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sábado, agosto 24, 2013

How do people who change gender choose a name?
Bradley Manning wants to begin hormone therapy and live as a woman named Chelsea. So how do people who change gender go about finding a name that's right, asks Tom Geoghegan.

Travesti é encontrado morto em matagal no JK III
Ernandes Venturini de Sousa estava com várias perfurações na região do pescoço e com o rosto desfigurado

Qual a relação entre as travestis e Jean Paul Sartre, Aristóteles e Husserl?
Influenciada pelo pensamento essencialista e finalista, as questões de gênero foram sendo construídas pelas normas religiosas, médicas, políticas e jurídicas. Portanto, o raciocínio estabelecido foi o seguinte: aquele que é definido como homem biológico foi feito com um pênis. Depois foi dotado de uma “essência masculina”. Sua finalidade é buscar uma mulher biológica que foi feita com uma vagina e dotada de uma “essência feminina”. A partir desse encontro, os dois estabelecerão uma relação complementar e serão os responsáveis pela perpetuação da espécie humana.

Investigation underway after pre-op transgender woman is told she can't use ladies toilet at shopping centre
River Song, 18, alleged that a security guard at the St James Centre told asked her if she had a sex change and asked to see ID.
Police have begun a hate crime investigation after a woman waiting for a sex change said she was barred from a ladies’ toilet.
River Song, 18, claimed a security guard at a shopping centre told her: “You are a male and always will be.”
Police investigation launched as trans woman barred from female toilets in shopping centre

Sexual minorities stage rally in Capital to demand rights
About 1,000 gays, lesbians, transgender people and their supporters, many dressed in colourful clothes and holding banners, marched through Kathmandu today to celebrate and demand rights for their community, in what has become an annual festival.

Transgenders a separate class, Centre tells SC
In a significant statement, the Centre on Thursday told the Supreme Court that the transgenders are treated as a recognised class in the country and are provided all the basic rights including right to vote and marry.

US Wikileaks soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning: I will live out the rest of my life as a woman
The US soldier who was yesterday sentenced to 35 years in prison for her involvement in leaking large numbers of secret documents to Wikileaks, formerly known as Bradley Manning, has now revealed she will live out the rest of her life as a woman, and wishes to be referred to as Chelsea E Manning.
Life as a Transgender Woman in a Military Prison: What's Ahead for Chelsea Manning
Will Manning case harm effort to lift trans military ban?
Transgendered SEAL Team 6er Issues Scathing Response To 'Chelsea' Manning
Transgendered retired SEAL decries Manning's gender excuse
National Center for Transgender Equality on Pvt. Manning
With Manning’s move, transgender issues claim national spotlight
Chelsea Manning's case puts focus on transgender rights in prisons

Transgender Americans Struggle For Coverage As U.S. Lags 'Far Behind' Even Iran
In one regard, many transgender Americans face the same plight as Chelsea Manning -- their health insurer won't cover the costly procedures associated with transitioning genders
'Might as well just die': Transgender prisoners go to extremes for sex change

Fontana police identify suspect in slaying of transgender woman who was YouTube reality star
Police have identified a suspect in the slaying of a transgender woman who was found dead in her Fontana apartment.
UPDATE: Police identify suspect in murder of Fontana resident Domonique Newburn
Teen Sought in Murder of Transgender Woman in Fontana

'Trans-inclusive human rights ordinance' defeated in Florida county
A pro-family group in Florida has proven homosexual activists can be defeated, this time on the issue of “transgender rights.”

Mass. inmate sex-change ruling praised, condemned
A ruling ordering Massachusetts prison officials to provide sex-reassignment surgery to an inmate is being praised by advocates as important recognition that the surgery is a legitimate treatment for gender-identity disorder, even as critics including Sen. Scott Brown call it "an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars."

Transgender Woman Dies After Beating in Harlem, Cops Say
A transgender woman who was savagely beaten over the weekend by a man shouting homophobic slurs in Harlem died of her injuries on Thursday in what police are investigating as a hate crime, authorities said.
Transgender Woman Dies After Assault in Harlem: Police
Transgender woman dies after brutal beating in Harlem
Killing of Transgender Woman Shocks Harlem Community
Harlem Transgender Woman Dies After Saturday Attack