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sábado, setembro 14, 2013

Protagonista do vídeo "Driving You Slow", dos The Gift, esfaqueado em assalto
O caso aconteceu Quinta-feira. Ricardo Magalhães, 34 anos, transformista com o nome de Luna, sobejamente conhecido desde que integrou o vídeo dos The Gift “Driving you slow”, de 2004, foi assaltado e esfaqueado quando se dirigia para a estação de comboios.
Atingido à facada por gang juvenil

'I'm no Hitler' says feminist receiving rape threats for being 'transphobic' ahead of porn debate in Manchester
A feminist activist who was branded 'transphobic' and received rape threats over her scheduled appearance in a porn industry debate in Manchester has proclaimed she is no ‘Hitler’.

German court to rule whether transgender man can be listed as father
A transgender man who gave birth to a baby boy in Germany is fighting to be recognized as the child’s father, rather than his mother.

Lithuania Parliament to consider five anti-LGBT bills
Five anti-LGBT bills are scheduled to be considered by Lithuania’s parliament before the end of the year.

Top lawyer comes out as bisexual and transgender against anti-gay ‘propaganda’ laws
A top lawyer in Russia has come out as both bisexual and transgender against the country’s notorious anti-gay law banning “homosexual propaganda,” declaring “it is a fascist law” that targets children and creates marginalised social groups.
Cientos de adopciones españolas, paradas por la homofobia de Putin

Supreme Court reduces transgender man's sentence
Sentence of man who committed armed robbery when he still lived as a woman reduced from 15 months to 10 due to 'difficulties he will face in prison'

Gender identity in Kenya: The other sex
Kenya's transgendered struggle with discrimination and an exclusionary legal system. Audrey Mbugua, one of the first transgendered people to publicly declare her identity, advocates for trans rights - including her own.

Amnesty: Release Zambian men arrested over alleged homosexual acts
Amnesty International is calling on Zambia to release two men who have been in jail since May on charges of engaging in homosexual acts "against the order of nature."

Gays lament HIV treatment exclusion
The Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe (GALZ) has said its members are being discriminated against in remote parts of the country when accessing HIV and AIDS treatments.

Azerbaijani homosexuals march through Baku with rainbow flag
Last Saturday, an information resource of sexual minorities in Azerbaijan together with the LGBT activists held a small rally passing through the city with a rainbow flag, writes the Azerbaijani news website “”

Towards normalcy: In the sanctuary of a madrassa
Waris Nadeem, 12, is a student at a religious seminary and not at a regular school. Reason? His father is a transgender.

'We are not freaks of nature': Singapore transgender woman
When she was 10 years old and growing up as a boy, she was already dressing up in her sister's clothes.
"I thought I was a freak then," said Ms Fanny Ler.
She suppressed her feelings, fearing a backlash about her cross-dressing urges.

Transgender child, 11, goes public about his story
Born as a girl, Edmonton's Wren Kauffman is now out as a boy

[USA] Uses South Park Cartoon To Mock "Transgenders" used an image of a character from the cartoon show South Park to mock "transgenders."
In a September 12 article, Breitbart noted that the AFL-CIO had amended its constitution to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression. From Breitbart's report:

AU to Cover Transition Surgery Costs
Student insurance at American University will now cover full transitional care for transgender students, including gender reassignment surgery, making AU the only Washington, D.C. university to cover such costs.

Judge dismisses Lincoln inmate, transgender woman's lawsuit
A Lincoln inmate and his significant other, a transgender woman, are appealing the recent dismissal of their lawsuit against the Nebraska prison system, which they say won't let them marry.

DJ Mister Cee resigns from Hot 97 after being caught on video allegedly picking up cross-dressing prostitute
'We feel that this is in the best interest of both HOT 97 and Cee’s personal well-being,' radio station general manager Alexandra Cameron said in a statement.
Mister Cee's Resignation Lasted Only a day

Court to hear trans widow’s appeal
Nikki Araguz seeks to have marriage to late husband recognized in what advocate calls ‘incredibly important’ case for transgender equality

Appleton bans housing discrimination based on gender identity
Appleton has become the third city in Wisconsin to adopt rules against housing discrimination based on gender identity.

[El Salvador]
Población LGBTI denuncian falta de interés en investigar delitos y atropellos
No todos somos iguales, pero todos tenemos los mismos derechos, sin embargo, no es lo mismo para la comunidad de diversidad sexual donde lesbianas, gay, bisexuales, transexual e intersexual (LGBTI), hombres y mujeres, pues no son tratados con los mismos derechos, denunciaron.

La historia de un transexual en una cárcel de varones en Argentina
Después de cinco años de estar en la cárcel en Argentina, Emilce aún está en espera de que un juez le dicte sentencia por el homicidio que se le atribuye, sin embargo lo más fuerte que ha tenido que soportar en reclusión es permanecer alojada en un pabellón de varones de Eiza, cuando su identidad de género es femenina, informó el diario la Nación en un reportaje especial.