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terça-feira, agosto 13, 2013

Travesti é encontrada morta com a cabeça esmagada em Minas Gerais
Polícia encontrou pedras que podem ter sido usadas no crime. Foram encontrados preservativos e roupas íntimas ao lado da vítima.
Um corpo foi encontrado na manhã desta segunda-feira (12), no bairro São Cristóvão em Teófilo Otoni, no Vale do Mucuri em Minas Gerais. Segundo informações da Polícia Rodoviária Federal, a vítima foi encontrada nua e com parte da cabeça esmagada.

Travesti é morto com golpes de tesoura no púbis
No local do crime, no Picanço, havia sangue por todo lado e sinais de luta
Renato Batista Mendes, 31 anos, conhecido como o travesti “Thalia”, foi encontrado morto com diversos golpes de tesoura, em sua casa, na Rua Dona Ana, no Picanço, na última sexta (2).

Transsexual banned from ladies' loos
A transsexual has been left fuming after being threatened with a shopping centre ban if she uses the ladies’ loos.

Truths behind the gay torture images from Russia
Russia now is a story told in pictures, still and moving. Everybody knows about Putin’s anti-gay law, because it’s been at the top of the news, gay and straight, for two weeks running; and if you’ve been following this even slightly, you’ve seen images like these — of homophobes brutally abusing Russian queers.

Sex change operations legal in Iran but still perilous
Amin, a 33-year-old female-to-male transgender refugee, never doubted he was born into the wrong body.

Sex-change aspirant ‘cheats’ IAF man after marriage promise
Bidhan Barua was arrested four days ago in Guwahati after a fraud complaint registered with Bhuj police

250 cyclists ride in second Viet Pride rally
Organizers have declared Hanoi’s 2013 Viet Pride festival a success, with turnout exceeding their expectations

Jamaican transgender teen's murder by mob prompts calls for change, tolerance: 'It was horrible. It was so, so painful'
Dwayne Jones, 16, was beaten, stabbed, shot and run over by a car after attending a party dressed as a woman, and his family, who had abandoned him, would not claim the body.

Drop Charges Against 2 Transgender Youth
The Cameroonian authorities should drop the charges against two transgender youth rather than appealing their case to the Supreme Court, five human rights organizations said today. Jonas K. and Franky D. are being prosecuted on what the appeals court has already ruled were trumped-up charges of homosexual conduct, the groups said in a letter to the Yaoundé prosecutor today.

Los trans y su primera votación tras Ley de Identidad de Género
La Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) celebró esta tarde haber dado “un nuevo paso histórico” en estas elecciones PASO legislativas. Las personas votaron con sus documentos que les reconocen su identidad de género.