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quinta-feira, setembro 05, 2013

Homens que agrediram e mutilaram travesti serão julgados em Maceió
No dia 17 de agosto, em Maceió, a travesti Flávia -conhecida como "Babá" - foi abordada por dois homens que a agrediram e a mutilaram, cortando parte do seu pênis.

Travesti é ameaçada com choque e tem mala queimada em Piracicaba
Agressão ocorreu em área de prostituição na região central do município.
Suspeito também apontou arma, conforme relato da vítima à Polícia Civil.

Travesti é espancada e tem parte do rosto queimado em Betim
A agressão aconteceu na madrugada do dia 1º

Former Territorial Army male soldier, 28, becomes Britain’s first transgender Muslim woman and is now married
Lucy Vallender had a sex change in 2010 and converted to Islam last year
Says she had been a TA private in Gloucestershire but gave up after a year
'I tried to do macho things but I was trying to be someone I wasn't,' she says
Met already married Murad online but he didn't know she was once a man
They wed in April on first meeting and have met twice for sex since, she says
But her local mosque have barred her after she refused to pray with men
Transgender muslim claims she was banned from mosque

Turkish Parliament to Start a New Legislative Session: More Problems for LGBTs?
The 4th Legislative Session of the Turkish Parliament will start the 24th term on Tuesday, October 1.

Lawyer Evgeny Arkhipov made coming out that she is a transgender woman
Russian lawyer and the Chair of Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights Evgeny Arkhipov announced officially that she is a transgender MtF and her name is Masha Bast.

'Transgenders are ill-treated, made fun of and abused in Kerala'
Twenty six-year-old Surya Vinod, a mimicry artist and reality show actor based in Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala, doesn't hesitate to identify herself as a transgender.

Transgender kids can face rough times
Respect Lacking: Parents frustrated by the actions and words of some teachers and school officials

American University's Health Insurance Plan Now Covers Surgery for Transgender Students
American University, the congressionally chartered institution of higher learning in Northwest D.C., has extended the type of health insurance benefits offered to transgender students.

D.C. Transgender Assault Gets Trial Date
Suspect accused of stabbing woman dozens of times in June set for November trial

Weekend conference focuses on transgender issues
A statewide group dedicated to educating the public on transgender issues will hold a conference in Lawrence this weekend.

Council Ready to Push Through NDO Proposal, Ignoring Calls for More Time
San Antonio City Council appears poised to plow ahead with a vote on that gay and lesbian non discrimination ordinance at its regular meeting tomorrow, despite concerns raised by opponents that the law is alarmingly vague and will be through out in court, 1200 WOAI news reports.