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sexta-feira, agosto 23, 2013

Sheila Veríssimo (ES) é coroada Miss Gay Brasil 2013
A cidade de Juiz de Fora, em Minas Gerais, recebeu a 36ª edição do concurso Miss Brasil Gay no último sábado 17. Realizada no Cine-Theatro, a tradicional competição de beleza consagrou Sheila Veríssimo, do Espírito Santo, como a mais bela do ano deste ano. A representante capixaba levou o 1º lugar no desfile de traje gala e 2º no de traje típico. Jessika Villalon, do Distrito Federal, ficou entre as doze primeiras, o chamado Top 12.

Convict who had sex change surgery on the NHS while in jail says: 'I deserved £20k op'
Convicted burglar Jasmine Goode - previously a man called Darren - said being trasngender was as life threatening as cancer
'NHS wastes money on terminal cancer patients but I’ve got years to live': Transgender jailbird justifies £20,000 sex change that you paid for

London vigil for murdered Jamaican trans teenager
A vigil will be held next week at the Jamaican Embassy in London in memory of transgender teenager Dwayne Jones.
London rally planned to protest brutal murder of Jamaican trans teen

Russia defends anti-gay law in letter to IOC
The Russian government assured the IOC on Thursday it will not discriminate against homosexuals during the Sochi Olympics, while defending the law against gay "propaganda" that has provoked an international backlash.
Rusia defiende ley antigay en carta al COI

UN urges govt to respect transgender rights
A representative from the United Nations has called on the Malaysian government to respect the rights of the transgender community.

Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison
US Wikileaks soldier was found guilty of 20 crimes, including six violations of the Espionage Act, under Obama's crackdown of media leaks
Bradley Manning wants to live as a woman named Chelsea
«Je m’appelle Chelsea Manning. Je suis une femme.»
Manning Receives 35-Year Sentence for Leaking Secrets
WATCH: WikiLeaks Source Comes Out as Transgender
WikiLeaks source Manning: 'I am female'
Pfc. Manning: I want to live as a woman
Scarce Transgender Care Options for Manning

Schools prepare for transgender law
Santa Monica High senior Ruhi Bhalla remembers how she and a couple of students from the Gay Straight Alliance went to the state capitol to lobby for a bill that would give transgender students in California public schools equal opportunities and access to programs.

Candlelight vigil held for slain Fontana transgendered woman
More than 40 people from the Inland Empire came together Wednesday night to hold a candlelight vigil at a place where just 24 hours earlier several law enforcement detectives were investigating the slaying of a transgendered woman.
Transgender woman who appeared in online reality series found murdered
Vigil Held In Fontana For Transgendered Woman Found Murdered In Her Apartment
Slain transgender woman starred in YouTube reality show
UPDATE: Fontana man who was known as transgender person is killed inside apartment; victim's car is located in San Bernardino, but suspect is still at large
Teen Sought in Murder of Transgender Woman in Fontana
Slain transgender woman's car found by Fontana police
Fontana homicide victim was transgender star of reality show
Police Search for California Trans Woman's Murderer

Man feels discriminated by BMV after legally changing gender
An Evansville man says the BMV is discriminating against him after he legally changed gender.