 60, has secretly dressed as a woman for 30 years
His debut novel Painted Ladies features a transsexual detective
He has now told constituents in Leominster the truth about his life
Mayor Molly Cooke, 80, says that it will not affect his standing in any way
‘Dual role’ councillor writes transsexual detective novel
'Call me Penny' says cross-dressing councillor Peter Ellis

The Evening Read: Liverpool-born 1960s icon and transsexual April Ashley reflects on her extraordinary life ahead of year-long exhibition
Once George Jamieson, the former model remembers her journey from suicide attempts, people spitting in her face to Buckingham Palace

Kiss-in na aprovação de fraca lei anti-homofobia e transfobia
Associações e grupos LGBT italianos estão insatisfeitos com um projecto de lei anti-homofobia e transfobia que passou na Câmara Inferior dos Deputados na noite passada, argumentando que as proteções à liberdade de expressão do projecto ainda permitem transgressões discriminatórias.
Backlash from Italy's LGBT groups as Parliament votes on 'useless' gay hate ban

Boxer fights through gender disorder
Women's champ suffered through years of doubts

WATCH: "I'm a girl, not a boy"
“Why did you want to come on the TV tonight?” asked Insight’s presenter Jenny Brockie to 7-year-old Maddi.
“Because I’m telling everyone it’s alright to be born as a boy or want to be a girl, or be born as a girl and want to be a boy,” she replied.

Transgender man wins complaint against bridal shop for not letting him try on wedding dress
The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission announced that a mediated settlement has been reached between the owner of a Saskatoon bridal shop and a man who presents himself as a woman.

ACLU files complaint on behalf of transgender nursing student
The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint with U.S. Department of Education accusing the Pinellas County Schools of discriminating against a transgender nursing student who was banned from using the women’s restrooms at Pinellas Technical Education Center in Clearwater, Fla.
ACLU insists that transgender man be allowed to use women’s bathroom

Topeka adds sexual orientation, gender identity bias to Commission’s role
The Topeka City Council has voted to expand the work of the city’s Human Relations Commission to include education about discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Roslyn Wilkins, mother of Nizah Morris, 82
Roslyn M. Wilkins, the mother of Nizah Morris, died Sept. 8 after a brief illness. She was 82 and lived in West Philadelphia.
For the past 10 years, Wilkins voiced the belief that her child’s homicide is solvable.

Appeals court hears transgender widow's fight
The transgender widow of a fallen South Texas firefighter is asking a state appeals court to reverse a ruling that their marriage wasn't legally binding.