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quarta-feira, agosto 07, 2013

Anti-homophobia, ‘transphobia’ bill could silence Christians, Italian family groups warn
Today’s session of the Italian Lower House is the last opportunity Deputies will have to discuss a highly contentious “anti-homophobia” law that opponents have said will shut down and criminalize any public opposition to “gay marriage,” civil unions, or homosexuals adopting children.

Press Release: “Murders of transgender women in Turkey and unacceptable behavior of the diplomatic Embassy of Turkey in Athens”
The Greek Transgender Support Association (G.T.S.A), a legal entity fighting for the rights of transgender people, unequivocally condemns the violent attacks and murders of trangender women in Turkey and stands by the side of the transgender community in Turkey.

Lithuania blocks attempt at ‘gay propaganda’ ban
Lithuania’s Central Electoral Commission has blocked moves by LGBT rights foes to have voters decide whether so-called ‘homosexual propaganda’ should be banned like they are in Russia

Marginalised community: Forced to dance to a different tune
Labeled the ‘root of all evils’ and driven out of their booking offices by the residents of Changarabad, Gulbahar, eunuchs of the area have been stripped of their livelihood.

Transgender wins best actor at Cinemalaya indie awards
True to its maverick spirit, the 9th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival gave the best actor trophy to a transgender, Mimi Juareza, for his acting debut in Eduardo Roy Jr.’s “Quick Change.”

Court authorisation no longer needed for treatment of trans youth
Following a landmark Family Court ruling, trans youth will no longer need Family Court authorisation to begin hormone blocking medication.
Family Court ruling removes obstacle to hormone treatment for trans kids
Boy and girl, 16, win Family Court permission to undergo gender reassignment treatment

Study on transgender mental health looking for participants
Thanks to a research grant from beyondblue, Curtin University in WA is conducting Australia’s first study into the mental health of transsexual and transgender (trans) people and is looking for participants to complete an online survey.

Fourth annual trans march kicks off Pride weekend in Vancouver
Hundreds of transgendered people and their allies took to the streets of East Vancouver Aug 2 to show community solidarity and to demand equal rights, in a march that started at Clark Park and headed north along Commercial Drive to Victoria Park.

Police Investigate Sexual Assault in St. Catharines
The Niagara Regional Police Service is investigating a sexual assault that occurred along the Twelve Mile Creek at Glendale Avenue, in the city of St. Catharines early Monday morning.

Melissa Harris-Perry Show Addresses Trans Prison Issues
Yesterday, Laverne Cox, a trans actor on the new hit series “Orange is the New Black,” joined a panel on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show to discuss issues faced by transgender people in incarceration. Cox is the first trans actor of color to play a trans character of color.

I’m a guy again! ABC newsman who switched genders wants to switch back
He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body — but it turns out he’s “just another boring straight guy.”
ABC News editor Don Ennis strolled into the newsroom in May wearing a little black dress and an auburn wig and announced he was transgender and splitting from his wife. He wanted to be called Dawn.
A new Dawn for Don: ABC news editor who stunned colleagues by announcing he wanted to be a woman has second thoughts… and goes back to being a man

2-Year-Old Assaulted in Fla. Walmart for Wearing Pink Headband
When Katie Vyktoriah let her two-year-old son, Dexter, wear a headband with a pink flower into Walmart in Polk County, Fla., she had no idea her trip to the retail giant would end with a frightening altercation.
Boy, 2, called ‘faggot’ and assaulted for wearing pink hairband
Florida two-year-old attacked for wearing hair bow
2-Year-Old U.S. Boy Assaulted, Called a ‘Faggot’ for Wearing Mum’s Pink Headband

CeCe McDonald Writes From Prison About Trayvon, Racial Profiling, and Survivor’s Guilt
Incarcerated transgender activist CeCe McDonald is currently serving a 41-month prison term for the stabbing death of a man who attacked her and friends in Minneapolis. Recently, McDonald wrote a moving indictment of racial profiling and the criminal justice system. In it, she references everything from George Zimmerman’s acquittal to the Supreme Court’s decision to gut the Voting Rights Act as proof that “the injustice system has failed us again.”

'Cross-Dressing' Teen Murdered in Jamaica
An angry mob chased and killed a gender non-conforming 17-year-old who wore women’s clothing to a party near Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Lod organizadores de '14 millones' demostrarán contra de la ley de identidad de género en Octubre 'Se intenta normalizar la homosexualidad'
Presidirá la concentración de hoy a las 11:00 en Malecón y av. 9 de Octubre, centro de Guayaquil, prodefensa de la vida, la familia y la libertad. Dialogó con Diario EXPRESO sobre el posible cambio que habría en una nueva cédula de identidad, en cuanto al empleo de la palabra género por sexo

INDECOPI multa a discoteca Gótica con S/. 370 mil por discriminación a transexual
Según se informó, la multa asciende a 370 mil soles por discriminar a Godfrey Arbulú, al impedirle el ingreso a sus instalaciones por su orientación sexual.
Discoteca deberá pagar multa de S/. 370 mil por discriminar a homosexual
Nightclub fined for discriminating against transgender woman

Taxistas golpean y roban a tres travestis orientales en El Prado
Al menos seis taxistas fueron filmados, ayer por la madrugada, cuando agredían brutalmente a tres travestis, de 25, 27 y 30 años, oriundos de Santa Cruz en El Prado. Las imágenes exhiben la brutalidad con la que los choferes golpean a uno de los travestis que está en el piso.
Video: Brutal golpiza a travesti en Cochabamba, Bolivia
La Felcc detiene a cuatro taxistas
Denuncian impunidad en violenta agresión contra transexuales en Bolivia