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terça-feira, julho 09, 2013

José Manual Barroso: EC keeps close eye on LGBT discrimination in Lithuania and will respond in case of need
The European Commission (EC) is keeping a close eye on the situation in connection to LGBT discrimination in countries of the European Union (EU) and will respond in case of necessity, EC President José Manuel Barroso tells Lithuania's Lietuvos Rytas daily.

Does gender matter when it comes to sexual consent?
A teen is jailed and registered as a sex offender for having sex with a female peer while "pretending" to be a boy

Paola Revenioti: The Greek transgender activist on blowing up sexual taboos in the name of art
During the 80s, transgender Greek artist and prostitute Paola Revenioti published the trans-anarchist fanzine Kraximo. Funded by her own prostitution, the zine pioneered the fight for gay and trans rights, combining interviews with Greek poets and intellectuals alongside Athens street hustlers and her own photography, since compared to the work of Larry Clark and Walter Pfeiffer. Today she continues to work as an artist and activist, making Athens-based documentaries with her "Paola Projects". This interview is taken from the May issue of Dazed & Confused:

ECHR to review Finnish trans marriage case
A Finnish case involving a woman who underwent gender reassignment surgery and now wants to have her female gender recognised in official documents is to be reviewed by the Grand Chamber Panel of the European Court of Human Rights.

Lebanon 'liberal' for Mideast, but gays still targeted
Lebanon has a reputation as the most liberal country in the conservative Middle East, but even a night on the town for gays can end in arrest and humiliating sexuality "tests".

Transexual sues Kenc over gender
A woman who changed her has sued the Kenya National Examination Council for a new examination certificates reflecting her new gender.
Sex-change man wants papers altered

Facing bias, 32 transgenders struggle to find a home
About three months ago, 18-year-old Kajal, a resident of Shapar-Veraval village, some 15 km away from Rajkot, was asked to leave his home because he declared himself as a transgender.

Fear of 'ART' keeps transgenders in the dark
Kavita’s day begins at 7 am in her little house on Hosa Road, on the outskirts of the city. The first thing she does after waking up is pray for a good day ahead. An hour later, she sets off on her journey, meeting hundreds of nameless faces at Bangalore’s traffic signals, who dole out cash when she claps. She mumbles blessings and curses at them. After sunset, she gets picked up by faceless clients at Majestic’s dark subway. At the end of the day, she struggles to wash these memories off her body and mind.

Special Targeted Intervention centres planned in city
The National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) has recently set up special Targeted Intervention (TI) centres for transgenders in the city. Under this project, drop in centres (DICs) are planned one each in Bangalore north and south. A DIC is an intervention centre where people living with HIV-AIDS (PLHA) come in for counseling, social activities, meetings and support.

Transgenders hit a wall
When three persons wearing salwar-kameez walked up to the Supreme Court complex last week for an entry pass, officials at the reception didn’t know what to do.

Living outside 'male or female'
Transgender, intersex and gender diverse people have received greater recognition by federal and state laws, and we hear from some of the people helping redefine notions of sex and gender.

[New Zealand]
Lawyer: "Prison is a living nightmare for trans women"
Lawyer Kelly "K1" Ellis is spearheading the movement for transgender women to no longer be placed in custody with men, where they are being raped and assaulted. We get a little more insight into Ellis' work and her thoughts on the current system.
Greens want faster action on transgender inmate policy
Green Party urges government to protect trans prisoners

Transgendered woman claims she was ridiculed by Pearson worker
A transgendered woman claims she was ridiculed by a Toronto Pearson representative upon returning to the city on a flight from Florida.
Enza Anderson says when she entered the Canada Customs hall at Terminal 3 shortly before 3:30 pm on April 28, a greeter wearing a Toronto Pearson uniform pointed her out and exclaimed to her colleagues: “That’s a guy!”
Enza Anderson to file complaint with Pearson

Donald Trump Stands Up For Transgender Rights
Miss Pennsylvania, soon penny less Miss, because Sheena Monnin has to cough up $5 million. Why? Because Mister Trump is pissed, and he just won a defamation lawsuit against Sheena. ( Donald also stands up for transgender rights, and that might be the real reason to go after Sheena.)What did poor Sheena do? She claimed that the contest was rigged. Oops, shock, OMG that can’t be true. Seriously does anybody not believe that those contests are rigged? Couldn’t Donald have left this one alone, and let it shimmy roll down his back? of course not because he is “The Donald.”

Authorities urged to solve murder of black trans women in three states
Two organisations in the US are calling for action by authorities, following the murder of several black, transgender women across three states.

Berkeley Death in Police Custody Was Accidental, Probe Concludes
The in-custody death of a Berkeley resident, which has fueled speculation about police conduct and calls for transparency, was accidental and due to acute combined drug intoxication, according to documents released late last Friday.

Boston Adds Gender Identity to Housing Discrimination Laws
Mayor Thomas M. Menino today announced legislation filed with the Boston City Council to update the powers of the Boston Fair Housing Commission (BFHC). A Home Rule Petition (HRP) will add Gender Identity as a protected class, consistent with the 2012 changes made to Massachusetts’ housing discrimination laws, giving the BFHC direct enforcement authority over housing discrimination based on actual or perceived gender identity in the City of Boston. The Home Rule Petition will also strengthen the language that prohibits owner occupants from publicly engaging in housing discrimination through advertisements, or statements.

Discrimination Against Transgender Residents Costs New York Million Each Year
Employment and housing discrimination against New York’s transgender residents costs the state millions of dollars each year, according to a new study by Williams Institute Peter J. Cooper Public Policy Fellow and Manager of Transgender Research, Jody L. Herman. These costs include public assistance and housing expenditures, and lost income tax revenue.
The Cost of Employment and Housing Discrimination against Transgender Residents of New York
Transgender discrimination costs New York millions: Report

Ohio trans murder sparks fear, anger over media coverage
The murder of a transgender woman in Ohio has sparked national mourning and outrage, after local media described the victim with what LGBT activists deemed dehumanizing language.

Victims of the night: Trans sex workers
Aamina Morrison is someone you want to run into in a dark alley. Because Aamina Morrison will help you out of there and into the light.

WIAA sets new transgender policy among other changes
The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Board of Control passed several policy changes at a June 20 meeting that affects the 2013-2014 winter season.

[Brazil] [Commentary]
Brazil's Transwomen Are Catching Hell
Because of models Roberta Close, Felipa Torres, Lea T. and Carol Marra, actress Maria Clara Spinelli, Carnival and a healthcare system that provides trans medical treatment including free SRS operations, Brazil has the international reputation of being a trans friendly place.