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sábado, julho 27, 2013

Meurtre de "Mylène" : la police recherche toujours un témoin-clé
Vers 18 heures ce vendredi, la police judiciaire de Limoges a effectué une descente rue des grandes Pousses, dans un squat où vivent des personnes originaires des pays de l'Est. Les policiers recherchaient une personne qui pourrait avoir un lien avec le meurtre de Laurent, travesti bien connu dans le monde de la nuit à Limoges sous le nom de "Mylène". Ils n'ont apparemment arrêté personne.

Italian LGBTs label the new gay hate ban bill 'the worst law ever'
Journalist Tommaso Cerno says: 'This is going to be a homophobic law, nobody wants it'

Bosnia adopts trans-inclusive law on hate crimes
Bosnia i Herzegovina’s House of Representatives recently adopted hate crime legislation that is inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Crossdresser arrested after entering lingerie shop in Kuwait
A young Kuwaiti crossdresser was arrested by police after he entered a women-only lingerie shop.
A female shopper, shocked by the presence of a man wearing women’s clothes and heavy makeup, told him to leave the premises, saying he had no right to be there.

Sex, drugs, stigma put Thai transsexuals at HIV risk
From a cafe near the go-go bars of a Bangkok red light district where she campaigns for safe sex, Gigi gives an unvarnished view of how she joined Thailand's growing ranks of transgender people with HIV.

Court approves proposal for sex change
A panel of judges in Ungaran district approved the proposal for a woman to change her sex status to male, after the trial ended on Thursday.

Group condemns murder of gender non conforming teen Dwayne Jones in Jamaica
'Jamaica cannot become the place of choice to raise families if we continue killing our children'

Australia to end gender discrimination in public health scheme
Australia’s publicly funded medical scheme Medicare will remove all discrimination based on gender to ensure transgender and intersex people can access all the services they need

WikiLeaks 'traitor' wanted to be born a woman
Bradley Manning on trial
Faces charges for releasing military secrets to WikiLeaks
Manning sometimes calls himself Breanna

Transgender actress makes mark on hit series
Netflix series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ features transgender actress playing transgender part
Laverne Cox plays Sophia, transgender woman on show
TRANScribe: Laverne Cox from “Orange is the New Black”

Federal Government Resolves Complaint Filed by CA Transgender Student
Agreement Affirms that Transgender Students Are Entitled to Equal Access in Schools
Trans Teen Must Have Access to Male Locker Room, Says DOJ
Obama admin forces school district to let teenage girl use boys restroom, showers, sleeping quarters
Federal officials side with transgender student in discrimination settlement
VICTORY: California Transgender Student Guaranteed Equal Access To School Facilities
Federal Government Resolves Trans Student Discrimination Case
Arcadia Unified School District To Treat Transgender Teens Equally
Arcadia district reaches settlement in transgender rights case

Hate Crime Conviction in Trans Woman’s Slaying Thrown Out
Jury confusion about how to deal with a defendant charged under New York’s hate crime statute has resulted in an appellate ruling setting aside as “inconsistent” the guilty verdict in the homicide of a transgender woman.
Man Charged with Transgender Murder Walks

Transgender Trenton man allegedly assaults Morrisville cop
Trying to figure out a man’s name during a traffic stop led to a foot chase and a physical confrontation between a city man and a Morrisville police officer Thursday morning, according to Morrisville Police.

Trans woman stabbed to death, suspect arrested
A transgender woman was murdered and dismembered last week in the city’s Strawberry Mansion section.