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domingo, agosto 11, 2013

Suffering of trans people in Europe exposed in new report
Transgender Europe will launch a Trans Rights Europe Map and Index on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Parliament drops gay anti-discrimination bill as hundreds protest against it
A bill to protect gay Ukrainian workers from discrimination based on their sexual orientation has been dropped by the country’s parliament, as hundreds of anti-gay protesters gathered to demonstrate against it.

From the Shadows: China's Growing Tolerance of Transgender Rights
The mostly positive reaction to a story about an American transgender couple reveals an profound shift in the country's attitude toward a once-maligned community.

Fox News Gins Up "Bathroom Bill" Fears To Dismiss Protections For Transgender Students
Fox News attacked a bill in California to allow transgender students equal access to school facilities and programs, inappropriately calling the measure a "bathroom bill" and interviewing a notorious anti-LGBT activist to suggest that students will use the law to take advantage of members of the opposite sex.

Warrant: Transvestite and boyfriend beat man until he was blind in one eye
A transvestite and her boyfriend beat a man until he was blind in one eye during a February robbery that resulted in the arrest of three people, according to a warrant obtained Tuesday by The Hour.

UNC system bans gender-inclusive housing on all 17 campuses
Universities in Chapel Hill, Charlotte had already approved or were considering housing changes

Nevada Assembly Votes to Add Gender Identity and Expression to State’s Hate Crimes Law
Moments ago, SB139, legislation that would add gender identity and expression to the state’s current hate crimes law passed the Nevada State Assembly, 30 to 11.

Settlement announced in N.Y. school district anti-gay bias lawsuit
A northern New York school district has agreed to a series of measures to combat bullying as part of a settlement of a former student’s anti-gay bias lawsuit.

Hearing delayed for murder suspect
A hearing for a man accused of murdering a local transgender woman was postponed this week.

Voter-ID enforcement halted
Attorneys for the state last week agreed to delay the implementation of Pennsylvania’s voter-identification law until after the November election.