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domingo, agosto 04, 2013

Around 100 LGBT hate crimes are recorded each week by police
Although crime rates may be dropping, a new report suggests LGBT people are still experiencing high levels of abuse in the UK.

Lucy Meadows coroner rebuked by complaints office for criticising transphobic press
The coroner who wrote to the Culture Secretary to express his disgust at the press following the death of transgender school teacher Lucy Meadows is reported to have been given an official rebuke by the Office for Judicial Complaints.
Lucy Meadows trans death coroner told off for criticizing press
Coroner advised by ombudsman over transgender teacher comments

Violent convict in sex change operation on NHS that will cost taxpayer £10,000
Alan Baker is now in a jail’s vulnerable ­prisoner wing calling himself Sarah as he awaits his astonishing transformation from lag to lagette to be completed

UK drag queen jailed for child sex offences
Brighton man 37 year-old Robert Clothier, also known on the drag scene as Lady James has been gaoled for attempting to procure children for sexual favours.
Paedophile drag queen arranged to meet father to have sex with his children, 8 and 11, but was caught by police who set up sting operation
Pedophile drag queen organized sex session with dad and two kids

Orthodoxy no drag for gay Israeli crossdresser
Whether he is wearing a pink dress or a plain yarmulke, Shahar Hadar embraces both his religion and his sexuality

Transgenders left behind on Vietnam's march towards gay rights
Vietnam's second Pride parade on Sunday marks a significant year for the country's gay rights movement.
Vietnam's LGBT community in fight for 'free and equal' world
Viet Pride 2013 evokes mixed feelings

‘Lesbian Boys’ photobook hits Japan stores
Naoko Tachibana says she wants to remove negative perceptions about crossdressers and make the world aware of their beauty
Crossdressing photography book hopes to improve transgender awareness in Japan

[New Zealand]
Study: One per cent of NZ students are trans
One per cent of New Zealand students have reported they are trans, after a question on gender identity was included in an important Auckland University survey for the first time.

Vancouver's trans march comes as equal-rights bill hits wall
On Friday (August 2), you can add your voice to the fight for trans rights by joining the annual Trans and Genderqueer Liberation and Celebration March.

New study finds transgender people twice as likely to serve in military
A new study shows that twenty percent of transgender people have served in the military, which is double the percentage of the U.S. general population that has served. The Task Force is calling upon the U.S. Defense Department to end discrimination based on gender identity in the armed forces.

Janetta Louise Johnson of TGI Justice supports CA prisoner hunger strike
At lunchtime on Wednesday July 31, Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza in downtown Oakland hosted a protest rally in support of the CA prisoner hunger strike that began on July 8. The rally was followed by a spirited march through downtown Oakland. The accompanying video is of the speech by Janetta Louise Johnson from Transgender Intersex Gender Variant Justice, where she works as Program Coordinator for Member Leadership Development and the Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People's Movement.

Trans ‘Warrior Princess’ comes to town, Pride goes VIP, and more
Kristin Beck, a transgender former Navy SEAL, visits Atlanta Aug. 3-4 for two events sponsored by First Metropolitan Community Church. Beck drew national headlines in June when she came out as transgender with the publication of her memoir, “Warrior Princess.”

“A mis estudiantes, yo les prohíbo que me digan Lizza"
Luis Felipe Díaz, Catedrático de Estudios Hispánicos de la Universidad de Puerto Rico. Drag queen.

Ex candidata transexual golpea a compañera de partido
Diana Marroqín aventó a Isabel Godínez porque irrumpió en una conferencia de prensa.

Cross-Dressing Teenager Murdered
Jamaican police should conduct a thorough, impartial and effective investigation into the murder of Dwayne Jones at the hands of a mob in Montego Bay, sometime between July 21 and 22, Human Rights Watch said.

Trabajan para que la niña trans de 6 años obtenga su DNI
Representantes del INADI, de la Comunidad Homosexual Argentina y la madre de la pequeña que nació varón y se autopercibe mujer se reunieron hoy para coordinar acciones que posibiliten la realización de su nuevo documento
Identidad de género: solicitan DNI para una nena "trans"

La Seño
“El año pasado iba a clases con un look ambiguo. Me vestía unisex. O por ejemplo me maquillaba mucho los ojos, pero nada más. Otro día llevaba aros, y así. Lo iba graduando. Nadie me decía nada, pero yo no me iba a sentir bien como para ir como realmente quería antes de tener el documento con mi nombre. Y una vez que lo conseguí, me empecé a vestir como correspondía.”

Diarios británicos destacan a la Argentina por sus avances en derechos LGBT
The Daily Telegraph y The Guardian hicieron informes en los que reconocen a nuestro país como uno de los más inclusivo y evolucionado en temas de derechos de las minorías sexuales.