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quinta-feira, agosto 08, 2013

'Changing gender should be as easy as changing car numberplate'
Next week the Swedish parliament is expected to pass a law abolishing a requirement for people changing their legal gender to be sterilised.
The move follows a high level and at times bitter debate about a four-decade old law that pitted equality activists against conservative politicians.

Travestis vão à polícia e 'fogem' por temer represálias em Piracicaba, SP
Vítimas dizem que são ameaçadas e precisam pagar R$ 40 pelo 'ponto'.
Antes de escrivão terminar boletim de ocorrência, 4 fugiram com medo.

National Transgender Memorial vandalised
A memorial to remember victims of transphobic hate crime has been vandalised in Manchester.

Draft transgender Bill a concrete step forward but still needs more work
80% of transgender people in Ireland have attempted suicide, recent survey found

Transsexuals can change sex without surgery in Italy
In Italy, a tribunal has ruled that a transsexual can officially change sex by registering at the local registry office, without having to undergo sex reassignment surgery. The tribunal of Rovereto, near Trento, accepted the request of a man who has been having hormone therapy to become female for years but who refused to have the operation.

Turkish Government urged to protect transgender women from murder
The Greek Transgender Support Association (GTSA) has condemned a series of violent attacks and murders against transgender women in Turkey and has called on the Turkish Government to respond.

Lithuanian Bishops: European convention on domestic violence will promote homosexuality and ‘transsexualism’
The Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference (LBC) has urged their government not to sign a Council of Europe (COE) convention tackling domestic violence, as they claim it will lead to homosexuality and “transsexualism” being promoted in schools.

Miss Tiffany becomes a monk
No longer a transsexual beauty queen, Jazz, now "100 per cent male," has become a monk.

Protesters criticize Jamaican government's gay rights record following most recent murder
Teenager Dwayne Jones was found dead in July after attending a Montego Bay street party dressed in women's clothing

ABC's Don Ennis -- who went from he to she to he -- had bizarre Facebook countdowns and 'rough month'
Attention-loving ABC News Editor Don Ennis posted a bizarre countdown on his Facebook page just before his change-over to “Dawn Stacey’’ — and clueless pals thought he was planning to commit suicide.
ABC News producer who became a transgender ‘woman’ decides he is a man again

Groundbreaking Transgender Protections Signed by D.C. Mayor
A transgender rights bill passed unanimously by the D.C. Council last month has been signed by D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray this afternoon.
D.C. Mayor Signs LGBT-Backed Bills

Transgender Navy SEAL fighting for change
As a Navy SEAL Chris Beck fought in some of the harshest battles in some of the harshest places; now, Beck is fighting a different kind of battle.
Now known as Kristin Beck, she's fighting for the same rights as everyone else.

Mommy blogger who wrote viral 'Walmart pink headband' post Baker Acted in Central Florida
Davenport woman made suicidal statements to deputies, according to Sheriff's office reports in Lake and Polk counties.
The mom who cried gay hate and her mental hospital drama

MIT Medical adds gender reassignment and autism therapy to employee plans
On Tuesday, Jul. 30, MIT Medical announced the addition of two new healthcare benefits to MIT employees who subscribe to an MIT medical plan.

Being Trans in Jamaica Sounds Even Worse Than Being Gay in Jamaica
Last week, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, 16-year-old Dwayne Jones was shot and stabbed multiple times for turning up to a party in women's clothing. Jones was reportedly transgender and the murder has once again highlighted the awful reality of life for Jamaica's LGBT community. And it really is fucking awful.

Congreso Nacional de Geriatría debate por primera vez sobre la vejez homosexual y transexual
El vocero del Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh), Jaime Parada, fue hoy uno de los expositores del XVII Congreso Nacional de Geriatría y Gerontología, cónclave que incluirá por primera vez un especial debate sobre los derechos de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT)

Indecopi multa por presunta discriminación a travestido, pero no hay quien norme los engaños
Como se informa más abajo, el Indecopi multó a la discoteca Gótica por presuntamente haber discriminado a un travestido o transexual (no sabemos si ahora es operado o no), pero es un hombre disfrazado para remedar el cuerpo de una mujer.