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quinta-feira, julho 11, 2013

Croatia: the human dignity of transgender persons is to be fully respected
In the context of the ongoing reform of the Croatian Registries Act, the Commissioner has called on the Croatian authorities to take advantage of this occasion to clarify the legal framework governing the official recognition of trans persons’ preferred gender.

Malestar en colectivos trans por la organización de un congreso médico de transexualidad al margen de las personas transexuales
Los pasados 4 y 5 de julio se celebró en Madrid, organizado por la UTIG (Unidad de Identidad de Género) de la Comunidad de Madrid el 2º Congreso Europeo de Transexualidad, que reunió a especialistas médicos relacionados de una forma u otra con los procesos de reasignación. Un evento que según ha podido saber dosmanzanas ha causado gran malestar en algunos colectivos trans, y en concreto en Conjuntos Difusos-Autonomía Trans, al haberse desarrollado al margen de las propias personas transexuales.

2006-2016 Hollande laisse tomber les trans
Le 20 mars 2006, à la suite d’une occupation du siège du Parti Socialiste par Act Up-Paris [1], François Hollande nous envoyait un courrier : « Il me semble donc indispensable qu’un nouveau prénom d’usage puisse être attribué plus facilement, et que les documents administratifs qui doivent être produits dans le monde du travail comme le numéro INSEE, ne trahissent pas en cours de transition et après une identité légale en contradiction avec la nouvelle apparence de la personne. »

24-Year-Old Trans Woman Stabbed to Death in Turkey
A 24-year-old trans woman was stabbed to death at her home last evening in the touristic province of Kuşadası in Turkey. Found dead by her housemate, trans woman named Dora has been the last victim of transphobic violence in the country.
Trans woman stabbed to death at home in Turkey
Trans woman, 24, stabbed to death in Turkey
Transgendered woman stabbed to death in Aegean province

[New Zealand]
The Transgender Prisoners Debate
Given a hiatus in news items related to street sex workers and the machinations of Asenati Lole-Taylor and the Auckland Council, this item will focus predominantly on the question of transsexual prisoners in gender-appropriate prisons.

Remembering PJ Torokvei: Comedy Genius Behind 'WKRP' Was Transgender Trailblazer
Producer Stan Brooks recalls how the screenwriter, who died July 3 at age 62, revealed his plans to become a woman: “I was hoping for Christie Brinkley; I fear I'm heading toward Bea Arthur.”

Black and Transgender: Still on the Margins
Activist Janet Mock spoke to The Root about the transgender community's ongoing fight for equality.

A Pioneer, if a Reluctant One, in Mixed Martial Arts
Fallon Fox climbed inside the steel cage, past the sign that read “The Beating Will Continue,” and onto a black mat. She followed right jabs with left hooks and kicks flung at imaginary kneecaps, safe, if only for a moment, from the questions and insults and the suffocating fame that descended overnight.

Transgender discrimination persists despite state ruling
Despite a Division of Insurance edict prohibiting health care discrimination based on transgender status, the problem still persists in the state.

Cemia Dove Acoff Case Update
The last news I had in the Cemia Dove Acoff case was that her alleged killer Andrey Bridges had been arrested on May 6 and charged with her murder on May 10.
Cemia Acoff, transgender murder victim, gets best reporting and representation from gay and trans blogs

School district refuses to change trans policy
After making headlines last month for refusing to allow a transgender male student to run for prom king, a Central Pennsylvania school district said last week it will not amend its policies to be friendlier to transgender students.

Houston’s Jenifer Pool vies to become 1st transgender elected official in Texas
Jenifer Pool is making a second bid for Houston City Council this November. If elected, Pool would make history as the first transgender official elected in Texas. She is seeking an at-large seat.