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segunda-feira, agosto 26, 2013

Travesti com rosto desfigurado é encontrado morto em Valadares
De acordo com a Polícia Civil, a vítima tem entre 35 e 40 anos.
Ainda não há informações sobre a motivação do crime.

Travesti é morta a pedradas em ponto de prostituição no bairro Cidade Industrial em Contagem
Local do crime é conhecido na cidade como ponto de prostituição, frequentado constantemente por travestis e homossexuais; autoria e motivação ainda são desconhecidas
Uma travesti foi assassinada a pedradas, na noite de ontem, no bairro Cidade Industrial, em Contagem, na região metropolitana de Belo Horizonte.

¿Cómo y cuándo hay que operar a un transexual?
El proceso es complejo, dura toda la vida y tiene que ser supervisado
Consiste en una terapia hormonal que tiene que ser controlada médicamente
Además, va acompañado de una serie de intervenciones quirúrgicas

« Nous, les intersexes, voulons qu’on laisse nos corps tranquilles »
Vincent Guillot est à l’origine du mouvement Intersexe en francophonie et porte-parole de l’Organisation internationale des intersexes (OII). Il nous a écrit à la suite de l’article « Allemagne : ni féminin, ni masculin, le troisième genre bientôt reconnu » afin de nous prévenir qu’une interprétation rapide nous avait laissé penser qu’il s’agissait d’une victoire alors que pour lui et une partie du mouvement Intersexe, cette nouvelle loi est au contraire une défaite.

26.08.13 Transgender Roman Sorokin has asked for the political asylum in France
As the press service of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights reports, transgender Roman Sorokin asked for the political asylum in France.
As Roman Sorokin said, he had got information about the initiation of a criminal case against him in Russia during a meeting of LGBT activists abroad, also Roman Sorokin found out from mass-media about the illegal search in the house of his lawyer Evgeny Arkhipov August 19, 2013 with the participation of the FSB of Russia. Roman Sorokin considers, that the illegal search related to the protection of the rights of Roman Sorokin and LGBT-people.

[New Zealand]
New Zealand isn’t ready for a gay prime minister, says trans MP Georgina Beyer
Politicians and public figures weigh in on gay MP Grant Robertson’s announcement that he will run for leader of the Labour Party, making him a strong candidate as the country’s PM
Gay prime minister may be 'a step too far'

For transgender prisoners, hormones seen as matter of life and death
Self-castration, suicide and waves of desperation are byproducts of the denial of sex hormones to inmates yearning to switch genders, advocates say.

Billionaire Supporting Trans Military Personnel Comes Out As Transgender
The billionaire who gave $1.35 million to study the ability of transgender people to serve openly in the military has come out as transgender. Jennifer Natalya Pritzker announced in a memo to employees of the Pritzker Military Library and Tawani Enterprises, a private investment firm, that she had legally changed her name from James.

Bathroom wars: Transgenders get flushed
A well-organized coalition of pro-family and civic organizations in Miami-Dade soundly defeated a measure that would have given transsexuals access to public restrooms and locker rooms used by the opposite sex.

Transgender star of Web reality series found murdered in California home: cops
Domonique Newburn, 31, had recently finished filming new footage for 'Hollywood Houseboys,' producer says.
Father of Murder Suspect: ‘Just Turn Yourself In’

Man facing possible murder charges after transgender woman dies from savage beating
A man is facing possible murder charges after he savagely beat a transgendered woman into a coma before she was finally taken off life support yesterday, police sources said.
Transgender Woman's Death Ruled Homicide, Being Investigated As Hate Crime
Murdered NYC Transgender Woman Was Beaten In Front Of NYPD Police Station
Islan Nettles: Transgender woman brutally beaten in New York is investigated as a hate crime
Transgender Woman’s Death May Have Happened After Come-on Gone Wrong
Transgender Woman Murdered in New York City
New York activists plan rally for transgender woman who died from head injuries in a hate crime
Transgender Harlem woman dies days after being assaulted in possible hate crime attack

Breaking: New Audio Reveals San Antonio Councilwoman Attacking Transgender Woman’s Marriage
San Antonio, Texas councilwoman Elisa Chan has refused to apologize or retract the comments she made during a secretly recorded staff strategy meeting designed to map out her opposition to a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance. Chan, who can be heard in the original audio calling gay and transgender people “disgusting,” has defended her comments as her “First Amendment right.” She also refused to recuse herself from voting on the ordinance, which would add LGBT people and veterans to the city’s list of protected non-discrimination classes of people.

Transgénero, transexual, travesti: conoce sus diferencias
Seguramente has oído hablar de esta variedad de términos que parecen signifcar lo mismo pero no. Descubre la diferencia entre transgéro, transexual y travesti