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terça-feira, agosto 06, 2013

Stoli parent company SPI Group adds gays to non-discrimination policy, leaves out trans
Stolichnaya vodka’s parent company, SPI Group, in the past few days added sexual orientation to their non-discrimination policy. It came to light only last week that the company which proclaims itself to be very pro-gay didn’t even include protect its gay employees from discrimination.
And while the new language is laudable, it still fails to mention gender identity, aka trans people.

Ministry of Defence LGBT Network: Biphobia and transphobia are ‘new frontiers’ for workplace equality
A Human Resources professional for the Ministry of Defence LGBT Network has said that although workplace equality has come a long way since the ban of gay people in the military, ‘B’ and ‘T’ still represent significant hurdles for full LGBT acceptance.

Plan to change sex change surgery guidelines is dropped
NHS England has shelved proposals to change how it commissions gender reassignment surgery following clinicians’ concerns

Brighton and Hove celebrates Britain's first ever Trans Pride event
Britain's first ever Trans Pride event graced the streets of the city at the weekend.
The groundbreaking celebration of the transgender community ran from Friday until Sunday and featured film screenings, a dance party, stage performers and a mini festival.

Trans woman beaten to death with a hammer in France
A 42-year-old hairdresser from Limogues was discovered by firefighters after friends realized she had been missing for 24 hours

Murder, Menace Stalk Istanbul's LGBT Community
“She is my blood sister,” Ilkay said. Actually, he did not say “she” or “sister.” Because Turkish allows a gender-neutral narrative, he did not have to. I noted his use of the present tense; perhaps he could not bring himself to accept that she would now only live in memories, that she had been murdered. We were on the phone, and, in my mind, I was not picturing Ilkay as a man yet. It would take a much longer, face-to face conversation for me to decide upon the masculine pronoun for him. It was a “good for now” decision at best.

Turkey Transgender Woman, Gaye, Reportedly Murdered In Her Home
Following suit of a disturbing trend of anti-trans violence in Turkey, authorities discovered a transgender woman dead in her Istanbul apartment Monday night.
Hate Murder in Downtown Istanbul
Transgender woman killed in Istanbul, fourth trans victim in Turkey this year

Russia’s anti-gay laws in line with public’s views on homosexuality
Russia’s minister of sport, Vitaly Mutko stirred international concerns Thursday when he announced that the country planned to enforce its new anti-gay laws when it hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

2nd Annual Gay Pride Parade Held
On Saturday, August 3, Uganda’s homosexual community stepped out of the shadows in red wigs and glittering stilettos.
LGBT activists bravely stage pride parade in Kampala

Putting a roof above the head of transgenders
Xavieramma is getting old and is not too mobile these days. Having suffered a fracture in one leg, this 64-year-old transgender requires a stick to support while walking. Yet, Xavieramma, living now in Muthuazhagupatti, four km from Dindigul town, is on cloud nine.

Gay Pride March returns to Vietnam capital
Several film screenings and talk shows on sexual diversity are planned to be held in Hanoi this weekend to raise awareness and foster acceptance of alternative sexuality.

Vietnam sexual minorities await house session with bated breath
Lawmakers expected to discuss same-sex marriage among other issues in October

First two babies recognized of gender redefining
On Tuesday a 3-year old and a 6-year old child received the certificate of gender redefining of the Children’s Hospital 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. Their gender was changed from male to female. These are the first cases of ambiguous gender that were recognized of transgender in Vietnam.

Transexual actress Laverne Cox finds unlikely path to stardom with 'Orange Is the New Black'
Star of Netflix series plays key role with help from twin brother M. Lamar, who shows character's earlier life as a man
An Interview with ‘Orange Is The New Black’ star Laverne Cox

Obama’s Failure To Sign ENDA Executive Order ‘Indefensible And Inexplicable’ Says Washington Post
The Washington Post’s editorial board on Sunday called President Barack Obama‘s failure to sign an executive order protecting LGBT people employed by federal contractors “increasingly indefensible and inexplicable.” The Post notes “it’s time the president honor the promise he made five years ago.”

Interview with Calpernia Addams
Monika: Today's interview is with Calpernia Addams, an American author, actress, musician, and a spokesperson and activist for transgender rights and issues. Hello Calpernia!

Making it easier for transgenders to get new birth certificates
The District of Columbia Council passes the country's most liberal policy for updating birth certificates, one that transgender activists hope will become a nationwide model.

Columbus company helps transgender worker make transition
Returning to work after a long vacation can be a shock, but when some top brass at the Columbus marketing company Resource came back from the beach last year, a true surprise was in store.

Ceneval retira examen a transgénero; “no se parece a su foto”, argumenta
El Centro Nacional para la Evaluación de la Educación Superior retiró un examen a Yoana Castellanos, una joven transgénero, porque en su credencial de elector aparece como hombre y argumenta que intentó evitar “que una persona hiciera la prueba de otra”.
Aplican examen a transgénero acusada de “robo de identidad”

Haiti gangs beat 47 gays with machetes, sticks and cement blocks
Spiraling violence against LGBT men in Haiti began when anti-gay Christians marched against fictional same-sex marriage bill
CIDH condena ola de violencia contra gays y transexuales en Hait
Anti-gay violence in Haiti draws international outrage

Asesinan mujer trans en San Onofre, Sucre. Venia siendo amenazada y en eneso y junio pasados fue víctima de atentados
El 1 de enero de 2013, dos sujetos llegaron hasta su residencia y prendieron fuego al domicilio con ella y su pareja adentro, agresión que por fortuna lograron evadir y el 14 de junio pasado había sido apuñalada en medio de una discusión callejera.

Por primera vez votarán con un DNI acorde a su identidad autopercibida
“Ahora que legitimamos nuestra identidad de género y estamos por votar con nuestro verdadero nombre sentimos una gran ansiedad por participar en esta democracia”, destacó Marcela Romero, titular de la Asociación Travestis, Transexuales y Transgénero de Argentina.

Los nombres trans "están" en el padrón
La Cámara Nacional Electoral negó la supuesta falta de actualización de los padrones electorales con respecto a la Ley de Identidad de Género. Días atrás se había presentado un “habeas data” en miras a la actualización de los padrones para las próximas elecciones.