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quarta-feira, agosto 21, 2013

'São agressões que deixam traumas', diz transexual vítima de homofobia
Os casos de discriminação contra homossexuais são cada vez mais comuns. Em 2011, São Carlos, no interior de São Paulo, foram registradas 26 casos de pessoas que foram vítimas de agressão verbal e física. Não há uma lei federal para combater esse tipo de crime. No estado, o que existem são punições mais brandas, como multas.

Spanish transsexual voted Maid of Honour
The 19-year-old winner gave a tearful acceptance speech at a fete in the Extremadura village of Almendral, in which she defended her right to participate "the same as anyone else".

Transsexuality redefined
Identifying as transgender is no longer to be taught as a psychological disorder after changes are made to psychiatric handbook

Lynching Attempt to Transgender People in Iskitler, Ankara
A group of transgender people in Ankara, Iskitler was attacked by a large group of men and women (approximately 30 people) yesterday (18 August 2013) around 10 pm. Iskitler is a neigborhood known as a cruising spot for sex worker women. Pink Life LGBT Association announced that more than 30 transgender were subjected to a violent attack, two trans women were still in a critical condition, transgender woman E.G. had her nose broken and had the risk of losing one eye.

Five Russian thugs film their vicious attack on trans woman
LGBT young people are being left traumatized, with some reportedly committing suicide, after they are captured by neo-Nazis and humiliated in front of video cameras
Russian Bigots Post Video of Attack on Trans Woman

Prorogation once again stalls federal trans rights bill
With Stephen Harper's finger on the reset button, the fate of the federal trans rights bill appears again stalled by the Parliamentary process.

This Is What Conservative Media Think A Transgender Woman Looks Like
If there's any doubt how clueless conservative media figures are when it comes to transgender issues, the recent freak out over California's new student non-discrimination law should put it to rest.

Legendary Drag Queen José Julia Sarria Dead at 91
Sarria was one of the first openly gay candidates to run for public office, and he founded the International Court System.
Legendary gay rights activist and founder of the Imperial Court System José Julio Sarria died this morning in his home in New Mexico, reports GLAAD. Sarria was 91.

Conservative activist says he would claim to be transgender to watch girls changing
Dan Joseph of the right-wing Media Research Center says he would lie and say he was transgender just get into girls’ bathrooms and changing rooms to perv on women

Trans activists slam ‘hateful’ conservative video in which man ‘dresses up’ as ‘a transgender’
A trans activist group blasted the Media Research Center’s (MRC) video objecting to California’s new trans-inclusive legislation in an interview with The Raw Story on Monday.

Transgender Activist Protests Religion on First Day of School, Supports Transgender Access Law
McIlroy, a former Taftian who now lives in East Los Angeles, held up a hand lettered sign in front of Roosevelt school that read, "Keep Prayer and 'god' out of school, It's the law. Religion has no place in school."

NIU to host Aug. 30 conference on transgender
NIU will host mental health providers from the DeKalb community and Chicago suburbs Friday, Aug. 30, for a conference focused on the needs of the transgender population.

Grief and anger flow over murder of African-American transwoman in Cleveland
Despite many gains won through decades of struggle, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities are often victims of hate crimes. When the crime becomes a murder, the victim is most likely a young transgender woman of color. Three African-American transwomen were found murdered, in April alone, in Baltimore; Oak Ridge, Fla.; and most recently in Cleveland.