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sábado, julho 06, 2013

IAAF denies claims of castration of transgender London 2012 competitors

IAAF denies claims of castration of transgender London 2012 competitors
The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has denied claims that four unnamed athletes who competed as females at the London 2012 Olympics were found to have the genetic makeup of males.

Boy starts hormone treatment at twelveE after realising he was trapped in girl's body aged 18 months
At just 18 months, mum reveals it was obvious her toddler daughter Lily wanted to be her little son Leo instead

80 calls by families to gender identity helpline
A support organisation for Ireland’s transgender community was contacted 80 times last year by families whose children were exploring their gender identity, it has emerged.

New Knight of Malta Dame is a transsexual
She was the first transsexual to be a candidate with the Right of Centre alliance, the first to lead an equal opportunity committee, the first to open a centre in the South of Italy for those suffering from identity issues, and the first transsexual to get her feminine name accepted on her ID Card.

Transvestite’s killer known to the police from before
Belgrade police arrested Danijel V. (43) on suspicion of killing transvestite Darko Vujanovic (41) on Wednesday. According to unofficial information, Danijel had sex with Vujanovic shortly before the murder.

Jordanian Filmmaker Tracks a Transgender's Recovery
For 26-year-old Maryam Jum'a, the story she found in the files of Jordan's National Commission for Women was too compelling to ignore. She hopes it will help humanize an issue that many in the conservative society still treat as off-limits.

Strip search man seeks more in compensation
The High Court has awarded him Sh200,000 for having been publicly stripped and humiliated by the police, but he is now appealing against the ‘pitiable’ award.

Society biased, transgenders, sex workers denied basic rights
The National Legal Services Authority has requested the Supreme Court to add transgenders as a third category for providing facilities like identity cards, admission in educational institutes, voter cards and employment, entitling them to facilities extended to citizens. Also, separate wards in hospitals have been recommended.

A transgendered person goes on ‘umrah’
On the way: Maryani, a transgendered person who identifies as a woman, passes through immigration on her way to make the minor haj pilgrimage.

Transgender Army speechwriter speaks out
The transgender speechwriter for the head of the Army has spoken out about her gender transition and the iconic sexism speech that addressed the Army’s latest sex scandal.
Transgender Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor speaks out about abuse and support
Transgender soldier tells of abuse

Call to end intersex genital operations
Advocacy groups have called for an end to genital surgery on infants with intersex conditions, saying many operations are not medically necessary and are performed to reinforce a particular gender.

[New Zealand]
Trans prisoners deserve safety
The Minister of Corrections needs to take urgent action to protect transgender prisoners from violence while in the care of the state, the Green Party said today.5 July 2013
Transgender prison policy is being reviewed
Transgender inmates 'at risk' - Greens
A trans woman's story of prison abuse
MP hopes for speedy change in prison policy

Setback for transgender rights bill
An eight-year bid to include transgender rights in Canadian anti-discrimination and hate laws is likely to suffer another legislative setback, despite support from a majority in both chambers of Parliament.

Trans activists allegedly detained in Edmonton
Lexi Sanfino and Nina Arsenault, two prominent Toronto trans activists, were allegedly arrested and detained at the Edmonton airport after Sanfino displayed her breasts on a flight.

California passes transgender school participation bill
California lawmakers have passed a bill ensuring that transgender students can use the bathrooms and changing rooms and join the sports teams for the gender they identify as in a legislative first for the USA
California lawmakers advance nation's first law protecting transgender students
CA Senate Passes Bill Supporting Transgender Student Success

Transgender pride festival celebrates freedoms but isn't carefree
Last month's attack on a transgender woman in Hollywood serves as a reminder of ongoing discrimination and dangers. Still, 'we've come a long way,' an attendee says.

LAPD announce arrest in brutal attack on transgender woman
One of four alleged attackers in a brutal beating of a transgender woman in Hollywood last month has been arrested and is custody, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Boston Gay Pride. Part 1: Pushing the "transgender" agenda
Almost no major "gay" event takes place without paying homage to the transgender movement as part of the next great "civil rights" struggle. And this was no exception.

LGBT Dems leader accused of anti-trans bias
VP of state LGBT Democratic Party caucus refutes charges; Caucus takes nearly two weeks to respond on transgender inclusion issues

Senate passes Human Rights Amendment Act
For years it remained a political hot potato that many Parliamentarians chose to avoid for fear of losing valuable votes.
Bermuda Senate approves bill prohibiting discrimination against gays

Medellín conmemora el mes de la diversidad sexual y de género
Del 20 al 30 de junio y con un despliegue de actividades pedagógicas, culturales, de emprendimiento e integración, la Secretaría de Inclusión Social de Medellín y el Centro para la Diversidad Sexual y de Género, de la Alcaldía de Medellín, conmemoran el mes de la diversidad sexual y de género.

Por un país inclusivo
El evento, que se realiza en conmemoración al Día Internacional del Orgullo LGBT, se lleva a cabo desde las 10:00, en la Plaza de los Héroes, frente al Panteón Nacional de los Héroes. Este año se recuerdan a todas las mujeres lesbianas y transexuales que enfrentan diariamente a la discriminación y la homofobia en el país.

San Luis elige la Reina Nacional del Orgullo 2013
En el marco de los derechos alcanzados por el colectivo LGBT (lesbianas, gay, bisexuales y personas transgénero), Matrimonio igualitario y la ley de Identidad de Género, por cuarto año consecutivo se realiza en San Luis la elección de “La Reina Nacional del Orgullo”. El evento será en “La Bohemia Disco”, este sábado 22 de junio por la noche.