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sexta-feira, agosto 09, 2013

Prefeitura suspende verba de ONG que explora travestis em SP
Após matéria do SBT Brasil, desta terça-feira (7), que mostrou uma ONG que servia de abrigo para travestis, promotores que investigam o caso disseram que os adolescentes trazidos para São Paulo são vítimas de uma rede de tráfico. A verba pública que sustentava a ONG foi suspensa.

Após um ano, polícia prende suspeitos de assassinar travesti em Belém
Nesta semana foram presos em Belém dois suspeitos de assassinar uma travesti, conhecida pelo nome de Bianca, cuja identificação de registro era Nazareno Caseiro Júnior da Silva. A vítima foi encontrada morta em junho de 2012, no bairro do Marco após levar diversos tiros no peito.

Armenia to ban promotion of gay and lesbian sexual relationships
Armenia has become the latest former Soviet state to seek to ban discussion of non-heterosexual relationships in a move by police

Lawyers bid to join transgender case
Christian lawyers want to join a case filed by a woman seeking a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education national examination certificate that reflect her new gender.

3 eunuchs stab 2 passengers for refusing to give them Rs 20
Three eunuchs stabbed two passengers of the Konark Express at Kalyan railway station when they refused to give them Rs 20 on Tuesday morning. One of the victims, Panchnani Bohra, is admitted to Sion Hospital in critical condition.

Transsexuals call for laws to help minorities
After legal victory allowing her to wed, ‘W’ says the fight is not over and leading campaigner says more must be done to end discrimination

same-sex transgender marriage can stay
Government gives greenlight to yet another de facto same-sex marriage

“Amnesia” Causes ABC Anchor To Transition Back To A Man After 3 Months As A Woman
The last three months have been a gender rollercoaster for ABC News anchor Don Ennis, who’s giving us modern day Orlando realness. Now, do your best to keep up because it gets a little confusing. To make things a little easier, we’re just going to refer to Don as “he” since that’s how he’s identifying these days.

Transgender B.Scott Sues BET For Forcing Him Into Men's Clothes
B. Scott -- an openly gay transgender person -- is suing BET, claiming the network humiliated him during the recent BET Awards by yanking him off the show because he was wearing women's clothes.
B. Scott Suing BET For Discrimination, Hating On His Heels
B. Scott is suing BET for $2.5 million for being forced to wear men's clothes during telecast
TV, internet personality B. Scott suing BET for discrimination
B. Scott, Gender-Nonconforming Host, Sues BET After Being 'Forced' To Wear Men's Clothes

Study on Voice Physiology of Transgender Speakers
Dr. Adrienne Hancock is a speech-language pathologist and professor at GWU who works with Trans people who want to communicate in a way that presents their gender more clearly (voice as well as all the other communicative behaviors). The information for the research project is listed below.

Mother of murder victim speaks out
A man convicted of manslaughter as a hate crime four years ago is now free from prison. Dwight DeLee was convicted for shooting Lateisha Green, a transgender person. That decision was reversed last month and on Tuesday, DeLee became a free man. Our Iris St. Meran sat down with Green's mother to discuss this latest development and share how it is causing her family even more pain.

Adela, el transexual que fue elegido por primera vez en Cuba
La apariencia de José Agustín Hernández dista mucho de la manida imagen del revolucionario cubano. De baja estatura y andar amanerado, Hernández lleva el pelo teñido de un rubio chillón que contrasta fuertemente con su piel cobriza. Para ocasiones especiales se pone zapatos de tacón. Y sus vecinos lo siguen llamando cariñosamente "Adela", incluso ahora, que se ha convertido en un conocido político local a sus 49 años.

Nightclub fined S/. 370,000 for discriminating against transsexual
The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) imposed a S/370,000 fine on a popular nightclub at Larcomar in Miraflores for discriminating against a transgender woman.

Desde la comunidad homosexual aseguraron que el asesinato de la transexual fue "un crimen de odio"
El presidente de la CHA, César Cigliutti, comunicó que la Comunidad está "de luto y con mucho dolor por el asesinato" de Laura Aguilar, presuntamente asesinada por su pareja, y aseguró que se trató de "violencia de género".