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domingo, agosto 18, 2013

The Queen: Monarch of 12 countries where being gay can land you in prison
While the anti-gay laws in Russia have garnered a lot of International attention in recent weeks, it is still legal to be gay in the country. However, in other parts of the world, where The Queen is Head of State, gay people can still be jailed for same-sex activity.

German shot put champion Heidi Krieger gets sex-change operation after being unwittingly doped with PEDs in 1970s
Kreiger was among thousands of young athletes injured by an East German government plan to dominate Olympic sports through chemistry. In most cases they were told the pills and shots were vitamins and natural supplements.

Germany to become first European state to allow ‘third gender’ birth certificates
German parents will no longer be legally obliged to register their newborn child as male or female, and will instead be officially allowed to assign the baby a “third gender” if the sex cannot be clearly identified at birth.
M, F or Blank: 'Third Gender' Official in Germany from November
German law change to 'recognize third sex'

All transgenders should be killed, asserts Pakistan reality show contestant
Aspiring model says she hates hijras and if she ever gave birth to a transgender child, would ‘finish’ it
Pakistan: Reality show contestant says trans people ‘should be killed’

Transgenders knock on 'closed doors' for jobs
I’m an educated person with a diploma in Electronics and Communication from Balaji Polytechnic College, says Sandhya T, a transgender. “I applied to companies, went through the selection process and had HR people calling to inform me that I had been selected for the job and that the company would get back to me about my joining date. However, no such thing happened. When I called about the status of my appointment Omega Health Care Services, one company I had applied to, gave me a flimsy excuse about how I would not be able to adjust in the organisation and how other staff would find it hard to work with a transgender.”

Trans bride files human rights complaint against wedding dress shop
Woman was forced to leave a bridal shop after the owner allegedly told her customers would feel 'uncomfortable if a man was trying on dresses'
Transgender bride files human rights complaint

HRC denounces anti-transgender op-ed by Southern Baptist Convention official
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), today denounced an anti-transgender op-ed by Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Conservatives target law on transgender students
Conservatives are gearing up to fight a new law requiring schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity instead of their physical sex.
Parental checklist created in responce to school transgender law

Homecoming queen nominee talks about being transgender
For 73 years, Ball State has been crowning Homecoming kings and queens from student and greek organizations on campus. This year is bound to be different from any other before because a transgendered student was nominated for the position of Homecoming queen for the first time. Since the announcement of the nominees in the summer, the Daily News sat down with junior telecommunications major Natalie Roman to find out what it’s like to be a transgendered student at Ball State, as well as what her nomination means for her and Ball State.