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sábado, julho 13, 2013

TGEU Statement on Transgender Arrests to improve image of Thessaloniki
Greek Minister Citizen Protection Dendias (photo) justified recent systematic police harassment of transgender women in Thessaloniki as an action to “improve the image” of city areas. In a reply to questions from three parliamentarians he wrote the aim of the “Special Operational Action Plan” is to “tackle, among others, prostitution and exploitation of the sexual life of socially and economically vulnerable individuals, to enhance citizens’ feeling of safety and to improve the image of the abovementioned areas”.

Family publishes poetry of murdered trans woman Andrea Waddell
A collection of poetry by Andrea Waddell, a trans woman who was murdered in Brighton in October 2009, has been published with the support of her family.

Rapist who threw up on trans victim jailed after DNA match a decade on
London court hears how a 'billion-in-one' semen match in an alleyway led to a breakthrough in a 12 years old case

Protests across Turkey sparked by latest trans murder
Tuesday, Dora Özer was found stabbed to death in her home by her roommate. Dora, only 24, is the latest victim of the rampant transphobia in Turkey. According to Transgender Europe, at least 30 transgender individuals were murdered in Turkey between January 2008 and December 2012.
Turkey: 24-year-old trans woman stabbed to death in her own home
Trans woman, 24, stabbed to death in Turkey
Murdered transgender woman latest victim of anti-LGBT violence in Turkey

First public transgender marriage dispute in Taiwan
A Taiwanese transgender couple on Thursday demanded the government reverse what they said is an "illegal" decision to revoke their marriage status, in the latest of a series of same sex and transgender disputes on the island.
Same-sex transgender couple plan to sue over revoked marriage license in Taiwan
DPP and MOI clash over transgender marriage

Transgender political sec of Tanjung Bungah rep hopes for equal treatment
The newly-appointed political secretary of Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu hopes that her appointment to such a post would pave the way of equal treatment for the transgender community.

15% of Japan’s sex change operation patients had complications
Around 15 percent of the 105 Japanese patients who had sex change operations between 1995 and 2012 reported serious complications, while about 70 percent of the patients said they were satisfied with the results, according to a survey by, an advocacy group of those living with gender identity disorder.
Complications reported in 15% of sex change operation patients

Transgender student files rights complaint
Claims U of M wrongly turfed him from program

24 Americans Who Changed The Way We Think About Transgender Rights
There’s still a lot of work to do, of course, but these people have done more than their share.

WATCH: A Trans Veteran Explains Why We Need ENDA
Meet Mia Macy, a veteran and former police officer who was rejected from a job with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms because she is transgender.

Fox News' O'Reilly And Watters Ridicule "Transvestites," "Gays" At Mermaid Parade
Parade Is A 30 Year Coney Island Tradition Promoting Self-Esteem

Identity Crisis: Changing Legal Documents No Easy Task for Transgender Individuals
Cecilia Gentili couldn’t stand the looks on their faces. The looks waiting room patients would give her when a nurse called a man’s name and she stood up instead. The looks nurses would give her when they said they were looking for someone else. The looks she’d get at the bank when she tried to open an account.

Council approves trans birth certificate bill
The D.C. Council on Wednesday gave final approval to a bill that supporters say will modernize and remove unnecessary hurdles in the process for transgender people to obtain a new birth certificate to reflect their gender.
D.C. Council Passes Bill Protecting Transgender Identities
Huge Victory in D.C.: City Council Modernizes Name and Gender Change Procedures and Creates Model for the Country
DC City Council Modernizes Birth Certificate Policy
D.C. Birth Certificate Bill Passes Second Vote

Florida Transgender Student Might Get Kicked Out of School for Using Restroom
Alex Wilson is attending classes at Pinellas Technical Education Center in Clearwater as a certified nursing assistant with a goal to become a licensed practical nurse.
Transgender nursing student threatened with arrest for using women’s restroom
School Threatens To Kick Out Transgender Nursing Student For Using Bathroom
WATCH: Trans Nursing Student Told to Use Bathroom In Closet or Face Charges
FL transgender student at odds over restroom use

Policy on transgender athletes changed
A non-profit organization that regulates high school sports and activities recently changed its by-laws when it comes to transgender athletes.

N.M. transgender students must follow birth certificate to join high school teams
The organization that regulates high school sports and activities across the state of New Mexico has updated its policy in regards to transgender students, and will only allow students to participate in sports based on the gender listed on their birth certificate.

EXCLUSIVE: El Dorado apartments get green light to evict transgender heiress Diane Wells
A judge has cleared celeb-studded Central Park West co-op the El Dorardo to evict chain-smoking transgender heiress Diane Wells after she fell behind on maintenance payments and neighbours complained about her nicotine habit.

Jacket still at issue in Morris case
If federal officials agree to investigate the Nizah Morris case, a key issue in dispute is whether police put a jacket over Morris’ face as she clung to life with a fractured skull.

Victims of the night: Stories of trans sex workers
Chantal,* Eva* and I are sitting in a taqueria in Kensington. We’re celebrating Eva getting a job in a nail salon, a job she was literally desperate for and is excited to have. Eva has been struggling to get out of sex work for “three long years. Feels like so much longer, you know?”