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sábado, julho 20, 2013

OSCE rejects manifesto on homosexuality, transgenderism
In a 24-3 vote, the Organization for Security and Cooperation of Europe (OSCE) has declined to adopt the Yogyakarta Principles, a 2006 manifesto that would enshrine homosexuality and transgenderism in international human rights law.

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New Reports On The ICD Revision Process for Trans-Related Diagnoses
In February of this year I reported on an important international meeting, hosted by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Swap op prisoner’s ‘sex attack’ in Cornton Vale girls’ jail
A teenage con waiting for male-to-female gender swap surgery was accused of a sex assault on another inmate at a women’s jail.

Ireland to finally recognize trans people in law
While trans people are thrilled they will finally be identified as their proper gender, they are not happy you have to be over 18, single and have a doctor's support

Letter from TGEU about oppression of sex workers & trans people in Greece
The current “witch-hunt” in Greece by police and partially accompanied by public health institutions targets sex workers, migrants, transgender persons and other minority groups.
Migrants facing abuse, violence and racist discrimination in Greece
…and then they came for the trans* people.

Moldova secretly adopts anti-gay ‘homosexual propaganda’ law
A new law prohibiting so called “homosexual propaganda,” similar to those recently enacted in Russia, has been adopted away from public scrutiny and entered into force in Moldova, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe located between Romania and the Ukraine.

Myanmar gays to sue police for assault and harassment
LGBT rights activists in Myanmar have announced plans to sue the police force after a group of 12 Burmese cross dressing gay men were stripped and harassed after being arrested by police

Crossdressing camp for boys as young as six draws criticism from Christian leaders
Young boys preening in front of mirrors putting on makeup, picking flowers in skirts, and prancing in heels and dresses at a talent show: all these are depicted in controversial photoessay, featured on Slate this week, documenting an annual summer camp for gender confused boys. The images are drawing praise from gay activists, and criticisms from pro-family leaders.

Black Transgender Woman: I Was Feared as a Man
Having experienced both sides of the gender issue, black transgender activist Laverne Cox, in a piece at, describes how people would tiptoe around her and clutch their purses when she was perceived as a man, and how some of that changed when she appeared as a woman. Reactions from black and white people on her gender status differed:

Atlanta City Council adds 'gender identity' to all city laws that include anti-bias policy
The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved Monday legislation to ensure “gender identity” is included in all of the sections of the city's codes dealing with its non-discrimination policy.
City expands non-discrimination laws to include 'gender identity'

Chicago House opens historic transgender housing facility
Advocates, donors, elected officials celebrate the breakthrough project on the city's North Side

Maryland family embraces daughter's decision to live as a little boy, and he’s never been happier
More than a year ago, the transgender child, Kathryn, became Tyler. The 6-year-old is not unusual for identifying his condition at an early age.

Mont. Board of Regents expands anti-discrimination policy
Montana’s state Board of Regents has voted to broaden the university system’s anti-discrimination policy to require campuses to ensure there’s no discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

PA Voter ID trial starts
A trial that will determine the future of Pennsylvania’s hotly debated Voter ID law opened in Harrisburg this week.

Transgender inmate loses abuse case
A major development in the case of a transgender female inmate, here in Virginia.
Ophelia De'lonta, the same inmate who's seeking sex change surgery-paid for by taxpayers-spent two days this week in federal district court, testifying that she was sexually abused by a prison guard. The jury dismissed the claim...and didn't take very long to do it.

Trans women talk about dangers of living in Mexico, hopes of leaving
The plight of transgender women in Mexico and the dangers they face in trying to flee to Texas are highlighted in a story from

Familia denunció a profesora que acosa a niño por "conductas femeninas"
Los padres de un niño de nueve años denunciaron a una profesora de la Escuela Básica Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez del sector de Peralito, en la comuna de Pudahuel, por el permanente acoso que sufre el menor que cursa el cuarto año básico en el recinto educacional.